Wet Night

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2013 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Grant and Yuki were meant to be on a day trip. But the weather turns bad and they finished up in a strange motel sharing a room. The pregnant desk clerk Jess locks up for the night and slips into Grant's bed. His cock is too much for Jess to handle so she offers Yuki a ride while she catches her second wind.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Cream Pie   Size   .

Yuki and I stood in the motel room looking like drowned rats. Our day-trip by plane to visit a customer had turned into a nightmare with our flight diverted due to terrible weather. There was a mad scramble to find a room for the night as the heavens opened with torrential rain, thunder and lightning. We had got absolutely soaked getting into the motel, only to find that it was fully occupied - just like all the others that we had tried.

Lucky for us the young lady on the desk at this motel took pity on us, and offered us the use of the staff motel room. Jess, the desk clerk, was a 20 year old slightly built lady of mixed European and Asian descent. She had the most wonderful coffee -coloured skin with frizzy short black hair that framed her beautiful smiling face. And when she stepped out from behind the desk we discovered that she had a developing baby bump.

Jess showed us to the room where we found two double beds. I think that Yuki had been apprehensive about sharing a room but with two separate beds on offer her concerns were relieved a little.

We were soaked to the skin and I suggested that she head to the bathroom for a shower. She could pass out her wet clothes because Jess offered to collect our clothes and put them through the motel's washer and dryer when she closed for the night in a couple of hours. She made sure that we had two towels, then she left us.

Yuki headed to the bathroom whilst I stayed in the bedroom area. Soon she was passing out a bundle of her clothes before reclosing the door. I had a quick look at her clothes, noting that it included her size 34C bra and a pair of skimpy panties.

For a long time Yuki, who was of Hawaiian descent, had been the source of many of my hardons. She was petite, standing only 5ft tall with a sensational curvy body and long straight dark hair. Knowing that she would be possibly sleeping naked in the bed next to mine stirred my cock in my very wet shorts.

I peeled off my wet clothes and soon I was standing naked with half a hardon as I listened to her in the shower. I stroked my cock as I imagined the scene on the other side of the bathroom door. Soon I had a massive hardon ... which was quite sizeable given that I have a 10 inch fat cock when fully erect.

"Oh wow ... that's huge" I heard from my left. I turned in that direction to discover that Jess had returned and she was gazing at my cock. I stood there initially stunned, and making no attempt to cover myself (the towel wasn't within reach).

Jess walked closer until she was able to reach out and grasp my cock in her petite warm hand.

"Your cock feels wonderful ... and it's so big" she said in a hushed tone. Then to my surprise she dropped to her knees and fed my cock into her hot mouth, fastening her lips to my shaft as her tongue swirled around it.

"Mmmmm ... mmmm..." was all I heard as she expertly sucked and licked my cock as she fed just over half of me into the depths of her mouth. I heard the shower turn off, and then Yuki called out to say that she was finished and would be out in a minute or so.

Reluctantly I pulled back from Jess, not wanting to be caught by Yuki.

Jess stood and turned to leave the room saying "Later...".

It was about midnight, and Yuki and I had been in our separate beds for about an hour when I felt my bed move a little as a naked body slipped in behind me. Tits pushed into my back (and a baby bump too) as a hand came around to touch my cock.

"I'm back" Jess whispered in my ear.

I laid there on my side enjoying the sensation of her skin against mine as her hand played with my rapidly awakening cock. I slipped a hand back over her hip to grab at her ass and pull her closer to me.

"Oh god ... I'm amazed at your size ... you're twice as big as my boyfriend" she observed as she continued to caress my cock.

After a few minutes I twisted around to face her. The room was fairly dark but I caught glimpses of her beautiful face when the lightning flashed outside. I moved closer until my lips were able to touch hers in a gentle kiss. Her lips were amazingly soft, with the kiss continuing and becoming more passionate by the second. Her tongue was the first to venture out, pushing against my lips and into my mouth as I returned her passion.

As we kissed I slid a hand up between us to push up under one of her breasts. It was a very nice handful of soft flesh that I enjoyed holding and caressing. My fingers grazed across her erect nipples occasionally to start with, but then with more regularity when I discovered how much nipple play turned her on.

My lips trailed down off her lips to capture a nipple, licking and sucking it, with occasional gentle bites as my hand trailed down over her baby bump to her pussy. She had very little hair on her mound. It felt like a thin landing strip, something I wanted to investigate further.

My fingers trailed through her minimal bush down to touch her fleshy pussy lips, running my fingers over and around them before I slid a finger between them finding a veritable river of her juices.

"Oh god ... you're so wet" I whispered to her.

"Yep ... been that way ever since I saw your cock earlier ... and sucked it" Jess responded.

I was switching back and forth between her nipples as I gently fingered her pussy.

Jess then said "Lay back ... I want to ride you cock".

As I laid on my back, Jess moved to straddle my hips. My cock was standing at attention but I still held it by the root to hold it steady. Then I remembered that we weren't alone in the room. We had to be quiet if we were going to fuck. When the lightning flashed again I looked over to Yuki's bed to check on her.

"Oh god ... she has eyes open and is watching us" I thought as I also noted that her sheet was down around her hips with her wonderful tits on full display. She looked to have a hand under the sheet causing me to speculate that she was stroking her own beautiful little pussy.

With Jess in position above my cock, I rubbed it back and forth a few times between her very wet pussy lips before my cock caught on her pussy canal entrance. I felt us engage, and she did too. So with firm downwards pressure she pushed down experiencing some initial resistance before it gave way and my cock was sliding slowly into her hot, wet and tight pussy canal.

"Oh god ... so fucking big ... so good" she gasped as she worked her pussy on my partially embedded cock. Both of my hands went to her tits as she humped up and down on me. They felt so good, and with the aid of the lightning flashes they looked amazing with her dark (almost black) nipples between my fingers.

"Ohhhh ... ohhhhhhh ... oh fuck ... I'm cumming" she groaned as I felt a torrent of juices stream down my cock just before her pussy grabbed and squeezed my cock. As she was cumming, I humped my cock upwards into her, sending the remainder of my cock into her spasming and sopping wet pussy.

Jess flopped forward to lay on my chest as her cum rolled on and on until it finally stopped. She was laying facing Yuki's bed, and when the lightning flashed again, along with me she saw that Yuki had kicked off her sheet and was now openly playing with her hairless pussy. We kept watching as Yuki moved closer and closer to her own cum. Within minutes we heard her groaning and gasping as her cum exploded.

It was then that she opened her eyes to see us watching her from the next bed. She tried to pull up her sheet but it was tangled under her.

Jess said "Stop ... you look amazing ... you are so beautiful". Yuki did stop and left the sheet where it was, but she did place a hand over her pussy leaving her tits on display.

Then Jess surprised me when she said to Yuki "Do you want to try him ... he's still rock-hard inside of me ... and I need a rest before I fuck him again?"

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