Training a Young Lover

by WVBoy

Copyright© 2013 by WVBoy

Erotica Sex Story: What happens when you have tried many different lovers and none of them really fill the void the way you want it filled. You train your own in the way you want it done.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   True Story   Swinging   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

"Hi Bill, I'm just getting off from work, I won't be home for a little while."

That was how it started, with a simple phone call, a phone call that Bill had received hundreds of times before. Katie was working as a snack bar attendant for a local theater group named Justice And Newman. The group owned several drive-ins in the area and a couple of walk-in movie theaters. Katie never knew for sure where she would be working each evening; she would report to the main office and be sent where ever she would be needed for that evening. This made it almost impossible to tell what time she would be getting off from work. Every evening she would call Bill to let him know if she would be home soon or maybe she would be going on a date with someone she had met during that evening. Katie loved being a snack bar attendant; it afforded her a wonderful opportunity to meet lots of potential lovers, oh, if some girlfriends only knew how their boyfriends flirted with the snack bar attendants.

Katie, even though she was now 31, she still had all the appearances of a woman in her very early 20's. She was just as beautiful as the day they were wed almost 14 years ago. Her boobs had grown into a full 36C, her waist was still a very slim 24 and she still had that great apple shaped ass and she knew exactly how to sway it to draw looks from all the men who happened to be around. Katie knew how to drive men crazy; she had dark brown, fuck me, eyes, when she looked directly at a man, he would be overcome with her hypnotic gaze. Her face was the face of an angel, it had that fresh soft look of a teenager and it was framed with "middle of the back" length light brown hair. The total package spelled nothing but temptation for men.

"Have a hot date lined up for the night?"

Katie and Bill had developed a very open marriage over the last six years. If Katie met someone that she wanted to have sex with, she had freedom to fulfill that need any time she wanted to and she took advantage of that freedom several times a week. Most marriages would not survive the pressure brought on by this type of life style, but it had drawn Katie and Bill closer than they had ever been. They both were in deep love with the other, that type of love that develops by weathering hard times and good times together. Bill knew that after one of her dates, she would be coming home to him and they would make love with a passion that rivaled their first night together as a newly married couple. It had taken them eight years together before this life style started, it had taken that long for them to learn that there was a difference between making love and just raw sex, what Katie was after was raw sex and lots of it.

"No, not tonight. I'm too tired. You remember me telling you about Andy, the new kid? He doesn't have a car and I'm going to give him a ride home, I should be home in about 45 minutes."

"Yes, I remember you talking about him, be very careful driving and hurry home, I've got something that I want to give you when you get here. I'll even give you a hint, it's warm and hard"

"You are rotten. I wonder what that could be? Keep it nice and hard for me, I'll be home shortly."

Andy had only been out of high school a few months, nineteen years old and a good looking boy. He had a very athletic build, although he had never played sports in school, his muscular build had came from doing hard work around the family farm. Andy had worked hard to make it through school. It had not easy for him; he had struggled with almost every subject and had to spend twice the time that others had to spend just trying make a passing grade, there was no help from his parents on homework. It wasn't their fault, neither of them had an education; they had to drop out of school to help with their families. College was out of the question, he just would never make it with the harder classes, so he had decided to find a job and work his way up through the ranks. His father had always taught him that hard work would pay off in the end.

When he saw the help wanted ad in the local paper he had made a special trip just to apply for the job. Sure enough, a couple of days after filling out the application, the secretary from JAN called and asked him to come in for an interview. Andy had worried about the interview; he was never a people person. He had always been a loner and thus had not developed good interpersonal skills. But even with that he had managed to stagger his way through the interview and evidently he made an impression on the young lady that had interviewed him. They offered him the job of gofer. It was his job to drive a company truck taking supplies around to each of the theater locations every day and if someone ran out of anything he would make a second or third trip during the evening, transferring supplies between locations. If there was nothing else to do or someone had called off, he would spend the evening at one of the drive-in locations helping out with whatever he could do. Over the short time that he had been working for JAN he had become very proficient in all of the jobs they had asked him to do.

Andy had to catch a ride to work every day and then call his dad to pick him up after work. He knew that it was hard on his dad, because his dad had to get up early every morning to go to work himself. Andy vowed that as soon as he could save up some money he would buy his own car. It was not easy to save money; he always gave part of his pay check to his mother to help with things at home and part to pay his dad for the gas used to pick him up. Money at home had always been tight; his dad only had a sixth grade education and could only get minimum wage jobs.

Katie had met Andy one evening when he delivered supplies to the drive-in where she was working. As they unloaded the truck they had talked and Katie told him that anytime he needed a ride just tell her and she would be more than happy to drop him off at home. She didn't see a lot of him, he was always delivering something to one of the other theaters, but when he had free time he usually worked at the drive-in that was closest to his house.

One night he was working with Katie at the snake bar, someone had called in sick and he was filling in. Katie admired his rippling muscles that were plainly visible through the tee-shirt that he was wearing. She loved the way the muscles in his arms swelled when he picked up one of the heavy cases of supplies.

They had lots of time to talk during the movie before intermission and Katie had offered again to take him home and reluctantly he had agreed. With Katie it didn't take long for her to turn any conversation to the area of sex. She found out that Andy was very inexperienced in the area of sex, about all that he had ever done was feel up a girl a couple of times and then go home and jack off.

After work that evening Katie gave Andy a ride home. Katie drove a big older model Cadillac, big as a boat and a real gas hog. She didn't care; she loved that car and wouldn't trade it for anything else on the road. When she drove the Cadie and talked to someone sitting in the front seat with her, she had the habit of placing her hand on that person's leg or knee. That night was no different; while she was driving Andy home and they were talking she had her hand on his knee the whole time. Andy really didn't know what to make of her action.

Katie really didn't mean anything by the action; it was just something that she did.

When they arrived at Andy's house he started to get out of the car, Katie bent over and kissed him on the cheek and told him good night, just like she would do with one of her own children, Andy turned red. Katie could tell that he not only was embarrassed by the kiss but also by the rather large bulge in the front of his pants.

The next night Katie and Andy again were working together when the phone at the concession stand rang, it was the office calling for Andy. They informed him that he would have to work with Katie for the next week or so until they could hire someone else to replace the other girl. She had called in and quit, no notice, just "I quit."

Andy didn't mind, he liked working with Katie, especially when she would bend low getting into the popcorn machine. The machine was placed at the back of the stand, when she would scoop out a bag of popcorn she had her back to the customers but her front would be toward the other worker. Katie made sure that she always had a couple of buttons unbuttoned on her blouse; as a matter of fact the main office encouraged the girls to do that, because it was good for business. When she bent over getting popcorn, Andy would get a great view of the top of Katie's breasts; and he just couldn't take his eyes off that view. They looked so soft yet firm; he could catch a view of her lace bra if she happened to be filling a large bag of corn and had to reach all the way to the back of the machine. Andy had never really thought much about sex, he had always been too busy trying to make it through school and working the farm, but with the sights he was seeing now, it was stirring an animal drive that was hidden deep inside him. After riding home with Katie each evening, he would go to his room and have to release the built up storm of cum that was crying to get out.

Katie knew exactly what she was doing; when she saw him watching she would even bend a little lower than normal just to fill his eyes. She made sure that if she needed to pick something up from the bottom shelf that Andy was always close by, close enough that when she was down working on the shelf that her face was always just a couple of inches from his crouch. There were times that she would "accidently" back into him or squeeze past him in the close quarters of the store room.

Each evening after work was a repeat of the first evening, talking all the way home, Katie's hand on his knee, then just before getting out of the car, the kiss on the cheek. All remained the same until that night about a week later. That night was the first step, a step that neither of them had planned, it just happened. As usual they had talked that night, then just as Andy was about to get out of the car, no one knows if it was planned or it just happened, but as Katie moved over to kiss Andy on the cheek, he turned his head when she kissed him, not on the cheek as normal but this time it was on the lips. Just a friendship kiss at first, but as they broke apart, Katie leaned back into him again, this time not a friendship kiss, but a lovers kiss.

Instantly Katie could see the tent in the front of his pants rapidly expanding. Katie drew back to see his reaction to the kiss, Andy looked like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. Not knowing if he should run or freeze where he was. One part of him wanted to run as fast as he could, he knew that Katie was married, but the other part wanted to stay and enjoy the female company that was beside him.

Katie spoke first, "You had better get inside, before your mom and dad comes looking for you. It looks like you have a job to do tonight." She looked down at the large bulge in his pants. Deciding to push it one step more, she took her small hand and placed it on his hardened member. "Get out of here."

The next night at work was kind of strained, Andy was almost afraid to look at Katie. He was afraid that she would think evil of him. Katie went through the evening as usual, giving Andy plenty of chances to see her breasts, plenty of times she backed into him and rubbed her beautiful ass against him.

Driving Andy home that night, they passed the time talking as usual, but Andy seemed far away. On the route and about half way home they always passed a scenic overlook that looked out over the river and a couple of islands, it was a place that lots of locals would come to park and watch the light reflect off the water and of course get some old fashioned loving in. The cops ignored the area; they usually made a trip through the area once or twice an evening, never bothered anyone, just wanting to make sure that there was no trouble.

As they were coming up to the turnoff for the overlook, Katie turned on her signal lights and pulled in. Andy looked shocked. Katie pulled into a spot overlooking the river and turned off the engine and the lights. She kept the radio playing in the background.

Turning toward Andy, she said, "Don't be ashamed about last night, you did nothing wrong. It was only nature coming out. Don't worry about me and my marriage, it is solid and Bill knows that I have other lovers."

"I just didn't want to cause any problems. Can we just sit awhile and talk?"

"No problem, what do you want to talk about."

"I don't know."

"Andy, you are such a sweet kid, but it's time you became a man and leave childhood things behind. You said that you really never had a girlfriend or had sex, is that right."

"No, I don't guess that I have ever really had a girlfriend, I've had a few dates, but that is all. I've always been too busy trying to get through school."

"Last night could be the beginning of you becoming a man. I don't want to do anything to hurt our friendship. How far this goes or what we do or don't do, I'll leave entirely up to you. I will not push you in any way or do anything that you don't want to do."

With that Katie unbuckled her seat beat. One of the things that she loved about the old Cadie was the large bench seat in the front. Katie put her hand down to the side of the seat, triggering the button that moved the seat as far back from the dash as it would go, and she released the steering wheel and let it swing up out of the way. She folded up the arm rest that was between them and moved her body over close to his. She reached down and released his seat belt so there would be nothing between them. Now with nothing between them she laid her head on his shoulder. Andy really didn't know what to do. She took his arm and put it around her shoulders. His shoulder muscles were so hard and she felt so warm and safe here in his arms.

No words were spoken; Katie turned her face toward Andy, took his face in her small hands and kissed him, not a light kiss but one that took over where the one from the night before left off. Slowly she moved her hands from his cheeks to the back of his head. Running her fingers through his long hair, she pulled him into herself, she inhaled the young man's scent, if filled her nostrils, and it triggered something deep inside of her.

"Andy there is a difference between love and just plain lust. I'm in love with my husband, that will never change, but I lust after other men. Don't confuse the two; I can never fall in love with another."

Again Katie kissed Andy, this time she let her left hand fall to his lap, trying to find the hard rod that she had her hand on the night before. It didn't take her long to locate the prize that she sought. Without even breaking her kiss she wrapped her fingers one at a time around his cock. She was testing the waters to see if he would pull back or not. Even through his pants she could fell his cock throb with each beat of his heart.

Andy start to say something, "I l ... mmmmm."

Katie pushed her lips against his cutting him off in mid sentence. "No, Andy, don't say that, this has nothing to do with love."

She pushed her lips against his, using her left hand only, she began to unzip his pants, just a few teeth at a time; she was looking for any negative reaction. When there was no resistance, she now used both hands to unzip his fly, unbutton his pants and loose his belt. As they kissed deeply, she ran her light finger inside his pants sought out the opening in his underwear and slipped inside. The coolness of her touch made Andy jump, not from fright but from surprise. Andy tried to say something, but Katie would not break the kiss for him to speak.

As her fingers began their search within his underwear Andy began to relax and slip down in the soft leather seat. Katie removed her hand from his pants, reached across him, pushed the button that reclined the seat. As the seat began to recline Katie shifted in the seat so that she was on top of him. After the seat was completely reclined, she released the button and renewed her search into his pants, as her fingers touched his cock for the first time there was a shiver run through his body.

From just barely touching his cock she began to let her fingers encircle the hardened cock. She could feel the wetness of his pre-cum along the head, feel the pronounced veins along its length, and fell the power hidden within. Katie licked her lips, anticipation was running through her, but she knew that she had to teach one step at a time.

"Andy, when you go home at night do you jack off to release yourself?"

"After being with you all evening, I have to do something."

"Would you mind if I did it for you tonight?"

Andy didn't say a word, just raised his ass off the seat allowing Katie to pull both his pants and underwear down. This was all the invitation that Katie needed. She opened the glove compartment took out a handful of tissues, handed them to Andy, and then she started to work. Sliding her hand down the complete length of his cock, even in the dark she could tell that is was at least seven inches long and very large in width, so large that her fingers would not wrap all the way around it. Slowly she pumped, just enough friction to pull the skin down and then up, but not enough to hurt. With her right hand she began to pick up the pace, and with her left she cupped his balls, compared to his hard cock, they felt so warm and soft. Andy was pushing himself into the seat and beginning to breathe hard. Katie knew that he wouldn't be able to hold out long and that was ok for this first time. Faster and faster she pumped, increasing both her speed and at the same time tightening her grip and increasing the friction. Feeling his balls beginning to tighten she knew that he soon would be sending streams of cum into the air.

"Oh God, I'm going to cum," was all that he could say. Katie felt his balls begin to convulse and his cock grow harder and longer. She did not stop, she kept pumping. With each down stroke the cum was building, with each stroke, Andy was pushing himself deeper into the leather seat back.

Even in the dark, Katie could feel the streams of hot cum falling back on her hand, she didn't stop, she wanted to pump him dry. Andy placed his hand on top of hers and asked her to stop. He pulled himself from the seat and kissed her like he had never kissed anyone before.

Katie spoke, "How was that?"

"Wonderful, it felt so different with you do it compared to when I do it."

"You have only begun to experience the joys of sex. She turned on the light for him to clean up and rearrange himself before she took him home. This was the first time she had seen his dick. It was wonderful looking, she almost couldn't hold back from jumping on top of it, she reached her fingers to her lips licked off his cum, kissed her fingertips and place them on the head of his cock. It was coming back to life. "Don't get too stirred up, I need to get you home. Tomorrow, tell your parents that you will be a little late and we will talk some more.

As Katie pulled up in front of Andy's house she again took his head in her hands and gave him a deep kiss, letting her tongue explore the insides of his mouth.

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