Marisol Hari, Seller of Secrets

by harry lime

Copyright© 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Marisol was a girl with many skills. She used her wiles to extract information from males with a need for kinky attention. Her life is filled with depravity and despair but she manages to change all of that around in the end.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Mystery   Group Sex   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   Violent   Prostitution   .

Up from the bowels of the vast underbelly of Europe in that region formerly known as the Balkans appeared a female child of great beauty and feminine charm. She became known as Marisol Hari the Mistress of all Spies. Of course, that was not her real name. Her real name is obscure because her mother chose not to name her father, a man who was reputed to be a black marketer of despicable character.

When she was but 18 years old, she found employment in a cabaret in the midst of the charming but dangerously teeming Constantinople beginning as a simple "table" girl attending to cocks under the table as was the custom. Her avocation kept her decidedly busy but never seen by the customers. She learned much about the skills of pleasuring during this period and was able to judge the ebb and flow of passion flowing through male cocks and female slits needing attention without ever viewing their facial expression or listening to their conversation.

A very famous erotic dancer who was much in demand at parties and special events took notice of her and her eagerness to give pleasure to her many clients. Her name was Jezebel but she was not connected in any way to the Biblical Jezebel. It was merely a coincidence of sorts that made her name synonymous with the woman who demanded the head of a Saint.

The dance of the seven veils took on new meaning when Marisol Hari used it to catapult her presence into the den of scheming spies and assassins swirling about in a backdrop of black market deals and international arms trafficking. Her luscious hips were a perpetual motion machine that distracted eyes and brains while she plotted to find chinks in every player's defenses.

The dancing girl who took her under her wing took great care in schooling Marisol in the ways of manipulating men to give up their secrets for the opportunity of total bliss buried inside her core of femininity. The woman was highly skilled in the ways of love and knew many tricks that defied both the laws of God and the rule of nature and flexibility.

Marisol's specialty was in the employment of her mouth to induce obsession. She licked, sucked, and kissed her way across the map of Europe at a time when nations were more concerned with things like weaponry, locations of armies, and political secrets than in the betterment of their citizens. Once she had a man hooked on the need to receive attention from her beautiful lips, he was like putty to be molded to her own mercenary desire.

Unfortunately, she soon became a watchword for dreaded espionage and her name became synonymous with the employment of spies to steal secrets.

After a little while, she disengaged from the spy game because it was far too dangerous. As fate would have it, it was far too late and when she merely used her feminine wiles to make a comfortable way of life, rumors followed her to distract security services from the actual threats to state secrets. Her notoriety was such that she was much in demand at parties and in the coveted halls of high society just to cause a buzz of excitement in the gathering speculating wildly about the "target" of her interest.

Marisol enjoyed her infamous reputation because it made her the center of attention and helped to keep her in the style to which she had become accustomed. She slid easily into a dissolute manner of existence with perhaps too many men, too much to drink, and far too much pleasure of a kinky variety.

One of her weaknesses was for the use of a mask while giving oral satisfaction perhaps derived from her early training "under the table". She would often don a mask with other females of loose morals and make the rounds of proffered cocks in full view of the remainder of the company. The heartfelt groans of her cock captured audience left no doubt as to her continued skill in that area.

Then, one fine day, Marisol met a young French Captain who was more than a match for her spider's web of deceit and allure. He was truly handsome and possessed of a cock that made young maid's swoon with anticipation and a faint hint of fear.

Marisol was well-masked with a hood of black design that left only small openings for her eyes, mouth and little slits for her nostrils to assist her in breathing when her mouth was stuffed with a thick juicy cock. She was diligently working her magic on Captain Henri's demanding meat when he tenderly reached down and patted her head just like she had been gently coaxed by her first oral trainer. It brought back memories of her nicely flooded throat and mouth and her very first taste of male juices.

She cupped the Captain's muscular buttocks and milked him with her studied technique. Once again that same evening, she insured he was at full extension just before she surrounded his hips with her dancer's thighs and took him into her womb for a deposit of creamy cum. She vibrated with deep emotion. An emotion she had never really felt before. Her tiny pucker hole was pulsating with kinky anticipation of eventual use by the handsome man. Her vagina was filled and satisfied and she knew she had finally found a worthy partner for the dance of love and of lust.

The pretty young woman stripped off her mask and kissed the French officer with a passion that made witnesses green with envy and desirous of cleaving into available honeypots of juicy clutching flesh.

Their passion spurred the company into an orgy of writhing arms and legs. For the very first time, Marisol had no desire to merge her flesh with another. She was content with pleasuring the French captain in whatever position he deemed appropriate. Her cries of feminine orgasm could be heard in every corner of the frenzied party.

Unfortunately, the Captain was a man of great ambition and when he was approached by his superiors to lay a trap for the wily Marisol, he acceded to their wishes with the lure of promotion to Major a certainty with her entrapment.

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