Cabin Fever

by Losgud

Copyright© 2013 by Losgud

Romantic Sex Story: Your mother wonders what you're getting your grown little sister for her birthday. With the aid of your sister's best "girlfriend" you wind up giving her a dose of cabin fever. Be advised: there is no known cure, just an ongoing course of treatments. This rare outing is dedicated to my fans. Per my usual, there is plenty of sex, but also plenty of story. Proceed at your own predilection. Codes are kept to the pertinent minimum. As always, enjoy!

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

The kitchen floor was so goddamn gross I decided to mop it. After bashing at it with a broom. A guy living alone, that's when things got cleaned. I reminded myself, yet again, to do it more often, so that it wasn't such a fucking chore when I finally got around to it.

I'd just sat down on the sofa, exhausted by my efforts, when the phone rang. The floor was now spotless, and all the cleaning crap was put away, and I wouldn't have objected to sliding into a little nap. I picked up the phone, and saw it was Mom; I answered anyway. She had this ability, like a superpower, that could somehow bypass voice mail. When Mom called, the phone just fucking rang until you picked it up.

"What's this weekend?" she brayed.

"Um, a Saturday and a Sunday?"

"It's your sister's birthday, silly! So what are you getting her?"

Um, nothing. "Um, nothing."

"Nothing?" she screeched.

It was a kindness Jill and I had settled on when we were in our early teens.

"But don't you remember that horse statue you gave her? She cherished that gift."

Except she hadn't. She'd turned thirteen and was over horses. Horses, after all, weren't boys. A few months later, when I turned fifteen, she'd given me some new cool outfit for my G.I. Joes, which'd spent the last year and a half in a stray cardboard box in the attic markered "War Dolls". That was the year we made our covenant.

"I'll probably take her out to dinner or something," I offered. Then I went on the offensive. "What did you get her?" As if I couldn't guess.

"I got her a lovely sweater, and a nice pair of wool socks, now that it's moving towards winter."

My sister was born the second of September, so usually summer had barely sat back down. Credit due, Jill always kept the sweaters for a few months, wearing them several times in front of Mom, before stuffing them in the bags for DAV. The socks--I'd seen her--she dropped straight in the trash. "Why would anyone wear itchy socks? I'd rather lose a couple toes to frostbite."

I was on the verge of saying stuff to that effect when I decided to shut my stupid mouth and be a kind son.

"Did you hear what Chloe got her?"

No, I hadn't. Jill's birthday fell on Labor Day weekend, and Chloe had secured some sort of cabin retreat for them. Mom ended her tale with a long upbeat sigh. "I just think it's so nice that Jill has such a great friend in Chloe."

I again held my tongue. About how it'd be an extended weekend of pussy licking. Both Jill and Chloe weren't wasted for guys, but they obviously enjoyed a special friendship. I didn't care about any of that. Other than in the guy-abstract. Chloe's DNA gave her a big chest drawing everyone's eyes. Though to be honest, my sister, from what I saw through shirts, though smaller, had way hotter tits.

I felt weird thinking such thoughts, and all the while Mom went on blah-de-fucking-blah. I was tired of the couch. I was thinking of my bed. An afternoon nap was sounding really good to me. Maybe I'd descend into that by first jacking off while thinking about Jill and Chloe in a cabin. I was that depraved.

Mom had apparently tired of me as well. The call came to a quick end. I did in fact get off the couch and go curl up in bed. I lay there thinking about breasts, and got pretty hard, but then I fell asleep.

I dreamt of other terrible horrible things--when I jolted awake, all I wanted was coffee. To cleanse myself with such an elixir.

I was barely on my first mug, when the phone rang again.

This time it was Chloe.

I'd met her and all that, enough to guess at her friendship with my sister. They complemented one another nicely. I frankly didn't care what other people did, being not my business. Chloe was no doubt hot, but I'd never been around her long enough to chug up the old charm machine. There was no reason for her to be calling me. We'd never, even incidentally, been connected by phones.

We were chatting along when she brought up the cabin thing. Thing was ... she invited me to join them. She said it in such a sultry tone--extending the invitation--it was like she'd pulled up her shirt. Of course I said yes! while really expecting nothing in return. Call it the undying optimism of the truly subservient gender. When the hen says, "Dance!" you better motherfuckin' dance.

She was telling me that they'd be bringing the provisions, when her voice went low. "But if you have any manly attributes to contribute, feel free to pack them along. Like an axe, or maybe a posthole digger," she started giggling. Instantly even her breathing was almost completely muted. And then, clear as a bell, like a hand had moved from the mouthpiece, I heard my sister lightly declare, "Who are you teasing now you little slut?"

A question left unanswered as the line went dead. I thought about what I should do. Alert the police? Alienate my sister? I decided to do nothing. I was just this guy who'd answered his phone. My only question was whether it was worth the bother to try to continue the interrupted nap.

I gave up on that when the phone rang again maybe twenty minutes later, just as my eyelids were sealing shut.

It was Jill, who hadn't phoned me since well before she met Chloe. We weren't a telephone family. In her sweetest voice, she basically echoed Chloe's original invitation, without the mention of my posthole digger.

I happily accepted the second invitation. It felt funny talking to and agreeing with Jill about how much fun it would be. The throb in my pants was doing all my voting. I was voting with the throb in my pants. Sisters might be off-limits, but hell--their friends weren't! As if that ever worked out.

They picked me up Friday after work. I was all packed. I even came packing a bow saw and a hatchet. My sister laughed at me when I came back having gone back for that. "We're going to a cabin for the weekend. Not out in the wilderness for the rest of our lives."

I shrugged and finished loading the trunk. "Chloe said there was a real fireplace. You have to come prepared to do mighty battle. I know I want a fire. You can't expect the trees to just shrug and waltz in through the door and lay down on the hearth.

Chloe gave a melodious laugh. "I just adore a man who's thoughtful enough to come packing all his tools." We both blushed, as did my sister. I didn't know what was going on. I clambered into the backseat, and all the tensions evaporated.

It was like I was a rat, having taken the bait, waiting for the effect.

The drive was barely over an hour, though nearly two after we stopped for dinner. I kept poking my head up between the seats to participate in the conversations, though also to catch peeps down Chloe's cleavage. She flirted right back at me. I knew it was all a delusion, an illusion--I'd never get to undress that. Certainly not this particular weekend.

But then Jill would take advantage of any silence to drive the two us into some memory of when we were kids, cutting Chloe out completely.

I began wondering if they'd even be sharing a bed. I was certainly hoping that my little vacation didn't turn into me adjudicating their stupid fucking lesbian squabbles. I didn't know the case law, nor common law regarding such stuff. I wasn't qualified to speak of what two girls choose to do.

I wouldn't deny that all the long ride I didn't sit there with my head leaned against the window, vaguely thinking about Chloe. If she did indeed break from my sister, maybe she'd like to find succor in the arms of her former lover's brother?

That notion seemed just perverse enough. I'd noticed her well before. Who wouldn't want to bang their sister's hot girlfriend? Give a girl the cock she's been missing, while staying close to the DNA.

When we got to the cabin, it was a lot smaller, indeed rustic, than I'd imagined. Or had been led to imagine. It was basically one large room. It did have the big hearth. On one side, a doorway opened into a galley kitchen; a stub of a hallway on the other led to three doors. But there was only one bedroom, bearing a pair of beds. Doors number two and three were the bathroom and a closet. The beds weren't quite twin-sized, though each a bit too comfy to comfortably sleep two. Maybe the girls would let me have one, but I was betting on the broken down sofa facing the fireplace.

That was fine by me. I dropped my bag in a near corner of the main room. I doubted the closet held much in the way of extra blankets, so at least I'd have the fire. Maybe it was the elevation, maybe it was a freak weather front, but for early September it was getting downright chilly as the sun started dipping behind the hills.

There were a few logs stacked by the hearth, but nothing enough to last an hour. Besides, you can't just strike a match and stick it against a log and hope to be happy and warm.

While I had just the one bag, the girls had packed the trunk full. Sure, they had brought all the provisions, but still they each had multiple bags of personal items. I could've been a gentleman and helped their unloading--Jill said as much.

I laughed and paraphrased. "We're at a cabin for the weekend, not in the wilderness for the rest of our lives. I fit all the clothes I'll need in one bag..."

"We're girls," Jill huffed, "we have more stuff!"

I reached into the trunk and retrieved my saw and hatchet. "Well, you girls will finally appreciate that I brought my tools--there's only two logs inside."

Chloe sort of tittered, "I'm sure we'll be needing much more than two logs before this weekend is through!"

I saw my sister shoot her a cross sort of look that I couldn't and didn't even care to decipher. I gave a mental shrug and marched off into the brush.

I got lucky rather quickly, finding some tangled windfall that'd aged a few seasons without coming to full rest on the ground. I cut a few good limbs, dragged them up to the cabin, and spent an hour sawing and splitting the lot. Just as the light was failing, I started carrying in about half a rick of prime firewood, stacking it neatly out of spark's way.

The girls weren't in the kitchen, which was fully stocked, so I figured they were in the bedroom filling the dressers. I grabbed a beer from the fridge, sucking it down fast as I went to work getting the fire going. I was concentrating so hard on the effort that I was spooked by a floral scent suddenly wafting into the room.

I shot a glance over my shoulder to see the girls entering the room. I watched the girls, entering. They'd changed into slumber party outfits, their damp hair just starting to dry. I got it. While I was out of the way, chopping wood, they'd resolved their differences, and then showered away the evidence. I was fine with that, crouched as I was stinking of manly sweat and fire smoke.

They sort of milled about, watching me. "So, how's it going?" Jill asked.

"Starting to go really good," I answered, accidentally knocking over my empty bottle.

"Thanks for all your hard work," Chloe smiled. "It's starting to feel so cozy in here."

After getting the fire roaring, I rose and stepped back, flopping down towards one end of the sofa. Chloe quickly moved and claimed the other end. I tried hard not to stare too hard at her chest. She was wearing a worn white sleeveless ribbed wife-beater tee that clearly showed she didn't have a bra on underneath. Her generous cleavage was quite on display, but more so I could see she had the type of dark thumb-tip nipples that really required a bra's disguise, especially underneath such threadbare fabric. Not that I was complaining.

Jill went out to the fridge and returned with three bottles of beer, pulling up a chair to face us, enjoying the warmth of the fire that much more than us schmucks back on the couch.

We chatted about this and that, the pure pleasure of being on vacation. We were all well relaxed. I hadn't been meaning to stare too hard, but at one point, Chloe attempted to redirect my errant vision. "My eyes are up here," she corrected.

I was loose enough, and emboldened by her flirty style, to reply, "Yea, but your pretty tits are down there. And seemingly on display."

Jill broke up cackling. "He called you out on that one, girl!"

Chloe shot us a saucy smirk, arched her back and thrust those babies out even further, straining the fabric that much more. "This is what they look like when they're actually on display," she added smugly.

Jill clapped her hands in delight while I struggled to keep my sip of beer swallowing in the right direction, instead of shooting out my nose.

"What's the matter," Chloe asked me all innocent-eyed, "cat got your tongue?"

"Sounds more like he has some stray pussy hair caught in his throat," my sister noted.

I finished up coughing, glad that all the spare blood in my body had sped to my head in my exertions, spared the opportunity of flowing elsewhere and gathering into a more embarrassing configuration. What were these girls doing? These girls being my own sister and her special girlfriend.

I finished sputtering, finally speaking. "I think you all need to thank me for not hosing you both down with beer out my nose and turning this into a wet t-shirt contest.

"Hmm," Chloe demurred, "that might've been kind of interesting, if a little gross."

"Hey!" Jill turned the attention to herself, "I'm not even wearing a t-shirt," she coyly toyed with the uppermost fastened button on the tight little blouse she was wearing.

"Honey, trust me," Chloe counseled her, "with a spray of beer and snot, you'd be very much in the running."

"God, you guys!" I gasped. "I thought guys were the ones supposed to be obsessed with breasts."

My sister gave me a crooked little smile. "You boys are the ones with boobs-on-the-brains. Us girls just happen to be the ones with boobs on our bodies."

Chloe gave a whoop, "Amen, sister," and the two high-fived. It was definitely turning into an interesting evening. One in which, perhaps, I'd come away with a better understanding of women. Higher education was always a good thing, particularly of this sort. Because, of course, not only had girls cornered the market on breasts, they also had that softness between their legs that the hardness between mine almost constantly desired. A little schooling while on vacation that might guide me to a more successful career, well, I was happy to be an eager student. Even if it was all theory-based.

When the next round became imminent, Chloe climbed to her feet to fetch it. After hitting the fridge, she disappeared into the bedroom briefly. My sister and I just sort of smiled at one another while she was away. I noticed that the button my sister had been toying with earlier had been inadvertently set free, opening the gap in her blouse even more.

I was determined not to repeat my mistake, but then Jill broke eye contact, shifting her body to glance towards the kitchen, and then to the bedroom, following Chloe and leaving my eyes to wander at will. I resisted at first, because the heavy sway involved my sister's tits. She leaned forward, tracking her girlfriend's movement into the bedroom, and I got lost in the view of her cleavage, the way her breasts pushed at the front of the fabric differently from the chocolate chip nipples of her lover.

Chloe returned with our beers, and a small handbag. Once we were back to sipping, she undid the zipper, singing, "Got a little something special!" She pulled out a little pipe, and packed the bowl with such stinky bud I instantly smelled it on my end of the couch. We all leaned in as we passed the pipe and lighter around. After the first hit, I was even stealing glimpses down the front of my sister's shirt. It was that kind of weed.

Once the bowl was cashed, she asked if she should reload. Jill and I sort of shrugged like what's the point? She seemed to agree, setting the pipe on the endtable and picking up her beer. Chloe then resettled on the sofa, settling down, hogging the sofa, her back against the arm on her end while her ankles crossed in my lap.

Jill too shifted in her chair, scooting it closer, swinging her legs up, her feet winding up in my lap as well. It was like watching some sort of porn I'd never known about, seeing their petite girl feet in their cute girl socks stroking one another's calves. Ankles intertwining. Toes kissing toes. While massaging me.

Needless to say, my lap became very happy to be the center of that universe--there was no way the girls couldn't have noticed.

Chloe gave out a long sigh that ended in a giggle. "I love smoking weed, but it always gets me so horny."

"Since when has that ever been a problem for you?" Jill laughed.

Chloe began running the concave of her Achilles' tendon crosswise up and down the convex in my pants. "And I'm doubly aroused that we have this hot guy to share. I hope you don't have any problems with the fact that he's your brother. If you have any later regrets, you can always blame it on the weed."

Suddenly one of my sister's feet was firmly in my crotch, the ball of her foot pressing against my balls, her toes dancing some girly sock magic along the shaft.

"I certainly can't imagine any regrets," she smiled at me.

Raised to that point, neither could I! "Or we could blame it on the beer," I added like an idiot, raising mine in toast. Chloe promptly grabbed it out of my hand and set it on the table alongside hers. "I think we're done with beer for now." She shifted on the sofa again, rising to her knees, leaning over to trace delicate kisses all along my neck.

My sister retracted her legs from my lap and then completely unfolded her body, rising from her chair. She moved catlike to her new perch on the arm of the sofa I was nearly but not quite sitting against. There really wasn't enough room for her to slide down and sit on the other side of me, but slide down she did, one thigh wedging between mine and the sofa arm, while her other leg was slung over both of mine as she batted a fist against my shoulder. "C'mon, quit hogging the couch, bro."

Minor adjustments were made as I scooted slightly closer to Chloe. Jill started mimicking Chloe's kissing on the other side of my neck, and then one of her hands found her friend's stroking my bulge. Chloe gave a little titter. "Guess I'm not the only horny one tonight."

Jill gave me a smile as she straightened up, her hands moving to her friend's chest. "I've kind of noticed how you've been staring at Chloe's tits all day." Her hands molded and lifted the orbs, fingers tweaking the pointy nipples poking out the fabric into a further stiffness.

"Actually," I confessed, "I've been staring at them since the first time we met. Discreetly, I've always imagined."

"Wanna finally see 'em?" my sister teased.

Chloe gave the front of my pants a final squeeze, then lifted her arms up in the air while grinning at me. Jill reached for the hem of Chloe's shirt, lifting it up and over her head, and flinging it away. Chloe too sat up straight, arching her back, showing herself off to the best vantage. She had a big pair of firm melons topped with brownish half-dollar areoles and pencil-eraser nipples that begged for a bra even when they weren't feeling happy.

"Aren't they delicious," my sister prodded, her hands back on them, her fingers urging the nipples into full flush. "Aren't they totally suckalicious?"

That they were. I was just thinking of leaning my head and lips that way when Chloe sort of cackled. "Wait until you see your sister's tits." Her fingers undid the buttons of Jill's blouse, top to bottom, her hands moving back up to push the fabric from her shoulders, like removing the dried chrysalis away from the most beautiful butterfly ever.

"They're not as big," Jill demurred, casting her glance down.

"But aren't they even hotter?" Chloe declared, palming them as her friend held hers. I'd never seen my sister's breasts, not since they were bare bumps. They were smaller, conical, pointing straight out with no threat of sag, topped with pink puffy nipples that swelled from the small areoles on in just from Chloe's slight touch.

"And they're so sensitive," Chloe informed me, "much more than mine. There's a nips-to-clit hotline--I can make your sister come just by sucking on them. They're like doorbells, really. Ding-dong, and her pussy opens right on up and says come on in, welcome to the party."

"Stop!" Jill whispered, nearly lisping, as a lovely blush rose up her chest.

Chloe cooed, "Since when have you ever said stop, my love?"

I was ready to hit the pipe again, have another sip off my bottle, just to deal with the craziness suddenly unleashed. While the two fondled one another with such familiarity, I lightly touched the soft sides of their flesh. I was expecting that they would turn to me and for the first time in my life I would have more tits in my face than my mouth and hands could handle.

Instead, my sister regained her composure, standing up, drawing Chloe to her feet as well. They continued fondling each other's breasts while staring breathlessly at one another. "Put on a little show?" Chloe asked.

With that they stepped even closer together, hands leaving their breasts as they twirled each other in their separate arms, breasts pushing against breasts as their hands ran all over, up and down the other's back, from bare necks down to clutching at the fabrics covering their asses, pulling themselves ever tighter as their lips locked and the tongues started to flow.

They broke their kissing long enough for Chloe to observe, "I think we're having an effect on your brother." Jill looked down at the obvious bulge in my pants, the panting gape to my mouth. She smiled down at me. "You think this is hot--check this out." She shifted them until they were both at more a three-quarter profile facing me, and then she yanked down Chloe's bottoms.

I'd been starting to smell that smell, but when Chloe was revealed, it came on even stronger. I was mesmerized by the sight. Chloe was smooth between her legs, shaved bare. From my vantage point, there wasn't that much to see, except the thick edges of her swollen cunt lips. My sister ran a finger between them, opening them up fully and fully filling the air with feminine arousal.

Chloe grinned at me almost defiantly. "You think this is hot?" as Jill continued to play with her bald, juicy cunt. Her hands moved to my sister's waistband, "wait until you check this out!"

Jill sort of squirmed backwards in embarrassment. Chloe had the waistband of her panties under full control. Every step back, Jill's panties yielded another half inch of flesh.

Chloe informed me, "Your sister happens to have the prettiest pussy, ever. Did you know that? Bet you didn't. She keeps wondering if she should go bald like me. My go-o-ddd," she hissed, "all you need to do is see it. Ever wonder if your sister is a true blonde? Trust me, Jill's cunt is so gorgeous."

With that, my sister's panties were yanked down to her ankles. I about died of a heart attack. My sister did indeed have the prettiest pussy I'd ever seen. Trimmed in hairs so golden, fading into a cute almost girlish little cleft. It was so swollen that you could just imagine the pinkness ready to blossom.

I wondered what would happen next.

I was an idiot. I thought that my fire was working some magic, that we were all going to lay down by the fire. Instead, Chloe did a staged sniff. "You're stinky from all your firewood labors. Not that we don't appreciate it. Just that you need to take a shower, while we get the bed ready to show our appreciation. Right, Jill?"

"Or something like that," my sister rolled her eyes in such a sexy motion.

I had the fastest shower on record. Or, I was aiming for that, when I slowed down while soaping my genitals. I got myself very clean, and left myself hanging large and half-full. Looking down, I just laughed at the way I looked. I thought aloud, "You look like a stallion waiting for a second scent of the mare." I laughed at that some more. "But damn it, you're showering alone."

That was easily cessated. I quickly finished rinsing and then stepped out, drying off fast and fastening a towel around my waist. I went off in search of the girls.

That involved about three steps across the hall to the bedroom. They'd pulled the bedside table separating the beds, and pushed the beds together, piling together but peeling away both their beddings. I stepped into the room to find that, as well as Chloe and Jill locked into a hot and heavy sixty-nine, with Chloe on top.

After the deprivation of the shower, my cock had slightly slackened, but it started rebounding as I inched my way into the room and across the floor.

I watched as Chloe made my sister make noises I'd never heard her make ever before--sexy girly gasps and whimpers of her impending delight, muffled by Chloe's engulfing thighs. From my view, Jill seemed too preoccupied with her own pleasure to properly reciprocate. Chloe's hips were swaying in frustration, just shaking that gorgeous ass.

"Ooh ooh ooh, oh oh oh, oh god, oh oh... ohhhhhhh!" I stood there and literally watched my sister's orgasm as the ripples of it went trembling down her thighs to the tips of her toes. I thought Chloe would be left stranded, but quickly Jill recovered, her hands kneading Chloe's ass. Whether Chloe was that ready--or Jill that talented--was hard to assess. I only evidenced the result--Chloe beginning a slow train of huffing and puffing. "Uh, uh, uhhh," the less ladylike but still intoxicating deep guttural groans as she pulled out of the station.

The stallion had definitely gotten that second scent--the air was thick with the smell of their juices. My erection redoubled, snapping the terry cloth knot and sending the towel tumbling to the floor. I stood there looking like some sort of alien life form. I looked nearly humanoid, except for this big fleshy appendage poking out from between my legs.

By that point, I'd crossed the floor and stood at the very edge of the bed, content for the moment to simply watch the action.

Chloe, however, raised her head from between my sister's thighs and gave a glance my way. "Oh, thank god," she declared. She rose up off Jill and crawled over to grab me by the cock and pull me onto the conjoined beds. She formed me onto my back and then straddled me, quickly guiding me until I was suddenly sunk deep in her cunt. "Goddamn, girlfriend, you never told me your brother was this hung."

Having watched the proceedings, Jill gave me a shy glance, still on her back, blushing then looking away. "I never knew," she replied quietly, turning back with a coy smile. My sister leaned in to start kissing the side of my face, ending up nibbling on my ear, nibbling on the lobe and then probing with the tip of her tongue as she whispered hotly, "But now I do."

Chloe rode me like a cowgirl on acid. I loved it when she was riding tall and proud while I fondled her breasts, but then she got serious, leaning lower to get a better angle. Jill was right there, lifting one of Chloe's breasts to my mouth. "She loves it when you nip at her nipples," which quickly proved true, so true that she was soon bent down completely, covering me, making me lose sight of my sister as she went biting my neck in appreciation, her nipples crushed against my chest as she ground her clit against my pubis. In that variation, my hands were of course spidered around and politely squeezing the shit out of her ass, like I'd never touch such sweet flesh again. Chloe seemed to particularly like that, lowing like a cow and coming her brains out.

My crotch was soaking wet with her juices, and I was ready to pop, when she abruptly stopped, slowly raising herself off my cock.

I gave a little groan. "Sorry, gotta share," she giggled, "gotta save some for your sister. Otherwise, trust me, I'd make your sorry ass cry out for mercy."

She rose up off me, but then she started scooting on up me. "Sorry again, though," she added in a husky tone, "but I have a greedy pussy."

That established, she moved up the measure to sit on my face. I didn't think any apologies were in order. I was in heaven as she lowered herself down. Or, I thought I was in heaven. Heaven actually started moments after I'd nibbled her clit enough to soak my cheeks, when my neglected cock was suddenly engulfed in a nice warm wet mouth. Which had to be Jill's. For a girl who liked to lick pussy, my sister was excellent at sucking cock. The way things were going, I figured I'd blow and then be better able to concentrate on finishing off Chloe. I was certainly quickly heading in that direction, just from the thought alone that I was getting a wicked blow-job from my sexy little sister. And that was accentuated by the fact that of something so intimate, happening for the very first time, all I got to experience was the feeling, the touch, everything tunneled down to that one sense. What with horny Clio humping my face and all that, I was blind and deaf to what Jill was doing to me. She had me right there...

But then my sister backed off, leaving me hanging. I slurped all the harder at Chloe's cunt in frustration, only to feel Jill going back to work on me. It went like that, a see-saw of satisfaction, until Chloe flooded my face a final time, lifting up and falling away from me.

That left me flat on my back, with a glistening chin, and my saliva-soaked cock pointing at the ceiling. Jill too had moved away; she too was on her back, her legs slightly askew. "Go give your sister what she wants," Chloe intoned, reaching over, running a finger between my sister's blonde furrow, parting her slice to show Jill's hidden secrets, revealing her pink swollen lips.

I was not in the mood to object. I rolled over onto my knees, scooting between my sister's legs. At that, Jill spread her legs even more, showing me her utter moistness.

"Are you sure?" I whispered.

"I've never been more sure of anything in all my life." As emphasis, her thighs parted even wider. "Besides, like Chloe said, we can always blame it on the weed."

I moved up and in for the kill. Chloe guided my cock until I was snuggly seated against my sister's cunt. But then she stopped us, using her hand on my member to rub the head of it up and down between my sister's wanting cunt lips, and all the way up to her stiff protruding clit.

"Quit teasing me," Jill whimpered.

"But I know how much you like to be teased," she soothed.

"But I want it... so bad."

"We all know how bad you want it. We all know how bad you both want it. Bad enough to beg for it."

"God, Chloe, please," I implored.

Chloe grew a big smile and relented, placing me exactly where we all wanted me to be, releasing her grip.

Jill gave out an extended gasp as I penetrated her; me, I was mumbling in tongues. As fun as Chloe had been, Jill's pussy felt like perfection. As I sank all the way in, her cunt rippled around me and she mewed the sexy little cries I'd learned earlier signified she was erupting in orgasm.

I held still, holding back as she recovered, marveling at it all. "Feel good, baby?"

"Feels so fucking good," she fluttered.

Half of me wanted to just go to town. My better half went at it slow, stroking at a lover's not a sprinter's pace. The sensations were so fucking good, I wanted them to last forever. Soon enough, my sister was writhing beneath me in another orgasm. I slowed down again to let us both recover. I leaned down and Jill and I kissed like crazy, our hands roaming all over each other's bodies. "God, this is so hot to watch," Chloe hissed from the sidelines.

Fucking my sister diminished every other sexual experience of my life to prologue. The other girls I'd fucked turned into cartoons of sex compared to the way it felt to be between my sister's thighs, thrusting away, buried deep inside her, her legs locked around my waist, her heels and her hands on my ass urging me on.

"Give it to me," she hissed, "give me what I truly want."

Out of nowhere, Chloe dropped a hand between my ass, reaching down to cup and fondle my balls. "Just so you know, what my girlfriend wants, she always gets." I cried out, and Jill followed suit, as I filled her quivering cunt with my seed. It felt like the biggest load I'd ever let loose. Jill kept me clamped tight atop her as we descended from our sibling madness. Eventually, once I'd shrunk enough for us to disconnect, she let me slide off to her side.

Like a shark smelling blood, Chloe moved in, shunting down and spreading my sister's legs yet again, moving in with her mouth. "Seems like such a shame," she announced, "to let all this lovely spunk seep out and go to waste."

"God, Chloe," Jill cried, "I can't go anymore."

"Sure you can, baby. Just lie back and let it happen."

I cuddled and held and kissed my sister as her friend led her to a final orgasm, presumably licking her cunt clean.

In the aftermath of all that, Chloe was remarkably spry. She let us recover for another ten minutes or so before announcing, "Let's go back out to the couch, stoke the fire, and have some more beers."

I wasn't at all interested, until Jill suddenly agreed. We moved back out there, all of us naked this time, sporting an array of blankets over our collective shoulders. Once we'd made the shift, I settled into appreciating the arrangement. I tossed more wood on the fire and then regained my spot in the middle of the sofa. Chloe sat off to my right, while Jill clung to my left.

The beer was truly refreshing, the bottles draining quickly. Jill quipped about another round, which Chloe quickly fetched. As we sipped more moderately at them, Chloe got a sparkle in her eyes. She reached over to the little table to retrieve her stuff, packing a fresh bowl. She lit it, took a deep hit, handing the pipe and lighter to me. I took my turn, turning to my sister, my lips meeting hers as I gently exhaled my lungs into hers. When Jill got the pipe, she returned the favor. After passing the pipe back to me, her hand dropped to my inner thigh, which she softly started caressing.

Chloe had packed a fat pipe. When I passed it back, she shifted so that she was leaning against her arm of the couch, both her feet turned and planted on the cushions, putting her swollen pussy on display. For our part, Jill and I finished off the pipe sharing our streams of smoke with lips and tongues entwined.

"Have I ever mentioned how hot it is to watch you two?" Chloe whispered.

By the time I handed the pipe back to Chloe, Jill had a hand jacking my cock back to firmness.

"I love smoking weed," Chloe reiterated, "but it always gets me so horny."

We giggled, and continued our kissing and fondling. Chloe giggled even more. "God, I'm so high. It's like I'm your Mom. Ten minutes ago I made you kids popcorn for our movie night, and now it's like I'm a ghost. I'm sitting on the sofa with my kids for movie night, but it's like they don't know that I'm there. I just have to sit on my end of the sofa watching my babies turn to each other for sex. All I can do is watch, and god it is so hot."

"Are you so wasted you're dreaming while you're awake?" Jill snickered.

"Maybe you should pack another bowl?" was my advice.

"Maybe you should get your dick out of your sister's hand and stick it in her mouth!" Chloe roared with laughter.

Jill bent down and took me in her mouth, quickly sucking me to the stiffness of steel. She then let up, straightening up and shoving me towards her friend with a smile.

"Go fuck Chloe and shut her up about how horny she gets smoking weed. Go leave her pussy dripping your sperm too."

Chloe was already shifting, back against her arm of the sofa, a leg thrown up on the sofa's back. She was, as nature shows put it, displaying. When the female is ready to mate and all. Jill was pushing at my waist, trying to rearrange me so that I could successfully cover Chloe. At some point she stood up on her knees, the better to guide my cock into Chloe's cunt.

She was successful, staying up like that, watching as I assaulted the willing Chloe.

"I think it's so hot, watching my brother fuck my girlfriend. Fucking her brains out." That's precisely what I proceeded to do. It was what Chloe--and Jill--obviously wanted. We rutted like rabbits.

Poor Chloe had her brains explode two or three times before Jill got so horny she decided to rearrange our tableau. I was on Second Erection, so I was better than Viagra: nowhere near done.

Chloe got scooted down so that she was supine on the sofa. Jill clambered aboard the sofa, sitting on Chloe's face while facing me. In all the tectonic shifting, the middle cushion shifted upward on my side, thrusting Chloe's ass up so much that I too rose to my knees, the better to fuck her.

That left me and my sister on our knees and heels looking at one another as our separate sexual pleasures started roiling. We reached across the gap, lightly trailing touches with our spidery fingertips. We wove a web of absolute lust.

"Are you getting close?" she whispered.

"I can blow anytime I want." I reached a finger down to rub at her clit, sharing the space with Chloe's tongue. "How about you?"

Jill replied by sending a finger down to Chloe's clit, for when I missed it with all my thrusting.

It was like a planet exploding when the three of us orgasmed at once. It was like three planets colliding in ancient space, forming a single, better world. It was ridiculous; it was like we were exporting spores to distant planets. I had both girls with spare hands reached around or under between my legs, tickling and stroking that pair of planets.

I whimpered long and loud as I succumbed to ejaculation. Instantaneously, the girls keened their own respective songs. At end, we lay there in a spent limp pile, a tangle of evaporated limbs.

Eventually, we all sat up enough for another beer. Chloe eventually took my advice and packed the bowl again, and we sent it to ash, but afterwards no one had any horniness left. We all just wanted to brush our teeth and go to bed. I was still resigned to the couch, and was headed in that direction, until the girls corrected me. I'd earned the center of the pushed together beds, with a happy naked girl clinging to my either side.

I wasn't about to complain about any of that.

I had very sleepy sex in the middle of the night; I think it was with my sister. Maybe it was Chloe. Maybe it was a dream.

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