(S)He's Leaving Home

by alan14

Copyright© 2013 by alan14

Sex Story: This story picks up straight after Amy #4 Take My Hand, but I've switched the first person focus from Gary to Amy. It's time for Amy to meet Gary's mum Annette properly, it didn't go well yesterday, will she have calmed down? Will she go ballistic when she finds out they're moving in together? All the sex is at the end, rest assured there's plenty of it this time.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Fisting   Size   .

This story picks up straight after Amy #4 Take My Hand, but I've switched the first person focus from Gary to Amy. It's time for Amy to meet Gary's mum Annette properly, it didn't go well yesterday, will she have calmed down? Will she go ballistic when she finds out they're moving in together?

The alarm woke me at 7am, Chris Evans announcing the news. My arm was draped over Gary, we managed to sleep OK in my single bed then. I kissed his neck and got up for a shower, when I climbed out of bed I realised we should really have had one before going to bed, the pillow and sheets were spotted with bits of grass and soil from our romp in the garden, wow it was fun though. Gary was still fast asleep, so I tiptoes to the shower and made sure the door was closed before I set it going, he worked hard last night.

Cleaned and refreshed I crept downstairs and put on a pot of coffee and made some toast, carrying it upstairs on a tray, breakfast in bed for my hero.

"Wake up sleepyhead."

"Wha ... where am I"

"In my bed, now unless you want me to tip this over you I suggest you sit up so I can put this tray down."

"Oh wow, breakfast in bed, I've never had this before."

"Don't get used to it, it's supposed to be the other way round, but after I ripped up your back last night I thought it was the least I could do for my little stud."

I opened my wardrobe and rummaged around for clothes to wear whilst Gary tucked into the toast and coffee. I picked out a sensible blouse and skirt, with some black low heeled shoes, very professional I think, should give a good impression of me to Gary's mum.

Somewhere I had some clothes that Geoff had given me to take to Oxfam but I'd never got round to it, ahh here it is, some shirts and pants, Geoff was a little bit taller than Gary, but otherwise he was a very similar build, so I may just have to turn the pants up.

Gary had finished his breakfast and was in the shower, so brushed the bulk of the crap off the bed sheets, it'll pass. I made the bed and laid Geoff's old clothes out on the duvet, they were nearly new, in fact at least one of the shirts still had a tag on it. Julie used to buy all his clothes and she had a good eye, but maybe bought him too much.

Gary came out of the shower still drying himself off, I tried to ignore his swinging cock, we had to get to work soon.

"What's all this?"

"Some clothes Geoff gave me to take to Oxfam, but I completely forgot, they've been stuffed in my wardrobe for over a year. Some are brand new, and I think they should fit you, although I may have to turn up the pant legs. Try some on and we'll see."

He picked a purple Yves St Laurent shirt, it fit well, although the sleeves were a teeny bit long, but a shirt is fine if it's a bit big. The Ralph Lauren chinos were perfect on the waist, but needed an inch off the leg, I got mum's sewing kit and set to work.

"Ok, sorted, take a look in the mirror, you look like a new man Gary, I hope the other ladies in the office don't try to steal you from me."

"Why would I want to go with anyone else when I've got the prettiest girl in the whole place?"

"You're so nice to say that, but I know it's not true, what about Alice and Jade, they're so beautiful with superb bodies."

"Alice has fake boobs, and I don't like the way she plasters herself in makeup, and Jade may well look like a Page 3 girl, but she's so annoying with her whiney voice. You though are just perfect for me. Now shall we walk to work together or do we keep ourselves secret for a bit longer."

"No, we walk through the door hand in hand I think, let's get them talking."

The receptionist saw us first, she pushed the button to open the door and we walked through still holding hands.

"Wow Amy, what have you done to Gary, he looks like a new man? How long have you been going out, I had no idea?"

"Hi Claris, we've been going out for a while now, it wasn't a secret, we just kept quiet about it until we were certain it was working."

"Excellent, I'm so happy for you both."

We walked on through the inner door, "now let's see how long before the whole school knows, this should be fun."

Just before we separated at my office door I could hear the girls in the next office talking, we put our ears to the door, "yes, she saw them coming through the front door together, holding hands, they've been going out for weeks apparently. I've no idea what she sees in him, she's so pretty and he's just a geek."

"Kiss me good-bye as I open this door, let's see their faces."

I took hold of the door knob as Gary kissed me, the noise inside stopped as the door opened.

I put on a surprised look as I turned to enter the office, "oh, I thought I'd be first in today." I pulled Gary into the office, the girls jaws dropped, "have you met my boyfriend Gary?"

"Oh, hi Gary, we don't see you over this side of the building often, you do look smart today, doing anything special", said Anna.

"No, nothing special, I just fancied a change from my usual jeans a t-shirts, give people a bit of a shock."

"Oh you've definitely given us a shock today, we had no idea you were dating Gary, why didn't you tell us?"

"Well, we wanted to wait until we knew it was working, and now we're sure we've decided to go public, haven't we Gary."

"Yes, we're happy that people know about us now."

Gary turned to leave for his office across the building, I followed him out, "Wait a sec Gary, I'll come with you, I think I left my phone in your office yesterday."

We crossed the playground and walked through the doors into the other building.

"See, less than 30 seconds for Claris to phone my office and tell the girls there, tell the right person and the whole world knows in minutes. Let's see if your boss has found out."

We opened Gary's office, it was unlocked which is odd. Chris the IT manager was sat in Gary's chair, I stayed out of sight for a minute.

"Hi Chris, what you doing in my chair? I'll have to clean it now."

"Well good morning to you to Gary, I just wanted to see your girlfriend, you kept this quiet."

"Well we kept it quiet until Claris saw us, now the whole school knows, we'll be in Hello next week no doubt."

"So, how'd you bag the school fitty, she's been all prim & proper for the last year, very different to when she was a student here, you won't have seen her then, a bit wild is all I'll say."

"I know about how she was before, we've spoken about her past, and why she changed, and we love each other and that's all that matters. Anyway she's right behind me, come in Amy, have you met Chris?"

"Oh yes I know Chris, a smell of pizza follows wherever he goes."

"So it's true, my god how am I still single if you can pull Amy."

"Showers and deodorant, use them or find a girl with no sense of smell", I told him, "now let Gary sit down he had a hard night last night, well we both did, but at least I was lying down."

Chris left the room shaking his head.

"Wow Amy, how do you think of those comments just like that?"

"Years of practice fending off dickheads, and I watch all seven series of Buffy on a regular basis. Have fun today, I'll come round about 12:30 and we'll pop out for some food OK."

"See you then," Gary replied, I kissed him and left the office, Chris was peeping through a crack in his door so I blew him a kiss as I walked past.

Pretty much everyone in the building came round to see me at some point that morning, curious about whether what they were hearing was true, I assured them it was.

At lunchtime I popped back up to see Gary, it seems he had about as much work to do as I had, because he was on Facebook, scrolling through his updates, I watched for a while over his shoulder.

"When are you going to send me a friend request?"

"Shit you made me jump, how long have you been there?"

"Long enough to see all the big boobed girls scrolling past."

"Sorry, I'll delete those pages."

"No you won't, they'll be the only big boobs you'll be seeing, so keep them, besides I like to look at a nice pair of tits every now and again. Hey scroll back a bit, the blonde girl, wow just look at that tattoo on her back, I love it. Has it got her name there, good, google it I want a good sized picture of those angle wings."

Gary found a really large picture, it was of a magazine spread so pictures of both her front & back, she was really pretty, with big, but obviously fake boobs, the tattoo was amazing though, a full set of angel wings with feathers across her shoulder blades, he printed it for me on his colour printer, I popped it in my pocket. My phone pinged, a friend request from Gary, "and don't go deleting any girls you're friends with just because I can see your feed, I'm not ruling your life, as long as we share the bed you can chat with whoever you like other times."

Gary continued scrolling through his updates "Who's that girl, with the glasses and braces?" I asked

"Zoey, she works at the little zoo down the road."

"Such a shame about the braces, she's really pretty. How do you know her?"

"I've got a membership there, it's a really lovely place to visit and all the staff there are dead nice."

"We'll go there one day."

"Let's go now, they've got a café so we could have lunch there. There's meerkats and monkeys and stuff"

"Well that's it decided then, off we go."

We ended up spending the whole afternoon there, it really was as lovely as Gary had said, small but friendly. I'd driven past it many times, but always thought it looked really run down from the road so had never bothered visiting, now I'm sorry I've missed three years of visits. I'm wondering if the blonde girl in the cafe is one of Gary's reasons for visiting, he was very chatty with her, which he isn't normally with girls, and she bent over a lot whilst we were eating so we both got an eyeful of the contents of her top, she had a very nice pair. I didn't mention these thoughts to Gary, I've already told him it's OK to look, because I enjoy it too.

After having a good wander round, and chatting to the staff, Zoey was as pretty as I thought she'd be, and very knowledgeable about reptiles and insects. The meerkats were ace, I'd not seen them in real life before, so cute and a lot smaller than I'd expected. The marmosets were also really cute, one of them climbed onto my head and played with my hair.

When we'd finished it was time to drive up to Gary's house for tea. I parked up outside and Gary's mum opened the door for us.

"Oh, I didn't expect you to come from that direction, where've you been?"

"There was nothing happening at work, so Gary took me to the zoo for lunch, then we decided to spend the afternoon there, I really enjoyed it. Such an amazing little place, and I drive past it so often and never thought about visiting."

"Well come in dear, dinner's nearly ready, it's nutloaf, I hope you enjoy it because I've never cooked it before."

"Oh you shouldn't have made an effort, I normally just eat pasta and sauce, but thank you for being so considerate."

We moved into the lounge, which had been converted into a dining room, Annette had pushed the boat out; flowers, candles, linen napkins, silver cutlery the works.

"Wow, you really didn't have to go to so much effort."

"Oh it was nothing, I really enjoy entertaining, but I normally only get to do it at Christmas", Annette called from the kitchen.

"Gary, get your dad from upstairs and tell him to open the wine."

Gary ran upstairs, I moved into the kitchen to see if there was anything I could do.

"Can I help?"

"No dear, but let me look at you properly, I only saw you in the mirror yesterday. My you are pretty, Gary's got himself quite a catch. I'm really happy for you both, now go and sit down, the food is ready."

I went back into the lounge and waited for everyone else to come in, it wasn't long before Gary came in with hot plates, then Phil with some dishes of veg, Gary came back with the wine, then Annette brought in the nutloaf.

"I hope it's OK, it's a Simon Rimmer recipe, off the telly. We don't eat much vegetarian stuff, well any really, so this will be an adventure for all of us."

"Do you mind if I say grace?" I asked.

"Not at all, go ahead please."

Everyone bowed their heads.

"Dear lord, bless this food and the hands that prepared. Bless this house and the people who live in it, and bless our love and all our lives, now and forever, amen"

"Lovely, now Phil, I think you can carve up the nut loaf, I've got plenty more cranberry sauce if you need it, and the roast potatoes were cooked in a special oil, it's supposed to taste like goose fat."

For the next twenty minutes we ate largely in silence, with the odd question knocked back and forth, we ate well and the food was excellent. I complimented Annette for a lovely meal.

After the food was finished Annette produced a trifle, again home-made, it was laced heavily with sherry and was fantastic, I had two portions then regretted it when I realised I would have to drive home soon and I was probably well over the limit after the trifle and the wine.

We moved to the sofa whilst Gary and Phil cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher. Annette quizzed me about my life, work and stuff. She produced a bottle of brandy and wouldn't take no for an answer, "oh don't worry, you can stay here, we're not prudes you know. More than anything we're glad Gary isn't gay, it was a real worry of Phil's you know."

"There's nothing wrong with being gay you know, I've got two good friends who are lesbians," I thought it wise not to mention that they were twins, "they're both lovely."

"I'm sure they are, it's just a worry, I'm pretty sure we'd be happy if he was gay, but it's not something you can be certain of unless it happens to you."

I agreed that she was probably right, then she hit me with the big one.

"I hear you've bought a house?"

"Yes, I was left some money when my dad and gran died, and it was invested for me, I had enough to pay 50% of the house, the rest is mortgaged." All a lie, dad left us with almost nothing, and my gran was as poor as a church mouse, but little white lies are OK if they save bother on both sides.

"Where is it, local I hope?"

"Oh yeah, it's a 17th century cottage in Endmoor, only little, two bedrooms but quite a big garden, all on its own down a track, I always wanted to live in the country, but somewhere quite close to the shops and stuff, and it's only a couple of miles from work down a windy line."

"So when are you two moving in?"

That one knocked me sideways, I kind of expected a row, but this was going well.

"I don't know, I get the keys on Saturday, but it's been empty for almost a year, and I imagine there'll be some decorating to do, it belonged to some friends of mine actually, they emigrated and the house has been on the market ever since, that's one reason I managed to get it, I got a very good deal." Better that she could possibly imagine.

"I think it's most probably habitable straight away though, and we could decorate as we go along. Chucking out or car-booting stuff that's no good, buying bits and pieces that we need."

"Phil's a good decorator, he could help if you need it, and he's good in the garden, we'd like to help if we can."

"That's really nice, we'll see what's needed on Saturday."

Gary and his Dad came back in the room and we sat down and chatted for a while, Phil brought out a Scrabble set, we played for a while, it was really good fun, even though I came last. At 11 o'clock Annette and Phil got up and went to bed, Annette kissed me on the cheek as she passed me, whispering "These houses have got thick walls, don't worry about keeping us awake." Phil winked as he left the room.

"Wow Gary, your parents are really nice."

"They can be OK, I think Mum just had a bee in her bonnet yesterday about the type of girl that would be willing to go out with me. She seems fine about me moving in with you as well, which is weird."

We watched a bit of TV for a while, snuggled up on the sofa then went up for bed. Gary's room was much as I'd expected, untidy, lots of books piled around the walls and a bin full of tissues, I smiled at the thought that he wouldn't be needing to do that anymore, at least not on his own.

He only had a single bed, I bounced on it, nice and firm, and more importantly, quiet. I paid a visit to the bathroom and when I returned I noticed that he'd hidden the bin of tissues with a t-shirt, thoughtful of him.

We swapped places, and when he returned I was lying naked on his bed, knees up so he had a view of my pussy and boobs as he walked in through the door, unfortunately the next person through the door was his mum, I closed my legs and pulled the duvet over.

"No need to cover yourself up on my part, that's a very pretty tattoo by the way, you have a beautiful body, I wish I looked like that at your age. I was wondering what you'd like for breakfast."

"Just coffee and toast would be fine, thank you."

"7 o'clock OK?"

I relaxed and threw the duvet off, I was too hot with it on, "Yes that's fine."

"See you in the morning honey, oh by the way, Phil sleeps like a log, so he won't be barging in like this." She walked into the room and kissed me on my forehead, "You have pierced nipples," she sat down on the bed next to me, "I've always wondered about those, does it hurt when they pierce your nipples?"

"Only a little, I had to keep them very clean for a few days with alcohol wipes, but after that it's just like pierced ears, or I imagine it is, because I don't have pierced ears."

"You have such lovely breasts," she reached out to caress my right breast, I was shocked at first, but then relaxed. At this point the door opened again and Gary walked in with nothing on, he caught sight of his mum and backed up to get a towel, his mum saw him reverse out of the room.

"I see he doesn't take after his dad in the trouser department then, you're both very lucky. Enjoy yourselves." She kissed my forehead again and left the room, calling "it's safe to come out now Gary, I'm going to bed."

Gary walked back in, with a towel around his waist just in case.

"What on earth was going on there?"

"Long story, but your mum is envious of my body, is curious about my nipple-rings, she loves my boobs and you have a much bigger cock than your dad."

"She saw it, oh my god."

"Don't worry, she wasn't in the least bit bothered, now come here big boy and let's make whoopee on your bed."

"Do you have any condoms, because I don't?"

"Oh shit, you know what I'm going to the doctors next week and going on the pill, I didn't use them before because I was always careful about catching something, but I'm not being stupid any more. Can we just cuddle tonight, I'm actually quite tired. We can make up for it on Saturday, in our new house."

"Of course, we don't have to make out like bunnies all the time you know."

"But I don't want you to burst, I saw your bin before, that's some collection," I laughed.

"I thought I'd hidden that before you saw it. I won't burst waiting 48 hours until Saturday night."

"Night night Gary, I love you, and I've never said that to anyone before and meant it."

"Good night sweetheart, I love you too."

"Mmm, hearing that gives me a lovely warm feeling inside, almost like a teeny weeny orgasm", I was drifting off to sleep in his arms, I whispered "by the way, I think your mum fancies me" just before I nodded off.

I must have been tired, I woke up on my own to the sound of the shower running in the bathroom. There was a knock on the door and it swung open, Annette bringing my breakfast, coffee, milk, toast and a little bowl with some marmalade.

"It's OK Phil's gone to work, you can show yourself."

I sat up and let the duvet fall down, I took the tray off Annette, she smiled at me and sat on Gary's desk chair while I ate. I'm not sure if she was watching me or waiting for her son to wander back in naked, just in case it was the latter I started to talk to Annette quite loudly as soon as the shower stopped, so Gary would hear us. That must have worked because he was covered by a towel as he came back in the room. Annette got up and left.

"Eat your toast whilst it's hot sweetheart, see you both downstairs."

I finished the toast and coffee, wondering about Annette, was she a closet lesbian, or did she just like looking at young girls' boobs. Whatever, I shook my head and got up, I had a quick wash and cleaned my teeth with Gary's toothbrush, we'd shared enough stuff for me not to worry about using his toothbrush. I dressed in yesterday's clothes and went downstairs, Gary was sitting in the kitchen with a bowl of muesli and glass of orange, I put the tray down and the dishes in the sink.

"Hey Gary, you nearly ready? I need to swing by home so I can get changed."

"No problem, just finished."

"I think tonight you should stay here, and I'll stay at home, it may be our last night with our parents for a while."

"OK, sounds like a plan"

We said goodbye to Annette, Gary said he'd be home after work, I said I'd see her later.

At home I showered and changed clothes, we walked to work a little late, but it didn't really matter during the holidays. We separated and went to our own offices saying we'd meet up for lunch at the Cross Keys with the rest of the office girls, it'll be fun watching them watch us.

Once in the office I checked my mail and did the urgent stuff, then that was it, I just had to sit there waiting for any work to arrive. I pulled the tattoo photo out of my bag, it looked spectacular, but would it be too much. Only one way to find out, I gave Pixie a call.

"Hey Amy, how you doing, it's been ages I thought you'd fallen out with me."

"Sorry, been through a bit of a low patch, but I'm fine now, and I've got a proper, honest to goodness boyfriend."

"Really, wow, anyone I know."

"I doubt it, he's a bit of a geek, very straight laced, a virgin at 21 if you can believe that. Hang on a sec there's someone coming, I need to wander off." I passed Jade as she was coming down the corridor, I walked outside where I could see I was alone, still I spoke quietly, "Yes he's a virgin, totally clueless about sex, he didn't even realize he's hung like a donkey. Yeah seriously, I thought he'd be too big for me, but with a bit of effort he fit."

"Wow, I'd like to meet him."

"Oh you will, and that's what I'm calling about. I want a new tattoo, and I don't care what you say, I'm paying you this time."

"Alright, but you know my deal with Julie, she got me out of that trouble so I don't charge her friends."

"Well I can afford your charges, and you need the cash, so please let me pay."

"OK, what do you want?"

"Are you online at the moment, good, search for Hollie Blaze, she'll be on nakedink.com, got her? I want those angel's wings."

"No way, they'll take ages, it'll hurt like a bitch for days, and I've never done anything like that, if you seriously want them I'll have to get someone else to do it for you. I know, if you want something new, and down your back I've got some designs that might work. Do you want to come round tonight?"

"Sorry, can't go out tonight, but I've got a better idea. I'm moving into Julie's house tomorrow, Geoff gave it to me, yeah I know amazing and I don't know why he does it but it's happened at the best time, me & Gary are moving in together. So why don't you come round Sunday afternoon, you can meet Gary and show me your designs."

"That's a great idea, see you both then."

"Wear something sexy please, I want Gary to notice you in a big way, a little treat for him as he likes boobs, and I'm a little lacking in that area."

"Brilliant, I do like to tease. See you around 2ish."

"OK, see you then."

I went back to the office, Jade was still there.

"Hi Jade, you OK?"

"Yeah fine," Gary was spot on, she's beautiful but her whiney voice grates on you, "Who were you on the phone to?"

"A friend, just bringing her up to date, she's been on holiday so didn't know my news."

"I hope you're not teasing Gary, I've known his family for years, and I don't think her parents would be happy if you're just stringing him along. You're just a slut, I know all about you, your kind don't change."

"For your information Jade, I'm not stringing Gary along, we love each other deeply, it's one of those love at first sight scenarios, I can't explain it any other way. Before I moved up here I was a girl guide, I went to church and helped out at the old people's home, but then my dad died suddenly, we moved up here and I had no friends, so I was pretty low and ended up being exploited by a girl I hope I never meet again, for fear of killing her.

"I'm not a slut, I was just a bit wild for a time. So rest easy, I'm not going to hurt Gary or his family, so please keep your pretty little nose out of my life."

She left in a huff, silly tart. I checked the clock, it was nearly noon, so I decided it was time for lunch and wandered up to Gary's office. He was alone as usual, reading the Guardian online.

"Hey honey, is it that time already."

"Nearly, I've just had a bit of a row with Jade, you didn't tell me she knew your folks."

"Only slightly, she lives down the end of the lane in that big house with her mum & dad, I hate them all because they're incredible snobs."

"She seemed concerned that I was set to break your heart, I put her straight but I hope she doesn't tell your mum about my past misdemeanours, we may have to have a word with her sometime to head Jade off."

"Don't worry about it, I really think mum is sweet on you like you said, I saw the way she was looking at you this morning."

"Mmm, I'm not sure whether I like that or not, but its better she likes me than not. Anyway, I spoke to Pixie my tattoo artist bird, I asked her about the angel wings but she doesn't think they'd be a good idea, she's coming round to our house on Sunday afternoon, I think you'll like her."

"That sounds weird, our house, but I think I like it."

"So, it's about dinner time, you coming to the pub."

We had a good laugh in the pub, most of the office girls had got over their shock, a couple of the older women were very motherly with Gary, they knew what I'd been like when I was a student, but also what I'm like now, so they're happy for us.

We all stayed in the pub for the whole afternoon, our last day of leisure, because next week the exam results start coming in, so we'd all be busy sorting out the stats for the leadership team, and working on the options for the students who've performed better or worse than expected.

Gary walked me home, and we kissed on the doorstep, tonight we'd be apart, but from tomorrow we'd be together forever. He turned round and walked home, waving as he turned the corner onto the main road.

After tea we talked on Skype for a couple of hours, a bit of sexy chat, some laughing and joking. At 9 o'clock I told him it was bath time, so we disconnected and I went up for a long soak, I had my phone, so we chatted on Facebook for a bit, I got a couple of friend requests from his friends who'd spotted his change of status to In A Relationship with Amy, Zoey was one of the friend requests, I accepted it and had a bit of a chat with her. I ignored all the requests from his male friends, I'll wait until I meet them. Zoey does seem a lovely girl, I think we can be proper friends.

Tomorrow would be a busy day, so at 11 I turned in, I texted Gary 'night night' and slept like a log until my mum woke me a 9 o'clock. Gary was at the door waiting to drive up to Kendal, my he's keen I thought until I remembered I was supposed to pick him up at 8:30, whoops.

I dressed quickly, running a brush through my hair as I went down stairs for a coffee, kissing Gary on the way, I took his hand and we sat down in the kitchen whilst we waited for the coffee machine to work its magic.

"Are you ready for this Gary, it's a big step."

"Yes, I'm ready, and there's no way back, my dad is turning my room into a workshop."

"I'm so so happy Gary, I've been waiting for something like this to happen for years, you've rescued me. I once contemplated suicide because I felt so low, but now I'm happier than I've ever been, even that Christmas when I got the VW Beetle for my Barbie."

We drank our coffee and said goodbye to Mum. Gary had brought a rucksack with some clothes and wash stuff. Wendy at school has arranged for us to borrow one of the school minibuses next weekend, she'll get the caretaker to take the seats out so we can move lots of stuff. I'd packed a bag last night and Gary carried it out to my car.

Mum kissed us both at the door, she was crying and so was I.

"We're only moving 5 miles away mum. And you're coming round this afternoon."

"I know, but my little girl is moving out, it's a big step." Then she suddenly smiled, "but what I didn't tell you yesterday is that Dave has asked me to marry him, look."

She had a diamond ring, very sparkly, "So I'm moving out soon as well. Yay..."

She kissed us both again and we drove off to Geoff's solicitors in Kendal. The office was in a double fronted Georgian house just outside the town centre, it was very imposing.

Geoff's solicitor, Mr Jefferson, met us at reception and took us through to his office, looking around we were glad we'd decided to dress smartly, I had one of my mum's trouser suits on, and Garry was in a shirt and tie. A tray of coffee and biscuits was brought in almost before we'd sat down round the meeting table.

"I'm very pleased to meet you both, please call me Martin, this office is very old, and some of the partners are very stuffy, but I like to be a bit more relaxed, so if you want to take off that tie Gary please feel free."

"Thanks, I hate ties."

Martin took a box file off his desk and brought it to the table, he opened it and took out some papers and a set of keys.

"As you probably know, I've been handling Geoff's affairs for a good few years now, he's quite a particular client, but generous and understanding. He's transferred ownership of Ivy Cottage and all its contents and land to you Amy, there is only one proviso that has been added by Julie, you can discard any of the furniture in any way you wish, except for the bed in the master bedroom, if you wish to dispose of this item you must contact Geoff who will arrange for it to be collected and put into storage until it can be shipped to wherever Julie and Jackie are living at that time. Is that all to your satisfaction?"

"Oh wow, so we get all the furniture as well? We don't have to buy anything Gary, it's all there ready for us. Oh except for a TV, you'd think seeing as Julie was on Telly they'd have something to watch her on.

"Sorry, yes that is all to our satisfaction."

"Excellent, now the house is actually going to be in joint ownership, this was added yesterday by Geoff, this means you will both need to sign these three documents, here, here & here."

"That's nice Gary, we both own the house, Geoff thinks of everything."

We took turns to sign the documents with the posh pen Martin passed across with the papers.

"Now there's one final piece of business, I understand that Geoff has been sending a maintenance payment each month, this has been an ad hoc arrangement so far, he would like to formalise it, and if possible avoid any tax issues, so he's set up an account for you in a US branch of your bank, he will pay $3,000 a month into this account, that's about £1,900 at the moment, and he will increase this payment by 5% every six months, he's also set up a trust that will continue the payments without further increases, upon his death. He wants to assure you that he has no access to the account, so the money is safe, either one of you can transfer money from this account to your UK account at any time, once it hits the UK any interest will be subject to UK tax. Is this satisfactory for you both?"

"Oh, I think I need to speak to him, why is he doubling my money, I don't need it."

"Speak to him all you like, but his accountant has already said much the same. Let me write this number on a piece of paper, look, that's how much he's worth. He left the country partly because US stud fees are much higher, and partly because he'd pay a lot less tax in Texas. The money he pays you is a fraction of what he's saving, so my advice is to take it and spend it. He had similar arrangements with other ladies you know, he paid them for similar services as you offered, but only when they'd escorted them to an event. You are the only girl he's still paying, and the only one he's given a house and car, so please, accept his gift with a good heart, go and enjoy your life and good fortune."

We stood up and shook hands, Martin gave Gary a pack containing our copies of the documents, and the keys, the deeds would be stored in their safe.

We are now house owners, how weird is that?

The first thing we did was to get another set of keys cut for my mum, just in case, then we drove out of Kendal and to our new house, I parked in the driveway and let Gary look upon Ivy Cottage, a 17th century two bedroom cottage standing in one and a half acres of land according to the estate agents blurb.

Gary just stood there stunned, "it's like a fairy tale, tell me this is real."

"It's real Gary, wait until you see inside."

I let him open the door, then he picked me up and carried me over the threshold of our new home. He put me down on the sofa and picked up the mail, most of it a year's worth of junk, but there was a letter with our name on it, he passed it to me. Airmail, I opened it, a card from Jackie and Julie, Good Luck in your new home, I placed it on the mantelpiece, there was a second envelope inside with Gary's name on it, I passed it over. He opened it and laughed, it was a photo, he showed it to me, the twins naked on the bed, on the back they'd written "a little gift to our lover's lover" I put it next to the card, then thought better of it seeing as mum was coming round, I passed it back to Gary.

"I told you they were beautiful, pin it up in the bedroom, a sexy memento. Now let's tour our new domain."

I took Gary round opening windows as we went to air the house out. First I showed him the kitchen dining room with its big cooker and table, then upstairs, the bathroom, then the small bedroom, which now had just a desk and wardrobes, all the clothes that had filled this room were gone, but I could still smell the twin's perfume in the air.

Finally the bedroom, our bedroom. The bed was fully made but very dusty, so we folded up the duvet to carry it outside for shaking later, but first we had some unfinished business from Thursday evening.

I took Gary's hand and we climbed onto the bed, we embraced and kissed for the longest time, I nearly came it was so passionate and when we parted we were both panting. We quickly undressed and threw our clothes to the floor, I had a couple of condoms in my pocket, no stopping us this time, and I'd made a doctor's appointment for Monday, so I'd be on the pill from then on.

Back on the bed I lay Gary down and climbed on top, I kissed him all over, running down from his forehead to his groin, his cock was super hard and twitching, looking like it was ready to come. "Has my poor boy been neglected?" I took it in my mouth, tasting the pre-cum that had started to emerge from the head. I played my tongue around his glans as I took him as deep as I could. Taking his balls in my hand I started to massage his sack, shortly I could feel them tighten and his cock swelled, I readied myself for the onslaught, and I didn't have to wait long as wave after wave of come shot down my throat. I swallowed the first few then let the rest fill up my mouth. When Gary had stopped coming I released his cock and showed him my mouthful of come before I swallowed it.

"That was just half of it, I'd already swallowed a load, and that's just from being celibate for a couple of days, you'd just burst if I left you a week."

I took his cock back in my mouth and brought it to attention again before reaching for a condom and rolling it on. "Now for act II", I slipped his rock hard dick into my waiting pussy, I was well lubed up myself and soon he was as far in as he'd go, I doubted whether I'd ever managed to fit him all in, he was just too long. I started to ride him fast and hard, like we'd been apart for months rather than just one night. I leaned forward and kissed Gary hard, he returned the kiss and I wrapped my arms around his body, we were locked together top and bottom.

Gary was thrusting from below, whilst I ground myself in little circles, without warning I came, a huge wave of sensation started at my clit and worked outwards hitting my brain like a train, I almost fainted, the waves just rolled on. I let go of Gary and lifted myself up, I was woozy and seeing colours but the waves of lust just wouldn't stop and went on for at least a minute.

When they stopped I sagged back down and our lips locked again, we kissed until Gary couldn't take it any longer, he thrust hard and fast for a few more strokes then let go, I came again, over and over with each pulse of his cock.

We lay there in each other's arms, basking in the afterglow.

"Fucking hell Gary, I've never come like that before, Even Jackie with all her skills didn't come close to knocking me out, but you almost did then, I thought I was going to faint."

I lifted myself off and Gary's cock slipped out and hit his belly with a thump, the shrivelled condom was full of spunk, I carefully pulled it off and tied it off, we didn't have a bin yet, so I took it to the bathroom and flushed it. I was walking back to the bathroom when the doorbell rang. I ran to the window and looked out, it was our parents, all of them.

I opened the window a little and called down that we'd just be a minute. We threw on our clothes and straightened ourselves up a little. I opened the window fully to let the some air through and we went downstairs to great our visitors.

As we sat them all round the table I suddenly realised we had no tea or coffee, or milk, or anything.

"Whoops, sorry folks we're just learning this domestic lark, and we've got nothing at all in. Gary there's a shop just up the road, can you run up and get some stuff?"

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