Tale of Me(a Sick Man) and My Beautiful, Sexy Wife

by werewolf

Copyright© 2013 by werewolf

Sex Story: I'm still in love with my wife

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Interracial   .

I've been in love with my wife ever since I can remember I've heard her being described as sex on legs, which appealed to me as a sex mad nineteen year old when we first met, we had ten wonderful years of marriage before my illness kicked in and left me permanently tired.

She could have left me for another man, one who wasn't ill, but she loved me too much for that and went into a sulk when I suggested it.

It was my idea that she took lovers whenever her frustrations got too much, she refused at first but after a couple of years of almost complete abstinence, she finally agreed, the only thing she insisted on was that I was there unless we both agreed otherwise!

That was five years ago and if anything, we've become closer, she's had the occasional overnight fling with a couple of lovers, (one with a woman which I really enjoyed) but I've enjoyed watching her with other men for just as long.

She's always the first one to start dancing at the local swingers' club giving me teasing glimpses of her sexy little ass beneath her short skirts and she's always the first one to disappear with one of the other guests, as she did last weekend.

She came back laughing and looking flushed and then we danced slowly, arms entwined, that was always when she'd tell me about it.

"I want to see him again" she whispered and I felt my cock rising, "Can I darling?"

"You know you can" and she kissed me gently,

"He's got my panties in his pocket"

"Did he fuck you?"

"Only with his tongue" she replied softly, "But I'd like him to come for dinner one night soon"

"Just for dinner?"

"Well" she laughed, "You know" then she licked my neck and whispered, "He wants to do rude things to me"

"You mean he wants to fuck you?"

"He wants to do everything to me" she said and pressed her groin against my growing erection.

"We could go home now" she whispered, "You could shag me while I tell you what he said"

"Slut" I laughed and she shivered, "Or" she put her mouth right next to my ear,

"He could come home with us now and you could watch me with him, he's black"

"You dirty little cunt" I said and she laughed,

"You're getting horny aren't you?"

I admitted that I was, so she walked over to her would be lover and returned holding hands with him less than two minutes later,

"David this is John" she said and we shook hands, he was apprehensive about me, I could tell but I put him at his ease pretty soon and he bought a round of drinks while we chatted genially.

"Allow me to say your wife is a gorgeous, sexy lady" he said with a smile as Jenny took her seat next to him, "She tells me you've no objection to her and I having a bit of fun together"

"None at all John" I answered truthfully, "But I insist on being there"

"Fine" he smiled at Jenny who laid a hand on his upper thigh and squeezed gently,

"But I have to say if she keeps that up, we may well be asked to leave"

"Dance with me just one more time" Jenny asked smiling, "But I warn you, I'm a dirty dancer, a very dirty dancer"

She was too, she shimmied, she rolled her hips suggestively, she danced with her legs apart so that her dress rode up displaying her glistening, pink pussy, she rubbed herself up against his groin and draped her arms around his neck whilst

kissing him open mouthed and wetly.

She moaned into his mouth as both his hands lifted her dress at the back and I saw his big, black hands on her naked buttocks, so did everyone else, but I didn't care and Jenny certainly didn't, she ground her hips into his groin and whispered something in his ear.

With a dirty laugh. He grabbed her hand and led her off the dance floor,

"Can we go now?" she asked as she bent to kiss me, "He's getting very horny"

"He's not the only one is he?" I laughed,

"You know me darling" she grinned, "I'm just a dirty little bitch"

I drove while they sat in the back fooling around, I saw in the mirror that he had one hand down the neckline of her dress and the other one up between her open legs while their tongues duelled.

I used the on board remote to open the garage doors and thankfully drove straight in, dropping the door behind us I turned to Jenny and John in the back seat, she was sitting with her head thrown back gasping as John fingered her sopping wet pussy, her eyes on me without actually seeing me!

"We're here" I said calmly and she grinned at me sexily,

"I nearly was!" We all laughed at that and went through into the house for a drink, Jenny winked at me and said she was going to freshen up a bit. I poured us all out a drink and John and I walked out into the garden.

"Wow" he said softly, "This is lovely"

"Yes" I agreed, "We like it too"

"The view's fantastic" I was just about to agree when I noticed he was looking at an upstairs window where Jenny could be seen through the lace curtain doing her hair, she was obviously topless and obviously doing it deliberately.

"She's a beautiful lady" he said wistfully, "You're a very lucky man"

"I know" I replied and steered him down the long, rolling gardens to where the river shone darkly in the evening twilight,

"We sit down here sometimes in the evening, just having a drink"

"It's beautiful" he said genuinely, "Your boat?" he nodded towards a cabin cruiser moored next to a landing stage,

"Yes, The Lady Jennifer" I said proudly, "Jenny loves it"

"Jenny loves what?" came from behind me and I smiled as I saw her, a dream in an ultra short white skirt, a white tee shirt and lace up Roman type sandals.

"I was showing John the boat"

"Boat, what boat?" John said, his eyes fixed firmly on my wife,

"David likes me to show off my legs" she smiled and John nodded,

"A wise man" he smiled, "Legs such as those should be seen and enjoyed by everyone"

"Thank you kind sir" she laughed and linked an arm through his, "Can I have a drink darling?"

We walked back into the house, Jenny clinging to John like her life depended on it and John with his hand on her sexy little bottom.

In the house I fixed us all a drink while Jenny swayed with John in time to the music on the radio, her face was buried in his neck and her arms around his shoulders, while he had both hands on her scantily clad back side, slowly he slipped his hands down inside her panties and she moaned softly as she turned to let me see his hands on her,

"He's being awfully rude darling" she smiled and moved like a belly dancer as his hands slipped round from her bottom still inside her panties, slowly he eased them down until she caught them on one foot and flicked them to me. I kissed the sodden garment enjoying her own special aroma as she began to undress him.

His chest was big, broad and hairy and his arms were muscular, Jenny dropped to her knees for his pants and when he dropped his shorts, I understood why!

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