Life Just Bounces

by alan14

Copyright© 2013 by alan14

Sex Story: After the drama of #7 - Venus In Furs. Dayna and Jo have moved into the gardener's lodge at the rear of Kelly's garden, Dayna is back at work managing the shops, and Jo is convalescing, waiting for her injuries to heal. Lorraine reveals that Dayna has the hots for Dave, and Kelly has the hots for Jo. Lorraine and Dave decide a holiday is in order to test the waters...

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

This story follows hot on the heels of #7 – Venus In Furs. Dayna and Jo have moved into the gardener's lodge at the rear of Kelly's garden, Dayna is back at work managing the shops, and Jo is convalescing, waiting for her injuries to heal.

Saturday afternoon, late August, Jo is lying on a sun lounger in the shade of a large tree, she's wearing just a bikini, not to show off her body, but to let the sunlight help heal the scars across her body. Most of the bruises had gone, but she had several lines of stitches from the various lifesaving operations she had undergone after the brutal attack in the cemetery. The attack that had been prompted by her poor treatment of George, a submissive, whilst making a BDSM film, and that ultimately led to the death of George at the hands of her girlfriend Dayna.

Dayna was a tall, shapely woman in her late 20's. She normally wore full length form fitting dresses that showed her curves to torment men, men who would never get to touch her. She punished them all because of the way that her uncle and his friends had treated her when she was still an innocent girl. He had repeatedly raped and physically abused her, then when he bored of her he sold her to his friends to treat or mistreat her in any way they wished. This treatment stopped when her uncle died. Dayna will never tell anyone that George was not the first man she'd killed. If anyone touched Jo again he wouldn't be the last either. Dayna's heart is as black as the clothes she wears, she didn't think any amount of love and good treatment could erase the horrors of her past.

Today Dayna was eschewing her normal dress and was also wearing a bikini, she'd bought it yesterday for a bit of rare sun-bathing, she deserved some rest and relaxation, and she wondered what she'd look like with a bit of colour in her pearl white skin.

Jo admired her girlfriend as she lay there in the sun. Dayna's boobs were magnificent, helped along by implants, but they looked great nonetheless. Her whole body is a sight to behold, she is heart-stoppingly beautiful, with an hourglass figure that is more Marilyn Monroe than Dita Von Tease, a full figure, one you could hold as tight as you liked without fear of doing her any damage. Even her stab wound had healed nicely, just leaving a short line down her left side. Dayna was thinking of having a tattoo to cover it up, Jo wasn't so sure about that idea, although colourful tattoos do look good against very pale skin, so it might be OK.

Dayna looked across at Jo, her one true love, as she lay in the shade on her sun lounger. Jo was beautiful, more beautiful than she would ever know, she shone because her beauty was in her heart.

Jo, when only 6 years old, had been raped by her brother and father, then had to witness her father rape her brother, who'd been forced to participate and was as much of a victim as she was. Despite this early horror, Jo was a good person who wanted to help other people in similar situations, she didn't hate anyone. She was afraid of personal contact with men, but she didn't hate them. Her job as a Police family liaison officer saw her face horror stories like theirs on a daily basis, but she used her past experience to help others.

Jo broke the silence, "Do you ever wonder what you'd be doing if Kelly and her family hadn't come into our lives?"

"I was thinking that earlier. James was about to ship me off to another department, probably the Export division due to my language skills. If that had happened before Dave joined the company then I probably wouldn't have been brought up in the discussions Dave had with James about a manager for the shops.

"In Export I would have been bored, so I'd have left and probably gone back to Germany, which I think was James' plan to be honest. He's a nice man if you please him, but he can be quite ruthless if you get on the wrong side of him. What would you be doing?"

"Well I'd still be in my tiny grotty flat. And I'd be single, as I had been for over a year. I find it hard to get totally comfortable with new people, I'm still not sure why we clicked so quickly, maybe it's our pasts that linked us on a subconscious level."

"One thing's for certain, we're both much better off now."

"Damn right."

Jo yawned and put her head back, she was soon asleep. Dayna lay back and soaked up the sun, she soon drifted off as well.

I was sat on the patio with Lorraine looking across the gardens, we'd been watching Dayna and Jo.

"I'll wait about quarter of an hour then I'd better go down and wake Dayna, with skin like that she'll quickly burn", said Lorraine

"It's very nice skin though."

"No doubt about it, they're both beautiful, but deep down they're both very troubled. Jo seems to handle it better, but I can tell she's still traumatised by her childhood. She gets a kind of therapy from her work, but I can tell by the way she looks at men, she doesn't trust them."

"Does she look at me that way? Doesn't she trust me?"

"I don't know, there's no obvious sign, but I'll watch out next time we're at the table together. Dayna trusts you though, she looks at you with a kind of adoration. I get the feeling that you're the only man alive that she doesn't hate with a passion. You might be in there."

"What do you mean?"

"I think she'd sleep with you if given the chance, and if it did happen I'd love to watch, in fact I'd insist on it, because I'd like to have a play with her body as much as you would. Jo is only a lesbian because she's not comfortable with men, so I think a dose of your cock would do them both a power of good. Kelly would want to join in too, she fancies Jo and doesn't think I've noticed, silly girl I know everything about this family."

"So what do you propose, oh wise one."

"When are you due some holiday time off?"

"Not for a while yet, I think I can get some early October..."

"That's great, it'll be Kelly's half term, and it'll give Jo some more time to heal. I'm going to book us a cottage in the Lakes for a week, we'll have some adult fun as one big happy family."

The previous Thursday Kelly had got her GCSE results, they were better than expected, especially considering the upheaval of changing school just before her exams. She'd managed 2 A*'s, 2 A's, 4 B's and 2 C's, which was more than enough for the college courses she'd chosen, Art, Business Studies, History and Travel & Tourism. An odd mix, but when you own a hotel and have a passion for photography and art I suppose it makes sense.

As a celebration we were going out to Leeds that evening, for a meal followed by a John Cooper Clarke gig at the Leeds Academy, I do like a bit of quick fire punk poetry interspersed with stand-up comedy from an OAP. I'd booked a joined pair of rooms at my favourite hotel in Leeds, 42 The Calls, and we had a table booked for dinner at Sam's Chop House, which is part of the group who own the most excellent Sam's & Mr Thomas' Chop Houses in Manchester. Sam's is one of those restaurants that is so good you could happily eat there every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner and not get tired. Their Corned Beef Hash is a culinary wonder, made using their own corned beef, probably my favourite meal ever.

Anyway, I went to find Kelly as Lorraine set off down the garden to turn Dayna over so she'd cook evenly. Kelly was on the computer in the study, browsing through a folder of photos she'd taken that morning. She'd recently become fascinated with what she called Street Photography, basically candid photographs of people on the streets, in parks, waiting at bus stops, anywhere at all, as long as the photos were natural and un-posed. She mainly converted them to black and white, and the generally looked stunning, like photos from 1950's Time Life magazine features. The camera I bought her for her birthday had really brought out a talent, and I felt proud of this unconscious discovery.

She didn't hear me coming in the room, so I tapped her in the shoulder, "you need to get ready, we're going to set off for Leeds in a little while," I then noticed a few colour shots in the folder, "hang on, is that Dayna?"

"Yes, she posed for me this morning. She wanted to see what she looked like in her bikini as she'd not worn one before, I was walking back home with my camera when she saw me and asked me to take some photographs. She was wondering if you'd like how she looked, I said you'd most likely be stunned by her figure, was I right?"

"You certainly were. She's nude in those shots were she's facing away, did she ask you to take those?"

"No she didn't, I was checking the light levels in the bedroom whilst she was getting undressed."

"Have you got any of her facing this way?"

"I thought you'd ask that, they're here." She opened a new folder and there was Dayna as naked as the day she was born. Her breasts were amazing, although I suspect they're enhanced, they don't hang right for breasts that size, they must be an E cup at least. She's what some call a plus size, which means she's not anorexic, she's got some flesh on her bones, but she looks stunning. She trims her bush, but it looks very pale, a natural blonde.

"Wow, she looks amazing. Although with the dresses she normally wears you get a big clue to her shape it's still amazing to see, her skin glows, she must bathe in milk or something."

"If she asks me whether you've seen the photos what do you want me to say?"

"Tell her I've seen them and she looks stunning. Your mum will want to see them as well, leave them there while you go and get your stuff together for tonight."

Kelly ran upstairs and I went out to get Lorraine, she was just coming in through the patio doors and I called to her.

"What's up?"

"Kelly's been looking at filth on the computer again, just come and look at this."

I led her into the study and pointed at the computer, "Hey, that's Dayna, how did she get these photos?"

"Dayna asked her to take some photos this morning to see how she looked in a bikini, apparently she's never worn one before. Kelly took these nude shots to get the light levels, although I suspect Dayna let her take them, as she asked Kelly if I'd like how she looked. It seems you were right."

"I always am. She does look stunning doesn't she, her boobs are fake, but they're good ones. Let me zoom into this one were she's side on. Nope you can't see the scars at all, good implants are done from underneath at the side, they only leave tiny scars. Cheap implants done by butchers leave huge scars, sometimes round the nipple if they've had to move them, they look awful. Dayna must have been pretty big anyway, I have a feeling the implants are more for shape than size. I do hope we can help her out Dave, because she's burning up inside from all her hatred.

"Now I wonder if Kelly can get Jo to pose for her, because she's got a very tidy body, lovely full boobs almost as big as Kelly's and a nice shapely bum."

"Come on, stop leering over the photos and get yourself ready to go out Mrs Foster", I patted her pert bum and sent her upstairs whilst I shut the PC down.

With our overnight bags packed, we piled into my car for the 40 mile drive to Leeds, it took around an hour, we managed to find a parking space near the hotel. The £25 for overnight parking was outrageous, but the fine for on street parking was much worse, and it was cheaper than if we all got the train.

I'd booked adjoining rooms, but as usual only one would be used. It had a nice king sized bed, a huge TV and Nespresso machine. The bathroom had a brilliant big bath and shower, always a delight to find.

We showered and changed, nothing fancy, I wore my usual chinos and Ralph Lauren polo shirt, Kelly wore a Next blouse and skirt, whilst Lorraine was wearing a quite superb Primark dress that she says only cost £15. It will probably fall apart before the night is out.

As none of us are wearing unsuitable shoes we chose to walk to Sam's, it's only about — a mile, so the walk would probably turn out to be quicker than taking a taxi, especially considering the traffic on this early Saturday evening.

As I'd anticipated, Sam's was amazing. I'd not eaten in this place before, but they use the same cooking style as the Manchester restaurants, but there are a few different dishes on the menu. I had the Black Pudding Toad In't Hole for starter, Lorraine had Goats Cheese Tart and Kelly had Corned Beef Hash cake. Kelly's starter was so big she skipped the main course, I had the Corned Beef Hash main, and Lorraine had the very interesting sounding Mushroom Cottage Pie, which was Portobello mushrooms filled with wild mushrooms and lentils, topped with cheddar cheese mash. Kelly had the custard tart dessert and Lorraine had a mixed berry Pavlova, I skipped dessert and asked for a glass of Taylor's 1994 vintage port.

We needed to walk off the heavy dinner, and it's less than half a mile from Sam's to the Academy so we again saved money by not taking a cab.

The gig was excellent, John Cooper Clarke is one of the best poets alive, some of his work is on the English GCSE syllabus, and he's just been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Salford. He does the crowd pleasers like Evidently Chickentown, Beasley Street, Kung Fu International etc, but also some of his lesser known work like Day My Pad Went Mad, Heart Disease Called Love, Suspended Sentence and Valley Of The Lost Women. In between he does a lot of jokes and audience participation. A brilliant two hours of entertainment.

It was a lovely evening, so we strolled back, dropping into a couple of bars on the way. We got back to the hotel before their bar shut, so I got a couple of rum & cokes for the girls and a double Ardbeg for me. We took them up to the room, kicked our shoes off and surfed the TV for a little while. There was nothing on the normal channels, so Kelly dug her laptop out and plugged it into the TV, she had a couple of films on there starring her new favourite porn star Christy Mack, they looked good on the big screen, Christy is sexy as hell, and she enjoys a good dose of anal action, there's nothing wrong with that.

We sat for a little while, all three of us on the edge of the bed, watching as Christy took on two well-endowed guys, one in each hole, and a girl who was squatting above her mouth, it was a very hot scene and definitely had an effect on my cock.

Lorraine knelt in front of me and removed my belt, she unbuttoned my trousers and I lifted up so she could pull them down. My cock immediately stood to attention, she leaned forward and took it in her mouth, deep down almost to my balls, she gagged and pulled back and started to work on my head with her tongue.

Kelly had her skirt up and had started to massage her pussy, I touched her head and pulled her close, kissing her deeply, our tongues inter-twined, we kissed for a couple of minutes then Kelly pulled away and stood up. She undressed in front of me, dropping her skirt and kicking it to one side, then she dropped her panties and kicked them aside to join her skirt. Kelly was stood in front of me in just her blouse, her beautiful trimmed pussy on show, glistening with juices. I lay back and motioned her forwards, she climbed on the bed and squatted over my face, I took a deep breath, my god she smelt fine, and thrust my tongue upwards, playing it against her clit, then moving down and nuzzled it between her puffy lips. I thrust as deep as I could, trying to fuck her pussy with my tongue, I only managed a few thrusts before both my tongue and neck hurt, but it had the desired effect, Kelly started to cum, she lowered herself and started to grind her pussy against my tongue, doing all the work, in less the 30 seconds she'd peaked and was cumming hard, she had to lean forwards and put her arms against the headboard to prevent herself from collapsing.

Kelly's orgasm helped me to peak, my balls tightened up and my cock started to pulse, Lorraine took me as deep as she could and using her throat muscles she squeezed my cock head and that was as much as I could take, the next moment I shot jet after jet of hot spunk down her throat, she took it all and licked her lips as she pulled off me, she loved the taste of my spunk almost as much as she loved the taste of Kelly's pussy. I helped her out here as Kelly climbed off me I sat up and kissed Lorraine so she could get a taste of Kelly as well.

On the box Christy's two hunks had just given her a cream-pie in both holes, and the white spunk was oozing out whilst she finished off the girl on her face.

I was still hard, and Lorraine was still horny, this was a situation that had to be resolved, so I unzipped Lorraine's dress and let it fall to the floor, she kicked it in the general direction of Kelly's skirt and panties. She stood completely naked before me, one of my two favourite sights.

I took one of her nipples in my mouth, biting down gently whilst flicking it with my tongue. I let go and moved to the other breast, she was putty in my hands (or teeth).

I turned her around and bent her over the dresser, stood behind her, my cock hard and fat, I teased her pussy with my cock, tapping it against her clit a few times, she was close to orgasm before I even penetrated her.

With my cock nicely lubed from her pussy juices I pushed it up against her butt-hole, there was a little resistance then I slid right in. I moved nice and slow at first, but passion soon took over and I started to pound her butt so hard my balls were slapping against her cheeks, but Lorraine loved every minute of it, she was howling like an animal, getting so loud Kelly stuffed her discarded panties in Lorraine's mouth to stop her from disturbing the neighbours.

Lorraine came three times in a row, and collapsed from exhaustion before I'd come, Kelly moved her to the bed and took her place, I pressed my cock against her pussy lips, and slid right in, she was wet and willing. I pumped her for 5 minutes, harder and harder, Kelly came twice, the second time I could hold back no longer and shot load after load deep inside her pussy, so much that as I pulled out a good sized blob shot out and hit my leg.

Lorraine had revived herself by now and she knelt down and started to clean us both up. Once she'd licked off the bulk of the spunk and pussy juices we retired to bed, tired and satisfied.

The next day, Sunday, Lorraine and Kelly were going to hit the shops to get Kelly some clothes for college. Nothing too flash as she didn't want everyone to know she was now pretty wealthy, just some stuff from Next, Top Shop, Zara etc, with a few things from American Apparel and Selfridges. that was a kind of shopping trip that I could do without, so after we'd tidied the room a bit and checked out I grabbed a couple of Sunday papers from reception and put my feet up in the bar.

I think I'd made a wise choice, because they were gone for almost four hours. Lorraine had packed all the shopping in the boot, so I didn't get to see just how many bags there were. As I'd had a couple of drinks Lorraine drove us home.

Back home I opened the boot and it was crammed, I'm amazed she got the lid down. I was allowed to carry the stuff inside, which was nice of them. I piled all the bags in a spare bedroom and left them too it, I had some work to do for a meeting in the morning, so I headed for the study. I put on some Pink Floyd, poured myself a nice large measure of Ardbeg and opened my laptop, whilst it was booting I pulled my notebooks out of my briefcase and set to work, I had about 50 pages of notes that needed to be put in order and turned into a presentation.

It took me about three hours to get the slides sorted and by the time I'd finished I was starving. I headed for the kitchen to put something together for dinner and saw Lorraine walking across the garden, back from the lodge. I'd just taken 3 steaks out of the fridge as she came through the door.

"That's OK honey, you can put two of those back, we've had dinner with Jo. Dayna asked us to go down and make sure she's OK whilst she went out to a poetry reading or something."

"How is Jo?"

"Jo's coming along really well, Kelly bought her some nice clothes today, things to make her feel good and sexy."

"How did you know her size?"

"Oh that's easy, she's around my height, but a size up, bigger boobs & bum you see."

"I don't even know my own size half the time, but you ladies know everyone's size."

"You're 17" collar, 34" waist, 31" leg, size 11 shoes and 8.5" cock, is that OK?"

"Ah very clever, where's Kelly?"

"She's helping Jo try her new clothes and underwear on. Making sure they hide the bits that need hiding, but show the bits that need to show. I think it'll be a while before Jo can wear a bikini in public with any confidence, but as long as her tummy is covered she looks very sexy.

"We've invited them to come away with us in October like we agreed yesterday, they're well up for it. I think Jo is getting a bit stir crazy being stuck at home. The only time she goes anywhere is to the hospital to check how everything is healing."

"Well, I think I'll leave these steaks for tomorrow and grab a takeaway from the Indian, do you want me to get you anything from the Spar on the way back"


"OK, see you in a bit"

When I got back Kelly had returned, so it was a good job I'd bought a box of Cornettos, they tucked into one each whilst I plated up my Lamb Dopiaza.

"How's Jo?" I asked

"She's feeling OK, still some pain, but it's getting a lot better, the scars are healing nicely, most will probably only leave tiny marks, but the long one down her left side is going to leave an ugly mark. Dayna's getting a tattoo to cover her scar, so Jo's thinking of doing the same."

"I hope they have something nice done, some girls have really awful tattoos all over their bodies," said Lorraine, "I don't like it at all. Like that girl on the movie last night, she was really pretty, but covered all over in tattoos, they might look nice now when she's got nice smooth skin, but in a few years they'll look awful."

"Anyway, Jo thinks she might quit the police, she says her heart's not in it, and after what she did with Dayna to George she'll feel hypocritical. If she does leave I wonder what she could do?"

"I could try to find her something, but then James might try it on with her. Have we anything she could do?" I asked

"Well, if we branch out to online shops then we'll need her brother's help. He's not the one who raped her by the way, her mum remarried and so he's her step-brother, he's a lot younger than Jo, about 18 or 19 I think. Anyway, he's a whizz with websites and web security, and also has some good ecommerce experience. I was going to get him in next week to have a chat. If it works out then we'll need an ecommerce manager, mostly packing and despatching at first, then if it's successful we would need some staff. I wonder if that's something she'd be interested in? We wouldn't need to match her police salary as she'd get an invalid pension due to her injuries."

"Well if she brings the subject of quitting up again then we can ask her."

The next few weeks went in a blur of planning meetings, we were moving closer to building a prototype, and the closer we came to the deadline, the more manic things became. Some nights I didn't even make it home, instead sleeping in the office. The first prototype was finished on the 5th October, and we flew out to the States to test it at a secret base in California. The test went brilliantly, we managed to change the target twice mid-flight and safely blew the rocket up over the Pacific.

I flew back just in time to pack another suitcase for our trip up to the lakes. My car isn't big enough for 5 adults, so James lent me a company Overfinch Land Rover Discovery that would fit Jo, Kelly & Lorraine nicely in the back, along with plenty of luggage space. I've never seen a car quite like this, in profile it's unmistakably a Discovery, but once you see it in the light it's very different, jet black, with tinted windows in the back, full leather upholstery throughout that would shame a Bentley, carbon fibre dash and a Meridian hi-fi that probably cost more as an option than many cars.

We loaded up and set off for Windermere.

I don't know where she finds them, but Lorraine has done us proud again, the house was on the edge of the lake, with stunning views right across the lake to Ambleside. It stood in about an acre of land, with a large garage and a boat house, which housed a small cabin cruiser that we could use. The house has 3 double bedrooms, two of which had 6' wide Emperor sized beds, the third bedroom only had a lowly king sized bed.

Downstairs comprised a huge lounge with two large sofas, floor to ceiling bookcases on two walls, packed with a huge variety of books. There was a huge TV, with Bose surround sound. The Bose system was multi-room, so it could play a music from CD, radio or the hard-drive in any room, including the bathrooms and conservatory. The kitchen was set-up to professional standards with stainless steel units and worktops, along with a 6-burner range cooker.

We unpacked our stuff and seeing as it was a lovely day we took the bottle of champagne the owners had left us into the garden and chilled for a while watching the boats on the lake. Kelly sat with Dayna and Jo, chatting about music and TV, so I got to talk privately with Lorraine for a little while.

"I've been out of the loop at home for a while, how's everything going?"

"Well Kelly is getting in great at college, she's really enjoying the more relaxed atmosphere, her art teacher seems to be great, he's as camp as anyone I've ever seen, but he is passionate about his art, and Kelly loves him. The other kids seem to be an odd mix as far as Kelly's told me. Some posh kids, some emos and everything in between. She's not made any firm friends yet, to be honest I don't think she's that interested in other kids much, and I'm not sure if that's good or bad. Good because she won't easily get mixed up with a bunch of druggy idiots, and bad because she just doesn't mix with people her own age."

"Has she attracted any attention from boys yet? I'd be interested to see how she reacts to the attention."

"That's another mystery, I've picked her up a few times and there's no boys following behind, I'd have thought they'd be all over her, with her looks and figure, but no, they just seem to be interested in the posh birds and the goth chicks. Maybe she's not putting out the signals, although none of the clothes she's wearing are terribly sexy, in fact she seems to be wearing mostly jeans and men's shirts, nothing to show off her figure."

"Are you worried?"

"Not overly at the moment. I asked her whether she'd seen any nice boys, what a terribly motherly thing to say, I almost embarrassed myself asking it. Anyway, she just said she wasn't interested in any of them, a few have asked her out but they're mostly trainee football hooligans only interested in the tits they see in Nuts magazine every week, so I think they're confused by a shapely woman who's in 3D, one even groped her boob, she just knee'd him in the balls and ran away. That's why she now wears cloths that disguise her figure, and she's got a reputation around college of being a lesbian, which really isn't the worst thing that can happen to a girl, as long as they don't try to 'turn' her."

"I'm sure the lack of distraction will mean she gets on with her studies. How are Jo & Dayna? Jo's looking a lot fitter now."

"Yes, Jo is almost 100% fit now, obviously she'll never be completely fit, only having one kidney, but she's otherwise well. She's started jogging again, she managed 3k last Sunday, said she feels slight discomfort around her abdomen when jogging, as if her skin doesn't fit properly, but it's nothing she's worried about, amazingly almost all the scars are gone, just slight nicks in the skin if you look close, the big one down her left side from when they removed her left kidney and a piece of her liver is still there and looks ugly, that's the one she's going to cover with a tattoo."

"And Dayna, is she coming out of her shell a bit more? I hear she's been going to a poetry and reading group." I asked.

"Yes, they meet upstairs in a coffee bar near the shop, Kelly has been with her a couple of times, I think she went the first time to check it wasn't some kind of S&M club. Kelly said the poetry was a little dark, but the reading group was interesting. There's about 30 people in the group, but they split into three smaller groups based on genre, Dayna is in a gothic horror group, they read stuff from Bram Stoker all the way to Twilight apparently, the only other books Kelly recognised on the reading list were the Anita Blake books by Laurell K Hamilton. Kelly joined the "Great American Novel" group, she's currently reading A Secret History by Donna Tartt, which is great as it's one of my favourite books. The other group is based around British literature of the late 20th century, so Iain Banks, Martin Amis, Julian Barnes, that sort of stuff. I tend to find works classed as literature to be very boring, and the list Kelly brought home proved that with the exception of perhaps Iain Banks who is most excellent and I'll miss his books.

"Oh, look at the time, I've got a table booked at The Wateredge in Ambleside, we'd better get going. Kelly!"

"Yes mum"

"We need to get going, we've a table booked for dinner in 15 minutes and it's a 20 minute drive to get there."

We all piled into the car and I tested the Overfinch suspension set up as I did a 20 minute journey across country roads in a little over 10 minutes. The girls were a bit green when we got there.

I'd been to The Wateredge a few times before, it's an excellent pub / restaurant / hotel right by the river cruise terminal in Ambleside, they do a good range of high end pub meals, and I had a feeling that we'd be eating here a few times over the week, although we had brought a good amount of food with us for lunch and the odd dinner.

We ate well, mostly we had the steak, but Kelly decided to try the pea & mint risotto and Jo had fish and chips because red meat wasn't agreeing with her at the moment. I had a couple of pints and a scotch, so Lorraine drove home, a little more sedately than I'd driven earlier.

We sat in the conservatory for a while, it had views across the lake, although there wasn't much to see at 9pm in October, just a few lights in the distance. Dayna put 6 Music on the radio and we settled down with a couple of bottles of Chateauneuf du Pape, Kelly wasn't big on red wine, so she had a couple of 'cheeky vimtos', blue WKD normally mixed with port, but we didn't have any, so the Chateaunef du Pape had to be used as a substitute, sometimes I think Kelly is a bit of a chav at heart.

Lorraine leaned across, pretending to kiss me, she whispered in my ear "how are we going to get them into our bed?"

"I don't know, maybe it'll just happen, Kelly is sitting very close to Jo, and yes, it's just happened"

As we watched Kelly leaned into Jo and kissed her, Jo put down her glass and responded in kind, embracing Kelly, she then moved over, sitting on her lap, Jo started to unbutton Kelly's blouse, she cupped Kelly's breasts, almost weighing them, she caressed them through her bra, "I love your boobs" she muttered.

"You know, I think they may have done this before" I whispered to Lorraine

"I told you, Jo is just Kelly's type, a version of me with bigger boobs to play with. Dayna doesn't seem bothered, in fact she looks to be enjoying the show."

Dayna was rubbing herself through her dress, writhing in her seat as she watched the show her girlfriend was putting on.

Jo reached round Kelly's back and unhooked her bra, Kelly's big boobs were free, they were good and firm, and only sagged a little once given their freedom. Jo took in the magnificent sight for a moment, then she bowed her head and took Kelly's right nipple in her mouth, nipping it with her teeth and flicking it with her tongue, Kelly loved this treatment and soon she was moaning in ecstasy. Jo swapped to the left nipple, she was horny herself now and was grinding her crotch against Kelly's.

Dayna couldn't take any more visual torture, she stood up and undid the zip down the side of her dress, with a shake of her shoulders it fell to the floor. Under the dress she had on an amazing tartan bra, she looked spectacular, a proper hourglass figure, massive chest, narrowing at the waist, then swelling at the hips. My cock hardened at the sight, snaking down my leg and showing through my trousers. Dayna's eyes lit up, she moved towards me and knelt down, "Kelly wasn't lying," she looked to Lorraine, "may I?"

"Feel free to do anything you like here, we're all adults."

Dayna turned back to me, with trembling hands she unfastened my belt, then she unbuttoned my chinos, I lifted up a little so she could pull them down. Dayna was so close that when my cock sprang free it bounced off her chin, she giggled, a girlish giggle that seemed strange coming from this normally severe woman.

"I've not touched a man's penis since I was 15, half my lifetime ago. I've hit them, tied them up, given them electric shocks and worse, but I've not touched one. I've never seen one this big before, not in real life, up close. It's a thing of beauty and Lorraine is very lucky to have this all to herself."

"Oh, I don't mind sharing, as long as he comes back home disease free and tells me all about his adventures he can do whatever he likes, but he just doesn't think I'm serious. Dave, I'm quite serious, I'd much rather you know that you can do what you like when you are away with work than one day be tempted and feel guilty about it afterwards, that kind of guilt builds walls that one day will separate us completely. Now Dayna honey stop teasing him and get to work."

Dayna did as she was told, she took my cock in her mouth, my whole cock, right to the balls, Even Lorraine can't do that without gagging. She must practice on huge dildos or something. Her throat muscles applied pressure to my cock head and she played her tongue up and down the shaft, she then pulled almost all the way off me and started to bob her head, fucking me with her lips. She cupped my balls in her hand and started to move them around, like those Chinese musical balls. When she felt my balls tighten she stopped everything and stood up, leaving me there just short of orgasm, damn tease.

Dayna stepped back and reached round her back, she unhooked her bra and let it drop. Her breasts didn't sag at all, they had to be at least an F cup. Lorraine stood up and stepped forwards, she stopped in front of Dayna, she put a hand on the back of her head and pulled it towards her face, kissing her passionately, "if you're going to have sex with my husband I want a taste too", Lorraine let her go and quickly flicked each nipple with her tongue, "OK, back to work". Before she sat back down she picked up Dayna's bra, marvelling at its construction. "She's a 34G-cup," she whispered to me.

Dayna hooked her fingers through the sides of her thong, she lowered it and stepped each leg out daintily, she held it under my nose, her scent was strong, much richer than Kelly's or Lorraine's. Dayna's pussy was shaved, she had no pubic hair at all, in its place she had a red heart tattoo and there was a stud in her clit hood

I stood up and motioned Dayna to lean over the arm of the sofa, her pearly white ass was pointing up at me, she had amazing ass cheeks, I gave each one a slap, they were firm, muscle rather than fat. My hand left a bright red glow on each cheek. I parted Dayna's legs slightly and pressed my cock against her pussy lips. "Go slow at first please" Dayna gasped as I pushed forwards, I slid in slowly as requested, there was some resistance, but she fit me all in. I held still, she pulsed her pussy muscles, stimulating the whole length of my shaft. I pulled all the way out, I pressed my cock against the outside of her pussy lips, moving it up and down, I tapped it a few times against her clit, feeling the metal stud against my head, Dayna shuddered with each touch.

I stopped teasing and penetrated her again, this time thrusting a little harder, I started to pump her slowly and steadily, my balls slapping her ass cheeks. She was panting hard, urging me on, I grabbed her waist and sped up, my balls banging her cheeks now. I could feel myself reaching orgasm, but I didn't want to come yet, so with all my will power I stopped myself. I pulled out and cooled down.

I wiped some sweat off my forehead, "Lorraine, it's your turn, have a play with Dayna for a few minutes please."

Lorraine positively jumped at the chance, she lifted Dayna up and sat her down, then stepping back she unzipped her dress and let it fall, she was completely naked underneath, her neatly trimmed bush was damp already. She knelt before Dayna and sank her head into Dayna's pussy, she flicked the stud in her clit hood a few times, Dayna gripped the chair cushions either side of her as the first orgasm of the evening ripped through her body, panting hard she actually thanked Lorraine. "No problem she responded", then put her head back down and started on Dayna's pussy proper, she ran her tongue up and down the lips, lapping up the pussy juices and my pre-cum, then she pressed her tongue between the lips and penetrated Dayna, she pushed in two fingers, thrusting them in and out a few times, Dayna started to writhe again.

Lorraine pressed her thumb on Dayna's clit, and she pressed the two fingers in Dayna's pussy against the underside of her clit. She started to rotate her thumb, massaging Dayna's clit between fingers and thumb. At this point it's a good job we're about a ¼ mile from the road and nearest houses, because Dayna let out a scream and came hard, a rolling orgasm that just went on and on whilst Lorraine continued the clit massage, I've never seen anything like it before, Dayna just had orgasm after orgasm, shooting spurts of pussy juice across Lorraine's face and chest, almost like wee but a little more viscous.

After a couple of minutes of this Dayna couldn't stand it anymore, she grabbed Lorraine's arm and pushed it away from her pussy, "oh my fucking god, it's a long time since anyone did that to me, and they were using a couple of massagers."

I went into the kitchen to get some towels to dry Lorraine off, on my way back Jo caught sight of my still very hard cock, her eyes widened and she said to Kelly, "you weren't kidding were you, I'm having a bit of that", she reached out and grabbed my cock, pulling me closer, she took my head in her mouth, "mmmm you taste of Dayna, what have you been doing you naughty boy."

I tossed the towels across to Lorraine, she caught them, smiling at the sight of my cock in Jo's mouth.

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