Why Not?

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: An unhappy married woman is challenged by her husband to chat up other men. An opportunity arises and it leads to her becoming a 'love doll' - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   .

Dot had just finished logging off and had put the dust covers over her computer when there was a knock on her office door. "Come in!" she said. The door opened and one of the blackest men who had ever worked in the office entered. "Hello! Owen", she said "Can I help you?"

Owen smiled. "I was thinking as it is a very hot day if you would like to join me in the company pool?" In the seconds before Dot replied the events of the past days came flooding back. They had started, as they did now on a regular basis, with a row. Both she and her husband knew their marriage existed under the word 'toleration', a phrase that was the keystone for multiculturalism. It was a loveless marriage and had been so for decades. However, she was feeling rather annoyed at her husband's policy of 'chatting up' the women at the shopping complex they frequented. He had replied that he knew the women and would talk to them. "You can chat up the men for all I care", he spat back. "I'm sure you would find them interested". It was the venom in his speech that took her back and she realised that he was serious. He didn't mind if she took a fancy to another man and now a man was doing just that 'chatting her up'.

There was no doubt that she had noticed Owen, but she had never considered him an individual she would 'chat up'. She knew he had a nick name 'bull'. 'How he got that she had no idea', she had often commented to herself for many times she had heard him called that by his male colleagues and even some women had giggled at it. 'Maybe I can ask him', she said to herself as she replied to his statement. "As a matter of fact Owen", she said. "I have been going to the pool every Thursday by myself. I'm not a very good swimmer so I don't go when it is crowded. I don't want to embarrass myself and on Thursdays the pool is empty. It really is the day that cleaning is done but I hold a senior position in the company and have managed to have the cleaning finished by the time I knock off on the Thursdays, however, to answer your question I would love to come with you'. Owen's face broke into a big grin, a grin that sent a wave of warmth through Dot.

"You won't laugh", Dot said as she slipped into the pool. "As I said I'm not a good swimmer". With that she began her slow breast-stroke up the swimming lane. Owen had already completed two lengths of the pool by the time Dot had reached the end of her first lap. She stopped. Water dripped from her hair. "I suppose you think you are smart", she joked. "Remember the tortoise and the hair, the tortoise won. I may be slow but I get there".

"I think you were terrific", Owen said as he wiped his hand through his hair. Dot smiled and silently muttered to herself. 'You are really handsome'. She was still admiring him when he asked. "Do you enjoy the spar after a session?"

"Yes! ... Yes I do", she stammered for Owen had deliberately let the head of his cock slip out of his swimmers. The appearance of his cock head totally occupied her mind as she began to climb out of the pool. Owen smiled and reached down to help her, admiring the deep cleavage and noticeable nipples that were before him. He manoeuvred her so that her head came level with his groin and now well over six inches of cock were inches from her face. She was shaking when she stood up, but from the edges of her swimmers long strains of dark hair was visible.

The warm, bubbling water helped relax her further, but she could not dispel that black length that, only minutes before, was almost touching her face. Owen chattered on, she just let his voice wash over her. However, his next comments were to throw her into a state of confusion, push her to the edge of her upbringing. "You are really an attractive woman Dot", he said. She smiled then the bombshell. "Would you show me your tits?" Her mouth opened, but no sound came out. Her face took on the look of total bewilderment; she was lost, her thoughts were in a state of total confusion. She barely took any notice of his continuing compliments and it was minutes before his original request totally registered. They were alone but although she knew this there was no hiding her frantic surveillance of the pool before she replied. "Why not" and with that slipped the strap off her shoulders and pulled down her top. Owen gave a gasp. "You really are a beautiful woman, your tits are magnificent.

Dot now purred with pleasure. Her husband had not complimented her for years. She had always been a little embarrassed at the size of her tits, she knew they were big, but now she pushed them out, totally proud of them. Owen stood before her, she let him lift them and began to feel a desire that was immediately making itself obvious by the hardening and lengthening of her nipples. As Owen began to massage her nipples she began to lick her lips and soft moans of pleasure came from her inner depths. Suddenly he stopped and before her, dropped his swimmers. Dot gave a gasp, but couldn't break away from the manhood that was before her. Never had she observed the total gentiles of a man at so close a quarter, or observed one so enormous; she knew then why he had the 'nickname' bull. His cock, his totally black cock was pulsating before her, his groin was covered in thick black hair and his balls hung like two tennis balls, and just as big; but it was his cock that took her entire attention. It was the length and thickness of a very large cucumber, nearly 12 inches in length and 2 inches in circumference. She now could understand the 'giggles' from her female colleagues for they must have observed the same delight as was now before her. Owen began to rub its big head over her nipples, up between her tits, along her throat and onto her face. The great head brushed against her lips and without hesitation she began to lick it and with only a little coaching finally took what she could into her mouth and began to suck.

Only little moans came from Owen but Dot knew that he was enjoying it by the way he held her head hard against his groin and kept trying to push more cock into her already swollen mouth. Suddenly he stopped; he lifted her up and before she could protest, even if she had wanted to, pulled her swimmers down till she was totally naked. His cock was hard, glittering from her saliva, the appearance of such a hair covered cunt make his cock bounce. "Fuck!' he gasped. "You are magnificent". Dot didn't get a chance to reply, he turned her around, bent her over and her next utterance was a loud gasp as she felt that enormous cock plunge to the utter depths of her cunt, not just in one thrust but three and each thrust tore from her throat even a louder gasp of pleasure.

In and out it went, each thrust sent Dot every further into that garden of absolute pleasure where organisms were coming in an unrelenting bombardment. So lost was she, so off the planet that she didn't register his words, when he said. "Now your bum". But when he shoved that now fully lubricated cock between the cheeks of her ample backside and shoved, she was lifted almost out of the spar, her tits bucked and shook till they were but a blur and her cry was lost in his gasp. "Oh! Your bum is good; it is nearly better then your cunt". Dot made no comment for she was beyond any comment and just became the means for a fuck and fucked she was. When finally Owen emptied his balls, Dot was beyond caring, she was being dragged between pleasure and pain but as that hot cum cascaded into her she experienced the greatest organism she had ever experienced and her cry echoed around that pool room.

Slowly he withdrew. His cock covered in cum flopped against her thigh; he turned her around. Her face was covered in saliva and it was dripping down her chin and then running over her still wobbling tits. "There is a notice that asks patrons to have a shower after a spar. In this case my dear I think we definitely need too", he said as he guided her up the ladder and out of the spar. Never in her life had she been fucked up the bum so her reactions were like that of the drunken sailor and Owen almost carried her into the showers. It didn't matter whether they used the 'male' or 'female' cubical they were the only ones present in the whole facility. He washed her, covering those magnificent tits and that great forest between her legs in soap and rubbing and massaging her till she again was giving off slight groans of pleasure.

With each passing minute Owen's cock began to harden till it was rubbing against her thigh; he altered his position till it was slipping between her legs and rubbing against those hair covered lips of her cunt. She wasn't asked but reached down and gripped that throbbing length and began to squeeze and stroke it, much to Owen's appreciation. "Suck it", he gasped. Dot was not entirely an amateur. Owen's wasn't the first cock she had sucked or the first that had fucked her cunt, he certainly was the first to ravish her bottom. Some years before she had joined a group of girl friends for the birthday of one of them, the girl who had arranged the party had also hired a stripper. With plenty to drink it wasn't long before the stripper was doing a lot more than stripping. Each of the girls sucked his cock and each one of them was fucked and it was that evening that she received her first 'mouth full' of cum from an exploding cock.

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