Revenge Is Sweet

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2013 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Grant is the soon to be sacked company accountant. He sets up his retirement by cleaning out the company bank account and investments. His final job at the office is to fuck the grand-daughter of the owner. She is reluctant but some incriminating photos soon have her naked with her legs spread.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Blackmail   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Size   .

It was a Friday afternoon again, and like usual the office was empty except for me and Angela. The company that I worked for, was a family owned one. It was owned by a family of Greeks headed by Cosmo, the 80 year old patriach of the family.

The company was small but very rich with three generations of the family taking up all positions in the company ... except for mine. I was the foreigner because no one in the family could fulfill the role of company accountant until now. I had the feeling that Angela was being groomed for that position and that I would soon be shown the door.

With this in mind, I had been making my exit plans for some time. This Friday was to be my last day before I disappeared with all of their money. Over the last couple of months I had quietly erased all of their computer system backups on-site and off-site. I had planted a software-bomb in their system which would detonate just after the final transfer of their money had completed. All their computer data would be totally and irretrievably destroyed.

I had planted a few fire-bombs in their secure file room and others throughout the offices. I would activate them via mobile phone call as I left the building. These would totally destroy any paper records that they may have.

I had already changed a $2.5 million loan application signed by Cosmos into a $250 million loan application, with the lender having already transferred the funds to one of my Cayman Island accounts. It wasn't there anymore ... I had moved it a number of times to confuse anyone trying to trace it.

The final step was to transfer the remaining investments worth $300 million to my Cayman Islands account. That process was happening now and would be finished in about 10 minutes. All that would remain for the family was a couple of thousand dollars in their bank account ... just enough not to trigger their low balance warning.

I had one final thing to do before I walked out the door. This was going to be a pleasure for me. I was going to fuck 25 year old Angela, the grand-daughter of Cosmo. She was a snobby bitch who treated me like shit. I know that I was old enough to be her father but that didn't give her the right to treat me like she did her own father.

Last Friday I had caught her snorting drugs in her office after everyone else had gone home. I snapped off a couple of pictures using my mobile phone, and over the weekend I printed them up into large 8 inch by 10 inch photos.

On Monday I confronted her with my evidence. She shit her pants at being discovered and pleaded for the photos and my silence. I was going to let her stew for the remainder of the week so I told her we would talk again on the Friday afternoon.

It was 3 PM when Angela walked into my office. She looked nervous. I remotely locked the door using the button under my desk.

I was sitting at my desk, just having watched the final money transfer complete. The company was now bankrupt. I had prepared for Angela's entry by removing my pants and underwear, just leaving on my polo shirt. I'd also swallowed a Viagra earlier to help me perform with her this afternoon. It wasn't to help me get an erection ... it was more to help me sustain an erection for a longer period whilst I fucked her with my long fat cock.

I had the photos spread out on my desk.

She stood nervously in front of my desk and waited for me to say something.

Angela was quite tall at about 5 ft 7 ins tall and slender with a nice set of tits and a curvy ass. She looked like a typical Greek beauty with her long straight black hair hanging to the middle of her back. She was beautiful and she knew it too, as evidenced by her bitchiness to others.

I started the conversation with "I don't have long so let's get to the point here ... I want you to strip naked right here and now for me ... I want to fuck you".

She looked at me horrified by my demands, then a defiant look came across her face.

"I will not ... you pervert I will have you sacked for this" she spat back at me.

"Fine ... strip now ... or I press this button and off goes your photos to your family and to the police" I countered as my finger hovered over the 'Enter' button on my keyboard. I lowered my finger and stroked it across the surface of the key.

"Oh ... stop ... stop..." she cried out at me.

"Strip now..." I demanded back.

With a defeated look on her face she proceeded to peel off her clothes. First came the mid-thigh length black dress that she was wearing, leaving her in bra, panties, supenders and black stockings. She looked back to me as again my finger stroked the key.

"The bra next then the stockings" I commanded her.

The removal of the bra revealed a nice set of what looked like C-cup tits with their large dark nipples. As she then bent over to undo the stockings from the suspenders, her tits hung down and swayed as she slowly removed her stockings.

She stood up again with an arm across her tits, trying to hide them from my view.

"Move the arm and keep it down. Lose the panties now" I added.

Slowly she moved her arm and with both hands she pushed her panties down off her hips and across her thighs until they fell to around her ankles. She stood there unmoving.

"Throw them over here to me". She stepped out of them and tossed them to me, then resumed standing in front of me. I got my first clear view of her pussy. She had a trimmed black haired mound with her pussy lips devoid of any hairs.

I picked up her panties from the desk and held the gusset of them to my nose, inhaling her pussy scent as she watched me with a disgusted look on her face. I then moved my hand holding them under my desk to drop them over my erect cock and use them as a wanking aid.

"Oh god ... you're not" she gasped, to which I nodded with a grin on my face.

I watched her in silence for a minute or so as I wanked using her panties. Then I said to her "Come around here ... kneel and lick and suck my cock ... do it now".

She hesitated and I raised my voice to repeat my command "Now ... or I press the key".

She slowly walked around to my side of the desk and knelt to the side of my chair. I then slowly turned my chair to present my cock to her.

"Oh fuck ... no fucking way ... you have to be kidding" she gasped as her eyes locked onto my 13 inch long fat cock that had her panties around its base.

"Shut the fuck up ... and get your lips and tongue to work" I told her sternly. "Put your hand on my cock now".

She saw that I was deadly serious, and reluctantly grabbed my cockshaft with the hand. It looked good with her fingers and their painted nails wrapped around my cock.

"Stroke me...".

She followed direction, and slowly stroked my cock up and down.

"Lick and suck now" I added to her directions.

Tentatively her tongue came out and licked along my cockshaft, up to the head and down back to her panties that sat around the base. I enjoyed her licking for a while before I simply said "Suck". She gazed at my cockhead for a moment before she opened her lips and took its head between her lips. She couldn't take much into her mouth due to the fatness of my cock.

"Suck me bitch" I commanded encouraging her to put in more effort.

With that encouragement her lips locked around my cockhead and she sucked me. After a couple of minutes of ineffective sucking, I pushed back on her forehead saying "Fucking hopeless ... come her and sit on the desk".

I moved my chair back and made room for her to sit on the edge of my desk. When she sat there I pushed her back so that she was laid across the desk on top of her guilty drug-snorting photos. I wheeled my chair back into place between her thighs, bringing my face close to her pussy. Leading with my tongue, I slid it across her pussy lips before using it to prise them apart. She was only just damp.

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