The Realities of Aging

by Westside24

Copyright© 2013 by Westside24

Sex Story: A story about the relationship developed between an older widower and widow. This is not a stroke story.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   .

To say that these past nine months had been a bummer for Ken Winters would be a gross understatement. The bad times started when Joyce, his wife of thirty two years who wasn't feeling well was diagnosed with late stage cancer. There was nothing that could be done to treat the disease and she passed away three weeks after she had received that dreaded diagnosis.

Joyce was a loving, beautiful, and popular lady. Her loss was devastating for Ken. The turnout for the wake and funeral was large, which a tribute to her, but it only served to constantly remind Ken of what he had lost with her passing. She told Ken before she passed that she wanted him to be happy and in her final days told him not to mourn for her but to get on with his life.

He tried to do what she wanted but it was difficult. Disposing of her clothes and personal items were constant reminders of her and kept Ken in a somber mood. His two daughters and their families tried to help him overcome this loss but the constant memories he had of Joyce made getting on with his life very difficult. His two daughters lived in other states and while their offers of help and encouraging him to move closer to them were nice, he didn't want to burden them and affect their lives. He told them he would consider moving to where they lived to end their requests but he knew that he wouldn't be moving. They had their own lives to live and he didn't want to hinder or impinge on them with him living by them.

Where to now live was a decision that needed to be made. He had a townhome in Arlington Heights, a northern Chicago suburb, and a condo in Bonita Springs, Florida. The condo in Florida was a luxury item made possible by the income from Joyce's teacher pension that was reduced by fifty percent with her death.

Ken was receiving a pension from a large chemical company where he had worked as a district sales manager. He didn't like what he saw happening when upper management started tightening expenses and reducing employees. There was a buyout offer which contained good retirement benefits which had him become a retiree at age fifty eight.

The good retirement benefits didn't last when upper management thought they could save some money there. The retiree medical plan was abandoned and they gave the retirees a stipend of one third of what they had been paying to them to purchase to their own medical insurance instead. Management later decided that the paid up life insurance policy all the retirees received had in some magical way become a term life policy and the retiree could pay the premium if they wanted to keep it.

Ken thought that the company share values would have a steep plunge if the stockholders were aware of the incompetency of upper management and not just as it pertained to employee benefits. They were cutting back on the number of employees that provided customer service while increasing upper management employees which was going to translate into a no growth situation. He was glad he retired when he did.

It would be a little tight financially, but it was still possible for Ken to own both properties if he wanted to. He didn't like the idea of watching his pennies too closely which made him decide to sell the Florida condo and rent when he visited Florida in the winter time. This was his cost effective decision as renting would be less expensive.

Ken liked visiting Florida in the winter because of the warmer weather and the activities it afforded. Golfing and fishing were things that he liked doing but those activities were done during the day. The nights however made for some lonely times. He knew a few people who lived there full time and he had made friends with some snowbirds like himself. There was a golf association he had joined that played at various courses twice a week. He was never a good golfer and now had a twenty one handicap but it was a sport he enjoyed participating in. The social aspect of golf that it offered was something that very few sports offered for someone in his age group. It was as it was advertised 'A game for a lifetime'.

Golf, was in fact a 'game' for him but he became a little disturbed when he watched a PGA tournament on television and heard the announcers refer to golf as a 'game'. A 'game' hell, it was a multi-million dollar business for them and the players. His feelings were that this business comment applied to all professional sports. Ken just cringed when he heard million dollar salaried players talked about the 'game'.

Ken had gone down to Florida for the winter and he put his unit up for sale after some cleaning and disposing of Joyce's personal items. The realtor gave Ken her opinion on what the value of the condo was but he thought she was low in her valuation in order for her to make a quick sale and commission. He told her the price he wanted and said that he would only slightly come off of his price.

The second couple the realtor brought to look at the condo made an offer that was ten percent under Ken's asking price. He countered with a one percent drop in his asking price and said he would go no lower as his price included the furnishings and emphasized the covered parking. The buyers accepted his price and agreed to Ken's condition of letting him stay in the condo until the end of March.

Coming back to northern Illinois gave Ken a sense of relief. Florida was nice and he probably would go back to spend his winters there but maybe he would also spend some time with his two daughters' families since Texas and New Mexico weren't bad places to winter in.

Ken tried to resume his life and activities now that he was back north. He started golfing with a group of his men friends that played every Wednesday. He was also member of a golf club that played once a month and this group consisted of both men and women.

His men friends, knowing that Ken was a widower, made some remarks that Ken should start dating and suggested he ask out Kate, who was a member of the group that golf on Sunday. He thanked them for their suggestion but said he would decide if and when he would ask anyone out. He did admit to them that he thought Kate was a nice looking woman. She was the only single woman in this golf club or among his acquaintances who he thought was attractive.

Ken had been golfing buddies with Bob Burns, who was Kate's husband, before he passed away from a sudden heart attack. While he knew Kate had been a widow for six years, Joyce had told him things about Kate to include things Kate had said since Bob's passing. Kate had once said to Joyce that she wasn't looking to get re-married and wasn't interested in dating. Ken knew that Jim Grace, one of the older members of the golf club had asked her out once but Kate had come up with a reason to turn him down. She later told Joyce that she wasn't interested in going out with someone who was sixteen years older than her at this stage of her life. Joyce said that Kate had some strong opinions and wasn't afraid to voice them.

It was Ken's observation that Kate was about five foot nine inches tall and around one hundred and thirty five pounds. She had a thin frame with a small waist and butt, but her breasts, which she didn't emphasize in the way she dressed, were large and probably a D or double D cup. She was facially attractive with her short dark hair. He had thought she would rank probably number two in attractiveness and desirability of all the women in this golf club. Joyce had ranked number one and he knew he could honestly say that without any prejudice on his part.

The people encouraging Ken to ask Kate out were apparently not limited to men only. Ken found himself paired up with Kate in a two person best ball tournament format at a Sunday golf outing. Barbra Kinsall the tournament director had made this pairing. He wasn't against this pairing since he enjoyed being with an attractive woman but he knew his male friends would ask how things with Kate went when the tournament was over. Whether or not he asked her out was one question he expected he would be asked.

Golfing with Kate admittedly was enjoyable. With a thirty eight handicap, she wasn't that good of a golfer, but she played fast and was pleasant company. He especially enjoyed watching the wind blow against the loose blouse she was wearing which confirmed the sizeable rack she had.

As they were riding in the golf cart Ken said, "I don't know about you, but my friends are saying that I should ask you out on a date. I'm sure this pairing is part of their grand scheme for me to do that."

"Oh, I'm hearing the same thing from my friends as well. I know they mean well but I would just wish they would quit worrying about me and stop trying to play matchmaker."

"Joyce once said that you said you weren't interested in dating."

"I know that I didn't have any interest in doing so for a while after Bob passed, but I am not against it."

"You turned Jim down when he asked you out."

She laughingly said, "I'd still would turn down a date from someone who is sixteen years older than me."

"Would you turn down an invitation to go out from someone who is three years older than you?"

Moving her head back a little as she looked at him she said, "Are you asking?"

He hesitantly said, "Yes I am."

"Okay, as from what Joyce said about you, I think you're a nice guy. We can go out but let's not advertise that we are. That is something our friends don't need to know. Where do you want to go?"

"Do you like baseball?"

"I can take it or leave it, why?

"The minor league team out here has some night games and they treat baseball as a game and not so much as a business. Would you like to go with me to the game? It should be a fun time. We could get something to eat before the game starts."

"Give me a call and let me know when."

There was some additional talk between them. Ken was impressed that Kate seemed to be more than just a pretty face with a nice bust size.

The score they posted for this tournament wasn't anywhere near most of the scores turned in but he did have a nice time. Ken asking Kate for a date and her accepting made him feel a little like a teenager again. There was a little bounce in his step.

Ken's friends wanted to know how things with Kate went but all Ken said was that he had a good time and she seemed like a nice person.

Ken phoned Kate after checking the minor league team's schedule. He said he would pick her up at five on Friday and they could grab a sandwich and have a drink before they went to the game.

He pressed Kate's condo doorbell button at the agreed time on Friday with some nervousness. He was pleased by what he saw when she opened the door. She looked good in the tight black slacks and white blouse she was wearing. The blouse was a little tighter than she normally wore, which emphasized her nice rack. She offered him a drink but he turned it down saying they could have a drink at the restaurant. He caught the scent of the interesting perfume she was wearing.

He was glad he had asked her out at the restaurant and at the game later. Kate was good company and being with her was enjoyable. By how she looked and spoke to him it seemed that she was enjoying going out with him as well.

She told him she still worked as a nurse at the major hospital in the area. She likened the arrangement she had with the hospital to much like a substitute teacher. She would be called when the hospital was short staffed for some reason. This averaged out that she would be called by the hospital to come in about twice a week. While she didn't need to work if she didn't want to, it was something she enjoyed doing and it made the time past by quickly. Besides she said it gave her more money to spend when she shopped and she enjoyed shopping.

They both thanked each other for a good time when they arrived back at her condo. He asked her if she wanted to go out again but said he would need to think about where they would go or what they would do. She gave him a quick 'yes', and told him to phone her as she left his car. Watching her walk into the building, he hadn't expected anything would happen that night as their relationship was to new for her to do anything like that. He didn't know if they would become lovers even after having more dates with each other.

Did he want it to happen was another thought he had. There was no question that she had an interesting body for someone her age, and she seemed to be an intelligent nice person. Who was he kidding? He would like to make love to her in a heartbeat and it struck him that it would probably be very enjoyable.

The second date to a restaurant was as good as the first date. Kate looked better than ever in the black dress she wore that had a square neckline which showed some cleavage. Ken thought that by the opinions Kate expressed in their conversations that she leaned to the right in her politics which was fine with him as that's the way he leaned. He really enjoyed being in her company.

As he pulled into the parking lot at her condo, he said, "I enjoyed being with you again tonight. You are a good date."

"Thanks for saying that as I enjoyed being with you as well."

Putting the gear shift into park and turning towards her, Ken said, "Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"May I give you a goodnight kiss?"

He thought he saw a little smile on her face as she said, "That is the first time anyone has ever asked me that question and it's sweet of you to ask. Yes you may."

He moved towards her and she met him halfway. Her open mouth met his as her tongue did battle with his tongue. It was a nice kiss as her lips were moist and soft, and her tongue tasted sweet. The kiss lasted close to a minute.

As he pulled back from her he said, "That was very nice, I'm glad you said yes as you are a good kisser."

"You aren't bad yourself."

Kate seemed a little reluctant to leave the car but she did and said goodnight. He was a little disappointed that she didn't invite him to come up to her condo but he remembered a saying about all good things coming to those who wait.

Ken didn't take Kate out the next weekend because of some prior commitments, nor did he phone her. He didn't want her to think he was pursuing her but he admitted to himself that he was as he was attracted to her. He was going to call her later that evening about going out the coming weekend when he heard his phone ring.

It was Kate phoning him and asking if he was interested in going with her to a retirement party for her former boss. The boss' wife was going all out for this party. She had rented a large banquet room and was going to have a small band there.

"People might think or know that we are dating if I go with you. Is that going to present a problem for you?"

"The people and their spouses or friends that are going to be there are people that I used to work with and no longer really see. To my knowledge none of them are in our golfing group. I don't think any of our current friends or people we golf with will be there so they won't know we are seeing each other. Besides, some of those people who will be there think that I've become a nun and I want to show them that I do have male friends."

"How could I refuse an invitation like that? It will be my pleasure to be your escort."

Ken was pleased when Kate opened the door as he called for her at her condo. She was wearing high heels and a dark blue dress with a V neckline. The dress was belted at the waist which showed that she had small hips and waist but it emphasized her considerable breasts at the same time. Her makeup was impeccable and every hair on her head was in place.

"I am going to tell you something you already know. You look ravishing and every man there is going to be jealous of me and mentally they are going to be doing things with you."

She laughingly said, "Thanks for the kind words. You don't look so bad yourself by the way."

Kate was a perfect companion at the party. She never left Ken's side and her arm was around his most of the time while she introduced him to some of her former workers and exchanged some words with them. There were a few after dinner speeches before the guest of honor spoke thanking everyone for coming and for the support they had given him over the years.

Ken asked Kate if she wanted to dance when the band started playing. She said she did and he watched her nice backside as they went to the dance floor. With her height and the high-heeled shoes she was wearing, she was close to being as tall as Ken. She nicely fit into his arms.

She became familiar with Ken's dance style in a short time. She put her arm on Ken's shoulder and moved closer to him, which pressed her breasts against his chest. Ken was thrilled with this closeness as his cheek was pressed against the side of her head. There was little reason for any conversation but he did whisper that she was a good dancer into her ear and at the same time his arm around her waist gave her a little squeeze.

The dancing started the blood flowing to his penis which put him in a partial state of arousal. He didn't know if Kate sensed or felt this but she wouldn't let him pull away when he attempted to. In fact he thought, she pressed her stomach harder against him. He danced themselves to the side of the dance floor just before the song ended.

Kate started to walk back to their table, but Ken stopped her and said, "Stand here and talk to me for a while."

"Why, what's wrong?"

"There's nothing wrong and I think you know why I don't want to walk to the table and embarrass myself. Give me a minute or so."

Taking a quick glance downward she knew why Ken wanted to stay there for a moment and said, "So I still have it?"

"You know you do and you never lost it."

They went back to the table after a while and had another drink. They did go back to the dance floor which had Kate pressing herself against Ken again. She seemed to enjoy the effect she was having on him by the periodic looks she would give him. He was enjoying her doing this but continued to be embarrassed by the effect she was having on him at the same time.

Seeing that the crowd that was there was starting to thin out they decided that they should be leaving as well.

There was some discussion of the retirement party as they drove to Kate's condo, but they both could sense the tension that was in the air. Kate didn't need to ask him if he wanted to come up when they got to the parking lot. They both knew that he would and this was what they both wanted.

When they were in her condo and the door was closed, she easily came into his arms and they were involved in some serious kissing. His arms were around her, going up and down her back and every so often, stopping to give her small bottom a serious grope. Kate's arms were over Ken's shoulders and while kissing him her stomach was rubbing against his semi-aroused penis.

Ken had the hoped that they would wind up in bed together and he prayed he could adequately perform. He had taken a Cialis pill before he left his townhome in anticipation that something like this would happen but he didn't know if he could sustain a good enough erection even with taking that pill. He knew that his shaft was no longer the diamond cutter it was when he was young. Even making love with Joyce, a woman he truly loved, it had become a hit and miss proposition as to his being able to penetrate her. He resorted to giving her oral sex and using a vibrator for her to achieve satisfaction when he was unable to perform. Joyce understood and attributed his lack of virility to age, which he did as well, but it was embarrassing for him as it was a reflection of his diminishing manhood.

This was the first time he had resorted to medicine and hoped it would enable him to perform and satisfy Kate.

His hands on Kate's bottom were telling him of its softness and its size. He was able to raise her dress and insert his hands into the back of her panties to continue his caressing of those fine globes. Kate didn't stop him from what he was doing and in between kisses said that they should move to where they could be more comfortable. Taking his hand she led him to her bedroom.

There was more kissing in the bedroom and each of them became involved in divesting the other of their clothes. Ken was impressed by the size of Kate's breasts. Her bra was of industrial strength since it couldn't be flimsy and provide the support needed for her large breasts. There was a noticeable sag in her breasts when he unhooked the bra but that was to be expected because of their size and her age. Inserting his hands into the sides of her panties, he lowered himself to his knees as he was sliding her panties down her legs.

He was looking directly at her womanhood which had only a small landing strip of pubic hair above it as she stepped out of her panties.

Kate looked down at Ken, saw where he was looking and said, "I started doing that for Bob because he wanted me to do it. I thought you might like it as well. The younger women are all doing it now and it makes me feel sexy. I can change if you want."

Rising from his knees he gave her a kiss and said, "Don't change, I think it's cute."

They went to the bed where they reclined and resumed kissing and fondling each other. Kate started to make a move to go down his body but he nicely stopped her while he moved down her body where he lifted a breast and suckled on a nipple. He could see that she was enjoying him doing this.

Ken's lips continued their downward journey and by spreading her thighs Kate knew where he was going. It had been a long time since she had received oral sex and it was something that she missed and thoroughly enjoyed. She was not disappointed as Ken mouthed her and she verbally encouraged him and complimented him while he was doing it. He was good at doing it and she shortly had an orgasm.

She told Ken she had come and was a little surprised because he did not stop and continued to worship her in this manner. Kate had another orgasm, then another, and then they seemed to be continuous. Even though she enjoyed her having these orgasms, she had become very sensitive there and asked him to stop because of that. He did stop and moved up to lie alongside her and resumed kissing her.

Her cool hand was massaging his manhood and he felt that it was sufficiently erect that he could have intercourse with her. He hoped it was as he moved to get in between her spread thighs. Her hand positioned his shaft at her entrance once he was there. He moved his hips and felt himself enter her warm sheath. She was extremely wet and wasn't that tight which enabled him to fully insert himself into her. In fact, his being in her seemed to give his shaft a little more stiffness.

Kate had raised her long legs and wrapped them around his hips. She encouraged him by telling him to give it to her 'hard and deep' in between nibbling on his ear and inserting her tongue into his ear. The sensations she was giving him, coupled with his shaft moving in her, told him he was going to come in a very short time.

"I'm going to come, can I come in you?"

His remark caused her to giggle because she was past menopause. She said, "You flatterer you, you can come in me as much as you want. Give it to me hard and deep."

He had a warm discharge into her which caused him to freeze his hip motion. Kate's arms and legs tightened around him while he ejaculated into her.

After decoupling and lying alongside her, he said, "That was nice, you're a good lover."

"So are you and it has been a while since I made love. I enjoyed doing this but I would like to ask you a question if you don't mind."

"I think we are past the stage of having secrets from each other, so ask away."

"You gave me head for a long time when you went down on me. You wouldn't stop and while you certainly satisfied me and I liked what you were doing, I just wonder why you did it for so long?"

"First of all you need to know that I don't lie and I tell it like it is. Some of my friend's say that's a fault of mine. They say that some white lies are warranted at times. But to answer your question the reason I did that for so long was that I simply enjoy doing it. I also wanted to make sure you were satisfied and it seemed to me you were. I have unfortunately had some performance problems in the past and this was the first time I took an erectile medicine. I didn't know if it would work."

"My thought was that I wouldn't be surprised to hear you say "Adios Muchacho" to me if I didn't satisfy you. I don't want this to be a onetime thing and besides, your almost hairless friend is rather cute."

This remark caused Kate to laugh and laugh. She gave Ken a long loving kiss when she stopped laughing.

"Will you stay the night?"

"Yes if you want me to and if it doesn't cause you any problems with the neighbors if they see me leaving in the morning."

"Don't worry about that, I want you to stay."

There was some additional cuddling and kissing before they both decided it was time to go to sleep.

Ken had his usual three o'clock wake up call to relieve the pressure on his bladder during the night. After coming back to bed, he noticed Kate get out of bed and go to the other bathroom to relieve some pressure as well.

Ken had a hard time getting back to sleep as usual, but he had a lot to think about. Kate and the lovemaking they had done were his main thoughts. He eventually fell back asleep but it didn't last long as he wanted it to. In opening his eyes he could see her digital clock indicating it was six and dawn had broken.

He could hear Kate breathing as he laid in bed. He did some tossing and turning which may have woken her up.

"Have you been up long?" he heard her ask.

Scooting up alongside where he could spoon up against her, he said, "For about a half hour. Can you sleep some more?"

"No, I don't think so but I sure would like to."

Hearing her say that, he slid one of his arms under her while the other went on her hip's warm smooth skin. The chemise she had put on sometime during the night had slid to where it was waist high. He started caressing her with his hand going from her hip down to her thigh and back again. His hand under her was cupping a breast.

His hand on her hip journeyed down to her most private part, where it dipped in to get some moisture and started caressing her clit. Kate gave a little moan as she turned her hips toward him and parted her thighs to make herself more accessible. Ken increased his fingering and she started to move her hips. His lips were nibbling on her neck while he was bringing her to a climax. She stiffened and shuddered, and then told him he could stop since she had come which he knew she had because of her actions.

With her hand coming back over her hip, she sought and found his penis which she fondled. He enjoyed her doing that but it wasn't in a state where he could penetrate her.

"Can you make love to me?"

"I would like to but I'm not ready to as you can tell."

"Is there anything I can do?"

"No, not really."

Saying 'We'll see about that' she turned around, rose to her knees, and kneeling, gave him head.

He enjoyed watching her efforts as her head was going up and down. One of his hands was cupping her hanging breast and tweaking its nipple which had become stiff. His other hand slipped between her thighs and played with her mound. He could tell when she had an orgasm because she stopped what she was doing and mumbled some words he didn't understand as she shuddered. She then continued what she was doing and while his shaft hadn't become much stiffer, he felt the tingling indicating he was going to come. He told her he was but she just continued what she was doing and took his discharge into her mouth and swallowed it.

Moving back up alongside him she said, "See, I know you could come. I do enjoy giving head."

Nothing was said for a while as they each were lost in their own thoughts.

In a serious voice Ken finally said, "I'm sure that the love mark I gave you on your neck shouldn't last that long and can probably be covered up by makeup."

Her hand rapidly went to where his lips had been nibbling and raising her head a little to look at him she said, "You didn't did you!"

"No I didn't, I wouldn't do that to you although I'd like to. I will put one on the inside of your upper thigh the next time we make love however."

Maybe he was being a little presumptuous in assuming there would be a next time, but her response of, 'I will hold you to that' as she gave a shake to his member told him he wasn't.

After washing up and eating some breakfast Kate had made, it was time for Ken to leave. He gave her one last kiss at her door and groping her body a little saying he would phone her.

Things were now going good for Ken. He was becoming involved with a very nice woman and while he wasn't sure what the future would hold for him, he was eager to find out.

Socially, it seemed that he was going to have a relationship with Kate. There was one thing bothering him and that was the irritation or pain he was starting to feel in his chest. It had been an on again off again thing but it seemed to be getting a little worse. Where he would have rated it a two on a scale of one to ten, it increased to where he was giving it a four rating this morning. While he didn't like to complain and normally only saw his doctor once a year, this was something that needed to be checked out.

He dressed and drove himself to the hospital. He said the magic words of 'chest pains' to the receptionist at the Emergency Room which immediately had him put in a wheel chair and wheeled in and placed on a bed in one of the ER cubicles. Electrodes were put on his body and a chest x-ray was done. A doctor, Nancy Gomez came in and took his history and current complaints. She said she would order some blood work and would be back to discuss the test results with him. Ken, who was a worrier to start with, started thinking of the worse possible outcomes of what was happening to him when she left.

Doctor Gomez came back into the room to discuss the results about forty five minutes later.

"I thought your complaints indicated GERD or basic gastro problems at first and I was going to release you after giving you some antacid medicine. Your blood work shows an elevation of an enzyme that could indicate you're having a heart attack. I am going to admit you and a cardiologist will be assigned. I think he will monitor this enzyme and schedule you for an angiogram to see what the problem is, if any. I know you're worried but you should know that we have an excellent staff of cardiologists here."

Ken was brought up to the cardio floor in the new hospital addition and wirelessly hooked up to a monitor. He was assigned to a private room.

It was later in the day when a Dr. Connor Evans came into Ken's room and introduced himself as the cardiologist assigned to him. He re-took Ken's history and complaints and basically confirmed what the emergency room doctor had said. The doctor said Ken was scheduled to have the angiogram sometime the next morning.

Ken was feeling a little better and glad that he had decided to come to the hospital, although he did have concerns about what this procedure would find. An older friend had open heart surgery about one year ago and had told Ken the healing process was a 'bitch' as he referred to it. Ken watched some television but became a little disturbed when Shelly the nurse assigned to him, asked him if he had a living will while completing some paperwork. He did, but being asked for one is a whole different matter as it brings one's mortality to the forefront. He did have some problems falling asleep because of his worries but he managed to do so.

He was awakened at two and again at six when some blood was taken and his blood pressure measured. He was told he was scheduled to have the procedure at ten. He couldn't have anything to eat till after the procedure.

He was taken down to the Cath Lab where the angiogram was going to be done just before nine. Once there, an older nurse did the honors of shaving off most of his pubic hair. That she could see Ken's privates as she was doing the shaving was the least of his worries and it didn't bother him.

While waiting in a cubicle to be taken into the lab, Ken saw a classy well-dressed lady go up to the desk and review a folder which he guessed was his. She came into the room and introduced herself as Doctor Nina Stoney. He noticed that while she was attractive, she wasn't as young as he first thought. When he asked, she related to him that she had been doing these procedures for more than ten years. He was glad she had the experience in doing this procedure. She explained what she was going to do and that if it was found there was a significant blockage, she would attempt to open it and place a stent in the artery.

Once inside the lab, he was placed on a table that had some monitors above it. Something was injected into the IV line he had in him and he was off to la la land.

The next thing he remembered was waking up and feeling a little groggy. He did notice that the pain in his chest was gone. Doctor Stoney came in about twenty minutes later to give him the results of the procedure.

"There were two significant blockages that I saw. One blockage was at ninety percent, and the other about seventy five percent. I was able to open both blockages and insert stents into them. We will keep you overnight just to monitor you but I would anticipate you will be released to go home around noon tomorrow."

Ken couldn't thank the doctor enough for what she had done.

He was in a better mood when he got back to his room and was given something to eat. He accepted the fact that he did have a heart attack but now he was concerned how this would affect him physically.

Around two Doctor Evans came into Ken's room and confirmed what the procedure showed and what was done. When Ken questioned about there being any heart damage, the doctor said that because of the low elevation of the enzyme which indicated a heart attack any damage would be very minor and Ken should have no worries about it. Ken couldn't help but feel there was going to be a significant change in his life in spite of hearing these encouraging words. That was just the way he was as he did worry a lot.

His mood improved at five when there was a shift change in nurses. Kate came into his room shortly thereafter and surprised him with her visit.

"So this is why you haven't phoned me."

"Believe me, I was going to phone you later tonight. How did you know I was here?"

"I usually check the list of the new admittees to see if I recognize any names and was surprised when I saw yours listed. I looked at your records and saw where two stents were put in and you should be going home tomorrow."

"I guess I'm lucky in coming here and not just thinking it was indigestion that would go away. The doctor says there was very little heart damage but I don't know about that and hope they are right. Heart damage is heart damage and that has me worried. I will say you're looking good and if I may say, you look very sexy in your nurse's uniform. I know women say similar things about men in uniform but as a man I like women in uniforms."

Kate had a thoughtful look on her face while Ken said this and said, "Give me a minute, I'll be right back" and turned to leave the room.

She was back about five minutes later but she closed the door for the room and came to stand by the side of the bed this time. He was surprised when her hand went under the bed sheet Ken had over him and under his gown. There her cool hand clasped his penis. With a little devious smile on her face she said she hadn't had dinner yet as she pulled the bed sheet and his gown back and bent to give him head.

To say he was surprised at what she was doing goes without saying. He did reach to caress her buttocks and run a hand up between her thighs while she was mouthing his shaft doing this. His hand as it went to the top of her thigh could feel her warmth that was there. He was spewing his spend into her mouth in a few minutes.

After making sure he was clean, she pulled his gown down and placed the bed sheet back over him and she said, "I told you I liked giving head."

He had her come to him where he gave her one long open mouth kiss which surprised her because of what she had just done.

With the kiss ended, she said she needed to open the door and would like to visit with him for a while if that was alright. He told her that was more than alright.

"Can I ask you why you did that? Now don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed it but it surprised me that you would do that especially here."

"When I left the room I told Helen, your nurse who I know very well, that I didn't want to be disturbed for a little while. She didn't question my request. The reason I did that was to show you what the doctor said is true. If there was any heart damage, it is minor and nothing for you to worry about. You can continue to lead a normal and if I may say sexual life. As I said before, I also enjoy giving head and doing it here in this hospital was a first for me."

"Being hooked up to the monitors, I wonder if Helen was looking at them and saw a spike in my readings while you were doing this."

That caused Kate to blush because it was something she hadn't thought of.

They talked some more and watched some television together before she said she should be going. Kate said she could get a ride in tomorrow and would drive him in his car when he was released from the hospital. A neighbor she occasionally babysits for could give her a lift here.

Doctor Evans came in the next morning and discussed Ken's future treatment. He gave Ken a prescription for an increased dosage of a popular statin medicine as well as an anti-clotting medicine and told him to make an appointment to see him in four weeks when they will do some further testing. He told Ken he was lucky to come in when he did as the damage if any, was minimal and not to worry and to enjoy himself.

Kate came in about eleven and he thought she really looked good. She was wearing some tan slacks that fit her butt like a second skin. The black satin blouse she had on made her an enticing package. He had her come close to the bed and bend to hear him whisper into her ear, "You look good enough to eat."

She smiled and gave him a playful slap on his arm.

Kate suggested that Ken come over to her condo after leaving the hospital. There they could watch the golf channel and she would make something for dinner later. He told her that was a great idea.

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