The Secrets in Arthur's Basement

by harry lime

Copyright© 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Arthur has taken up a hobby in the basement of his mansion after the demise of his mother. Now the women come and go and he is spending more and more time down in the hidden rooms. His new bride to be is curious about his unusual hobby so he gives her a tour.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Coercion   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

The most important event in Arthur Van Cortland's entire life was the passing of his beloved mother. She was the undisputed queen of society in all territories south of Albany and East of the pristine Hudson River. He grieved for a full month and then decided to add a little spice to his convention riddled life.

Arthur became a collector.

His was not a typical collection such as butterflies, stamps or even books of a rare and expensive edition. No, Arthur's collection was more visceral and laced with depraved hidden desires. Arthur collected young virgins and used them for his pleasure.

His prey was in the teeming masses of happy immigrant families with young daughters of age 18 who searched for employment outside the much abused pursuit of providing services of the flesh for sexually repressed males. He constantly perused the applications of fair young maidens for the menial tasks of domestic service or unskilled office or even factory employment. It was almost a certainty that he had multitudes of applicants to fill his secret needs.

He usually only kept his subjects for six months or less because he liked the constant variety of new flowers in his lapel and new pussy in his basement. Arthur did not consider himself a "monster" because he was scrupulous about not causing lasting physical harm to any of the females and he always gave them a choice of reluctant cooperation with the promise of permanent employment or release back on the streets of little opportunity. Almost invariably, the pretty young things opted for the former and did their best to accommodate his unusual appetites in the secretive basement.

Arthur was a handsome man.

He wore the latest of fashions and availed himself of only the finest grade of personal care products. He had in his employ a Japanese woman of middle age who tended to his cock every day bringing him to heights of convulsive ejaculation with her talented fingers and skilled oral manipulations. Her name was Miss Oko and she served him with a sense of pride in her work and loyalty found only in that Oriental culture. Arthur was always very respectful of Miss Oko and never transgressed on her personal space despite the circumstances of her servitude.

The daily attentions of Miss Oko and his dedicated use of a special formula given to him by a jaded old Chinese purveyor of potions insured the aroused state of his over-sized cock for the lengthy sessions in the locked basement.

He had recently disposed of young 18 year old Taylor Collins by sending her to his factory in North Carolina. She would work in the garment trade and offer her favors to the senior management staff to insure bonuses and promotion. His head manager, Joshua Randall had gleefully set to spanking new levels of submissiveness into her petite frame much to her gratification and personal delight.

Arthur remembered the first time he had anally penetrated young Taylor on the padded sawhorse in front of two security men who followed his lead with enthusiastic pounding of Taylor's innocent flanks.

Taylor was one of the tightest brown eyes he had ever stretched open and he attributed it to the fact she was kept in virtual solitary confinement by her over-protective mother. His promise of employment had opened her knees and her move into the basement was fully approved by both her and her mother as a condition of her future employment. He gave the attractive mother his seeds in her belly to insure her silence with regard to her daughter's non-traditional "training" period. The woman was unexpectedly vociferous when he shot his load deep inside her and he reveled in her display of wanton depraved desire.

He was replacing the pretty Taylor with a new girl he had discovered at an employment office looking for any type of work that was in the "entertainment" field. His proposition of training and future employment was appealing to her and she accepted gratefully. He had discussed the basement activities and young Miss Carstairs appeared to be readily acceptable of the sexual requirements in filling the position.

When he instructed the new girl to divest herself of all clothing, she jumped to the task with agility and very little false modesty. He viewed her from all angles taking careful inspection of her glorious bush of dark black hair and her gaped ass crack that allowed a peek at her buried rear door. Arthur told her,

"Bend over now and let's see your pussy and your ass at the same time."

The girl followed his orders and even spread her ass cheeks so he could see every hidden corner of her womanly secrets. Her scent and appearance was so overwhelming that poor Arthur was driven to push her up against the basement wall and take possession of her female slit without further ado.

Angela Carstairs was in a quandary because she was not prepared for such precipitous behavior. However, after some energetic pounding, Angela was pushing back into Arthur's sticky groin for more cock inside her secret cave. The well-brought up young lady was shouting words of the most disgraceful content and certainly not appropriate to be discussed in mixed company.

He secured her onto his workbench and spent an entire hour tutoring her in the proper reception of a firm hand spanking on her beautiful heart-shaped bottom. By the conclusion of that introductory lesson, young Miss Carstairs was sobbing with true emotion and her tears were running down her cheeks like little rivers of kinky guilt. He checked her between her legs and his suspicions were confirmed that the little slut was as hot as a two dollar pistol hiding in the dark.

One of the "back-up" girls that he kept for special occasions was called in from the parlor in the back end of the basement and she was instructed to lick Miss Carstairs's pretty pussy from behind and to give some attention to her pucker hole with her pointed little tongue. Lucinda was quite good at this play and an obedient little bitch in such matters.

Angela had lost all control and semblance of decorum. She was thrusting her pretty bottom up into Lucinda's face hoping to get her wet tongue deeper inside.

Arthur pushed Lucinda away from Angela's ass and started to whale on her flesh with a wickedly designed paddle with a series of holes cut into it for more effectiveness. The young girl's moans slowly changed into lust-ridden grunts of a more animalistic origin. Sensing her readiness for impalement, Arthur told Lucinda to spread her orbs wide and he inserted his greedy cock right into Angela's waiting hind-quarters.

She twisted and jerked trying her utmost to unseat him from occupation of her very core. All she accomplished was to increase Arthur's enjoyment and make Lucinda giggle at her discomfort. In the mirror, Arthur saw that the young girl was contorted of face and that her mouth sagged open with visible drool falling in lines of slime onto the leather covered workbench.

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