All My Lovers

by alan14

Copyright© 2013 by alan14

Sex Story: Amy and Gary are off to spend the Holidays with Geoff and the twins in Texas, lots of sex ensues. They meet a new friend and give everyone some good news, then have more sex.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Gay   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Double Penetration   Size   .

Amy and Gary spend the Holidays with Geoff and the Twins at his ranch in Texas, I think it's safe to say that everyone enjoys themselves. This story is from Amy's point of view.

It's Boxing Day, 5am, what am I doing out of bed I ask myself. Oh yeah, we're off on holiday, our first holiday together. Being the early riser in this relationship it's therefore my job to make the coffee required to get Gary out of bed.

Yesterday we had a wonderful lunch at Dave's house; Gary & I, my mum and Gary's mum & dad. Mum's moved in with Dave now, and put her house on the market, she's agreed to split any profit with Uncle Tony to keep him sweet after he sold her the house at 75% of the market rate.

We opened gifts, pulled crackers (Gary said he'd pulled his cracker months ago, we laughed politely), had a huge lunch of goose and the trimmings, although I missed out on the dead animal parts. I'm having a rethink on the vegetarian issue, meat just smells so tasty. Whilst we watched something other than the Queen, I can't remember what it was, probably one of the Harry Potter films, Dave's maid (he has a maid, and a cook) brought in Christmas Pudding and cream, I'm pretty sure that Christmas Pudding isn't suitable for vegetarians because of the beef suet, but I already told you I'm rethinking the vegetarian lark.

Gary bought me a lovely necklace with a silver daisy and a Kindle loaded with loads of books he's been pestering me to read. I bought him a Seiko watch so he doesn't need to check his mobile when he wants to know the time. We didn't buy anything extravagant because we decided that we're not going to touch Geoff's money until we can afford to buy and run an Aston Martin, or until the house falls down, I'm hoping the former happens before the latter.

So anyway, today we're flying to Texas, it's a journey that will take four planes each way, a little one from Blackpool to Heathrow, then a big one from Heathrow to Chicago, another big one from Chicago to Austin, Texas, then a tiny one from Austin to Geoff's ranch 250 miles away.

We made the flight from Blackpool OK, then we had an hour to hang around at Heathrow before our next flight. We sat in a Costa, drinking a huge Americano, opposite was one of the many Wetherspoon pubs that are dotted around Heathrow. I can never work out how people manage to drink so much booze so early in the morning, two glasses of wine in an evening is more than enough for me, even then it's generally only at weekends or special occasions, but for some reason when people are in holiday mode they decide to get hammered as soon as they get to the airport, surely they'd enjoy their holiday more if they're sober?

Anyway, after a long wait, an hour seems to last about a week in an airport, we boarded a nice shiny Boeing 777 destined for Chicago, where we would have a two hour layover before the flight down to Austin. At least there'd be no wait at Austin, our bags would be taken to a private terminal where Geoff's plane would be waiting for us.

We had business class tickets from Heathrow onwards, Jackie used one of her connections to the upgrade for us after I insisted we'd be paying for our own tickets. There was a huge selection of films on the TVs that folded up out of our armrest, but to be honest I really wasn't in the mood for TV or films, I took out my new Kindle and selected a book at random. I'm not a big reader, I enjoyed the Harry Potter books, and I've read a load of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer books, but other than that I'm more of a magazine type of gal. Gary though is a huge book reader, he reads at least one a week, especially as we've still not got round to buying a TV. The book I picked was Hit Man, according to the blurb it's the first part of Lawrence Block's Keller series about an unconventional hit man, sounds a blast.

A couple of hours into the flight dinner was served, luckily I'd decided to reconsider being a veggie, because they'd run out of the vegetarian option, so chicken curry it was, with a halfway decent tiny bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

I'm a little worried about some things that will happen in Texas, I know I'm going to let him fuck the twins, it's only fair because I'm definitely going to, but I'm also going to shag Geoff, and that's the part that's troubling me, because I know Geoff will want to have a taste of Gary's cock. How will he handle that?

We've discussed in the past how bi-sexuality is more tolerated in women than men, and he seemed to be pretty ambivalent about the subject, so does that mean he'll be OK about it? How do I broach the subject? Oh fuck it just come out and ask is probably best, but first to turn the conversation in that direction I think.

"Hey Gary, what are you most excited about doing while we're in Texas?"

"Oh I dunno, I've never been to America before. I'm just looking forward to seeing big places, the huge farms, sky scrapers. I'd like to see an American Football game."

"There's no particular people you want to see?"

"I've no family over there, so I'm not sure what you mean."

"God Gary, you can be a bit dumb some times. There's no girls you're looking forward to seeing?"

"What, oh yeah, it'll be good to see Julie and Jackie in the flesh, so to speak."

"If you're good I'll let you see them in the flesh for real. As long as you don't mind me spending some time with them."

"I don't mind at all, after all you let me have sex with Pixie often enough."

"Well, she's woman enough for both of us. How about Geoff?"

"Yeah, it would be great to meet Geoff, he obviously means a lot to you, and you mean a lot to him, so I'd like to meet this great guy."

"He may want to go to bed with me, would that be a problem?"

"Not at all, you've been with him before, and he's special to you, so that'll be fine."

"Now, what if he likes you?"

"What do you mean?"

"What if he'd like to spend some time alone with you?"

"Oh, ahh, I'd not thought of that. Give me a couple of minutes before I answer that."

I let him think whilst I read another chapter, I'm really enjoying this book and forgot I was waiting for an answer from Gary, he nudged be to get my attention back.

"Ok, I'll let Geoff see me naked, but I won't kiss him, no way I'm kissing a man, and I won't suck his dick, and I won't let him bum me. If we can work round that then OK."

I turned in my seat and kissed him, we kissed for a while, the flight attendant closed our curtain as she walked past, just in case I suppose.

"I love you Gary, you are so understanding and easy going."

We had 3 hours of the flight left, I decided to make silent love to Gary, we'd been practicing this in the garden. Life is so much easier now I'm on the pill, no more stopping to put a rubber on, and I'm happy not using condoms anymore because I'm only sleeping with one man now. Geoff will be a one-off and I'll insist on him bagging up, simply because I don't know where his dicks been, Gary will have to wear a condom when he fucks Geoff as well.

I quietly removed Gary's trousers, then I pulled my knickers off and climbed up top of Gary. I'm liking the fact that with the curtain pulled round our seat no-one could see us, how did people join the mile high club in the past before these amazing business class seats?

Slowly I sank down on Gary's huge cock, just thinking about this had made me wet enough to slip him straight in. I still can't take him all, and I'm resigned to the fact that two inches of his 9 inch cock will always elude me. Pixie can take him all, but she's bigger all over than me, I'm only 5'4", 34C, she's 5'9" with whopping 36DD boobs, fake but so well done you wouldn't know, she's also got a cracking arse of which Gary is particularly fond.

Anyway, back to the task at hand, we had to keep kissing to stop any moans or gasps escaping, that's the easy part. The hard part is fucking such a beautiful cock slowly so we don't make any noises from down below, the amazing side effect though is that we can last for over an hour and the orgasm when it comes is really quite simply amazing.

I rode Gary slowly, taking him as deep as he'd go, then lifting up until his fat head was at my entrance, stretching me wide, I had to hold my breath at one point for fear of screaming.

After a good while I was feeling particularly naughty and lifted all the way off and played him against my clit until I came, biting Gary's lip as I was overcome with the waves of lust rolling up my body. Once I'd recovered I fed his cock back into my waiting pussy and rode him, slow and steady, stopping every now and again to tease him. Eventually he could take it no longer and he gave me a few quick bunny strokes and came in an enormous burst. My pussy couldn't hold it all and I had to mop up a load of cum with my panties and napkins, which I tucked into the sickbag.

We let our breathing get back to normal then one at a time paid a visit to the toilet to tidy up. The flight attendant who closed our curtain gave me a quick wink as we passed in the aisle.

I regretted the loss of my panties when we landed in Chicago, it was freezing, and the airside shopping at O'Hare airport is shit, I couldn't find anywhere that sold underwear, so I had to sit around a freezing airport for two hours without underwear. I had fun flashing at people as they sat opposite though, it's amazing watching people's reactions, some pretend they've not seen anything, some gawp with open mouths, one man kept looking over his book. One little boy pretended to drop a coin under my seat, I do hope I've not damaged him for life.

The flight from Chicago to Austin is 2— hours, enough time for them to serve dinner, and no veggie option again, so this time its pasta and meatballs, I only had one meatball though as I don't think I'm ready for a lot of red meat yet, Gary happily polished off my leftovers.

We landed in Austin and were taken to the private aviation terminal, followed closely by our luggage. Gary assures me that we are about to board a Gulfstream that costs around £30 million, worth it I suppose if you're constantly in a hurry to get places that have a convenient airstrip. I was hoping for a helicopter as I've never been in one, but the pilot said the 250 mile journey is too far for most choppers, but Geoff has one on the ranch, so he'll take us for a trip round the place in it tomorrow.

The jet took less than half an hour to fly from Austin to the ranch, landing on a private runway about 2 miles from the house, we were collected in Geoff's rickety old land rover, shipped over from the UK it was older than Geoff and had been working on his farm since his grandfather ran it in the 1950's.

Geoff and the girls met us at the house, kisses all round, Gary making sure he kissed both girls a number of times, naughty boy, I may have to spank him later.

When I say house, that doesn't quite cover it. It's about the size of a large supermarket, and looks kind of similar, so not a really good looking house. When we entered through the huge doorway into entrance hall the size of a netball court that went right up to the roof. The walls were covered in paintings, including an absolutely massive painting of a horse race on the back wall, either side of the painting were sets of stairs that rose to a balcony that ran round three sides of the entrance hall.

Geoff left us to finish a meeting and the twins led us up the stairs, down a wood panelled hallway and to our bedroom, which continued the theme of the house, being massive, wood panelled and covered with paintings. The centre piece of the room was a beautiful 4-poster bed, complete with curtains.

"Oh wow, what a beautiful room. Isn't it great Gary?"

"Yeah, amazing, just like the house."

Julie walked around the room showing us the facilities, 5-foot TV behind a panel in the wall with an online library of hundreds of films, hidden hi-fi with music streaming from a central server, tea and coffee maker in a hidden cupboard, fridge with drink and snacks, en-suite bathroom with huge bath and separate shower, it's like a 5* hotel suite.

"We've put some clothes in the wardrobes for you, for dinner tonight, it's a formal dinner and Geoff thought you probably hadn't brought anything suitable. You'd said Gary was roughly Geoff's size but an inch shorter in the arm and leg, so we had his tailor make up to a suit those sizes. Amy, you don't look to have changed weight much, so your dress should be perfect. There's a selection of cosmetics, soaps and stuff in your bathroom. We're having drinks in 30 minutes, so unpack, freshen up and we'll meet you downstairs."

We both kissed the twins, Gary only a little longer than seemed decent, and then they left the room. As soon as the door closed we kicked off our scruffy trainers and jumped on the bed, it was lovely and firm, we kissed for a long time, rolling around from side to side. I had to use all my willpower to stop myself from ripping Gary's clothes off, but we had to freshen ourselves up and get downstairs.

I paid a visit to the en-suite and splashed some water on my face and hair, coming my new red bob straight. I've decided to stop colouring my hair and eventually my hair has grown back to its natural red.

I don't wear much makeup, but I couldn't help having a look at the selection Julie had bought in for me. I put on a little eye-liner, blusher and some gorgeous red lipstick, followed by a little squirt of Calvin Klein Eternity.

I swapped places with Gary so he could freshen up whilst I changed into something a little smarter, the dress in the wardrobe could wait until dinner in a few hours.

Gary came out of the bathroom and put on a new shirt and jeans, along with his shiny Doc Martens and we both went downstairs to have drinks with our hosts.

Julie met us in the entrance hall and took us through the house to a room set up like a proper British pub, the co-pilot from the jet was behind the bar. The room was quite full of people sitting at tables or standing in groups around the walls, Julie said that they were mostly house staff who were off duty, they're allowed to drink in this bar for free when it's not being used for functions, and providing they don't get drunk. Almost all the staff live on site, either in this house or in one of the dozens of houses around the ranch.

Gary was a bit disappointed to find no draught beer, but he settled for a bottle of Sam Adams Boston Ale instead. I asked for a Gin & Tonic, it was served in an ice cold high-ball glass with a slice of lemon, it was very very strong.

Geoff came in and chatted to any member of staff he passed on the way over. As he approached us he threw his arms wide and embraced Gary and me in one big hug. He stepped back and admired us both.

"Oh wow, what a fantastic couple you make. Amy you get prettier every time we meet. So how do you like my new house, I bought it from one of George Bush Jnr's cronies who needed a lot of money very quickly. My last place was just over 1,000 acres, this place is over 250 square miles.

"So Gary, I hope you're treating my Amy well, I'd hate to see her unhappy."

"Oh he treats me very well Geoff, I'm getting lots of exercise, look at my lovely flat tummy, and I'm very happy."

"Good, that's fantastic. Now tell me about your mum, I hear she's found a new man."

"Yes, he's popped the question and they're getting married next year, I think you'll know him, Dave Waites, owns some property in Lancaster and Kendal, mostly high end student lets."

"Oh yeah, I've met him a few times, seems a decent enough chap from what I've heard, if I remember rightly his first wife died after a long illness, I'm pretty sure they didn't have any kids, so you're not going to gain any step-siblings."

We chatted some more, I watched Geoff's eyes dropping to Gary's crotch every now and again in the way that Gary's eyes kept sneaking peeks at Julie and Jackie.

After our second drink, I'd switched to coke because that G & T had gone straight to my head, Geoff got up and ushered us all off to get changed for the big dinner party.

We headed upstairs and I finally checked out the wardrobe, to be confronted by an amazingly elegant dress, emerald green, perfectly complimenting my hair. It was a one shoulder number, leaving my right shoulder bare and showing the rose of my new tattoo. I love this dress, Jackie is like the best personal shopper ever.

For Gary Jackie selected a proper dinner suit, the deepest black you could possibly imagine with shiny accents, a white shirt with fine pearl white stripes and a bow tie, a proper one that needed tying, which is a major problem as neither of us had the slightest clue how to tie one.

Julie popped her head round the door at just the right time, "Everything alright kids?"

"Oh Julie, please help. We don't know how to tie Gary's bowtie."

She came over and started on the tie, "Damn, why did Jackie have to get you a bowtie Gary, I'll give her a good spanking for you later. There you go." Kissing him quickly on the cheek she left the room, calling "Down the stairs, through the door under the big painting then follow the noise" on the way.

"I think she likes you Gary."

"You've told her all about my cock, she's just curious. Anyway she's gay isn't she, I'm sure she prefers you."

"The twins are both bi, they like a good cock every now and again, and no, I've not told either the girls or Geoff about the contents of your trousers. Geoff was checking out your bulge earlier though."

"Really, I never noticed."

"You were too busy checking out Jackie's cleavage to notice anything. Not to worry I was looking at both you and Jackie."

I took Gary's hand and we walked down the stairs and into the dining room where a butler announced us to the room.

"Gary Watts and his partner Amy."

A few people turned our way as we walked towards the table, I saw a few movie stars and a couple of models, probably with the actors for the night. A waiter directed us to the top table, where we were placed between Jackie and Julie.

The table was laid for about six courses, we had three glasses each for white, red & sparkling wine. Poor Gary looked lost, I leaned across and told him what everything was for, he still didn't look terribly sure so I told him to watch me or Jackie on his right.

Julie tapped my arm, "oh shit Amy, I've just remembered you're a vegetarian, I'm afraid you may go hungry tonight."

"Don't worry about that, I just decided yesterday that I'm giving up the vegetarian lark, Gary's food just smells too nice, and it's a damn good job I did because both long distance flights had run out of veggie meals."

The food as it arrived was uniformly excellent, in order to try it all I only ate half of each course, and was still stuffed after the poached apricots and vanilla & hazelnut cream desert. I'd also only sipped at the wine, giving Gary the rest each glass, I'm really a total light-weight when it comes to booze.

Gary gave out a little squeal, "What's up?" I asked.

"See that bottle of whisky in Geoff's hand?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

"That's a very special 55 year old Glenfiddich, Janet Steed Roberts Reserve. The last bottle sold at auction a couple of years ago for about £60 grand. Now Geoff is passing it round, you get 28 pub measures out of a bottle, that's over £2k a shot. I hope he doesn't run out before I get a taste."

Geoff poured himself a generous measure then passed it to Jackie, who passed it straight to Gary, his hands were shaking as he poured his shot.

"Steady on lad, you know what that is?" asked Geoff.

"Yes sir I do, every drop of this costs about as much as a bottle of boggo Glenfiddich."

"Well spotted, swap places Julie, I want to talk to my buddy Gary."

Gary and Julie swapped seats, he spent about 10 minutes talking to Geoff as they shared more of the mentally expensive scotch, the rest of the room didn't get a look in.

The meal over and drinks drunk, we moved into the next room, a ball room. It was plentifully decorated with Christmas decorations, with a small stage at one end where a band fought for space with a huge tree. We danced to the band, dodging drunk film stars and models.

"So, what were you chatting with Geoff about for so long?"

"This and that, expensive scotch, cars, sport, you..."

"What about me?"

"Oh wouldn't you like to know? He was impressed in my knowledge of whisky, it's a little hobby of mine, but I've never been able to indulge much. We chatted about cars as well, he's been buying a lot of cars recently as investments, he's going to take us to his garage in a couple of days, there's about 50 cars there."

"But what about me?"

"You'll have to torture me for the information later."

A tap on my shoulder, I turned and Geoff was there, wanting to swap places with Gary, Julie took my place on Gary's arm and I danced with Geoff for a while. He spent some time quizzing me about Gary and our life together, did I think we were in it for the long haul etc. I assured him we were deeply in love and were also soul mates, we were happiest alone together, just sitting reading books and magazines.

He wanted to know if we would be starting a family and I said that's something we'd discussed and had no firm answer on, although I'm not in the slightest bit maternal, and Gary isn't terribly interested either, so on balance I'm thinking no little ones in the foreseeable future. This seemed to be the answer Geoff was looking for.

We swapped dance partners again and I ended up with a devastatingly handsome actor from CSI or something like that, he was wearing more make-up than I was. Good to look at, but I'm not interested in men who spend more time in front of the mirror than I do (which isn't very long if I'm honest). I looked across the floor and Gary was in the arms of a gorgeous model, very tall with a killer figure and luscious, wavy blonde hair. I decided it was time to get some air outside so I excused myself from the actor and walked over to Gary and took his arm.

"Excuse me dear, do you mind if I dance with my boyfriend for a while?"

"No problem" she said in a horrible Brooklyn drawl.

"Thanks for that, she was hard work. Dim and full of herself, a terrible combination."

We walked out of the French window onto the patio outside, considering it was Boxing Day (we'd been up for so long) it was still quite warm outside. The patio was full of people smoking, so we walked out onto the lawn.

The lights on the outside of the house lit the lawns up like a football field, so we wandered around safely without fear of tripping over the many sculptures that dotted the lawns.

I heard running water and as we turned a corner I saw a fountain and beyond it what looked like an outdoor pool.

"Let's go for a swim Gary, come on."

"We've got no swimming costumes"

"We don't need them, we're going skinny dipping"

"But there's people around, they'll see us."

"You've got nothing to worry about there my lad. It looks like there's a changing hut on the far side, we'll undress there and slip quietly in the pool"

We ran to the changing room and undressed quickly, then slipped into the pool without making a noise. I swam a few lengths at first, the feeling of the warm water running over my naked body was amazing. Gary had stayed in the shallow end, just paddling to and fro.

"What's up Gary, don't you want to swim?"

"I'm not very good at swimming, I'll just paddle here until you're done if that's OK."


I swam some more, back stroke this time to give him, and anyone else looking, a good view. After 5 or so lengths of back stroke I was getting tired, so I swam back to Gary. We sat on the steps at the shallow end and watched the house, everyone seemed to be coming outside. All the lights went off and the whole area was in complete darkness.

"What's going on?" I asked

"Dunno, power cut?"

Then we heard a whoosh and bang with a blinding flash as a firework lit up the sky behind us, everyone started looking our way, as a brilliant display commenced, could they see us? I don't know, the changing hut was between us and the fireworks, I decided to give them a show just in case.

I got back in the water and stood in front of Gary and took his cock in my mouth, it tasted a bit chloriney but that would soon go. I did my best to get him as big and hard as possible, using all the tricks I'd learnt from Pixie, flicks around the glans, licking from base to tip, all the while massaging his balls with my hand. I stepped out of the pool and Gary followed, I made sure we were side on so if we were in silhouette Gary's huge cock would be visible to all. I pointed Gary to a sun lounger and had him lie down, whereupon I straddled him, leaning down kissing his lips, we kissed for a while, with the fireworks bursting overhead.

I sat up and lifted myself over Gary's engorged cock, I took it in my hand, it was pulsing, I think the thought of making love with a potential audience was turning him on as much as it was me. I pointed Gary's manhood at my bum, I was so wet down below my pussy juices were flowing down my crack, I rubbed his cockhead in some of my juices then pushed it against my bumhole. Lowering myself down the head popped through with little effort, I sighed deeply, this felt so fucking good. I pumped up and down on Gary slowly at first, the fireworks popping in the air matching the fireworks in my head, the oohs and aahs of the audience across the lawn could have been for us or the fireworks, or maybe both, we'll never know.

I sped up as my orgasm neared, Gary pumped hard from below as his neared as well, I was panting now, so was Gary, we'd had a long day and the fucking was taking a lot of our remaining energy.

With a final hard thrust Gary came inside me, pumping jet after jet of hot spunk into my bum.

"Yes, oh Jesus yes." I came as well, "Oh god Gary that was amazing"

The fireworks ended and the crowd applauded them, or us, or both, who knows.

We hugged on the lounger, I was sleepy, so was Gary, and we soon nodded off.

The next morning I awoke with a start, I could hear an engine going past, very close. I looked round, oh shit we're still on the lounger. Weird though, there's a blanket over us. How did that get there?

"Gary, wake up, we need to get back in the house."

"Wha ... Ehhh where are we?"

"Outside, by the pool. We fell asleep here, but somehow we've managed to gain a blanket."

I heard a splash, then steady strokes as someone swam towards us.

"Morning Amy & Gary, do you not like the bed in your room?"

"Oh, good morning Geoff. Oh the bed's probably fine, but we were a bit whacked out from the long day's travelling yesterday, so we fell asleep here."

"And I imagine the sex tired you out as well."

"Oh, did you see us? We got a bit carried away after a quick swim."

"I saw you, am I'm sure others did as well, which is probably what you wanted you little harlot. I saw you were still out here later so I sent Jackie down to cover you up, it can get very cold here at night, although the heat from the pool would have stopped you freezing to death. Now I suggest you get in the house and get a shower, breakfast is served at 8am, which is in about an hour. I'll have someone collect your clothes and have them cleaned and ironed so you can take them home. Your luggage should be unpacked and in your wardrobes by now."

"Err thanks Geoff"

We got up and walked back to the house wrapped together in the blanket, Jackie saw us in the hallway.

"Good morning love birds, sleep well?"

"Like a log" I answered

Gary ran upstairs to use the bathroom still holding the blanket, I was left standing there naked, I don't think Jackie was bothered.

"You never told me that Gary was packing a serious weapon in his pants."

"Didn't I, it must have slipped my mind."

"If you don't mind sharing there's at least two people here would like to have a play."

"I don't mind at all, and Gary doesn't mind if I spend a little time with you. I've even prepped him if Geoff fancies a taste of his cock."

"A cock that size may kill Geoff, but we'll see. Anyway come here honey, I need a good hug."

I threw my arms around Jackie, my head was between her impressive bosom and I felt warm and loved. She gave by pert little bum a smack and sent me upstairs were Gary was in the shower, I joined him and we played around whilst we cleaned ourselves up, then we got dirty again, so had to have another shower. Then it was time to get dressed for breakfast.

I opened the wardrobe and our clothes were all hung up as promised, along with other clothes that had joined them, all in our sizes. Jackie had bought more clothes for us. I think we'll be needing much bigger suitcases going home.

We dressed in some of the new clothes, I must have mentioned to Jackie how much Gary liked the Ralph Lauren shirts I'd forgotten to recycle, so she'd bought him another 10 shirts along with some Ralph Lauren jeans and chinos, she'd finished off his wardrobe with a couple of pairs of hi-top Converse All Stars. My haul was mostly from Gap, along with some pieces from American Apparel and Hollister and some sexy undies from Victoria's Secret.

Breakfast was served outside on the terrace, the staff had been working hard overnight because there was no sign of the party or banquet from last night and the terrace had been swept clean of the cigarettes left behind by all the smokers.

The food was served buffet style, a table laid with fruit, muesli, hot porridge and yoghurt. I filled a bowl with fruit & yoghurt and poured a mug of coffee, Gary collected a bowl of porridge and a mug of coffee. We sat down on a table with Julie and another lady we'd not met before.

"Morning sweetie, how are you feeling today?" asked Julie.

"Well I've slept on a more comfortable bed, but the sleep and shower have done wonders." I answered.

"Mmm those loungers aren't really for spending the whole night on, but you did but on a good show, I'm not sure what got the most cheers, you two or the fireworks."

"Oh god, did everyone see us?"

"Maybe not everyone, but a few people definitely spotted you and passed the word around. Anyway, less about your active sex life Amy, have you met Aggie?"

"No, I don't think we've met before."

"Aggie was one of our best trainers back in England, and we've been trying to get her over here and now she's agreed."

I could see by the way Aggie was looking at Julie that there may been something going between them, she's a lucky girl if that's the case.

"So Amy & Gary, what do you want to do today?"

"The pilot yesterday said he'd fly us around the ranch in the helicopter, that would be nice if it's possible, and I'm sure Gary would like a wander round the garage over the next few days."

"The helicopter trip should be OK, Geoff is working out of the office all day today so it's not being used, I'll get that arranged for you. I'll get the kitchen to pack a picnic, you can stay out by the lake for a while and the pilot can pick you up later if you like."

"Oh that sounds lovely, is that OK for you Gary."

"Yeah, that'll be great, picnic by the lake, I like that idea"

"OK, I'll speak to Geoff and the pilots and get it all arranged. Feel free to have a wander round after your breakfast, we'll come and find you."

After we'd eaten we grabbed a second mug of coffee and set off for a wander around the house, most walls were lined with either paintings or books, it was like a combined art gallery and library. After a little while we found a sitting room, it was around the size of the entrance hall, but not as high. The walls were lined with book cases to head height, then paintings above. The floor was dotted with leather armchairs and sofas, with little tables in between for drinks and books. I put my mug down on a table and took a look round the walls. These books were different from the ones that lined the walls of the hallways, those were all leather bound and old meant for display, these books though were for reading, there was a huge variety; teen romances, horror, sci-fi, crime even some erotic fiction. I searched round and found two of Julie's books, I'd read both of these, very naughty stuff, even Gary enjoyed them.

I took a random book and sat down to read it with the rest of my coffee, Gary followed suit, but he selected a car magazine. We were still there reading when Julie collected us for our helicopter ride. Gary quickly ran upstairs to get his camera and then we met outside the front of the house where the trusty old Land Rover was waiting to take us to the helicopter.

The helicopter was a 4 seater, we sat behind the pilot, Chas, and put on a headset each so the pilot could talk to us during the tour. Chas told us that the ranch is roughly an oblong about 12 by 20 miles. The polo pony stables and training area covers about a square mile right behind the main house, some of the rest of the area is used for grazing about 20,000 cattle, and the remainder is largely unused by the business. There's a half decent car race track set up, and an off road driving course. At the far north of the land is a pretty large lake. In summer it is busy most days with off duty staff and friends, but in winter it's generally empty, so we should have the place to ourselves.

Chas set us down a little way from the lake, saying either he or his buddy Steve would be back in about 4 hours to pick us up. "It's OK if you get up and wander round, there's no cover for miles so we'll be spotted from the air easily", he said as he lifted off.

Gary picked up the picnic hamper and blanket and we walked up to the lake. To me it looked like it might have been a quarry at one time, it was almost perfectly circular, maybe about half a mile across. The shore dipped gently down to the water which I guess fed in and out via the stream I could hear bubbling in the distance.

Gary laid out the blanket and opened the hamper, a selection of cheeses, meats and chutneys with bread and fruit, along with a nicely chilled bottle of champagne. I decided now was as good a time as any.


He turned, "Yeah"

I knelt down and opened a box I had taken out of my pocket

"Will you marry me?"

"Err, you just spoilt what I was going to ask," he pulled out a similar little box and knelt down as well, "Will you marry me?"

We both said "Yes" and rolled on the floor laughing. Once we'd calmed down we swapped rings and kissed for a long long time. I reached across for the champagne, Dom Perignon, Geoff's favourite. I popped the cork and we toasted ourselves straight out of the bottle, then we admired our rings. I'd bought Gary a tungsten ring with rose gold inlay, around the ring was a Morse code engraving.

"What's this say, I think it's Morse,"

"It says 'Love Amy Forever' or at least I hope it does, you'll have to learn Morse code to check. It's both a statement and an instruction."

Gary bought me a white gold solitaire with a big diamond in a claw setting, I think I recognise it and have a feeling that we bought our rings from the same shop in Kendal. Lucky we didn't both turn up at the same time.

We ate some of the food, and drank the rest of the champagne, then we stripped off and went for a swim, well I did and Gary had a paddle, I'm going to have to teach him to swim when we get home. I swam roughly to the middle then turned round and swam back. As I reached the shore I swam right up to Gary and threw my arms around him, kissing him all over his face and neck.

"I love you so much Gary, and we must be so in tune with each other to both decide to get engaged at the same time, and buy our rings from the same shop."

"I love you too Amy, I fell head over heels for you on our first date, and my love grows all the time. When we're apart I feel a hole in my chest that only fills when I see you again."

"Oh Gary, I'm the same, I think we were always meant to be together."

Gary's mighty cock was growing between us, climbing up my tummy, I took his hand and we walked out of the water and lay down on the shore, I climbed on top of him and straddled his cock, feeding it into my waiting pussy, I was so horny and needed to come quickly, so I slammed myself onto his dick and pumped him hard and fast, rubbing my clit at the same time, I came in less than a minute and Gary came soon after as my full body orgasm caused my pussy to clench his prick hard.

I flopped down on top of Gary and we cuddled as our orgasms subsided, then Gary carefully rolled me over keeping his cock in my pussy and he slowly made love to me in the sand, keeping up long slow strokes, each one stretching my pussy to the limit, I soon came again, Gary keeping up the slow momentum, pumping through that orgasm and into the next. I think we made love for two hours solid, I lost count of how many times I came, I think Gary came three times. My pussy and ass were chock full of spunk, my mind was a whirl of emotion, full of love and ecstasy, but something must have made me stop after Gary came for the third time.

"Shit Gary, we need to get cleaned up, the helicopter will be back soon."

We ran into the water to wash ourselves down, then we took turns drying ourselves with the picnic rug. I heard the thrum of the chopper in the distance just as I was buttoning my blouse and Gary was packing the leftover food in the hamper. I hoped my legs were steady as I walked to the helicopter, I'd taken quite a pounding this afternoon.

"Did you kids have fun today?" asked Chas as we climbed aboard.

"Oh yes, we had a swim in the lake, then relaxed on the shore eating the picnic, it's a lovely place and I can understand why the staff come here in summer." I answered.

Chas flew us straight back to the house, landing on the lawn instead of the landing strip, "Geoff's going to town tonight, so I'm waiting for him, let him know I'm here will you. Thanks doll."

We passed Geoff on the way through the door, I flashed him my ring and he stopped dead.

"Oh my dears, I'm so very happy for you. I'll be back in the morning and you can tell me all about it."

As we walked into the house I heard Julie and Jackie talking in the library we'd found earlier, so we walked down there to tell them. I didn't need to flash my ring as Julie saw it instantly, I think girls have a kind of built in engagement ring radar or something.

"Holy shit Amy, has he popped the question?"

"Even better, we both did, at the same time. And we bought our rings in the same shop, although not at the same time or that may have spoilt the surprise."

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