That Pilable Hanging Sack

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A very co-operative woman joins her partner at a theatre restaurant that is a cover for sexual activities. read on.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Orgy   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Size   Hairy   .

Karen adjusted her skirt; she still had time before her date arrived. He was generally late anyway, it was something that did annoy her a bit for she was a sticker for time and if she gave a time she did her utmost to honour it. However, this bloke didn't seem to care and if it wasn't for the fact he could give her such a sexual boost that almost made her teeth rattle, she would have given him the boot. She checked the time. 'Fuck!' she muttered to herself. 'I'm going to have a coffee and if he arrives while the kettle is boiling well this time he has to wait'.

The coffee was finished and the time had gradually increased till she began to wonder if she had been dumped for some other piece and while that thought was being digested the door bell sounded. There was no apology, he did have a bunch of flowers and carried a box of chocolates, the dark kind that she did like. "I thought we would try something different this evening", he said as he helped himself to an array of biscuits she had baked that afternoon. "Oh! What have you in mind", she said as he gobbled another one of her handiwork.

"Maybe a different sort of restaurant, something that should put a giggle on your face", he remarked.

"You have me intrigued", she said.

"I thought a theatre restaurant for a change, they are a bit bawdy but I'm sure you won't mind. I will admit I wouldn't take some women to them for they are not to every bodies taste. Quite some years back I did take a woman to one, that I was going out with and she was so shocked that she got up and left. I really had no choice but to follow and I tell you Karen I was ropeable for I knew some of the patrons that were there that evening and I knew that I would be a laughing stock"

"Did you continue going out with the woman", she asked as she picked up the cardigan and just draped it over her shoulders.

"Only once more", he said as he grabbed another biscuit. "She may have been shocked at the antics in the restaurant but privately she could give a decent 'suck job'. However one thing she hated and asked me not to do was empty a load into her mouth while she was sucking me. Well that last night as she was gobbling on my cock I changed tactics, generally I would tell her I was about to come and then shoot the lot over her tits and they were no where the size of yours, well this night I didn't tell her. You might say I was still cheesed off from the way she had embarrassed me in front of my friends. I knew I was coming, I could feel my balls crying for release but instead of telling her, I grabbed her head and pulling it into my groin and emptied my load. I tell you Karen I held the bitch till every drop from my nuts had been transported into her mouth. Boy she struggled, but I held her and then released her, she fell back, her face was scarlet but from her mouth flowed a torrid of cum and saliva. I was still giggling when I reached my vehicle for I just left her, sitting on the floor, she was a fucking mess, but I had got my revenge. Now shall we go?"

The theatre restaurant was in one of the many alleys that zigzagged throughout the city, it was one of those that hovered between acceptable and condemnation, but as they entered she felt a tingling of excitement for as she passed one table, a woman was down between a fellows legs and giving his cock a decent suck and by the expression on his face, a very enjoyable suck. "I told you it was different", he said as they reached his reserved table. The waitress smiled and handed him a menu and as she turned to go he lifted her very short skirt, revealing a naked bottom and a nice triangle of hair, she wore no panties. "I think this is going to be a very enjoyable night" she said as he ran his hand up the inside of her thigh, a thigh that she willing opened for she loved the way he played chop-sticks on the lips of her cunt.

The meal arrived and for seconds before she put the knife and fork to use she couldn't help but giggle. The meal was created to represent a section of the sexual anatomy of either a man or woman. In her case she had a vegetable resting between two very large round potatoes and surrounding that was an array of mince meat with finely cut vegetables, giving the impression of a cock between two balls surrounded by hair. "Do I suck it or fork it?" she smilingly asked as she rammed her fork into the potatoes. "Ouch!" he commented I could almost feel that. Karen immediately began to devour the long green vegetable that in all purposes was to represent a cock. For his part his meal was made to represent two large breasts with raised nipples and as he began to carve them up said. "Not as big as yours my dear; or will they taste as nice".

After the main course was finished the theatre programme began. "Ladies and Gentleman" called the herald. "Let the show begin". The theatre already in a dim light, was darkened, all the light was transferred to the stage, the curtain opened and an array of fairies danced across the stage, followed by various types of insects at least represented by their masts and head dress and like the fairies who worn only wings, all the dancers were naked. The dancers than altered formation so there was a fairy and an insect, again they danced but every few steps the fairy stopped and bent over and the insect 'doggied' her and as Karen realised what was happening she gasped. "The insect is actually fucking the fairy" for as the 'dogging' stopped and the fairy against danced a few more steps the insect had a throbbing hard on that glittered in the light from moisture. Gradually the dancing got faster and faster, till so joined both fairy and insect stayed put and it was then so obvious that they were fucking that the audience began to clap and cheer and shout their encouragement. "Fuck her insect, fuck the fairy". Gradually each fairy bucked as the insect thrust his load and as each cock fell out, some still dribbling there was a general call of 'Well done' from the very excided audience.

The herald then appeared again. "Enjoy that. I hope so for after dessert we will invite you the audience to become both fairy and insect and to encourage you for the dessert we will have on stage a sample of that dessert, especially made for our ladies in the audience. Don't be disappointed Gentlemen we have something for you as well". He gave a clap and this time the main light beam embraced three men being carried out on a stretcher, all were naked and all sporting erections. They were put down and then six naked women; all well endowed and all with a forest between their legs, knelled besides each man. One woman coated those erections in cream while the other sank her mouth over each cock and sucked. The woman with the cream coated her tits and nipples and bent over the man, pushing those tits into his face and like the woman so occupied with his cock, he began to suck and lick.

The dessert arrived, for Karen it was an erect piece of fruit pastry but as soon as her mouth closed over it, it burst flooding her mouth and the erect pastry with cream. The sudden bursting surprised her, she pulled away, cream dribbling from her mouth. "Oh! Fuck" she gargled. "I'm going to enjoy this. I always wanted to eat a cock" With that she attacked that erect, cream covered piece of pastry and totally eliminated it. She just finished when her companion received his dessert, two large jellies, shaped as tits with erect nipples, both covered in cream and like Karen he attacked them with gusto so that when only smeared cream remained on his plate, he like Karen had a face covered in cream. The waitresses then bought around hot towels for the audience and while she wiped the face of her male companion, he was fingering that waitress's very hairy cunt.

Dessert was finished but not the excitement that radiated through the audience, the smell of an orgy was in the air and even then many of the women were topless, some totally naked and some were either being actually fucked at their tables or were certainly sucking their companions cock or if not his the nearest available one and there were many available cocks. There was a roll of a drum and again the herald appeared. "Ladies and Gentlemen I need twenty-four volunteers, twelve women and twelve men. As mentioned you will be the fairy and insect dancers to entertain your fellow patrons. Do I have twenty-four volunteers?" There followed a silence, people turned to one another and the question on each person's lips was 'who will be the first to take up the challenge'. Her companion touched her on the thigh and leaned forward whispered. "If you take up the challenge, you certainly have the figure I will give you such a fuck at home that I'll have you howling like a beast and your whole being vibrating as if it was hit with an earthquake. I promise you a cock you will not forget"

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