An Erotically Romantic Interlude

by R. J. Richards

Copyright© 2013 by R. J. Richards

Romantic Sex Story: Was this experience more erotic, or more romantic? You decide!

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   True Story   Oral Sex   Public Sex   .

Some romantic moments can be quite erotic, just as some erotic moments can be very romantic. Although a quick or hard fuck can be fun and at times can even be erotic, it is certainly not romantic. What I am about to relate is a personal experience that started out as a fun, little adventure and ended up being a very romantic and erotic moment in my life.

It all happened on a bright June day. It was a perfect day for a walk and since both my girlfriend and I were adventurous, we decided to go walking in the hills. I always loved being out in the country and since she was from a big city, she enjoyed it also.

It was perfect. There wasn't a cloud in the sky to break up the deep azure canopy overhead. The lush vegetation of mid June was still green from the heavy spring rain. The sun felt wonderfully warm on our skin, and the birds chirped gaily all around us as we went hand in hand along a foot path we'd found leading down from the rolling hills of the area.

The further along we went, the narrower footpath grew until it ended at the beginning of a shallow wash. The slope of the ground became steeper and as we made our way down the wash, it became wetter until there was a steady trickle of water going through it.

I had never been there before and wanted to explore the wash. My girlfriend was willing so on we went. Soon, the trickle of water had become an intermittent stream. The sound of the gurgling water as it bounced its way over and around the small rocks only added to the enchantment of the singing birds, bright blue sky and green trees.

There were breaks in the woods and tall grass grew along the sides of the deepening wash. The little stream had grown to be a couple of feet wide and the water splashed its way down over little cliffs a foot or two high and onto flat rocks before continuing its journey.

The sides of the wash were becoming steep and my girlfriend and I decided to walk in the stream and step down the little cliffs along with the splashing water.

The water was warm and we slipped and laughed as we made our way down. It got so we had to help each other down over the little cliffs that had grown to be several feet high. It was fun. We were alone; we were wet, and we were in love.

Before long, we could see the wide creek the little stream emptied into peaking through the leaves of the bushes and trees below. Our journey was nearly over, but to our surprise, we found ourselves in an opening at the bottom of a little waterfall a good ten feet or so high. The steam was about three or four feet wide and there was a very large, flat rock with the water splashing over one end of it.

It was there, we decided to stop. The rock was almost perfectly flat and was big enough for us to both sit comfortably on it without the water splashing over us.

As we sat there basking in the sun, I really looked at her. Her hair was wet and hanging in strings. Little droplets of water sparkled in the sun before dripping off the ends. Her bright eyes sparkled as brightly as the droplets of water. Her nipples were hard and poked out against her wet shirt. I could barely see the darker color of them beneath the material.

I saw how her wet jeans clung to her, and when I looked back up at her face, I realized that she was looking at me in the same way.

Not a word was spoken as we leaned in towards each other. We stared into each other's eyes before allowing our lips to touch. It was a soft kiss, a kiss of love, not one of sexual need.

I brought my hands down her sides, feeling her figure as I kissed her chin. She threw her head back, allowing me to kiss her neck. I licked the water droplets off from her skin, tasting the sweetness of the water and the slight saltiness of her skin.

I was aware of the birds flitting about overhead and the splashing water before us. I saw how stray drops of water managed to reach us and the slight rainbow they caused.

I heard my girlfriend moan, and I began unbuttoning her shirt. She reached up and gently pulled my head between her exposed breasts. I felt her hands on the sides of my face. It was a soft touch. It was a touch of love. Her fingers slowly made their way through my hair on the back of my head as I moved my mouth to her right nipple.

Once again, I heard her slight moan, barely audible over the gurgling water as I grasped her nipple between my lips. I felt the hardness of it against my lips as I slowly slid my mouth away from it until I could place a soft kiss at the end of the hard nub.

I don't even remember her hands leaving my head, but the next thing I knew, I felt her lifting my shirt and I leaned back so she could pull it off over my head. She threw her shoulders back allowing me to slide her blouse off from her. I looked down and saw how her breasts stood out. They suddenly became wet from a spray of water from a slight breeze.

I wanted to lick the water from them. I wanted to taste her skin again.

She put her hand against my forehead to stop me. I knew what she wanted. She wanted me to look at her. She wanted me to remember how she looked at that moment. I first kissed the ends of her fingers and then stared at her nudity. I stared at her exposed bellybutton and then at her breasts. I saw how her collarbone glistened in the wet sheen the spray of water had left. Then I looked at her neck, her chin and lips. And then, I looked into her eyes once more and knew I was right. It was what she wanted.

I realized that she, too, had been staring at me in the same manner. I knew she could see my hardened member beneath the material of my jeans, and we both knew that we were going to make love. We were going to explore each other and make love right there on that big, flat rock with the waterfall beside us.

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