Sex Soldiers

by aubie56

Copyright© 2013 by aubie56

Fantasy Sex Story: Magic leaks through a rift in the barrier between the human world and Hell. Demons, vampires, harpies, and other monsters come through that rift. Closing the rift to seal out the monsters would also shut off the source of magic, but nobody wants to do that because of the wondrous changes made possible by magic. This is how the problem is solved after 2,000 years of trying.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Magic   Fiction   Humor   Paranormal   Vampires   Zombies   Incest   Military   .

Ilonia and Ossarus reclined in their deck chairs on the balcony of their keep overlooking the Great Rift. Ilonia said, "Honey, it looks to me like Arl and Bunice are working on a new spell. I can see the glow of magic from a ball of energy hanging near their balcony."

"Yeah, it looks like you are right, Dear. I can see without using magic that they are fucking away like mad. It is in the doggy position. I can't tell if he has penetrated her asshole or her cunt."

"Well, we'll find out soon enough the details of what they are doing if the spell works out. However, out of curiosity, I do wonder what the spell is supposed to accomplish."

"Who can tell with those two? It could be another way to cook pizza!"

Ilonia swatted her twin/husband/co-sorcerer on the shoulder with a love tap and laughed. "Come to think of it, that is not such a bad idea. Move over here, Honey, and poke yourself into me. I could do with a little of your magic about now."

"Sorry, Dear, there goes the white warning rocket. Let's get ready for some serious fucking. It looks like it is time for us to earn our pay."

"Yes, I see the pair of blue rockets going up now. It looks like all that's needed is the general barrier spell, so we can use my favorite position. Get rid of your robe while I lay out the most comfortable pallets. I have a premonition that this is going to be a long session."

"Maybe, this will be the time for you to become pregnant. I know you remember that the notice came yesterday that we were selected to reproduce this cycle. If nobody screwed up, the sterility spell on this keep will be lifted until you do get knocked up."

"Yes, I do remember, husband. I was wondering if you also remembered. I'm glad that you do. Frankly, I am looking forward to the new experience of bearing children. I think that it would be kind of fun to conceive while we were warding off an attack. I hope you have a lot of jizz stocked up with a load of potent sperm. I'll release the egg as soon as we lie down and get locked together."

"Of course I can't guarantee anything, but I do feel like I am full of it tonight. I sure hope that I can come through. I agree that it would be fun to make babies while we are defending the planet."

"Wow, there goes the red rocket. That was kind of short notice. I hope the troops are already doing their part. Get your legs up on my shoulders if that's the position you want to use. We don't have any time to waste. I hope that you are wet enough—I sure don't want to tear any skin in your vagina."

"Honey, I am always wet enough for you. Come on, you know that. Just hurry up and get yourself wet. I'm about ready to rape you if you don't get your damned pecker into my cunt like right now!"

Ossarus lined up with Ilonia's pussy hole and pushed away. As usual, he slid all the way in to bump his pubic bone against her clit on his first stroke. They had been perfecting their technique since their 10th birthday, so there was nothing new at this stage. Ossarus began stroking away and Ilonia released her egg to ensure that it would be in position by the time Ossarus ejaculated the first time.

With almost 10 years of practice, both knew how to give the most pleasure to the other one without conscious thought, no matter what the position. Ossarus and Ilonia seemed to have a special rapport when it came to this sort of activity—on vacation, they always won every fucking contest they entered. In fact, some couples did not even bother to compete with them anymore.

The general magical barrier that was being generated currently did not require any specific magical effort from either one of them. This particular spell was one of the first developed over 2,000 years ago when the Great Rift first opened. In fact, the spell was so old that no one knew who had first discovered it, and many legends had grown up about the original version of the spell. Nowadays, it was the first spell that beginning sorcerers learned, and it was being generated by a class of such beginners with sexual support from all of the other professionals and by the army of amateurs who volunteered to help by fucking on demand.

One unit of this army was a formal military unit, but it was unlike any other military unit in the history of mankind. It was divided into squads, platoons, companies, etc. just like any other military unit, but their sole weapon was a standard issue military bunk with a special mattress design. The bunk was wide enough for two people, one female and one male, who always slept nude together so that they would be ready to perform on very short notice.

Each bunk was equipped with a special lubricant dispenser for use when the call to fuck was made before there had been enough time for foreplay. The men were selected from the pool of volunteers who could get and maintain an erection in the shortest possible time. Because the men always burned out first, there was a second pool of men in reserve who did not become erect so quickly, but who were able to sustain an erection for a long time, once they were erect.

Everybody knew that the point was not to orgasm as quickly as possible, but to maintain that level of excitement and sexual stimulation that always came with a satisfactory copulation. It was the aura that was wanted, not the explosive burst of feeling and emotion when the orgasm finally came. Some people had trouble learning this, usually men, but women who had multiple orgasms were not the stars of the event that they expected to be. Rather, it was the women who could extend their rapture for a long time who were the greatest in demand.

This particular attack came just before supper time, so a lot of people were annoyed by the unexpected delay. This was the sort of thing that the enemy had been looking for, because it cut into the efficiency of the aura generation. Fortunately, the humans had encountered this ploy many times over the centuries, and enough people were available to enjoy the fuck to counter the negative effect caused by hunger.

Surprisingly, the attack did not last long, and the green rocket soon appeared indicating the all-clear. Ilonia and Ossarus were happy because he had ejaculated four times, and they were sure that was enough to accomplish the fertilization of Ilonia's egg. If not, they still had 30 days to accomplish their goal. The egg could be maintained in good condition by magic for at least that long, so two sperm should have time to find it in that length of time. The technique for generating fraternal twins was known by now, so Ilonia was well prepared for what she needed to do.

A week later, Ilonia announced, "IT WORKED! I'M PREGNANT WITH TWINS!" Ossarus was relieved for a couple of reasons, he really wanted to be a father, and he could now back off on trying so hard to push out that extra bit of semen to be sure there was enough to do the job. Ilonia and Ossarus could now go back to their preferred routine of fucking at the drop of a hint without worrying about what the effect would be on that egg.

There had been a few minor attacks over the previous week, but everybody was just waiting for the other shoe to drop. These minor attacks had always before led up to a mammoth push from the other side to make a major breakthrough into the human realm. Suddenly, here it came, and it was a bigger incursion than had been seen in living memory!

Now was when everybody was involved, and it was necessary to drag out the most effective of spells. It was almost a BANG-BANG-BANG of rockets on that afternoon. First the white warning rocket, then the red alert of immanent attack, and finally the double purple rockets calling for every sorcerer/sorceress to put forth their best efforts. The rockets came, one after the other, so fast that there was no time for foreplay, and the Army was hard pressed to start fucking in time. Thank the gods for all of that extra practice that the sergeants had insisted upon!

Ilonia and Ossarus had developed a special freeze spell that the Wizzard's Council had recently approved for use in combat, and they were anxious to find out if it worked in the real world as well as it did under laboratory conditions. Fire and lightening spells usually worked well against most monsters, but the true demons from Hell were immune to those attacks. The freeze spell in some form was the only thing guaranteed to stop a demon.

The spell developed by Ilonia and Ossarus was unique in that it combined a wall of cold with an ability of the wall to shoot ice balls aimed at individual demons. Furthermore, the wall could launch the ice balls without the direct supervision of a worker of magic. All a magic worker had to do was to turn on the spell and to turn off the spell when it had finished its job of destroying demons. It was virtually automatic, and the entire magical community was trying to adapt the same principle to the other spells. Ilonia and Ossarus specialized in freeze spells, so they were not able to offer much help with the other types of spells. Everybody was disappointed, but that's life in the magic business!

The only problem with the I-O Ice Ball Spell, as it came to be known, was the tremendous amount of sexual energy it took to power the spell. Were it not for that important detail, the spell would simply have been left energized in front of the Great Rift at all times, and that would have been the end of worry about demons.

As it was, the I-O Ice Ball Spell required so much power input that everyone who was capable was asked to drop their pants or panties and fuck away, no matter what they had been doing previously. As expected, this played Hob with the orderly progress of civilization as people were even using sidewalks and streets as a platform for fucking. Some animals were even inspired to join in what they saw the humans doing, but there was considerable doubt that this made any real contribution to the strength of the spell.

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