Lady Mary's Adventures in the Forest

by harry lime

Copyright┬ę 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: The erotic adventures of a young noblewoman traveling in the forest.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .


Chapter 1

Lady Mary led a very sheltered life. She was attended by her chamber maids and dressed by her handmaiden Maggie with gentle hands. The servant girl even drew her baths and helped her with her toilet and the brushing of her long black hair. Of late, Lady Mary had grown increasingly bored with castle life and she longed for the carefree life of the forest folk who brought the game and the stacks of wood that supplied the royal household with food and heat.

She regretted her recent spirited spanking of the petite servant girl Maggie just for causing the bath water to be a trifle too hot for restful bathing. It seemed that she was almost searching for an excuse to pull the poor girl's bloomers down and revel in her pretty soft ass cheeks before turning them from white to red.

It didn't help that the girl appeared to like the arse up, face down playtime and regularly begged her mistress to "give me more please" in her unique submissive adoration. Mary was afraid she would become far too enthralled with the solace of female flesh around her readily available for her every whim or desire. No, Mary wanted to be taken by brute force by a proper muscular forest man who had not the slightest inkling of her high-born birth. She wanted to be made to take it in the most humiliating position imaginable with no quarter given for her royal up-bringing. She realized that could only be accomplished in a totally anonymous role outside the walls of the protective castle.

Mary soothed Maggie's raw cheeks with her own cream given to her by her father after a long pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Her sweet mother had long gone to her reward in the peaceful hereafter. It was her attempt to give the family a male offspring that caused her sudden departure from the earthly existence. She was much too young to remember much of her mother's likes and dislikes but she did remember her laughing voice bringing a sparkle within the dreary castle's walls.

Lady Mary was just turned 18 and was still a virgin as proscribed by royal decree and custom. The loss of her womanly membrane was forbidden by strict adherence to the rules of purity in royal blood-lines. Mary thought it all to be a silly and devious plot to rob her of her youthful pleasures of the flesh at a time when her juices were demanding to be spilled.

Maggie whispered in her ear about this gentleman and that gentleman and how long their cocks were and where they like to put "their thing" when they were in heat. Apparently, the pretty girl had considerable experience in the field of copulation with male members of the royal court. Mary found that the descriptions of insertions into the rear rosebud portal made her most agitated and frenzied. Although she didn't say the words, she was of the opinion it was an ideal way to become familiar with male apparatus and not worry about breaking the rules of keeping royal bloodlines pure.

The tales from the mouth of the dirty minded maid of how many a knight would remove his metal cup to present his shaft to her oral ministrations made poor Mary shake with a terrible desire to try the trick with her own as yet untested mouth as soon as possible. Of course, it was impossible in the closeness of the court environment and the watchful eyes of spies surrounding her night and day.

Finally, she decided it was time for her to experiment with the methods described by Maggie only it would have to be outside the castle walls in a disguise that concealed her true identity. A gift of a small ruby ring extracted Maggie's full cooperation and they switched clothing in the hidden recesses of her chamber.

Mary threw up the hood on Maggie's cloak and sped down the stone stairwells to the castle gate.

Maggie retired to Mary's bedroom and covered her body with the scented covers stitched by nuns in the nearby convent. She snuggled down deep inside and immediately fell into a deep and contented sleep.

Mary's heart was pounding. She was all on her own for the very first time in her entire life. The guard on the gate was slouching against the stone wall and was fiddling with his cod-piece like a diapered ninny. She tried to squeeze past but he held her against the stone while he played with her defenseless bum and overwhelmed her senses with the stench of neglected washing for many a day. She kept her mouth shut and he released her with the comment,

"Anytime you want to sell some of that, mistress, you come see John the bum packer!"

She giggled running down the wooden drawbridge thinking if it wasn't for the lack of bathing, he would be a good candidate for "packing" her bottom. There was a stream of travelers all hurrying to get inside the castle walls before nightfall. She was the only figure moving away from the protection of the castle and she wanted to get inside the tree line before she would draw attention from someone observing on top of the wall.

The first travelers she came across were a very fat nun seated on top of a bored jackass and some manner of religious person in flowing brown robes and sandals of unknown design. They introduced themselves as "Sister Ursula and Brother John". Mary had to smile at the name Ursula because one of the maids in the family household was called Ursula and had the reputation of being a total slut. Brother John was red-faced from too much wine or beer and he seemed most accommodating to any direction given by the good Sister Ursula. The three of them bedded down under a sturdy Oak tree with a nice bed of leaves underneath. She drifted off to sleep and was awakened in the middle of the moonless night by the lusty sounds of Sister Ursula going into a hot-blooded orgasm right next to her. Brother John was looking up into the starry sky with his eyes closed and his shaft drilling straight down into Sister Ursula's furry bush. The nun looked over at her and said,

"Don't worry, dear, he is not a real brother or priest, but just ordinary folk following his need for religious service. I keep him with me to keep from being raped by bandits."

Mary thought this to be very odd because she was of the opinion that females in the garb of nuns should be free of thoughts of copulation as part of their everyday persona. Besides, she was jealous that a middle-aged female of little or no nubile appearance should be the recipient of male juices when she was obviously far more attractive and ready to spread her willing cheeks.

Her two companions were finished with their business and Mary mused on the possibility of asking Brother John for a repeat performance on her needy bottom but the poor man was already in a deep sleep and did not seem in the least bit interested in further copulation this night.

They took different forks on the path early the next day and Mary found herself in a cleared area with several thatched huts and some animal shelters that seemed adequate but lacking in sturdy design. Small children ran around like chickens playing in the dirt. The males in this locale seemed to be prolific in baby making if in nothing else. Two females of nondescript personage shucked peas into large bowls between their legs. The sound of the peas hitting the bowls was surprisingly erotic and the way the bowls sat surrounded by female flesh was disturbingly obscene to Mary's eyes. They must have been rubbing right up on their hidden cunnies.

A man came from the forest with a load of wood on his back and an axe firmly grasped in his hand. She saw that his trousers were loosely fitted but the outline of a huge cock was obvious to her interested glance. She saw that the handsome young man was aware of her interest in his magnificent tool so he turned sideways so she could get a good idea of his size and his girth. It was the girth that frightened Mary. She was not at all certain that her tiny bung hole could accommodate the man's shaft all the way inside her puckered star.

Listening to the conversation, it became apparent that both of the women were his bed mates and that all of the children belonged to him. She was impressed with his fortitude and his heroic pleasing of two females at the same time for such a lengthy duration.

"Where are you headed, my lovely?"

She wrapped her long black hair around her finger and wet her lips with her virgin tongue before replying.

"Off to visit my grandparents some miles distant. Is there a place here for me to rest this evening? I will make no bother on your hospitality."

The younger woman laughed and said,

"Aren't we the one with words, dearie. Would your majesty rest her sweet head on the floor pad of me and my Steven's bedroom?"

Mary shook her head up and down agreeing with a wordless smile. She could see "Steven" looking at her with a guarded side-glance as if trying to see what delights she had hidden under her cloak.

It was hard for Mary to fall asleep because she had seen Steven's huge cock when he got into bed with his younger wife. The woman was bone-tired and fell asleep with a loud snore that promised the ability to wake the dead. Her heart skipped a beat when she heard him carefully slide out of the bed and stand over her as she lay stretched out on the floor. She looked up over her shoulder and saw his cock was standing at attention at a raised angle and ready for action. She was glad she was on her tummy because it meant he would most likely stick her in her posterior as the easiest portal to enter without making a lot of noise. That was right where she wanted her first attempt to accommodate a male member without worrying about her royal blood-line.

Steven looked down at the young girl on the floor.

Mary's royal bum was fair trembling in anticipation and Steven recognized she was eager for his cock to split her cheeks. He fell to his knees placing them just outside her hips and scooped up her shift until her white bottom gleamed under the faint light of the distant stars. She made no sound at all and he liked that. His two wives were deep in their sleep and he wanted to play with this pretty puss as long as possible before taking her private female parts.

The young woodsman bounced his hard cock on Mary's backside in a most obscene manner. She wiggled her bottom but she was firmly locked inside his muscular legs. She gasped in shock when his thick shaft pressed hard on her quivering brown eye. It was where she wanted it and it was how she wanted it but she was in fear that she would prove wanting in accepting it entirely inside her tight unproven channel.

The pressure mounted and the man wetted her rim with his spittle in a depraved but exciting way. She was just about to announce that she was of royal blood and not to be treated in such a perverted fashion, when her rosebud bloomed and she opened her rear door to his full ten inches of manly meat. Her breath whooshed out of her body and she started to shake like some poor person afflicted with a strange type of palsy.

Then, the strong muscular young man started to pound her bottom hard into the floor pad and he took her ear lobe into his teeth to worry it like a friendly puppy looking for a playmate. Mary felt her female slit fill with her juices and she was concerned she might have lost control of her bladder and made her water. However, it was so thick and sticky that she knew it was her love juice drawn by the huge thick cock in her rear.

Steven the woodsman twisted the pretty girl's hair in his fist and drained his seeds into her tightly clenched rectal channel. He wanted to fill her pretty pussy but there was a need for some decorum on this night of secret movements and filling of virgin holes.

The next morning Mary had a new glow of health on her cheeks and the woodsman's liquid offering continued to slowly seep from her anus. Her slit was still intact but she knew if she stayed even one more night, she would lose her membrane as well.

When she was asked if she wanted to rest another night at their abode, she was shocked to hear her calm voice respond,

"Yes, I think one more night will suit my purpose very well!"

Chapter 2

The two wives of Stephen the Woodsman looked at Lady Mary with very knowing glances the next morning. They both knew full well their husband had wetted his huge cock in one of her holes whilst they lay sleeping. The very bloom on her cheeks gave her secret away with sure certainty. Fortunately, neither of them seemed overly resentful of her borrowing his pretty cock for an evening's entertainment.

Lady Mary had already decided to stay another night in the forest hut because she knew her desire to feel the thickness of Stephen's cock in her untested cunt was paramount in her mind and she was counting the hours to darkness when the opportunity would present itself.

They were all surprised at the breakfast table when a young girl burst through the unlatched door to warn in a shrill voice,

"The sheriff's men are coming!"

The two wives bustled to hide the items of value and remove themselves to the barn for early morning chores leaving Stephen and Lady Mary alone in the hut except for a sleeping baby in one corner. The sounds of rough laughter approached the front door and two rough looking mercenaries stalked into the forest abode like landlords looking payment of the rent.

Mary was not afraid but she had to admit her heart was beating fast and she still had cream oozing from her fluttering anus from the night before. The woodsman had given her a large deposit of the sticky stuff and she could still feel it puddled inside her like some secret present meant only for her.

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