Sorority Sister's Secrets

by harry lime

Copyright┬ę 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Amy is finally away to college and she finds that she likes the freedom on campus and makes a lot of new friends especially her new room-mate Pamela. Then, there is that nice Professor, Doctor Biggerman who always wear the tightest trousers imaginable.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Swinging   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Spitting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Teacher/Student   School   .


Chapter 1

Everyone in high school knew that Amy Madison was a good little girl. She never even considered giving up her cherry a single time. Not even when the hunky Franco Hardy took her out to the prom and got her in a hotel room all by themselves alone. Sure, she gave him a nice blowjob, but that was only because he had spent a lot of money on the date and she was curious to see how a cock would taste inside her mouth.

It was not a pleasant experience because the macho Franco kept slapping her face if she slowed down and pulled her hair rudely just before he shot his load deep down her unsuspecting throat. She gagged foolishly while he smiled at her discomfort. She decided right away that when she got to college she would steer clear of boyfriends who might curtail her studies or do such nasty things to her when she was feeling happy and giving.

The college was not what most would consider a "party hard" Institute of Higher Learning. In fact, at least half of the student body was of a religious bent that precluded the normal sexual kinky activities found at most colleges. Her room-mate Pamela Adams was definitely not one of those so inclined. She belonged to a popular Sorority group but elected to stay in the dorm for the express purpose of misleading her parents as to her hidden kinky proclivities. Just like Amy she had recently turned 18 and wanted to taste and touch all of those secret fantasies that lurked in the back of her depraved mind.

On the very first night of their college life, Amy woke up in the middle of the night to find Pamela's head buried between her legs and her tongue working feverishly to suck her juices from her untested slit. She was shocked but hesitated to decline the unexpected pleasure that swept her body into a comfortable orgasm. Amy was no stranger to self-indulgence but hesitated to take care of her needs with another female in the same room. Of course, she knew it would only fair that she repay the pretty young girl in a like manner. It wasn't long before their acts of physical release became second nature to them and they considered it to be normal in order to get a restful sleep. In fact, it wasn't long before they replicated it in the morning either still in bed or when taking a shower together before class.

Their freshman year was just beginning when Pamela informed Amy that her sorority had installed her in a first-year sorority club that required her to sleep overnight on Friday and Saturday nights at the sorority house. Amy was a bit put out because she was used to Pamela taking care of her needs on the weekends.

On the second weekend of the new term, Pamela told her that she was allowed to bring an outsider into the club as a sort of intern for being a sorority sister. Amy jumped at the chance because it meant she might be able to get Pamela to herself for weekends once again.

When the weekend club activities were fully explained to Amy, she was forced to pull Pamela into a side closet and explain that she was still a virgin and was not sure she would be a good candidate to carry out the duties of a weekend girl. Pamela reassured her that after the first night, it would no longer be a problem and that they would be able to sleep together after the club hours were drawn to a close.

The rules of the club were quite simple. The weekend girls would serve the purpose of taking off the edge of sexual frustration from the sorority sister's steady boyfriends. They would be assigned private rooms on the top floor of the sorority house and would wait stark naked on top of the bed with their face hidden in pillow cases and held under a promise not to speak to the rotating males who would make use of their front and back holes to let off steam before dates with the full-fledged sorority sisters.

Amy laughed at the idea thinking the girls were pulling her leg. But they were in serious concert and she soon found it to be a hard cold fact when the first visitor to her room told her,

"Get your ass up higher, baby; I want a shot at that pretty pussy."

She lost her unwanted cherry the very first hour and by the end of the first weekend had gained valuable experience in stretching her tight virgin anus as well.

Later that night she lay in the arms of her best friend Pamela relating the varied couplings in great detail. Pamela was much enthused because she had little action that evening due to one boyfriend who repeatedly spanked her bottom and did outrageous filthy things to her backside. The mortified college girl was loath to repeat to the depravities to anyone except her best friend Amy.

When she started to describe to Amy how the boy had covered her bottom with kisses, licks and even to the point of inserting his wet tongue into her pucker hole, Amy had to push her finger into her slit to help her wetness escape from her confining vagina. She came to the realization that her friend Pamela was telling her the details because she was actually panting with anticipation that Amy would take up where the boy left off.

Amy would do almost anything to please her best friend Pamela but the thought of licking her ass never entered her mind. Still, it was not too much to ask of a close friend and she knew Pamela took excellent care of her posterior at all times. She bent to the task and crinkled up her nostrils at the pungent odor of musk in her best friend's crack. In all honesty, she had to admit it was appealing to her and she was filled with a desire to imitate the boy's anal devotions and hopefully do a better job than any man could ever attempt to do.

Pamela's whimpers and shudders of delight made a convert of Amy immediately. She decided she would use this technique on her best friend whenever the opportunity arose. Pamela was already in her second orgasm before Amy could calm her down enough to allow her to switch to the more conventional entryway in front.

Amy enjoyed the first weekend of being a weekend girl with her face covered with a pillowcase. She soon looked forward to the weekends and learning new tricks with the different boyfriends of the sorority sisters. She was becoming more skilled at orally satisfying Pamela in her rear entrance and discovered that it was a sure way for her to experience satisfying orgasms of her own with her tongue buried inside a tight little brown eye.

About three weekends later, she was resting face down in the room when the door opened and a tall handsome man entered the room. She was able to throw a glance in his directions before he mounted her from the rear and she saw he did not look like one of the students but resembled her algebra teacher Mister Biggerone, a man who seldom smiled or even joked with any student.

She was not allowed to speak, so she simply pushed her ass up high and spread her cheeks submissively for his enjoyment. The insertion of the largest cock she had ever been impaled by took her by surprise and she had to gasp out in shock.

"Oh my God! That is so big!"

She was certain it was the teacher now because he exclaimed,

"Good girl, take it in all the way, pretty one. Daddy likes your tight little hole."

Amy worked hard to milk the teacher and was successful beyond her expectations when he flooded her vagina with a river of creamy cum. She wondered if the man had put her in a family way because he had gotten up so deep and given her a copious load in the most fertile area of her female interior.

She knew he didn't recognize her and that was good with her because she wanted to remain anonymous. The weight of his body was pressing her down into the mattress but she didn't mind at all. His beautiful cock was still inside her pussy and she hoped he would leave it there a little while longer.

Eventually, he stirred and made to get up.

She pulled up the pillowcase and brought her mouth and lips to his trim little bottom. Her recently acquired skills in ass licking allowed her to bury her face in his crack and take good care of his pucker hole with her demanding tongue. The teacher groaned at the invasion of his most private opening. He had not experienced this before despite the fact he was in his early 30s and he was more than willing to have Amy continue her ministrations to the ultimate conclusion.

Her tongue was now in deep and she was beginning to work on the little knobs of his prostate. More drops of pre-cum leaked from the tip of his shaft and she reached under and pulled his rampant cock back through his legs and stroked it with a happy excitement. Her saliva multiplied savagely and soon she had to suck up and swallow the liquids spilling from his quivering flanks. His ball sacs were swinging wildly and he was starting to move into that point of no return with regard to his load shooting out with machine gun like steams of man juice.

Professor Biggerone was on the verge of letting loose his cum and Amy positioned her breasts right in the line of fire. She took the first burst right on her left nipple. It dribbled down like hot lava scorching her skin with the heat of his passion. Soon her whole chest and belly were covered in algebra teacher cum and she ran her fingers through the sticky stuff like it was a gift sent to decorate her skin with millions of little sperm searching for safe harbor. She already had a full load deep in her vagina so she was full satisfied with the additional load on the outside.

The taste of the Professor's ass was in her mouth and she inhaled his male scent like it was ambrosia of the Gods. Amy pulled the pillowcase back down over her face so he could not catch a glimpse of her features. The last thing she wanted was to be discovered as one of his students sitting with her knees open for his ogling of her pretty pink panties for an entire hour. His was the only class that she sat up front in the first row for just that very purpose. It seemed to arouse her passion more than heated kisses from a silly student or even the knowing strokes from her best friend Pamela.

Later, Pamela admitted to her that from time to time one or two of the sorority sisters allowed one of their professors to avail themselves of the weekend girl's favors just to help keep their grade point averages above the required norms. As it so happened, algebra was a subject that often required some additional assistance with perks furnished in the sorority house.

In her algebra class, she watched the professor ogling her short skirt and decided to make a move to attract his attention further. There was no way he could interpret it as angling for a higher grade since she was at the top of the class with regard to grades already.

"Professor Biggerone, might I ask you to help me with the theory on page 145? I have tried unsuccessfully to understand the logic in the formula."

He looked at Amy and seemed to come to a quick decision.

"Yes, of course, Miss Madison, please come to my tutoring room precisely at 3 PM. I will give you the instruction I think we both know you need."

That brought a little blush to Amy's cheeks because she knew he was fully aware of her desire for his cock inside her. Then again, he didn't yet realize it was her tongue that had tickled his prostate into shooting a 20MPH stream of cum straight onto her waiting boobs.

She couldn't wait until he felt the touch of her tongue in that place where the Sun doesn't shine.

Chapter 2

It was Amy's first visit to Professor Biggerone's private tutoring room. It was more like a lounge than a classroom. The wide leather sofa was right in the center in front of a huge mirror on the interior wall. All the other walls were covered with stacks of books to remind students academics were of primary importance no matter how deep they fell into the spell of weakness of the flesh.

Amy could tell right away the Professor had more on his mind than algebra because of the huge bulge in the crotch of his trousers. She decided that she would have to take care of that right away so the poor man would not frustrated with her available pussy so near and yet so far.

The situation came to a head when she "accidently dropped her textbook on the floor and had to bend down to pick it up. Of course, her shorter than normal skirt rose up and the Professor was treated to a view of her glorious heart-shaped bottom shouting out for his attention. He did not hesitate to reach out and cup her pretty cheeks in his hand telling her,

"Just relax, Miss Madison, we need to loosen up a little first so we can really study hard later."

She giggled at his enthusiasm and stayed bent over for his easy access. The Professor wasted no time in pulling down her expensive undies and working her pucker hole with his skilled fingers. She was starting to leak in front big time and hoped he didn't discover too early just how depraved she really was.

"Oh, sir, is this a good idea, sir? I hope you won't get in trouble for screwing one of your students or that your wife won't object to you dispensing your seeds with such abandon."

The Professor did not utter one word in reply. He merely spread her cheeks wide and slid his throbbing cock deep into her womanhood from behind like he was coming home after a long journey into the wilderness. She took it all and then some looking over her shoulder at him with a smile of sheer delight on his handsome face. Amy tensed and loosened her vaginal muscles to milk his thick cock buried deep inside her.

The Professsor was amused by her efforts on his behalf and spanked her alabaster cheeks with punishing spanks that filled the small room with perverted sounds of lust. Amy lost her control and humped back against his muscular legs like a wanton female in desperate need of probing.

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