Nurse Angela and the Nightshift Blues

by harry lime

Copyright© 2013 by harry lime

Erotic Nurse Sex Story: Angela, the head nurse, decides to move to the nightshift. These are her adventures with her patients and colleagues

Caution: This Erotic Nurse Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Spanking   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Doctor/Nurse   Workplace   .

One of the happiest moments of Angela Wilson's life was when she was assigned the duties of Head Floor Nurse at a major health care facility. She had been a hard worker and dedicated to the needs of both her patients and the best interests of the medical profession. Her years of hard work and brutal hours had finally paid off with a much coveted job at the top of her peer group.

Angela had never married because she had seen what a bad marriage could do to the concept of love like in the case of her unhappy parents. For most of her adult life, she had had many love affairs mostly with already married doctors and even some of the hospital staff who were not either doctors or nurses. She always felt more comfortable screwing doctors or a nurse because she felt it was her duty to take care of the medical staff's physical needs to keep them at the peak of performance. Her last affair was a bit messy with the head psychiatrist, Doctor Mallory Malloy, professing his devotion and deep-seated love for her, much to her astonishment. In all honesty, the only reason she was bending over for the old fool in the first place, was because he was a doctor and because she felt him reasonably safe for a quick tumble as he was married some 30 years and had grandchildren. She had even given him some consolation with several "on her knees" performances just to ease out of the relationship without rancor. She certainly didn't want a man old enough to be her father licking her bum like she was some sort of lollipop treat.

Her best course of action was to get transferred to the night shift even if it cut into her nocturnal agenda on the party-hard circuit. She was into the new routine almost two weeks now and still "learning the ropes" of nighttime hospital activities. She had 6 nurses under her. Well, perhaps not "under her" but they did make visible effort to adhere to her guidelines. Only one of the female nurses was what could be considered "pretty". Her name was Bettina. Everyone called her Nurse Betty. Angela discovered that Nurse Betty had made what could be considered a major error in the treatment of one of the patients on the floor. She called the attractive nurse into her office to lecture her on the proper procedure and was surprised that the young girl broke into tears.

"Head Nurse, does this mean I may be released from duty?"

Angela saw the girl was under a great deal of stress.

"No, dear, I have to make a report under the protocol but I can leave some of the details out to preclude you unnecessary embarrassment. Under the old system, the head nurses would just put you youngsters over our knee and pound some contrition into your bum with a heavy hand."

The tear-streaked face looked up at Angela and said in a quivering voice,

"I shouldn't mind that, Head Nurse, as long as it is you making me take it. I think I need it good and hard so I will always remember the correct way in the future."

Angela looked up and saw that the pretty nurse was not having her on.

"All right, then, hop to it. Get your skirt tucked in back there and get those knickers down. I only do corrections on the bare because I like the feel of the heat from the reddened skin under my palm."

It was a lively session with the young nurse giving voice to repetitive whimpers and an occasional grunt when Angela struck particularly hard on her buttocks. At the conclusion, Betty pulled up her knickers to conceal the throbbing red cheeks and thanked Head Nurse Angela for her attention to her instruction.

Greatly aroused by the feel of nubile young flesh under her hand, Angela decided to do a round of the floor to check all the procedures were properly attended to.

When she arrived at the private room at the end of the hall, she noticed the door was slightly ajar. She silently slipped inside and was treated to the sight of female buttocks rising and falling with frantic desperation on top of an impressive shaft of considerable girth. She recognized the face as that of the canteen girl who made floor deliveries of snacks and drinks to save the workers from leaving their posts at odd hours. It did astonish her to see how attractive her posterior appeared in the reduced light in the hospital room. It was glistening with a wet and slick look from a combination of both male and female juices. Since they were in the final dash to the finish line, Angela decided not to interrupt them so she merely watched as the agile young female milked the patient for every last drop of sticky offerings.

The girl, whose name was Wanda, pulled up her knickers and almost ran out of the room past the accusing eyes of the Head Nurse. She did not want to linger and receive a lecture on her perverted behavior. The patient was identified to be Harry Bushman from his chart and was recuperating from a fractured collar bone. Apparently his collar bone did not handicap his movement below the waist and allowed the silly canteen girl, Wanda, to spend the remainder of the evening with a broad smile on her pretty face.

Angela looked at the shrinking cock still sticking up at an acute angle. Sticky splatters of cum adorned the young man's belly and groin area. She asked the patient in a well-modulated inquiry,

"I trust you did not cause your collar bone any further injury, young man?"

Harry was still in a state of euphoria and reached his hand out to firmly cup Angela's overflowing breast.

"Another "nursie" for Harry, have we?"

Apparently, the young man had already been sampling the nursing pool for copulation partners and had only recently turned to the canteen staff for fresh pussy. Angela was somewhat annoyed and thought to slap the impertinent lad's hand away from her mammary gland when she noticed his cock had suddenly sprung back into attention and was only scant inches away from her white uniform.

She looked at it with some degree of interest because it was exceedingly impressive and she was mystified at how quickly the boy had managed to recover his vitality and eagerness to procreate.

Angela reached down with the admirable intention to put the rampant shaft back inside the hospital gown and out of her field of vision. Somehow, her hand got all slicked up with the wetness of the recent coupling and she found her fingers sliding up and down the entire length with a happy smile on her face. The boy was moaning now and she bent down to silence him with her lips. With her tongue in his mouth, he could only moan silently into the quiet night air.

She could feel her pussy slit become wet with the slickness of her desire. Angela thought to employ the canteen girl's tactic of straddling the hard cock, but she knew she lacked the agility to hop up on the bed and thread the needle with his beautiful erection. Desperate to have some sort of release, she lowered he head to his groin and scooped his wet cock into her mouth with a lively tongue. She could taste the scent of the canteen girl Wanda's pussy juice on his shaft and it added to her excitement knowing where the pulsating rod of meat had been so recently.

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