Aunty the Obliging Black Sheep

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A nephew hears that one of his aunts has a drink problem. He goes with his Uncle to their place but explores the property while other members of the family discuss the black sheep. He finds the drunk aunt and takes advantage of her, a situation that she later encourages - read on.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Aunt   Nephew   Gang Bang   Orgy   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Water Sports   Double Penetration   .

Burt had suspected that there was a 'skeleton' in his family; however, it wasn't till he overheard a phone conversation that he knew for certain. He had heard the phone ring but knowing his Uncle was inside let it go and continued with what he was doing. He walked around the side to adjust the sprinklers beside the spare room, the window was open and he heard his Uncle. "Have you discussed the drink problem with Aunty May", his Uncle asked. There was some time before his Uncle spoke again. "Maybe counseling would help". Burt smiled to himself as a thought flashed through his mind. 'Everything has now got to go before a counselor. Bang your toe and 'you must see a counselor'. I don't know how we survived, we had no counselors at boarding school, yet we managed.'

His Uncle didn't mention the call and he didn't ask; for really it was no concern of his. It was their problem. Later that morning his Uncle said

"I thought we would go across to the Aunts this afternoon, it is awhile since we visited them. I know since you left the old country town a year or so ago you have been pretty busy, especially as you work shift and the opportunity to visit them has been a bit difficult", he concluded.

"OK!" Burt replied.

The solid oak door opened on the second chime of the bell. "Albert dear and you too Burt", the Aunt said. "What a lovely surprise". She then called down the hall to tell her other sisters that Albert and his nephew Burt were visiting. The three Aunts were gathered in the lounge room, afternoon tea had been served. Burt had been given a rough idea of why they were visiting. His uncle told him that his Aunt May had a drink problem and was considered the 'black sheep' of the family and it was causing concern and that was the main reason for the visit. "To see if we can work something out", his Uncle said so after the afternoon tea Burt got up, knowing that they wanted to talk. He used his interest in the old buildings that graced the property as an excuse to leave.

He wandered down to the outer buildings. These had been built in the early nineteen century for they housed the buggies and carts that the Aunt's father owned; he was quite wealthy and ran a delivery service. There was a lot of history associated with the buildings and although he hadn't had the opportunity to really explore them, he had read a lot of the history of the family from his Uncle's research into the family tree. Now the buildings were pretty deserted of their original equipment, but there were still a few items that attracted his attention, like an old black powder musket that hung above a side door. He took it down and although the mechanism did work, it needed a good cleaning and oiling. 'I wonder if I can have this' he muttered to himself as he worked the flint and trigger action. The next room was empty although there was evidence that hay or barley or what ever horses ate was stored there for remains were imbedded into the heavy wooden flooring. The next room was empty but a sturdy ladder let up into the loft, an area he hadn't been in before. Although it appeared sound, he tested each rung of the ladder and only then did he climb. The loft smelt of mould and rotting remains of hay bundles were scattered throughout the area.

He ventured along to another open trap door, this was just a hole; the door was missing. He was surprised to find himself above the garage where the aunts kept their car. The vehicle had been the pride of their late father; he had been kept it in immaculate condition and it was very rare for it had a sky light which was almost unheard of in cars of this vintage, but that wasn't what attracted his attention it was that there was a figure sprawled on the back seat. He retreated to the ladder and descended and quietly moved into the garage. He had picked up the old musket, not that it was of any practical use, but a gun is a gun and he was expecting an intruder, instead he found the 'drink problem' Aunt. She was sprawled on the back seat - totally out to it an empty liquid bottle was on the floor. He went around to the other side and opened the door. She virtually took up the entire seat. He smiled for in the position she was her dress was well up her legs, legs that were lily white and rather plump and slightly spread, spread enough so that her pink panties were on display. He had met her on a previous visit, shortly after arriving in the city and out of all the aunts she was the most attractive and also the youngest, he gauged her age as late forties. There was something about the women in the family they were all heavy breasted and secretly he had singled Aunty May out as the one, if the opportunity arose that he would like to fuck, now that opportunity was spread out in front of him.

She grunted in her sleep. He pushed her dress right up till her panties and thick strains of hair were fully revealed. Gingerly he began to pull them down. She grunted again. 'Fuck your hairy', he muttered. It only took a few more seconds to take them off. He moved her fat legs so her cunt was more easily available. He was 'rock hard'. He removed his trousers and getting between her legs, worked his cock head into her cunt, and shoved. Aunty May gave a grunt, a gurgle but apart from that slept on.

He pumped, his cock worked beautifully in her crack. 'If she doesn't wake up with a cunt full of cock, she won't if I suck on her tits', he smiled. He undid her blouse and gave a whistle as those lily white melons were revealed, for like her sisters she wore no bra. Burt emptied his load with a thrust that did surprise him for she only gave a grunt and only then did he pull out. He removed her panties, shoving them in the glove box; he left her with her tits bare and her hairy cunt on full display.

It was some weeks later when again he was over at the Aunts in the company of a work friend who was there, at his Uncle's request to help move some furniture from one of the Aunt's room to another, so the room could be redecorated, that Aunty May came up to him. She whispered. 'Are you going to give me another fuck?' It was a question that puzzled him. 'How did she know', he asked himself. His startled expression made her smile. 'I woke up with my tits bare, my legs wide open and the hair around my cunt wet and sticky. I know you have fancies me, remember the day you gave me a 'touch up'? I was told that you and Uncle Albert had been over so I reckoned that it was you who pumped me".

"Well if you want a fuck Aunty dear, you better suck on it first, just to made it hard", Burt replied as his mate just stood with his mouth opened. Although the woman hadn't spoken loud, it was loud enough for him to hear. His Aunt, without any hesitation or embarrassment at the present of another person, fumbled with his belt. She dropped his trousers and taking his hardening cock began to suck.

"That is it Aunty May take the lot", he grunted as he pulled her head hard into his groin. "Make it nice and wet so I can shove it up your bum". As she sucked he undid and removed her blouse, those melons fell free and his mate gave a gasp of astonishment. "Fuck they're enormous". Burt pulled her head away, saliva dripped from her mouth. He turned her around and told her to bend over, she did. She was wearing no panties and that large, smooth and lily white bottom was a target too good to ignore. "Suck my mate's cock", he grunted as he pushed his cock head between the cheeks of that attractive bottom. His mate had never been offered such an invitation, in seconds his throbbing hard-on was resting against her lips and as her nephew gave the thrust that opened her up, she was thrust forward, her mouth opened and as that cock totally disappeared the mate gave a groan of pleasure and like his friend grabbed her head and pulled it into his groin and let her suck him and hopefully suck him dry.

Burt fucked till his balls exploded. "Your turn now George", he said as he pulled his cock out. "Fuck Aunty May up the bum". Just before George slid into that lubricated bottom she smiled and said. "The secretary of the bowling club loves to 'bum me' also. Bert didn't reply he just licked his lips as his cock, although limp and covered in cum disappeared into his Aunt's willing mouth. She bucked and grunted as she was ravished and when George emptied his load, she arched upward almost dragging Burt's cock off by the roots. Her tits swung and bounce. Their final act was to let her suck them both dry. As Burt held her head hard against his groin as he emptied his load, gasped. "Let it flow Aunty dear". Aunty opened her mouth and let it flow.

The idea for a picnic was really the Uncle's, but the idea to invite Aunty May along was Burt and that had the agreement of George and another work colleague Ambo, a black from Africa. Ambo had joined the company and it was only when he was transferred into the department where Burt and George worked that he joined them in the canteen and simply teamed up with them as a work colleague. He had heard of the activities of this Aunt and the desire and hope that he had since coming to the country was to fuck a white woman. He was all in favour of her joining the picnic. Burt decided to pick the most isolated picnic spot he could think off and after all the picnic gear was in the vehicle and his Aunt next to him and his mates in the back he said. "The place I have chosen is a bit hard to get at, but we can manage it and the area is just large enough for a comfortable picnic and all that is required is a bit a clamber down to the lake".

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