Helping a Friend in Need

by WVBoy

Copyright© 2013 by WVBoy

Sex Story: Tim and Tammy had been our best friends, now that Tammy was gone, Tim need some help. Katie dreams up a way to help.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   .

I know that this is a story that you have heard a hundred times, but this time it is true, just as it happened.

As the first hints of daylight came slipping through the window, Katie began to stir. Saturday was our day, the one day a week that ever since we had been married had been set aside for the two of us. Even after the kids had been born, we tried to keep them busy on Saturday so the two of us could have time together alone. Many Saturdays were so busy that all we could steal would be a quick feel as we passed each other. Today was different, the kids were at camp and we had the whole day to ourselves.

Katie snuggled up tight against me; I could feel her warm breasts pressing into my back, her nipples felt like soft spears pushing into my ribs. "Bill, have you talked to Tim lately?"

Reaching behind me trying unsuccessfully to grab her pussy, "Yea, we still talk a lot, why?"

We had been great friends with Tim and Tammy ever since we were first married. They were married a month before we were and the four of us had always celebrated our anniversary together. We had bought houses in the same subdivision which allowed us even more time to hang out together. A little over a year ago, Tammy had been killed when a drunk driver ran a red light and hit her broadside. Tim had taken it really hard, the accident not only took Tammy's life but also it took the life out of Tim.

"I was just wondering how he was getting along, I never see him out and about anymore."

"About the same, there just isn't any life left in him."

"Do you think we could fix him up with someone?"

"I doubt it; he just doesn't show any interest in any woman yet and with some of the dogs you know..."

"Stop it. I don't hear you calling any of them dogs when they are lounging around the pool in their bikinis."

Tim and I were great sports fans and would spend lots of time watching games at either our house or his. We would retire to the TV room, while the girls retired to the master bedroom to watch some love story on TV. We were just normal couples, Tim and I talked about everything under the sun, but the conversation always ended up on sex. We each knew all about the other's sex life, all about how the other's wife looked and acted in bed. From talking to Katie, the girls were having the same discussion about us.

Many times Tim or I would make some comment about loving to see the other's wife naked, but that is as far as it ever went. We had a standing joke between the couples, if one of the wives were to say something that upset her husband, that husband always threatened to trade her off for the other wife. Nothing was ever meant by any of these jokes.

Katie and I had moved on with our lives into the area of being parents, while Tim and Tammy had chosen to wait until later.

"Why don't we invite him over for dinner this evening? The kids will be at mothers this afternoon and evening."

"Katie, do you mean that you are willing to give up our day together for Tim."

"No problem, but we still have lots of time together before evening, now give me that cock."

Never one to refuse a beautiful woman, I filled her request and her pussy.

Later that day, I went to see Tim, taking along the usual offering of beer. We sat around and talked and drank for a couple of hours, while watching the last of the ball game. "Katie wants you to come to dinner this evening."

"I don't know, I..."

"She won't take no for an answer, if you don't show up it will be my ass in a sling. We will look for you around 7:00, I have no idea what we are having, but I'm sure we won't starve to death."

"Just to keep you out of trouble, buddy, I'll take you up on your offer. Should I bring red or white?"

"Both, see you at seven."

When I arrived back home, Katie was beside herself. She started hurrying around the house, making sure everything was in order and began to put the evening meal together.

I was a lot of help; I kept grabbing her ass or tits every time we passed. "Stop it, we have all night tonight. Let me get dinner ready. What time is Tim coming?"

"Around seven."

"Great, I'll have everything else ready and you can put the steaks on the grill when he shows up. We will have an evening outdoors beside the pool."

"Yea, I know you, all you want to do is show off your new bikini."

"I'm not going to wear a bikini."

Not knowing exactly what she meant by that, it left great visions in my head.

A few minutes before seven, good to his word, Tim rang the bell. I hurried off to let him in. "I'm so glad that you could make it, Katie has been rushing around all day making sure ever thing was ready for this evening."

From the upstairs bedroom Katie said, "Hi Tim. Honey, go ahead and put the steaks on the grill, I'll be down in a minute."

"Tim, grab a couple of beers from the frig and we will go start burning some meat."

Passing through the kitchen, I grabbed everything I needed to start the grill, Tim picked up three beers and we headed to the patio.

We had just gotten the fire started when Katie made her appearance. She had on a yellow sun dress that I had never seen before. It was made of very light material, when the sun was behind her; it looked almost transparent. It was low cut, so low that it didn't hide much and Katie was not wearing a bra. The thin fabric did nothing to hide her eraser size nipples. Tim had seen Katie in a lot less at the beach or by the pool many times before, but this dress just spelled sex.

The evening was perfect, as the sun began to descend behind the hills; the air took on a soft warm feel. Being the middle of summer, the air was filled with the scents of hundreds of flowers; magical was the only way to describe it.

Tim couldn't pry his eyes from her body. "Tim, can you mind the steaks for a couple of minutes. Bill, I need your help to bring everything from the kitchen and get it set up."

Katie had one of those bodies that most women pray for, even after the children were born, it had returned to its former state with almost no effort on Katie's part. Although short (less than 5 foot), Katie had perfect proportions, just the right amount of boobs and ass. Katie could melt the hardest heart and make the softest cock hard with just one look of her sexy eyes.

I followed Katie into the kitchen, "I know what I want to do to help Tim, but I'll need your help when the time is right. Here is my plan."

I agreed with Katie and told her I would watch for the right time. As I agreed, she grabbed my cock through my shorts and gave it a squeeze.

With our hands full, we returned to the deck, I helped Katie set the table and bring all of the other dishes out for dinner. By the time we had the table setup; Tim made the announcement that the steaks were finished.

All three of us sat down to a perfect meal, good food and good fellowship, but it was not hard to tell that Tim was distant, he was thinking about times past when he and Tammy had shared this very spot with us. After dinner we moved back inside, turned on the TV to watch the rest of the ball game. I took my usual spot in my recliner; but Katie instead of going upstairs to the master bedroom to watch a movie, sat down next to Tim on the love seat. As the beer and wine continued to flow, Katie started to move closer to Tim, every time she would make a trip into the kitchen to retrieve more beer she would make sure to bend low in front of Tim giving him a full view down the front of her dress and each time she sat down a little closer to him.

By the time the game was over, she was pressing up against him, actually laying her head on his shoulder. After another beer, she had turned herself toward Tim and was pressing her hardened nipples into his arm. Tim pretended not to notice but he kept moving his arm, rubbing against her dress.

I decided that now was as good of a time to put Katie's plan into effect. "Tim the three of us have been friends for a long time. Anything that I have, if you need it, you can borrow it, of course you know that. We know that you miss Tammy so much and I can understand that. I know that you miss the female companionship and also the sex. Katie and I have talked and since you are a good friend, we want to try to help."

"I don't know how you could possibly help; I'm not really interested in dating anyone yet."

"No, that isn't what we mean, since we are such good friends and I trust my friends with anything that I have. I want to make you an offer of Katie."

"I don't think I understand."

"I'm offering you Katie to fulfill those female companionship and sexual needs, no strings attached."

"I couldn't do that."

"This isn't something that I offer to everyone. Katie and I have talked about this; as a matter of fact it was her idea. I would count it an honor if you would take us up on this."

"Don't get me wrong," Tim continued, "Katie is very beautiful and desirable, but I don't want to cause any problems between the two of you."

Katie chimed in, "This would cause no problems. I'll tell you something, but you have to keep it a secret, I have been with lots of men over the past few years, I've had sex with hundreds of men with Bill's knowledge and consent, we have a very open marriage. We have no secrets from each other. I'm a "Hot Wife" and with Bill's approval, I fuck strange men all the time.

Tim looked stunned, "I never would have guessed. I'll be the first to admit that I miss female companionship, but I would feel like I was betraying Tammy."

"Tim, I have to go back to the office to finish up on a couple of contracts and I'll give you and Katie at least two hours to talk about this, no matter what you decide, we will hold nothing against you and we will understand."

Katie didn't even get up from the couch; I moved to her, gave her a kiss and told her I would see her in a couple of hours. I was leaving Katie alone to her own ways of persuading Tim, inside I knew that he didn't stand a chance. As I walked out the door, I turned threw her a kiss and was gone into the night. In all actuality I was going to the corner bar for a couple of hours.

Katie snuggled up even tighter against Tim, "Tammy would never want you to become a hermit. She was full of life and would want you to go on with the life that the two of you had planned together. I'm not trying to become permanent solution; this is just temporary, just until you meet someone that you fall in love with. Tammy and I talked a lot, even about what would happen if something happened to her. Her wish was that you would someday meet someone new, she would want you to never forget her but go on with life."

"This is too much to wrap my mind around."

Katie began to rub her hardened nipples against Tim's arm. Slowly she moved her hands to the shoulder straps of her sun dress, slipping them over her shoulders and down her arms. As she began to pull the top lower and lower, her beautiful breasts came into full view. "Just tell me if you want me to stop." Now her nipples were all that was holding her dress up. One more tug and both came into full view; those beautiful globes of womanhood, no tan lines were to be seen and no sign of sag. Tim was bothered, or maybe just caught up in the moment, his mouth began to form words but no sound would come out. Katie now had her dress around her waist; she leaned into Tim and began with a light kiss to his cheek, then continuing to kiss her way to his lips. Then she continued to place one kiss on top of the last, each kiss was hotter and deeper than the one before, Katie was testing the waters, just to make sure that she didn't push herself onto Tim.

Katie took one of Tim's hands and placed it on her right breast and began to move it around. Like a small child being trained to do something, Tim began to pick up what she wanted. The one thing that turned Katie on the fastest was to have someone play with her breasts, especially rubbing her nipples. Many times she would have her first orgasm just by someone playing her breasts.

Katie moved from beside Tim to sitting on his lap with her legs spread, one on each side of his. She leaned into him bringing one of her nipples to his lips. He began to lick her nipples, first one then the other. Now parting his lips, he inhaled one of her nipples; Katie threw her head back and began a soft moan. She was getting more turned on by the second. Tim was moving from one nipple to the other.

Katie stood up and took a couple of steps back; she allowed her dress to fall into a heap at her feet. Now Tim was enjoying a sight that I had seen so many times before, his eyes traced the outline of her beautiful body from top to bottom then returned to start the trip again. Katie slipped her thumbs inside the waist band of her panties and began to slide them down her beautiful legs. As her landing strip came into view, she stopped, as if she had changed her mind. Facing Tim, she bent over, picking up his hands and placing one on each side of her waist. Tim took the hint and began to move his hands down her body, pulling her panties down with his descending hands. Now he was face to face with her beautiful shaved pussy, bare and freshly shaven, all except for her small landing strip.

Katie stepped out of her panties adding them to the pile that contained her dress. She began to edge herself forward one inch at a time until her pussy was only an inch from his face. Here she stopped; Tim took over from there, coming forward with his mouth until his lips touched her bare skin. He began to apply kisses down each leg and around her pussy, Katie quivered with each kiss. "Yes, right there, Oh God." He used his tongue to part her pussy lips and seek out the passion button that was hidden within. As he began to lick the full length of her pussy, she began to breathe harder and harder. Knowing that her first orgasm was only seconds away she wrapped her hands around the back of his head, entangling her fingers into his hair, she spread her legs and pulled his face as deep as she could into herself.

"Oh! OOOOOOOOhhhhhhh! I'm cumming!" Katie's legs began to tremble and buckle under her weight. She was holding tight to the back of Tim's head to keep from falling. She lowered herself down and worked her way between his legs. Opening the buckle on his belt she removed it slowly, unbuttoned his pants, and lowered his zipper.

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