by DG Hear

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Romantic Sex Story: We met, were lovers, married and then slowly went our own way looking ahead at our professions. We became strangers. I had to do something to get us back together.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

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Life is a funny thing; sometimes full of love and laughter and other times solemn and insightful even despiteful. I'm Joe Henry and had been married for nearly six years to my wife Victoria until we became like two strangers living together. We didn't have any kids which I'll explain later.

There are many stories I could tell that happened during our time together. I know most couples probably go through some of the same things we have. We married young and I really didn't know what to expect.

She used to go out with her girlfriends and I often thought she was having affairs. I even followed her a few times but never found any evidence of cheating.

I liked it when other men noticed her which was quite often but at the same time I was a jealous person. This particular story is about how we met, the beginning of our relationship and where we are today.

Vicky and I met after we had both graduated from high school. It was at a party store I worked at for my sister in the evenings. I was nineteen at the time and my sister rented me an apartment they had above the store. It worked out great for me.

Vicky was a year older than me and had graduated from high school the previous year. She worked at a restaurant across the street from the store in the evenings and took secretarial courses at the local college during the day. She would often come in the store to get change and talk with my sister. They were good friends by the time I started working there.

I asked her out a few times and she always smiled and said, "I don't think so." It made my sister laugh. I wasn't use to getting turned down that often. I wasn't anything special; just a normal nineteen year old horny guy.

Needless to say I took this as a challenge. She was a good looking woman, though slightly overweight according to some people, but I didn't think so. She had the prettiest face and always smiled. I often ate at the restaurant just so I could watch her. I think I was getting a little obsessed with her.

I was young and no matter how hard i tried, and believe me, i tried, I could never get Vicky out of my mind. I asked her out once again and she agreed to go out with me. I didn't have a lot of money so i took her to a small diner and then to the movies. We kissed that night for the first time.

It was only after a few more dates at the drive-in that she agreed to come up to my apartment. We began to kiss, first it was slow, but then things started to get heated. She let me touch her breasts through the thin fabric of her blouse. It wasn't enough for me, I wanted more so I began to unbutton her blouse. She quickly stopped me, but then pulled her hand away as I undid the buttons and saw her bra covered breasts.

I lowered my mouth onto her chest and began kissing the crevice between them. I took my time and reached behind her to undo her lace bra. Her white breasts were large and beautiful. Her erect, pink aureoles stood to attention and her skin looked so soft. I began to kiss and slobber all over them. i knew she was enjoying it because she was holding my head tightly against her.

I slowly lowered my hand from her right breast to her right thigh. she was wearing a skirt that would normally be considered conservative on any other girl, but the slit on the side told another story. She opened her legs, welcoming me, and I slid my hand inside on her thigh; I couldn't believe how hot it felt under her skirt. I continued to massage her inner thigh, inching closer and closer to her damp panties. When I looked up, I could see that she was biting her lower lip in anticipation.

I ran my hand up and down her lower lips; through her panties. Seeing that she now had her eyes closed, I slipped my hand inside her panties and felt her warm, damp mound. I slowly worked my way down to her pussy - she was audibly breathing hard now.

I got off the couch, reached under her skirt and pulled off the matching white lace panties. I pushed her thighs apart and buried my face in her wet pussy. I began rubbing my face in her full muff and working my way to her clit. I placed my hands under her thighs, to help hold up her legs as she put her hands around my head, holding me in place.

I tongue fucked her, licked and kissed her pussy until she climaxed and my face was covered with her juices. My cock was rock hard and I wanted to let it out of the confines of my jeans.

I stood up and wiped my face off with my shirt. I began to unbuckle my jeans when she stopped me and said. "No! I should never have let it get this far. I'm sorry, I lost control of my emotions."

Needless to say, I was a bit pissed but I tried to not show my anger. My cock started to subside. "Well maybe next time," I said to her.

She apologized again and slipped her panties and bra back on and we went down to the store. My sister was there and she and Vicky began to talk to each other. I carried some heavy cases of stock to the back room for my sister. I later drove Vicky home wondering if I should have forced myself on her.

I asked myself, after erasing the thought. Did I just want to have sex with her or did I really care about her?

When we arrived at her home that she shared with her siblings, I kissed her goodnight. I knew her parents were deceased and the siblings did there best to help one another.

I left with mixed feelings. As I drove down the road I saw Sheila, a frequent customer at the store walking along the sidewalk. I pulled to the curb and asked her if she wanted a ride. She got in and I headed toward her home, a few blocks away.

"Why don't you pull in behind the church," she said. "My husband is at home and I don't think you want to meet the drunk."

I knew what was coming. Sheila was married, but still a bit wild. She would often come in the store with her twin sister, Sheryl and liked to tease. I couldn't believe it when they first told me they were twenty-nine. They looked a lot younger than they were, being short, a couple inches under five foot and on the thin side I did ask my sister about them and she told me they indeed were both twenty-nine and would fuck anything on two legs. "Stay away from them." She had warned me.

Both were married to raging alcoholics and I knew they drank a lot too. I could tell by the amount of alcohol they bought, but right now, I didn't care about her drinking, I hoped for other plans.

She reached over and put her hand on my cock. It got hard in seconds as she undid my belt and zipper. Being a small woman she leaned over with ease and took my cock in her mouth.

Damn, It felt good! After a couple minutes, she sat up and pulled off her jeans and panties. I slid my jeans down below my knees and slid over to the passenger side of my car so she could straddle me. She raised herself up and lowered her hot pussy onto my now very hard cock. I thought about wearing a condom but she was married so I figured that she was on the pill. She did all the work as she bounced up and down on my cock.

"Nice cock," she said. I've wanted to fuck you since you started working at the store. Fuck me Baby! Fuck me hard. I want you to come in my pussy. Come on Baby, shoot that cum in me." I threw my head back and moaned in pleasure. "I want you to fuck me hard. Come on, Baby."

I began to pump into her and with her encouragement, I came hard, shooting deep into her passage. She lowered herself down as she also began to come. I held tight onto her hips, slowly rocking us both. Damn, it felt good. I looked down and watched her rub her pussy back and forth across my crotch with my cock buried in her.

She reached over and grabbed some napkins out of my door panel. I always have some left over from fast food joints. She jammed them between her legs and rolled off of me as I scooted over to the drivers side of the vehicle. As she slipped on her panties, I grabbed a few napkins and wrapped them around my cock before pulling up my briefs and jeans.

She thanked me for the fuck and said that maybe we could get together again some time. Being the whore hound I was, I agreed. One problem I had was I had a hard time telling Sheila and Sheryl apart. Sheryl did seem a bit more quiet, but that was about it.

The following week I saw Vicky a couple times. We talked for a few minutes each time and I asked her out to dinner on Friday. She told me she would have to see. She had already made other plans, not saying what they were, and was more than likely not able to make it. On Thursday, she came in the store and told me she was sorry but she couldn't make it.

I remained placid on the outside, but I mentally questioned her reason. Maybe this was her way of saying "being with me the week before was a mistake". The twin sisters Sheila and Sheryl came in just before closing and asked me if I was busy on Friday. They told me they were throwing a party and wanted to know if I wanted to come. They mentioned that is was being held at a motel just outside of town.

Sheryl did mention that she and Sheila didn't have any secrets letting me know she knew about our romp in the car. I asked them if seeing their husbands at the party on Friday might be a problem, but they smiled and said their husbands worked the second shift and wouldn't be coming to the party.

"Oh!" Sheila squealed. "There is a catch; you need to bring some beer." I agreed, knowing that I would have no problem getting beer from the store. I always paid for it; no way would I steal from family.

I haven't been to many private parties and figured since Vicky was brushing me off, I might as well enjoy myself.

"How would I know which twin is which?" I asked, curious. Sheryl looked around, as if making sure the coast was clear and then pulled down the left side of her top. There was a mole right above her nipple.

I felt brave and asked Sheila to show me her right tit to make sure she didn't have a mole. She giggled and pulled out her whole tit for me to see. "Want to kiss it before I put it away?" She teased.

Right after she finished her sentence, a customer was coming in the store and Sheila quickly put her tit back in her shirt. They both laughed and said they would see me the next day. I had to admit that I was glad I was behind the counter because I had a pretty good hard-on.

Late Friday evening my sister came in to replace me for the night. She asked me if I was going out with Vicky and I told her Vicky had other plans. I didn't tell her about the twins because I knew she wouldn't approve of her little brother going out with two twenty-nine year old married women.

I knew Vicky got hit on a lot since she was a good looking waitress. I figured maybe she decided to go out with someone else; after all, we were friends and not really a couple.

I went to the motel located just outside of town and was surprised that the so-called-party was in a single room. I knocked on the door and Sheila and Sheryl were both there, dressed in only their bras and panties. I got a hard on just looking at the two of them. It was then that I noticed, from the corner of my eyes, another guy.

They introduced me to Matt who I later found out worked with Sheryl. I asked how many more people were coming and was told that this was it. I had brought two twelve packs of beer and a cheap bottle of wine from the store. I didn't tell my sister since I was underage to buy booze, but I did pay for it.

Sheila came up to me and began removing my shirt. I looked over and saw that Sheryl was doing the same to Matt. I did find out later that Matt was single and twenty-one years old. I guess the twins liked them young.

When I was down to my briefs, Sheryl handed everyone a beer and two pills. I didn't drink much but took the beer and asked what the pills were. Sheila told me that, "it was to make everything better". She took hers and the others followed suite. I swallowed mine, washing them down with the beer.

The girls removed their bra and panties and Sheila said, "Let's get this party started." She then pulled my briefs down releasing my hard cock. I kicked them to the side and joined Sheila on the king size bed. I took out a package of condoms but Sheila said, "No condoms tonight. I want to feel your hot cum shooting into me."

Right next to us was Matt, he was already pounding into Sheryl's pussy. I wasn't far behind as I guided my hard cock into Sheila. I couldn't believe that within three minutes I was all ready to shoot my first load. I felt embarrassed, but Sheila told me not to worry. One of the pills was to keep me hard while the other was to keep me excited.

Over the next three hours, we fucked and sucked in almost every conceivable way. It's hard to remember everything that went on, but I do remember at one point, I was on my back and Sheila was over my face as I ate her wet pussy. At the same time Shelly was riding me.

Between Matt and me, these twins got there pussy's ridden hard and a number of loads of cum were deposited in them. When I woke up, it was dawn and everyone was gone. I never saw Matt again.

I got up, took a shower and left for home. They must have taken whatever beer was left which was fine with me. I stopped and ate at a breakfast buffet on my way home. As I ate, I tried to remember the previous night. I knew my cock was sore and that I had fucked both twins a number of times.

I do wish I could remember more, but I guess the pills put me out of it. I thought about Vicky, like I cheated on her, but then remembered it was she that didn't want to go out with me.

It was now Saturday and I had to work at the store. My brother in law asked me if I went out the night before and said I looked a little hung over. He laughed and gave me something mixed with tomato juice and said it should help. He did tell me not to tell my sister that I had drunk anything the night before. He was an alright guy and we got along good.

Later in the day Vicky came over to get some change for the restaurant. She said she was sorry that she canceled on me the night before but she had promised her brother that she would go to a play at his high school. I did wonder why she didn't ask me to go.

The thing is, Vicky and I were opposites. They say opposites attract and I do believe it, but what happens later in life? While I liked movies and sport events, Vicky was into museums, plays, art shows. I could only take so much of some of those things.

Vicky asked me if I would like to go to a movie that evening as an apology. She told me to think about it and get back to her later. Now, I felt a little bad. She didn't go out with another guy, but to see her brother in a play. I really did like her and wanted to start a closer relationship with her.

When she came back, I agreed to her date request and that evening we went to a fast food restaurant and to a movie. We held hands through most of it except when we ate popcorn.

After the movie, we rode by the local airport; parked and watched the planes come and go. We kissed and she let me rub her breasts through her blouse. Thinking that she was giving me permission, I unbuttoned her blouse. I rubbed and kissed her breasts and released her bra. She was hesitant, but didn't stop me.

I wanted to go further and put my hands down her panties, but my cock hurt from the previous night. What if she let me go all the way with her? What should I do? I lucked out because a car pulled up near us and it was a family coming to watch the airplanes.

Vicky quickly fixed her bra and buttoned her blouse. We kissed lightly and I started the car and drove her home. I got out with her and we stood between the houses so no one could see us and she kissed me again.

I was a bit stunned when she said, "I would have gone to your apartment if you would have taken me there." She kissed me again and ran into her house. If I was reading between the lines I believe she was telling me she would have had sex with me. I was both happy and sad.

I saw her a few days later when she came in the store. We made a date for the following Saturday. I told her we could go to a nice restaurant, not fast food. She smiled at me, came around the counter and laid a kiss on me.

"See you Saturday," she was smiling. I stared at her butt as she walked back across the street. I decided no dating other women and no masturbating this week. I wanted to be ready if Vicky and I made love for the first time.

Later in the week Sheila came into the store with a big husky guy maybe around forty. He's been in the store dozens of times but I never knew he was Sheila's husband.

He ordered some beer and Sheila turned and hugged him. He smiled and Sheila introduced him to me. "Joe, this is my husband Chuck".

I mentioned to her that I knew Chuck; that he was a regular customer. We all talked for a few minutes and they got their beer and cigarettes and left. I figured it was Sheila's way of telling me she wasn't interested in me any more which was fine with me. I wanted to put my time in dating Vicky.

On Saturday I took Vicky to the Red Lobster for dinner. I wore dress pants and a light blue dress shirt. Vicky wore a plaid wraparound skirt and a nice blouse. She really looked nice. I got an advance from my sister so I could pay for the dinner. Seeing it was for Vicky, my sister didn't hesitate giving me the money.

I did all the things a guy is suppose to do. I opened her door, pulled out her chair and anything else I thought was proper. We ordered dinner and talked a little about our lives. I knew her father passed away a couple of years ago. My sister told me it was from alcoholism, Vicky pretty much confirmed that.

Her mother passed away a couple of months before I met her. She then talked about her job at the restaurant. I asked her about being hit on and she told me most all waitress are hit on. It's how they respond that counts. She did say she is friendly with most customers but never dated any.

I asked her about the cop that came in regularly and she told me he was just a friend. He was the first responder when they called about her mother passing out and later dying. I didn't want to push it any further. I then told her about my life but she knew a lot from talking to my sister. I went to college during the day and worked at my sisters in the evening.

I listened as she told me about her interests and why she was taking secretarial courses. She told me she wanted more out of life.

I asked her, "Like what?"

She stared at me and simply said, "I want to do things and go places." She explained that her parents lived from hand to mouth having seven kids and never enjoyed life. She wanted to enjoy her life.

This was when I found out how opposite we were. I like to relax and maybe see a ballgame and hang out with friends; traveling wasn't high on my agenda. She wanted to travel while I enjoyed relaxing.

We talked some more as we ate dinner. Afterwards I asked her what she wanted to do. She must have stared at me for a minute before answering me.

"Take me to your apartment," was all she said. I quickly paid the bill, anticipating what was to come, and we left the restaurant. We talked a little more till we reached my place.

My apartment wasn't big, but it wasn't small either. We sat on the couch and she faced me. "I've never been in a steady relationship with anyone," she mentioned to me. Then, leaned in and kissed me gently wrapping her arms around my neck and kissed me with more passionately.

I brought my right hand up and squeezed her breast through her blouse. "Be gentle Joe, they are very sensitive right now." She didn't stop me but was encouraging me. I rubbed my hand gently over her tits while we kept kissing. I took my time unbuttoning the first two buttons on her blouse to see if she was going to object in any way; she didn't.

I undid two more and rubbed her tits over her bra. She pushed me away for a second and undid the rest of the buttons and slipped her blouse off. She reached behind her back and unclasped her bra but not taking it off. I was staring at her and she at me the whole time. After unclasping her bra she put her arms back around my neck and kissed me passionately.

I reached under her bra and gently squeezed and rubbed her breasts. As we kissed she was breathing hard against my mouth. I pulled her bra off and lowered my head and began sucking on her nipples. Her hands were behind my head pulling me tight against her breasts.

While kissing her tits I lowered my hand down to her legs and put my hand on her thigh just beneath her skirt. I slowly pulled her skirt up and kept my hand on her bare thigh. She never stopped me and even spread her thighs more so that I could slide my hand up to her pussy.

When I reached her panties and rubbed my hand over her pussy, she gasped. I didn't stop and she pulled my head even tighter against her tits; I kept going. I slid my hand into her panties and rubbed her mound; it was so hot.

I pulled my hand out of her panties and she stood up and slid them off. She sat back down and spread her legs. I eventually slid my finger into her moist and waiting pussy. She sort of gasped with my mouth against hers and I began finger fucking her. It wasn't long before I had two fingers in her.

My cock was so hard and I needed to get it out of my pants. I stopped finger fucking her and stood up. She didn't say anything but sat and stared at me as I quickly took off my shirt and pants. She removed her skirt and we were both naked. "Are you ok with this?" I asked her.

"Yes, but I don't want you to just use me and then find someone else. I'll leave it up to you; I trust you."

I liked her, I really did, but I also had a hard on to beat hell. I wanted a relationship with her, but I also wanted to fuck her.

"Do we need a condom?"

"No. I'm on the pill."

I later found out that she has been on it for a couple of years. She laid on the couch and I got between her legs. I held one of her legs up as I slowly rubbed my cock head against her pussy.

I didn't want to rush to fast and take any chance of hurting her. I aligned my cock up with her opening and slowly pushed forwards. I started an in and out motion, it felt so good and so hot. I almost came upon entering her.

"Fuck me Joe! Oh God, I didn't know it would feel so good," "Vicky moaned".

I was pumping in and out at a pretty good pace now and Vicky was pushing her pussy up against me. We must have been going at it for a good ten minutes when all of a sudden she screamed out, "Oh God! I'm coming! I'm coming! Come with me Joe."

I didn't have to be told twice as I let go of a load like never before. I felt it leaving my cock and going into Vicky. "I feel it Joe! I feel you coming in me."

I felt her pussy squeeze my cock till every drop was gone. I stayed in her for a minute till her pussy muscles relaxed. When her breathing got back to normal she reached over and got some tissues and jammed them between her legs.

We lay there for a few minutes and the song, 'Strangers' by Martina McBride came on the radio. We listened to the first verse, it kind of reminded me of meeting Vickie.

Two strangers passing on the sidewalk

Barely brush each other's hand

He says, I'm sorry.

She says, Don't worry.

And that is how it all began.

A few short days and nights together,

And it's like they were meant to be.

Lying there with her

He softly whispers,

Just think what we were so recently, strangers

After that day we had sex as often as we could. We even had it in the back room of the store between customers almost getting caught a couple of times.

Life went on like this for just under two months when my sister asked me to come to her house. It was just around the corner from the store. She sounded a bit upset. I walked right in and there sat my sister Sue and Vicky. "Vicky, why are you here? Is something wrong?" I asked.

"Wrong is putting it mildly," My sister scoffed.

I looked over at Vicky and she looked down. "What's going on?" I asked, my anger getting the best of me.

Vicky had tears in her eyes. "I'm pregnant." She whispered. I had questions but all the answers didn't mean anything. The baby was mine, unless ... No. The baby was mine because Vicky and I were having sex at least four times a week since that evening in my apartment.

"I'm sorry Joe," said Vicky. "I was on the pill like I told you but must have missed a few."

Being Catholic, I already knew her opinion on abortions. "We can get married Vicky. I love being with you and I want you to always be in my life. She stood up and we kissed.

"I really do love you, Joe."

We got married two weeks later by a justice of the peace. My sister threw us a little party at the house with a few members of our families. We drove out of town to a motel not telling anyone where we would be for a couple of days for a honeymoon.

My parents were obviously angry at me for my actions, but they did welcome Vicky into the family. Dad gave us a thousand dollars to help with the cost of the baby. We moved into my apartment above the store where it would be our home for the next couple of years.

Vicky continued to work at the restaurant up until her fifth month of pregnancy. She ran into complications and decided to quit her job and stay off her feet. It was two weeks later when she lost the baby. It hit her hard emotionally, but she was working through it. Going to school helped her keep busy. I wasn't sure what I felt. I wanted a baby, but I knew I wasn't ready.

Vicky and I both continued our education despite our loss. I had a year to go to get my associate degree in business. My dad said he would help us out. I wasn't sure what he meant.

A couple of days later he told me to go to the auto company he worked at. He handed me a sealed envelope and said to give it to a certain person in the personnel department. He said to make sure I only talked to this fellow, Ernie Barker. When I entered the building, there was at least twenty people sitting at tables filling out applications for employment. Another twenty people were in line. I waited about a half hour before I made it to the front desk.

"I'd like to speak to Ernie Barker please. I have an envelope addressed to him." The guy got up and took the envelope to Ernie and asked me to step aside so he could wait on the other people coming in.

Ernie came out and called me to his desk. "So your Harold Henry's boy!" It was more of a statement then a question. "Your Dad is one of the finest men I have ever met. If you turn out to be half the man he is you're worth hiring. He said, "You go to college; is that right?"

"Yes Sir, I'm taking courses in Business Administration, I'm in my second year. I hope to graduate next year."

"Well Joseph, I can give you a job on the graveyard shift which will enable you to continue your education. I'll give you some paperwork to fill out and if you carry a 'B' average' or better we will pay for your courses. You have to take our admission test; it's required for our records. You also have to take a drug test; you don't do drugs do you?"

"No Sir, my dad would kill me if I went near them."

Ernie laughed out loud. "I believe he would."

He gave me the test and told me not to talk to anyone and bring the test back to him. It only took me about fifteen minutes to do the test. Ernie checked it and smiled, I knew I did well. He handed me an application to fill out and he then handed me a badge and told me I would start Sunday night.

I was so happy, I didn't bother asking about my wages. All I knew is that the auto companies paid the highest wages around. I called my dad and he congratulated me. I told him everything Ernie had told me. He reminded me to never tell anyone how I got the interview.

I got home and told Vicky and she was almost as happy as I was. We celebrated by going out to dinner and making love for the first time since the loss of our baby.

I told my sister about the full time job. She was happy for me and knew I couldn't work for her forever. I did tell her I would still work some on the weekends and any days I didn't have class to help around the store.

I was a busy guy working full time. Carrying a lot of credits at school and working part time for my sister.

She and Vicky came up with the idea that Vicky could work at the store when she wasn't taking classes. It would help her pay for her schooling. One problem was I was hardly ever around. Between school and work I didn't spend much time at home. It wasn't good for our new marriage, but we did our best to work it out.

Something I forgot to mention. When Vicky was about four months into her pregnancy I was sitting in the restaurant and in came the twins, Sheila and Shelly with their husbands. It's the first time I had ever seen them all at the same time. As I mentioned I saw the husbands quite often when they came into the store but haven't seen the twins for months.

They both had huge bellies. Yes, they were pregnant. Vicky came out and waited on them and asked them how far along they were. They both said around four and a half months. They looked bigger but it was probably since they were so thin and short.

Sheila's husband Chuck told Vicky that they have been trying for six years and it finally happened. As Vicky went back to the kitchen the twins both winked at me. I have to say I was worried but about a week later the twins came in the store and told me not to worry. Also that neither knew who the father was.

That is why they fucked both me and Matt. Shelly said for all she knew her husband was the father and was going to keep it that way. They thanked me and that was the last time their pregnancies were ever mentioned. I did see them walking with their baby carriages but didn't check out the babies.

It did make me think of the loss that Vickie and I suffered.

After graduating from college and receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business, I was transferred to day shift which made for a much better home life. I was still a blue collar worker with blue collar tastes.

Vicky received her degree from business school and went looking for an office position. She found one in a couple weeks and began working as a secretary for the Museum of Natural History. To be honest, I wasn't a history buff but Vicky loved working there. Things soon began to change.

It was another year later and Vicky got a promotion. She was making almost as much as I was and wanted a larger apartment. She wanted to live in a new complex near her work. I loved her and wouldn't deny her anything she wanted. Between our salaries we could afford it.

During the last couple of years of our marriage, we saw less and less of one another. Vicky was going to school during the day and working at the store in the evening and I in turn worked the midnight shift, went to classes and got home in time to catch a little sleep.

After Vicky got the new job we did move to the suburbs. We had a beautiful condo and Vicky being artistic wanted to do all her own decorating. We were both working long hours. I worked all the overtime I could to make the extra money to help buy the things Vicky wanted.

I was told by my supervisor that if I wanted to take some management courses, which the company would pay for, I could become a foreman and possibly an area department manager. I knew it was a great opportunity. I talked to Vicky about the opportunity and she told me by all means I should take it.

I attended the courses a few nights a week for six months and got the certificate for completing the management courses. I was offered a management position over the parts department. It would be on second shift with a large increase in pay. I took it and Vicky and I had a night off and celebrated. It was the first time we made love in over a month.

We hardly ever saw each other than maybe one of us getting ready for work or on the weekends. I would often meet Vicky for lunch just to be with her for an hour. My time was filled with work and on the weekend I liked to play a round of golf or relax at home rather than go out.

Vicky seemed to always have some kind of exhibit to go to. She came home one Sunday and was smiling. She said she was offered a position in the customer relations department. It meant that she would have to spend a night or two away from home to help set up exhibits. According to her it was the opportunity of a life time with a large increase in pay.

She would travel to nearby states and set up exhibits at different museums and get paid doing it. She told me she would be starting the following week. When I asked how long she would be away at a time she told me that it would be no more than two days. She was so excited I wasn't sure what to say. We hardly saw each other since the day she got the job. I gritted my teeth and congratulated her. I wanted to be supportive of her like she was of me.

I've been at a couple of events at the museum and met a number or her friends and bosses. I have to say I was a little jealous. She probably saw more of these men than she did me. I remember when she started exercising at a gym near our condo. She said she wanted to look good, but she didn't say it was for me.

For the next couple of months, I felt like a bachelor. I got up in the morning alone as Vicky had already left for work. When I got home late at night, she was already sleeping. On the days she traveled I came home to an empty house.

I started going to bars after work with my friends. I got hit on quite a lot, but didn't take any of the women up on their offers. I can't say I didn't come close a couple of times, but I thought of Vicky and our vows. As long as we stayed married I would do my best to honor them.

I attended ball games with my friends when Vicky would be gone for the weekend. I often started wondering if Vicky might be having an affair. I didn't believe she would but I've heard anyone could be tempted in the right situation.

We both have been in our new positions for almost a year. Work was fine but my life with Vicky was almost non-existent. We're lucky if we made love once every two months. The money was good but I had to wonder if it was worth it.

I was sitting in the lounge after the game and someone played 'Strangers' by Martina McBride. I sat there listening to the song and remembered the first time Vicky and I made love. The first verse reminded me of us. Now I was listening to the second verse. It began to bother me.

Two strangers passing in the hallway

Barely touch each other's heart.

Now they're pretending,

Two shadows blending,

But they're a million miles apart.

Soon she'll be packing up her suitcase.

They'll be dividing all the blame.

They know how they started,

Now empty-hearted

They don't have a clue how they became


This verse bothered me so much. I knew I would have to do something extreme if I was to save our marriage. I knew that's where our marriage was headed. It was now nothing but a marriage of convenience. I loved Vicky but I had no idea how she felt about me anymore. It seemed her job was more important than anything else.

When Vicky returned from her trip I called her at work and told her we needed to talk. She finally agreed to meet me for lunch. The first thing she said to me when she sat down was she only had an hour.

"This is what our marriage has come to," I replied. "An hour here, an hour there. You go your way, I go mine." She stared at me. "Vicky, I love you but we haven't been lovers in over a year."

"What are you saying? We made love just last week," Vicky responded.

"No, we fucked last week. All of ten minutes. Vicky, I don't want to go on like this."

"What? You want a divorce? Did you meet some bimbo in the bar? I have men look at me too. Two of us can play that game.

"Vicky, I have never cheated on you and there isn't anyone else. Can you say the same?"

She stared at me and said, "Joe, I don't know what you've heard but I have always been faithful to you. I know we've both been busy building our professional futures and I guess our personal life got put on the back burner."

"Not any more. I can't live like this wondering where you are or who you might be with. I married you because I love you and want to be with you. I'm not worried about my job or yours. I'm worried about our marriage and the commitment to love and share our life together."

"Joe, what are you saying? I'm getting a little nervous here."

"We haven't had a vacation together since we got married. This summer is going to be different.

"I bought a two ticket vacation package which include cruise tickets to Alaska, a flight to Washington and an overnight train ride that leaves two weeks from today. We will be gone ten days over all. The tickets are non-refundable. I did that on purpose. I want to give our marriage a chance."

"Joe! I can't just leave for ten days. I have a position and clients that I need to take care of. Can't we talk about this later?"

"Vicky, we hardly see each other. I'm trying here. We need to spend some time together if we're to make it. I will be on the plane waiting for you. If you decide your job is more important than our marriage then so be it."

"I think you're being unreasonable. You want me to tell my bosses that I'll be unavailable for two weeks because my husband is having a crises. This is the middle of summer and we're extremely busy."

"I told my bosses this morning that I was backing down to the supervisor position. I will be back on the day turn so I can be home in the evenings with you. I'm really trying to save this marriage."

"I have to go, I have a client I'm meeting in the office. I'm already late. I'm sorry Joe. I'll talk to you later."

"Story of our life. Just so you know, this isn't a game, it's our future." She didn't even kiss me goodbye. I had to wonder if she would pick her job over our marriage.

Over the next two weeks I hardly saw Vicky. She did leave me notes that said we needed to talk and that she loved me. She actually had three overnight stays in that two week period. I was getting the feeling that I might be taking this cruise alone.

Our plane was to leave at two o'clock Friday afternoon. I had to be in my office Friday morning for a few hours before starting my vacation. Vicky was on an overnight trip on Thursday and was supposed to be back early Friday. She wasn't home when I left from work.

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