Zoe's Strange Fetish

by harry lime

Copyright© 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Zoe is fairly normal in almost every respect except for the fact she is obsessively attracted to getting it "A little rough" and has a craving for paddling or spanking of almost every variety. She keeps it pretty much to herself and finds partners in some of the seedier parts of town and in darkened pubs with common working men who will play the game for the opportunity to get some of what they want after she gets what she wants.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Size   .

Zoe Hollander was a not unattractive 19 year old dropped-out student with unimpressive breasts and a particularly striking bum. She had her share of boyfriends who could attest to her vociferous appreciation for their frenzied efforts to plumb the depths of her hot little box and on occasion even the tight little opening of her pretty heart-shaped backside. In all respects, she seemed to be a normal nubile teenager learning about life and the complexities of relationships with the opposite sex.

She did however have a singular flaw of character.

Zoe enjoyed the utter humiliation of a good hard spanking or a paddle applied with firm determination. She had already been subjected to caning, whipping, flogging, slippering, belting and some stinging nettles that left her unable to sit down for several days.

After extensive exposure to all manner of disciplinary devices, she had decided that the good old fashioned palm of the hand on her backside or a well-designed paddle was her preference of bottom pounding equipment. She seldom asked her bed partners to scratch her special itch of needing these degrading sessions of harsh treatment. Most of the boys and men she opened her knees for in the privacy of her bedroom were much too conventional in their sexual proclivities and would be shocked to hear her pleas for ill treatment.

She had taken her needs to lower-working class pubs with a fair share of energetic young lads willing to make any female go through her paces for their pleasure. It was also this type of male that seemed more than willing to stretch her pucker hole without regard for her comfort or desire. Generally, she carried her favorite paddles with her and offered them with a proper submissive tone to the selected dispenser of arse-pounding delights.

It didn't bother her in the slightest when the young men took advantage of her weakness for spanking to fill her quim or her rear-door with male juice immediately after completing the session to her satisfaction. She figured it was only a fair reward for their frantic efforts on her behalf.

Everything seemed to be working well in her arse-satisfaction efforts until she had the misfortune to meet up with the Higgins. Charlie and Carter Higgins were not brothers but two bully-lads whose relationship was father and son. The elder Charlie was a former Army Sergeant with a penchant for inflicting GBH on willing female's posteriors just to let them know he was in charge. The younger Carter was more the romantic type of the duo but he had his kinky side as well and enjoyed badgering pretty girl's knockers with various toys of a punishing nature.

Zoe was not aware of this the evening she bought them a round at a darkened pub and inquired if they would be up for giving her a taste of the paddle in the privacy of her nearby apartment. She got her answer right away when Carter probed her open mouth with his frenzied tongue shielding the view of his father working his fingers into Zoe's soaking wet knickers. She was a bit out of breath but was in a dither to have them give her a private session in her home. Poor Zoe was a bit snookered from the heavy beer but she was able to guide the two men and lead them into her quiet home. Her cat Blackie immediately ran under the dining room table sensing a level of devious intent from both of the rough appearing men.

The skilled pair had Zoe stripped bare in a matter of minutes and she dropped down into the specified crouching position between their delicious-looking erections. The next hour was a blur of frantic slapping of flesh and probing of secret holes. She remembered being hung like a gutted fish on the older man's huge cock whilst the younger man stretched her mouth and throat with his salty tasting equipment. She never was one for swallowing disgusting loads of cum but in this case she had no alternative as they switched and filled her at both ends.

She thought it was all over and was on the verge of suggesting they leave when they pushed her face down on the mattress and started taking turns filling and stretching her bum hole with their greedy cocks. It was beginning to get a trifle overpowering with their relentless demands on her willing flesh.

Young Carter, the handsome one, told her to get her head up his "Da's" bum making her aware for the very first time that the older man was Carter's father. It was an exciting thought because she had never given up her favors to a father and son tag team before. On a couple of occasions she had been ravaged by brothers. One memorable night, she had been spanked on her arse and her tits by identical twins with naughty twinkles in their eyes. She couldn't tell one from the other except for the fact that one had a habit of holding his cock motionless inside her before flooding her vagina with copious sticky fluids. For some reason, it drove her crazy and she wanted to slap him on the face and tell him what an utter prick he was to make her beg for it.

There she was on her elbows and knees licking the mature man's hairy arse as his son shoved his fat prick up her vagina from behind taking the opportunity to plunder the softness of her rounded cheeks.

Zoe just wanted to take a shower and go to bed to catch up on her sleep but she was joined by both of the horny Higgins men who scrubbed her from head to toe and bent her over the sink for a spirited tag team of spanking delights. Her arse was as red as a beet to her view in the mirror and she knew it would be difficult to sit comfortably for the next couple of days.

Once again, they took turns on her pucker hole and her mouth and she was unable to say anything in complaint with her mouth stuffed full of cock.

Her phone rang and they gave her respite to answer it which was a heaven-sent relief. It was her elder sister Helen with news of her husband's departure on an extended business trip. She had never really liked Ronald especially after he had stuck his hand inside her knickers when her sister was fetching the dessert from the fridge. She was so surprised that his fingers were pushing up inside her before she could whisper,

"Not here, Ronald, your wife is coming right back!"

The ardent but wayward husband pulled the tablecloth over their linkage and acted like everything was sugar and spice when her sister returned with the puddings from the fridge. Zoe remembered eating the delicious pudding with Ronald's fingers working overtime inside her pussy and watching him eat his single-handed and keeping a steady tempo deep inside her flooded cunt. She was mortified but powerless to do anything and dreadfully afraid to call her sister's attention to her husband's errant ways.

Her sister's voice on the phone reminded her of the stressful dinner and she tried to keep her mind on the conversation despite the fact that Charlie the Senior Higgins was trying to open her pucker hole with his big thick cock covered in lubrication from her tabletop.

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