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Fantasy Sex Story: An Archangel, after millennia of fighting against Chaos, is ejected from The Celestial Choir and called before God to be restored. Except this God isn't the All-Father. More the All-Mother and She was just what the Archangel Tamiel needed to vent centuries of rage on.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Magic   Fiction   Paranormal   BDSM   Rough   Torture   Anal Sex   Petting   Lactation   Water Sports   Double Penetration   Caution   Violent   .

propitiation (noun) (dated) The act of propitiating; placation, atonement, expiation. (plural propitiations) Usage notes: Primarily used with respect to a god or spirits. -Wiktionary

'I' became aware. 'I' was no longer a part of the commune. 'I' was in 'That Place'. 'That Place' that lay in the non-space in the interstices between Her Glorious Light, His Absence of Light, and the Battlefield of Creation. It was time for 'my' Purgation.

I opened my eyes and looked upon the roiling miasma that defines That Place. My nimbus was even darker that my surroundings with the misdeeds of eons of Guardianship. My ears where filled with the cacophony of a myriad voices praying, cursing, praising, damning, accepting, and rejecting their fates. I ignored them. I needed to be renewed to once again take my place in the Eternal Choir.

I spread my wings and the turbulence created ordered currents for decameters around me. I slowly lifted, pirouetting, searching for Her scent. Finding it, I opened a way to Her and with a single powerful stroke of my wings projected myself through it.

She was humanoid. She hung in the aether, head bowed, eyelids closed, loosely spread-eagled, suspended from Her wrists, Her legs spread widely apart by the strands of dark matter in Her pocket universe, slowly rotating away from me. She was sylph-like in Her slenderness, Her youthfulness. Her torso was stretched by Her suspension. Her breasts were those of a young woman, full, lush and high on Her chest. The areolae were puffy and Her nipples were thick and as long as the first joint of my index finger. The muscles and tendons of Her trunk were sharply delineated by Her slight mass. The lower edge of Her rib cage stood out sharply from Her tucked-in abdomen. The long muscles were readily defined drawing my eyes toward Her fleshy pudendum. Her crease exposed by the hairlessness of Her body. Her bronzed skin was smooth and glistening with beaded sweat. Her thick, dark hair hung down Her well-muscled back in a heavy, unbound braid. Her buttocks were firm, hollowed out at the hips with large dimples just above the top Her butt cleft and to each side of Her spine.

As She began to rotate back towards me I lifted myself so that our eyes would be level. In silence I began to rotate in a locked orbit with Her, focused on Her face. Her hair was pulled back tightly from Her face. Her features were delicate. Her lips were full and Her mouth small. Her neck was long and slender. I felt my body changing, responding to Her presence. She lifted Her face and opened Her eyes. Her eyes were glowing, dark pools without irises. I found myself falling into their dark wells. Her burgundy lips parted to be moistened by the pointed tip of Her pink tongue.

"Tamiel," Her voice was sultry, husky, "you are here."

"Thelasis," I shuddered a breath, "I could stay away no longer. It has been too long. I tried to stay away. My voice had become too strident. The Choir expelled me. Now I must be purged of the chaos."

She snorted and the lights in Her eyes flared briefly. "Then let us purge, NOW!" She commanded.

I felt the changes surge through my corpus. I felt powerful hormones that I'd long forgotten, flush through me and I was Male. I felt emotions and I released all that I had stored within me. Centuries of images of the fight against Chaos and the Fallen washed over me and the Rage burned through me.

"Thelasis," I screamed, "why do you taunt me?"

"Because, Tamiel, you have become weak. Expunge yourself." She sneered.

The Scourge was gripped tightly in my hand. I swung it with my entire body. The Scourge screamed joyously as it ripped its way through the aether to slam against Her slender torso. My vision became preternatural and motion slowed in my mind. I saw each of the Scourge's Tails impact. Wrapping around her, digging into Her flesh as they slowly continued to entwine her. I saw Her body start to flinch away from the blow. I saw the sweat drops displaced from Her skin suspended in air. Time flickered and The Scourge was beyond Her pain twisted torso. She hissed with the pain and glared a challenge at me. I brought the Scourge back at Her with a backhand. Its thirteen woven and knotted strands slashed Her other flank.

Again and again the whips bit Her flesh. Her thighs, Her buttocks, Her back, Her belly, Her breasts as each came within reach as I counter-rotated around Her. Grunting with each blow She tossed Her head from side to side and from front to back. Her dark braid slowly unraveling as it snapped to and fro in response to the motions of Her body, Her head and The Scourge. Her flesh danced and Her body gyrated within Her bindings. Thirteen times the Scourge tore at Her flesh before I stopped with an anguished cry that echoed throughout our pocket universe.

"Strongly done! Let us hit Her again." The Scourge whispered sibilantly. "Give Her the full thirty; let me taste Her soul again. Just seventeen times more," In anger I flung it away from me. I didn't want Her dead. I wanted Her to remove the anger, pain, hurt and confusion from my being. The Scourge snarled as it returned to its place/time.

Her flesh was now covered with wheals and abrasions from the flogging. Where the knots had torn the skin a glowing blue fluid slowly welled out and was creating a slow, liquid spiral down Her body. I rotated with Her again. She sagged in Her bindings. Her eyes cast their baleful light upon me from under Her brow. "Finish it!" She demanded Her voice husky and roughened from the screaming.

I KNEW my body. I shook with the arousal that had arisen within me as I had flogged Her. "You really want it, Bitch!" I growled.

She snorted and shifted Her wide spread legs and wantonly thrust Her pelvis toward me drawing my eyes downward again. Her abdomen and pelvis were crisscrossed with the welts and abrasions from The Scourge and Her skin glistened with sweat and Her blue-blood. A knot had landed at the apex of Her hairless pudendum and a clot of blue covered the wound focusing my vision. A thin ooze of blood that trickled down from the clot drew my gaze down to Her slit. The bead of Her swollen and distended clit protruded from between Her blood and fluid moistened lips. Lower, Her moist inner lips separated Her slit. My manhood got tighter and I could feel my knob throb against my belly. The contents of my sac ached with need.

I moved between Her restrained and spread legs and found myself fisting the spur of my manhood. I forced it down between Her legs and roughly rubbed the knob through Her wet lips. We both groaned aloud with the anguish, the pleasure of the contact. I ground the tip of my knob against Her exposed clit. She screamed at the contact and twisted Her pelvis trying to force me into Her pit. I wet my knob in Her entrance, my fist prevented Her from impaling Herself on my shaft. I pulled Her hips tight against mine and released my shaft so that it lay against Her perineum. My shaft was now between Her hot, moist, nether lips. My fingers dripped with Her juices. I brought my hand up to Her face. Thelasis tipped Her head back and met my eyes. Her gaze was terrible to behold. Her darkling eyes glowed with lust and challenge.

I moved my fingers apart and Her viscous fluids left glowing strands between them. Her delicately pointed tongue extended from between swollen lips to catch a strand of Her fluids and pull it back into Her mouth. She hunched Her hips back and I could feel Her nether lips slide along my shaft to the rim of my knob. Her gaze softened as she squinted slightly and twisted Her torso in a way that made Her full breasts jiggle enticingly.

"What do you want, Thelasis?" I growled. "Tell me."

Her eyes smoldered with Her lust. "I want your manhood pounding Me hard and deep."

I felt a sneer on my lips and Shifted. I was now facing Her well-muscled back, my shaft still against Her perineum. I jerked Her firm, well-rounded, buttocks tight against my pelvis. I shifted my hips allowing my knob to fall between Her lips and into the vestibule to Her center. I wrapped my sword arm around Her and thrust my fingers in between Her moist petals then gently slid them forward to Her clit. Gently, I stroked it once. Then began to draw slow, gentle circles around it with a finger tip. She hummed softly. My shield hand began to gently twiddle Her nipples.

"You still want it hard?" I hissed into Her slightly pointed ear. She arched Her back and allowed Her head to fall back between Her still up-bound arms.

"Oh, yessss." She moaned.

"So be it!"

Roughly, I pushed Her head and shoulders forward and pulled back and up on Her hips until she was tight against Her restraints. My knob lodged deeper in the opening to the core of Her Womanhood. I held there, my fingers continuing to tease Her clit which was growing more prominent under my occasional touch. I flicked the tip of Her clit. She grunted and tried to force Herself down on my spur.

I disallowed the penetration. I continued to gently circle Her clit and periodically I would twitch my spur. After several repetitions, I would flick Her clitoris again. Her breathing was coming more rapidly now and Her clit was the size of my thumb and as stiff as my penis. I made sure my fingers were well coated with Her fluids and began to lightly, slowly stroke Her shaft. She wailed with my touch and Her tunnel clutched around my knob.

I thrust hard and deep through the vaginal folds almost to Her core. I could feel the heat and pressure as the tissues began to rhythmically spasm around my penis. We both cried out, but with Angelic Will I stifled the manhood within me and did not release within Her. Her hot fluids gushed over my pelvis.

I stopped teasing Her clit and gathered a handful of Her fluids. I pulled away from Her pelvis slightly and poured the fluids into the valley between Her buttocks. Swiftly, my hand swiped down the cleft until I found Her tightly crinkled sphincter. I lightly circled the puckered ring with a finger. I could feel it tighten and a low grunt escaped Her lips. I massaged more of Her fluid into the bud inviting it to relax. She hummed quietly.

Then I thrust my stiffened finger through Her opening. An outraged shriek echoed around Her reality. I pumped my finger in the opening a handful of times before adding a second finger. Her shriek became a howl of fury and discomfort. I inserted a third, then a fourth stretched Her anal ring. Her howling had softened and She was beginning to thrust back.

My Manhood lay stiffly between Her moist lips so I cocked my hips back, allowing Her fluids to lubricate it. She pushed Her butt tighter against my hand. Now I stepped back, withdrew my hand from Her anus, shoved the helmet of my cock through Her portal. With a scream She bent forward and forced Her hips back against my thrust.

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