Date With Myself

by Erica M Evans

Copyright© 2013 by Erica M Evans

Erotica Sex Story: Going on a date with myself - sexy fun ensues!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Public Sex   .

I had a date with myself and a new restaurant ... possibly some strange. I decided that I was taking special care to dress as seductively as I possibly could. I showered with some new great smellin shower gel as I shaved my legs, underarms and made sure my pussy looked all clean except for my "landing strip" ... the water felt great against my skin and I washed my hair with lavender shampoo and conditioner, the smell was intoxicating. I was horny and wanted so much to touch myself ... to release the frustration. I decided, no ... let it build.

I dried off and lathered myself up with some lotion that had some body glitter in it to give me some sparkles. I blew my hair dry and fixed it all sexy, it felt soft against my shoulders. I applied my makeup deliberately making sure that it wasn't too much but enough to enhance my features. I had a flattering black wrap around dress that enhanced my "38 specials" and just looked damn hot on me. My nails were a bright red and looked great against the black dress. My legs were bare with the exception of the lotion with glitter I had put on them and I had some festive strapey silver shoes on my pedicured feet. I had no underwear on and a nice black bra with a sexy camisole that peep through the "v" shape of the dress neckline. Jewelry and some lipstick ... mmmm, I was ready.

I get to the restaurant and settled in at the bar. I wasn't sure who I was looking for but would know when I saw them. Would it be a man or woman this evening? As long as I found them sexually attractive ... I wasn't bound to any race or gender ... they had to be appealing to me. I would make the determination whether or not they were worthy of an evening of my time. The bartender an attractive young man smiles and asks me what I am drinking ... I tell him a Manhattan and he tells me it's "Comin' right up!" I scope out the scene.

There's an orange hue ... the huge basket woven-like chandeliers leave one to see Indonesian and Spanish influence ... the giant art that hangs on the wall has a Georgia O'Keeffe style that creates a sensual and seductive atmosphere. Ideal for food, wine and lust...

A scattering of people as I look around the room and see the various bodies moving, laughing and sitting. Open kitchen makes for a dynamic scene. I sip my drink and look around the bar ... a newlywed couple talking closely, an older Asian man talking on his cell phone, myself and the wait staff area to pick up their drinks, a couple of hot young girls that can't hold their liquor, some tourists in their aloha attire and then you.

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