Rachel's Rowdy Rambling Rodeo

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2013 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: Looking for a fun outdoor activity, we read about an ADULTS ONLY rodeo and attend. Cowgirls strip on horseback and encourage audience to join in and be naughty - public sex and with strangers.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   True Story   Swinging   White Couple   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Perusing an old style porno rag my perv friend Steve gave me, I came to the personal ads and underground activities for the brazenly daring. The blatantly open, tongue-in-cheek, ads were hilarious and kept me reading them. One of the few commercialized ads caught my attention. Under a small photo of a well endowed, topless woman wearing just boots, white Stetson and a short denim skirt on a horse was the title Rachel's Rowdy Rambling Rodeo. She stood in the stirrups, arms held out like wings, head back with eyes closed, her skirt fluttered and her big boobs frozen in interesting, mid chaotic flight. Below the title was the warning 'due to mature acts and audience participation, ADULTS ONLY' and a phone number to call to reserve a seat in a local performance. In smaller print, it said to call for the schedule. "Umm, honey? You've been asking about something public to do al fresco while it's still summer. Look at this."

"What the hell? Is that a circus or..."

"Hard to say. If you're intrigued by the 'adult participation' beyond the topless acts, I'll call and get more info. Yes? It doesn't say you MUST participate, but I bet many will. You can at least indulge your voyeur instinct, if my hunch is right." Her silent confirmation and smirk were enough. I called and an ingenue voice gave me the info and took my reservations with an unusual enthusiasm. She said she and her family thanked me for my support. She said she was Rachel, when I questioned her sparkling demeanor, and the star and the woman in the ad. She and her sister do all the tricks, but, she giggled, they just provide a setting for the adults to be 'naughty'. I was intrigued, as was Sue.

Once Sue decided to attend the new experiences promised, she struggled with what to wear. I had to keep reminding her that she would stand out unless she dressed like the others, had a Western theme and showed lots of skin. 'Standing out' is a major sin in her book despite her exhibitionism fantasies. She finally chose a small, flame red bikini panty, oddly replaced a mini skirt with small, loose legged blue jean shorts, and a red gingham shirt fully unbuttoned and tied under her tiny tits with single knot for ease of slipping or undoing. She insisted we both wear Stetsons and boots.

Though we arrived early, we had to park at the far end of the small lot. Others who arrived with us were even more venturously dressed than we were. Just before broaching the gate, Sue unbuttoned my snug shorts and pulled them open enough to expose my black briefs. I hesitated just a few seconds before doing the same to her and exposing nearly half her crimson panty. She grinned and we moved to the gate.

Due to the dry, sunny day, bare tent poles were in place for three large tents that would only cover the two facing stands and the dusty rodeo grounds. Three barrels were spread down the center of the grounds for the performance. We found seats in the third row up of four with a mirror image of our stands across the still silent stage. We were all close enough to clearly see everyone in both stands. That would soon be an important point. We looked around nervously and stealthily gawked at the obvious PDAs and open groping in the hot sun.

An announcer broke into the crowd noises to signal the start of what would be a short show. Rachel's sister, Ruda, called out that there were three acts to the show, but her sister was missing. A scream for help came from the suspicious lump against a center tent pole. The crowd got a little quieter and the bulge screamed again. Ruda shouted, "I'ma coming sis! I sees you." A blonde head appeared among the folds of the canvass bulk. A slim red-haired cowgirl came charging onto the field on horseback. Her blue denim shirt, held closed by one desperate button, fluttered in the wind and threatened to fly apart to release its full D-cup prisoners. She stood in the stirrups and her matching short denim skirt rose and fell over her muscular, sexy legs. She leaned forward to grab her lasso and her skirt climbed past her lower cheeks. We all heard her cry out to her sister, who screamed back. Ruda dashed past the center pole, circled the far one and returned, bent over and ass gleaming in the stark light. Too far to see any panty, we all squinted for a better look. She stopped abruptly, kicking up a cloud of dirt, at the right pole and swung her leg over her saddle. Was she or wasn't she? Only the shadow hid her secret crack and teased us.

Ruda struggled with the canvass, assuring her sister, but getting nowhere. She tied her rope to the canvass and the saddle horn; leaped over her saddle, flashing her sexy legs and ass for us, and backed the horse away. The canvass resisted a few seconds then broke loose. It unwound around the back of the pole and flew off as the powerful, brown horse backed. Rachel was still tied to the pole, but her blouse was pulled wide open by the stiff canvas and her DD-tits launched it apart. She screamed loudly into her headset, "Oh, my tits... " Several women before and across from us ripped off their tops and swirled them overhead so their varied tits swung freely in the midday sun. Ruda was already running toward her, her own tits colliding wildly as she ran. She pulled Rachel's blouse closed, looking around feigning embarrassment and struggled with the ropes until they gave. Rachel gathered her blouse closed and ran off the 'stage' letting her short, denim skirt flutter and bounce so her long, slim, sexy legs tempted us. Ruda bent to pick up her lasso, gave us a prolonged up skirt view and nearly burst her last shirt button except that one hefty tit fell out the top and removed the shirt tension. The crowd whooped and more women stripped off their shirts like drunken frat girls.

"My sister and I hafta to clean up and prepare fo the next act," boomed Rachel. "So y'all gwon an entertain uselfs fer a bit." We looked around and no one was upset. Instead, this was the permission they awaited before stepping up their licentious license. A few couples stripped each other nude and tossed their clothes out of reach. They put on their own fucking shows and Sue stared slack jawed. "How y'all doin?" Rachel boomed. "Havin fun, I see!"

A vendor voice in the aisle bellowed "Hot dawgs, corn cahbs, cukes, dildos, call out for your pleasure! Hot dawgs..." It was echoed from the other stands too. Business was brisk!

The cowgirl rode back onto the dirt stage in a small, fringed outfit that was still too short and tight. She did the usual riding tricks. But her handstand on the saddle was most memorable since her short skirt flipped onto her back and exposed a dark patch between her legs. Sue licked her lips. I wished I'd brought my binoculars! She folded her knees at right angles and spread them slowly and 'pedaled' with her legs apart. The bouncy ride made her big boobs shift harshly within her straining shirt; the buttons popped open one at a time with every other bounce. We all cheered at her sensual exposure as she slowed her gait and came very near the stands so we could tell that she neither wore panties nor was a natural blonde.

As she started her second lap, her sister came out on another horse, fully dressed again. This time she wore a cropped gingham shirt that billowed teasingly and a simpler short skirt. She raced around her sister, aimed her long barreled peacekeeper at Rachel "Hey sis, y'all need some air vents in that big hat." and fired. As a bright white cloud of smoke formed around her in the bright sun, her own skirt blew off with the boom. She too was not a natural red head. She shrieked and kept riding, standing in just a brief top and boots. She aimed and fired again. BOOM, smoke, her shirt was gone. Her fabulous tits rebounded, collided chaotically and deliciously, she paraded near the stands, naked. Women in the crowd tossed their shirts and bras into the ring. Rachel stood and let her skirt fall and cover her goods. She stared at her naked sister, then at her clothes.

After some dramatic 'shocked' looks, she stripped off her skirt and threw it to her sister. "Here sis, my shirt can cover me, you take my skirt and cover your cute little kitty." Ruda let it fall to the dirt. Her big, beautiful, unhindered tits glowed and danced in the bright sun. Rachel whispered into her mic, "Oh lawd. My little sister can't be exposing her cute little pussy like that." Then, louder, she offered, "Ruda! Here, take this." She whipped her skirt off and tossed it to Ruda who reached and missed, of course. It also fell into the dirt and both sisters were gloriously naked except for hat and mic. Both beautiful women encouraged their d-cup chaos; stretched and touted their shapely and well-toned bodies. "Oh well. It ain't nothin all y'all ain't seen before. Don't be afeard to join us in the stands nekked. It'd make us feel better. It's why y'all CAME, ain't it?" A small cheer went up.

We watched more quietly as Rachel, still trotting enticingly, slyly pointed out, at the rear of the saddle, a second saddle horn shaped like a big dildo, but softer. She slid to it as she slowly, squatted and mounted it. We heard her moan into her mic; watched her bouncy ride around the 'ring' and saw the large dildo repeatedly slam into her sex. Her moans grew louder and the crowd got silent. Ruda, meanwhile stood on her saddle then did a handstand - legs formed a V then Z, slowly spread wide. She turned, faced backward, and slid onto her own dildo. Her moans echoed around the silent audience as she lifted and dropped her pussy onto it. The bouncy ride kept both performers moaning. Both sisters put their faces on the saddle at the same time so their tits could swing freely for us to enjoy as they continued to fuck their thick, counterfeit cocks. Other moans came from the stands all around the track.

I rubbed Sue's upper thigh as high as her jeans allowed and she rubbed the twitching bulge in my pants. She was obviously getting aroused and whispered that she could 'feel' their dildo inside her. She looked around and watched couples rubbing groins over and under clothes. As her breathing quickened, I rubbed her covered pussy and clit thru the jeans. When she didn't complain, I ordered her to finger herself under her exposed panty. She gasped quietly at the thought. Looking around more desperately, she saw bare tits being sucked all around, tonsil hockey, but no one nearby completely exposed yet - except for the still trotting sisters.

When Sue couldn't get her hand into her tight jeans' top, I 'ordered' her to open them more and retry. She hesitated, but saw several men watching her. My 'orders' allowed her to continue guilt free and perform for those men and unknown others. Blanching, she unzipped her jeans all the way then pulled them apart. She rubbed her labia over and under her crimson panty, but couldn't get her finger inside her damp snatch. I knelt next to her, held her jeans apart and looked into her glazed eyes for resistance. I found none, so I lifted her ass an inch and pulled the tight shorts to her mid thigh to expose all her crotch. She gasped, looked at the men watching and rubbing themselves and, not feeling out of place, didn't cover up. Her panty spots grew bigger and wetter. I rubbed the panty into her swollen camel toe and circled her clit. She flushed, clenched the arms of the seats and opened her legs wider. The cowgirls' moaning affected everyone, but at the moment I was only concerned about Sue's pleasure. Some men had turned around, some huddled closer to her and she shuddered and gasped.

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