The Accommodating Keeper

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A chap cursed with impotence seeks medical assistance he blames his religious wife for his condition. A prescription aimed at his wife is successful and his now 'randy' wife becomes a mobile fuck that eventually finds the cock of a man can't match what she found in an abandoned barn - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Double Penetration   .

The doctor returned to his office with a clip board, he sat down and for several seconds turned the pages of the report over, silently digesting what was written. His patient sat waiting for a report that was the results of months of tests; finally the doctor put the board down and with a sigh said. "I'm sorry Mr. Williams but the tests show, despite all the examinations we have done that you are impotent to the degree that normal sexual activity of actual penetration of a female is not possible. However, there is still a slight sign of activity for you have said, and the examinations back that is that you can still involve yourself in oral sex. You told me that you have a female friend that does entertain you regards that activity", he concluded.

"That is right", the patient said. "I have suspected what the test results have shown now for quite some years. I do blame that onto my wife for she has been very opposed to sexual relationships. I think her religion is the core to her lack of activity for they say that sex is only for reproduction and any other form of sexual activity is a definite 'no', 'no'", he concluded.

"That is a pity", the doctor said. "Unfortunately I can recall a similar case some years ago. Tell me is your wife attractive and if you had the opportunity would you sexually engage her?"

For seconds the patient was silent. "Yes doctor", he said. "She is not too bad in either looks or figure, not that she will allow me in the bathroom when she has had a shower, but I did catch her fully nude, much to her annoyance. Yes there is nothing wrong with her anatomy, nice, large but proportioned tits, a very nice and attractive bottom, a little large but nice and round and a forest of hair at her groin, all the apparatus that I consider very important. I would just be content if she sucked me off, but even to touch her ends up in a rebuke. I don't even try now; we live together on a base of toleration". The doctor opened a drawer and took out his prescription pad. "This prescription is not cheap, it is the opposite to the tablets I gave you but as I said I came across a case similar to what you described many years ago and I suggested these same tablets and the report I received was that they were very successful. How old is your wife Mr. Williams?"

"Just a year or so over fifty", the patient replied.

"These tables will create a sexual desire that would be equal to a woman in her twenties, there are only four but they are successful, Mr. Williams. Just make sure that they are given with meals, otherwise they could have side effects that would reverse what is there principal aim", he concluded.

The patient left the doctor's office. He was told they were expensive, but he certainly didn't expect the cost to be just under hundred dollars. "They better work", he muttered. "Otherwise I will be seeking a new clinic". Each evening he crushed a tablet and sprinkled it into the vegetables till all were used. He had no idea of what reaction a woman would do, but his wife showed no sign of altering her stand and he received the same rebuke after the tablets were finished as he had before they were introduced. 'Maybe it is me', he muttered. His wife had gone to bed; he slept in a separate room. He knew that he never was a 'ladies man'. He remembered a comment a woman he had worked with say of one of the male employees who worked in the office. "Now that man can put his shoes under my bed anytime". That sort of comment he never received, the opposite was more common. "Trevor you have the sex appeal of a piece of concrete", that was said to him, sure as a joke by a woman colleague he got on very well with as a fellow employee, but what she said was the attitude of all women he had come across, as a fellow worker or colleague of any kind, he got on marvellously with women, try and touch on intimacy – 'like inviting them for a cup of coffee' he fell in a heap.

The decision to invite his mate Harry for afternoon tea was to test the theory that it was himself that was the blockage to the tablets being a success or failure. Harry was definitely a 'ladies man'. He was a rough diamond but he attractive women to him like bees to honey. He was amused at Trevor's suggestion, but was willing to give it a go, not only because Trevor was his mate, but he had met the wife and certainly had fancied her. He like his mate Trevor was a tit man and Trevor's wife had a set on her that made his mouth water.

His wife was a good hostess and although he did the cooking and had made the cake and biscuits it was the wife who made sure the guests were comfortable and for Harry he pulled out all stops, used all his experience to the extent that the wife was hanging onto every word and as far as her husband was concerned, he just didn't exist. No actual encounter of the physical kind was attempted till it came time to wash the dishes. "I'll wipe", Harry said as the wife cooed her acceptance. As the last cup was wiped and still with items in the water of the sink Harry stepped up behind her and gripped both those ample tits and slowly began to massage them till both nipples hardened to the extent that they made impressions on the tee-shirt the wife was wearing. Soft moans came from her as his fingers began to squeeze those hardened indents. Slowly he moved to her groin and began to rub her up and down; this time her moans began definite gasps and her tongue began to lick her lips.

There was no mistaking the sound of a zipper being undone; slowly while still working at her groin the slacks were pulled down till the pink panties were on display. All Trevor did was shake his head, such a manoeuvre by him would have ended up in a major row, however, now his wife was giving off very noted grunts of pleasure, but that was nothing as fingers found the lips of her cunt and began to slip inside. Now she begun to erupt and as those pink panties slid down, revealing that triangle of hair, Harry pushed her over the table and the next utterance of his wife was a loud and long 'Ahhhhhhh!' as he drove his cock in a couple of thrusts up her now throbbing crack. Thoroughly anchored, he pulled off her tee-shirt, undid her bra and bared her tits, tits with hard and erect nipples and in that position he fucked.

She rose and fell with every thrust, sometimes her tits swung and bounced other times he crushed them against her chest as he gave an extra hard thrust. Although standing virtually in front of her as her head rose and fell, she made no indication that he existed. Harry fucked till he gave a grunt, a thrust that made the wife cry out as he emptied his balls. Slowly he pulled out and helped her up, she was totally naked but showed no sign of embarrassment, but willing let him lead her into the shower where he shower her and then put her to bed, without a word to his mate that just stood in absolute shock.

Only after coming back into the kitchen did he speak – "She fucks Trevor, I wanted to ram my cock up her bum but you just wanted to know if the doctor's prescription worked as she was unco-operative prior to that, well mate she is very co-operative now or at least with me. I have a suggestion to test her further. I'll come around with Greg tomorrow and put her through the paces and if she accommodates what I have in mind I reckon you could join in, at least get her to suck you off for I intend to get her sucking cock". To any husband under normal conditions just a suggestion would end up in a divorce court, but this wasn't a normal situation; it was a test to check on the workings of a prescription and also to test if he could be accepted into a sexual encounter as his wife was happily obliging his mate and possibly after tomorrow his other mate as well.

Greg and Harry arrived a little after ten. His wife was delighted to welcome them and after a light morning tea, Harry again began to vocally seduce her, till again she was delighting in what he said and like the previous night he again targeted her tits. This time they were seated on the lounge and as Harry massaged and slowly lifted her tee-shirt Greg began rubbing her thighs so by the time her tee-shirt was off and a tit bared, Greg had her slacks off, her panties around her ankles and was giving that triangle of hair so much finger that she was bucking and gasping as Harry removed her bra and fell onto those mountains of tits and began to almost devour her erect nipples.

Naked she was pushed down onto the lounge, her legs opened automatically as Harry plunged his cock and Trevor could now understand why women 'hung around him', his cock was enormous and as he rammed it to his balls the wife's backside lifted off the lounge and her cry echoed around the room, that was until Greg shoved his cock into her mouth and dragged her head hard into his groin. Harry fucked until he blew and then Greg with a saliva covered cock took his place and although not as huge as Harry, the wife still erupted and bucked as he pumped. "Stick your cock in her mouth Trevor", Harry said as he fully undressed. "She has sucked Greg's so there is no reason why she won't suck yours". It was the suggestion that Trevor wanted to hear and it would be the ideal opportunity to know for certain if his wife would accept him.

Her head was rolling back and forth when he stopped it and shoved his half cocked prick into her mouth and pulled her head upward so that it was totally in her mouth. Now it was his turn to give off gasps of pleasure for she was sucking, she was actually sucking his cock and boy it fell good. There was no reason for him to hold off spilling his balls, he couldn't get hard enough to follow Greg, so he kept her sucking till his balls exploded and it gave him pleasure as she struggled, but he held her till every drop was gone and only then did he release her, her head flopped back, cum and saliva drained from her mouth, but just then Greg emptied his balls with a thrust that made the wife erupt and it was comical as she sprayed the contents of his nuts over herself and the back of the lounge.

There was no pause for Harry was again hard. He pulled her up bent her over the lounge and as Greg pushed his cum covered cock into her still cum dripping mouth, Harry did what he wanted, rammed it up her bum. Over the years Trevor had come across porno movies of women getting a bum fuck, but not in front of him. His wife was unable to cry for her head was buried into Greg groin, but her being shook and wobbled so that is was virtually a minor earthquake but the smile on Harry's face as he drove his entire length between those lily white cheeks even made Trevor smile; it was something that he wished he could partake in but even though his cock couldn't rise in celebrations he could give a vocal encouragement. "Fuck her Harry, fuck the arse off her". Harry gave a nod as he did what his mate wanted.

For the next two weeks she was serviced. Each morning she welcomed her two lovers, till she opened the door totally naked and giggled with delight as they carried or goosed-stepped her into the bedroom and there performed their sexual ritual till the slaps of flesh against flesh or gargled grunts from a mouth full of cock were as regular as the ticks from the grand-father clock. Trevor was to find that he could join in, especially when his wife was 'double dipped' without any objection, he was just another cock that was there to be sucked, but without the presence of his mates, his wife treated him as she always had done, an item of tolerance, certainly not as a partner in her now regular sexual adventures. By himself, he virtually didn't exist. So he was not surprised to find her gone one day after he returned from the volunteer organization he belonged too.

Free of restrains and virtually only wearing the clothes she had on, she gave her home one last glance, closed the door and began the adventures that would lead her into a world that was talked about, but only in whispers. She caught the train into the city and shortly was in conversation with a man, as black as coal. He had boarded the train not long after herself. There was no doubt she was noticed, after all she no longer bore a bra and it was hot and sweat had damped her blouse giving her tits a very noted outline, especially her now permanent erect nipples. The black smiled, she smiled back and so doing opened the door to an encounter with a cock that would have her howling and bucking with such ferocity that the black himself would be embarrassed.

That chattered, nothing of any importance, just chit-chat but by the time they arrived into the city his suggestion as they stood up and following a bump from another passenger, for the train was now crowded, that enable him to feel for seconds those unstrained tits, that they go for a coffee, was willingly accepted. She may not have been dressed for a five star hotel, but no body especially a man was going to deny her admittance, so in a corner, with the sun shining through a large window they drank coffee and he privately visualized her naked. He didn't know that she wore no panties but after leading her into a room, that he booked almost immediately after they arrived, she dropped her skirt and as that large triangle of dark hair appeared, standing out like a beckon against the white of her thighs, his cock nearly broke through the material of his trousers.

Her tits were bared and now standing naked he rubbed that hairy triangle, drove his fingers up her crack, kissed her erect nipples and worked that ample flesh. For her part she grasped that massive bludge but when he also stood naked it was her turn to utter a gasp of disbelief. His cock was enormous; a massive throbbing piece of black ivory, inches more than what she had experienced with her husband's friend Harry and his was big. But this monster was equal to any cock on any horse; she grasped it, running her hand up its entire length and then grabbling a squeezing his balls which were equal in size to those of a tennis ball. "Suck ... suck it", he gasped and down she went and as he pulled her nipples she licked that glorious shaft, sucked that enormous nob and gave tingling nips with her teeth on those hair covered balls. His cock was glittering with saliva as he lifted her up, virtually threw onto the bed, pushed aside her legs and drove that length up that hair covered cunt. She rose to receive it a length like she had never had before and by the time he had thrust it to the utter depths of her crack and the fucking began, her cries and eruption made a vase on a side table rattle.

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