Dreams Can Come True

by Joe Buckworth

Copyright© 2013 by Joe Buckworth

Erotica Sex Story: Melanie and Julie are cleaning their rented cabin and getting ready to return home after vacation. Suddenly, who should appear but the hiker whose life they saved the previous week. (See my story Thunderstorm Dreams.)Mike wants the full story of what happened to him and the girls decide to show him as well as tell.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   .

It was late Friday afternoon and Melanie and Julie were packing and cleaning up the vacation cabin. They had been there for two weeks and would be leaving for home tomorrow morning.

Melanie paused from mopping the kitchen floor to reflect on the events of last week. "You know Jule, in my ten years of nursing I've never come across anything as bizarre as finding that hiker in the ravine."

Julie tucked some stray hairs that had escaped from her headband behind her right ear. "I don't think we'll ever experience anything like that again. It's one thing to have someone's life in your hands at the hospital, but out here in the woods..." her voice trailed off into silence.

Melanie returned to her mopping and her commentary. "He would have drowned in that flash flood if we hadn't been there." A shudder ran through her body. "It's strange that we haven't heard anything more about how he turned out. You'd think that the EMTs would have come back to tell us."

"You're right," Julie volunteered. "We would have gone to see the EMTs if we had any idea what town they were from. I was so exhausted from our ordeal that I never even saw what was on their ambulance."

Suddenly her eyes widened as she heard a car coming up the driveway. "Who could that be? I hope that tomorrows renters didn't get their calendar screwed up." Julie walked to the window and peeked through the curtain.

"Who is it Jule?" questioned Melanie.

"It's some guy and he's just sitting in the car."

"I don't like this," said Melanie with a nervous quiver in her voice. "Go get a knife from the drawer. I'm getting the mace from my purse." She dropped the mop and hurried toward her bedroom.

"Holy shit Mel! Come and look!"

Quickly she returned and joined Julie at the window. What she saw made her squeal, "Oh my God ... it's him! The hiker!" They stood frozen in shock as he got out of the car and started across the small driveway towards the front porch. He was favoring last week's severely sprained ankle. They were still staring at each other in disbelief when he knocked on the open screen door.

"Hello! Anybody home?"

Julie was the first to compose herself and she beat Mel to the door. "Hi! You're our hiker!" she blurted, her huge smile evident to the new arrival. "Come in!" Slow on his feet due to his bad ankle, he couldn't step backwards fast enough to avoid Julie hitting him with the door.

"Oh God! I'm so sorry!" she yelled as she let go and it smashed back into her elbow. "Ow!" She retreated a short distance. The hiker slowly opened the screen door and peered into the cabin, surveying the two giddy women.

"Is it safe for me to come in? I really can't afford any more injuries. They told me at the hospital that I was rescued by two nurses, but now I'm not so sure." They all burst out laughing and Julie extended her hand.

"I'm Julie Parker and this is Melanie Burns. I think we've recovered from our shock at seeing you, but be careful. I'm pretty sure it's safe, but there are no guarantees."

Stepping into the cabin he shook Julie's hand and then Melanie's. "Mike Bradford." He scanned the mild disarray with large milk chocolate eyes. "It looks like I got here just in time. Are you leaving this afternoon?"

"Tomorrow," chimed in Mel. "We didn't want to leave the clean up until the last minute. Please, sit down. Do you want anything to drink? Beer? Wine?"

"A beer would be great."

"I suppose you're here for the real story," she said reaching into the refrigerator.

"That and I really wanted to meet you two. They told me at the hospital I probably would have died if it wasn't for you two." He took a healthy swig from the bottle. "I'm very grateful. Uh ... you two don't have to stand there on my account."

The women blushed and each took a seat. There was an awkward silence, and then Julie began. "Before we tell you what we did, tell us what you remember."

Mike relaxed in the chair and had another sip of beer. "All I remember is that I was lost and there was a tremendous storm coming with the thunder getting louder and the lightning closer every second. I climbed on top of a boulder to see if I could get my bearings. There was a sound like an explosion and the next thing I knew I woke up in a hospital bed. The doctor said I was unconscious for 48 hours."

"When did you get out of the hospital, Mike?" Julie was glad that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her sensitive nipples were visible through the tight white tee shirt and she aimed them right towards the hunk sitting across from her. Mike took the final mouthful of beer as he stole a glance at the beautiful sight across the small living room. Eager to keep her good impression going, Julie stood up straight and thrust out her C cup breasts. Before he could answer her question she announced, "I'm going to have some wine. How about you Mel? Can I get you another beer, Mike?" Two yeses followed her into the kitchen area.

"Actually, I just got out this morning. I've felt fine for the past three days but the doctors just wanted to make sure. I'm really glad that you two were still here. I wanted to thank you and to find out what happened to me." He shifted his gaze to Mel who was sitting in an arm chair only a few feet away. He couldn't help but notice that her legs were crossed and her baggy shorts were hanging in such a way that his line of sight was a straight shot to her powder blue panties. Jesus! What the hell's going on here? Maybe those dreams I had when I was unconscious weren't really dreams.

Julie returned with everyone's drinks. She gave Mike a wanton smile as she handed him his beer. "Ok Mike, here's the real story," she chuckled.

Over the next hour Julie and Melanie took turns recounting Mike's ordeal and theirs. Melanie did the wrap-up. "When I heard a noise outside I threw on my boots and went out to the road. There was a clean-up crew chain sawing the downed tree at the end of our driveway and I had them call 911. The rescue squad had you out of here in around twenty minutes ... and here you are today."

"That's incredible! I had no idea I had been in so much trouble. Being told that you saved my life doesn't do the story justice. You two are amazing! Just amazing! What can I do to repay you?"

A sly smile crept over Julie's lips. "Well, the first thing you can do is stay for dinner." Melanie enthusiastically agreed. "You just have to stay. We've all been drinking and after what you went through we're not going to get behind the wheel. Plus, we still have tons of food left over." Julie jumped back in, "The second thing you can do is stay the night. We have sleeping bags. You can sleep here in the living room."

Mike looked over the two luscious women. "I have to agree. It will be my pleasure to stay."

The three of them assigned the dinner tasks as follows: Mike had the grill with the hot dogs and hamburgers; Julie made the salad; Melanie was in charge of vegetables, setting the table and drinks.

Mike was outside working the grill while the women set the table. Looking at Mike through the window, Melanie took a deep breath and sighed, "I can't wait to get my hands on that big dick..."

"What did you say?" interrupted Julie. "How do you know he has a big dick?"

Melanie's face was crimson with embarrassment. "Oh, I don't really know, I'm just guessing!"

Julie looked at her blushing friend. "Mel, I've known you since nursing school and I can tell when you're lying. Come on, out with it! How do you know he has a big dick?"

"Alright," whispered Mel, glancing through the window at Mike. "When I watched him last week I took a look. It was huge even when it was soft."

"Oh, so what you're saying is that you saw it both soft and hard."

"I didn't say that!"

"Admit it!" demanded Julie, "You did see it hard!"

"Ok! Ok! I did. I was so horny that I stroked him until he was hard, then I stuck it in my mouth and gave him a blow job while I fucked myself silly with my fingers. I just couldn't help it! Don't tell me you didn't take a peek."

It was Julie's turn to turn red. "Before I answer I have one more question ... Did he cum?"

"No, I stopped blowing him when I came. I was afraid if I made him cum he'd wake up and find his dick in my mouth. Now it's your turn. What did you do to him?"

Leaning closer to Melanie, Julie replied, "I fucked him until I orgasmed!"

"No shit!" shouted Melanie. She was loud enough for Mike to turn and look in at them. Julie waved and went back to setting the table. She continued in a whisper. "I did what you did. I touched it and it got so big that I couldn't control myself. I straddled him, and when I sat down on that monster I was in heaven! I can't wait to do it again."

"What do you think, Jule? Can we get him to fuck both of us tonight?"

Julie started to laugh. "It's everyman's fantasy to have two women at the same time. If we approach this right, I don't see any problem at all. I have an idea." With that they conspired over the next few minutes and worked out a plan.

As they completed their jobs Mike entered with the food. Before long they were telling stories and laughing over empty plates and wine glasses. Mike was an architect and avid outdoorsman in his spare time. He had numerous hysterical stories about clients and their wants and desires. One story revolved around a couple who insisted that Mike come over to their house the day before the contractors were to arrive to start a major renovation. It seems that they wanted to make some last minute changes. They went over the changes for two hours. Mike told them that it would add $100,000 to the project, plus another $25,000 for his fee. Right in front of her grinning husband the wife stood up, pulled her sweater over her head and removed her bra. She placed her hands underneath her natural 36 D tits and offered them to Mike as a "down payment" on his fee. "I'm sure we can work out a suitable installment plan," she said.

"It certainly was tempting," Mike grinned, "but I never mix pleasure with business."

"I like a man with a strong sense of right and wrong," Melanie volunteered. "What about you Jule, what do you think?"

Seizing the opportunity to complement their guest Julie added, "Morally it was the right thing, but be honest Mike, how could you resist those tits?" She followed up her question by sitting up straight and pointing her own out in Mike's direction. Mike's attention was drawn to her pointy nipples.

Without taking his eyes away from Julie's tits he answered. "I could sense that if I got involved with them it would only lead to trouble. Besides, I would have had to fuck her at least 100 times to make up the $25,000." This last sentence came out with a laugh attached to it.

By the time they were done it was dark outside, a Blue Moon beginning its journey up above the trees surrounding the cabin. Melanie got up to put on some coffee. "Mike, why don't you relax on the couch while I make coffee?"

"Great idea. After all that wine and beer I could use a little stimulation."

At his use of the word "stimulation" the girls glanced at each other and smiled.

"Mel, I'm going to get into some more comfortable and then I'll help you with the dishes," Julie stated as she went into her room.

"I'll help with the dishes," Mike volunteered, stepping towards the kitchen area.

Mel put the flat of her had against his muscular chest. "Absolutely not! You're our guest. Go right back and sit down. It'll only take me a few minutes."

"Yes mam!" he said sarcastically and sat back down. A minute later he heard Julie's door open and turned to see an incredible sight. She was walking toward the kitchen in a form-fitting white see-though teddy. There was lace across the top of the plunging neck line and around the super high-cut leg holes. The body was sheer and it fit like a second skin. Julie acted as if there was nothing unusual about her outfit. Mike's prick started to swell.

Grabbing a dish towel Julie started drying. "I'll finish up Mel."

"Thanks," came the reply. Melanie then walked into her room and closed the door.

Mike turned back to look at Julie. Her back was towards him, showcasing her tight ass, which was half exposed by the cut of the teddy. What the fuck is going on! He was uncomfortable now, his underwear constraining his growing organ. He was mesmerized as he watched Julie bend and stretch, and then walk a step or two to put away the dishes. He was aroused from his trance by the sound of Mel's door opening. Jeeesus! Melanie crossed the room in a see-through pale blue bra and thong panty set. Her neatly trimmed light brown bush was completely visible underneath the material that masqueraded as a panty. Quickly Julie's crotch flashed into his mind and he didn't remember any hair at all! I love shaved pussies. The two of them continued to work in the kitchen as if they were dressed in flannel shirts and jeans.

"Mike, what do you like in your coffee?" queried Julie.

"Just ... just milk," he stammered as the women brought the coffees to the couch.

"You don't mind if we sit next to you?" asked Mel, as she handed Mike his coffee.

"Nnno, that's fine."

The girls squeezed next to him without spilling a drop. Mike didn't know where to look first. Each pair of tits was stunning in their own right. Four nipples jutted out at him. The girls were turned towards him, their legs pressed against his. His cock really hurt now. It was folded in half and swelling by the second, its progress toward erection stymied by his briefs. He was too embarrassed to fix himself, plus he was afraid he'd spill the coffee on his lap. Julie came to his rescue.

Julie put her coffee cup on the end table and relieved Mike of his. Quickly he shifted his hips and his dick straightened out in his underwear. The head was jammed against the waistband, but by comparison to the moments before he was fine. Julie slid her hand along the top of the couch and rested it on Mike's shoulder. In her best little girl voice she made a confession.

"When you here last week we did take care of you, but we were also very bad girls." His eyes widened.

"Yes," purred Mel in his ear, "We took advantage of you while you were sleeping."

Oh God!! The dreams!!

Mike's throat was dry and he barely whispered, "What did you do?" His head turned back and forth between the two beauties looking for answers.

Melanie put her lips right next to his ear. "I sucked your dick while I fingered myself. I had the most delicious orgasm!"

Julie planted a soft kiss on his cheek and then trailed her tongue in and around his other ear. "I fucked you until my pussy juices covered your dick." She took his head in her hands. "Can you forgive us?" Then she pressed her lips against his and parted them with her snaking tongue. Mike responded by putting his hands on her breasts and massaging her mounds. She let out a small whimper as his palms slid over her nipples. They swelled even more and Mike thought they might burst through the thin material.

Suddenly Mel's hands were at Mike's belt. Then the button and zipper were opened and he lifted his hips and with one big pull Melanie had his shorts and briefs around his ankles. It was Mike's turn to groan as her soft mouth encircled the head of his prick.

Melanie was in heaven. His cock felt bigger than she remembered. It was so thick that she gagged after putting only three of his mighty eight inches down her throat. She pulled off, swallowed and then tried again. This time she was ready, and slowly worked six inches in and found a comfortable rhythm. Her hands followed her mouth up and down his shaft.

Mike removed his left hand from Julie's tit and slid it down over her flat stomach and stopped when he got to her pubic bone. He caressed her there, first with his fingers, then with the heal of his hand. Her responsive moan was muffled by their increasingly passionate kiss. Soon he moved his middle finger between her legs, over the already damp material, searching for the snaps of the teddy. In one swift motion Mike undid the snaps and then thrust a finger into her hot cunt.

Julie bolted upright and removed her tongue from Mike's mouth. "Wait!" she panted. She placed one hand on Mike's chest to hold him back and removed his wet finger with the other. Looking at Mel's bobbing head she announced, "Stop Mel!" With saliva dripping down her chin, Melanie raised her head to look at Julie.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing," came her friends reply. It's just that we're cramped here, and it's such a beautiful night. Let's get some blankets and go out back on the grass."

Mike nodded yes and Melanie answered by running into her room for a blanket. Julie did the same and the three horny adults made their way out back. When the blankets were set up they had a 12 by 8 foot play area. Before they resumed Julie said to Mike, "I just want you to know that Mel and I are not lesbians, so please don't be disappointed when we don't go there."

Mike's grin was evident under the bright moonlight. He undressed as he spoke. "Look. I'm stunned having the two of you make love to me. That's more than enough to keep me hard." He glanced at Melanie. "But I think you found that out already." Mike walked over to Julie and put his hand between her legs. The crotch of the teddy was still unsnapped and he rubbed her smooth mound. Then he took both hands and lifted the flimsy material up her body and over her head. Her pale naked body glowed in the moonlight. He then turned his attentions to Melanie. He lightly fondled her breasts before reaching behind her to unhook the bra. It was so thin that it seemed to float down to the blanket rather than fall. Now on his knees Mike hooked his forefingers into the thong strap and pulled it down to expose her neatly trimmed bush. He lovingly kissed the hair, and then slid his tongue to the top of her vagina. Once there he gently probed until he came in contact with her clitoris. She jumped at his touch. As quickly as the sensation came, it was gone. Mike removed his face from her pussy and finished pulling off her panties. Once he was done he stood up and looked at the treats standing before him. "Let's lay down and get started."

Mike was in the middle as they started their lovemaking. With Melanie on her back, Mike pressed his stiff prick against her left hip while his hand teased one breast and his mouth sucked on the other. She began to purr and spontaneously parted her thighs. Her right hand found its way to the back of Mike's head and pulled his eager mouth tighter to her tit. This caused Mike to open wider, her swollen nipple now rubbing the roof of his mouth. He pulled back just far enough to put the nipple between his teeth and tug.

"Ooooh!" came the murmured response.

Although Mike's back was to Julie, this didn't stop her from getting into the action. She pressed her body along his and kissed his neck and shoulders. Her aroused nipples tingled as she rubbed them along his muscular back. Her hand made its way along his hip and cupped his ass. It was very tight. She knew Mike was good at dividing his attention between the two women, because when her finger dipped into the crevice between his ass cheeks and grazed his anus she felt him shudder with pleasure. After a few strokes in that dark place she slid her hand over his hip and grabbed his throbbing cock.

Julie had never felt anything like it. It was long, thick, hard and soft all at the same time. It felt alive as the blood surged through the veins, creating its own rhythm of love making. Her cunt began to leak, while the desire to be filled with his manhood started deep inside her. She removed her hand and placed it over her wet slit. Two fingers rubbed her clit, and then scooped up as much of her nectar as possible. Her hand went back to Mike's dick bringing lubrication with it. She began to jerk him off in earnest.

I don't know about Muslims looking for 77 virgins in heaven ... but I'm in heaven right now with these two firecrackers! No wonder they were able to penetrate my coma.

As Julie's hand found Mike prick, Mike's hand found Melanie's pussy. She squealed in delight as first one, and then two fingers entered her hot pussy. When his thumb found her clit her hips started to buck. "Oh God! Yes! Yes! Right there!" Within seconds Mike felt her vaginal muscles tighten on his fingers and Melanie gave a loud moan as she climaxed. He removed his fingers and thrust them in her mouth. Mel grabbed his wrist as she sucked her juices off his fingers.

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