In the Pastor's Office

by Pope Perv

Copyright© 2013 by Pope Perv

Sex Story: The pastor and his wife are caught in his office by volunteer janitors.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

John and Maggie unlocked the front door of the church and walked in. They were one of the congregation's four couples that volunteered to clean the church on Saturday. This was their weekend.

Maggie followed her husband down a short hallway to the janitor's closest. Separating and doing different jobs would have been more efficient but they had more fun being together. They usually started in the church office then went to the sanctuary and finished with the Sunday school rooms. Making sure the janitor's cart had all the necessary supplies, they started for the office.

"Do you hear that?" John asked his wife, in a quiet voice.

"Is the pastor in his office?" she asked just as quietly.

They looked at each other with puzzlement, and cautiously stepped to the open door. Of all the things that they might have expected to see, what they saw wasn't on the list. The pastor's office was small and there were only a limited amount of ways to arrange the furniture in it. A floor to ceiling bookcase was directly in front of a person when they entered the room. The desk was along a sidewall, with a chair next to it along the same wall. None of this registered with John and Maggie, because they only thing they saw was the pastor sitting in his chair, facing the doorway, with his pants around his ankles. That sight alone was shocking, but the added sight of his wife kneeling between his legs, with his cock sliding in and out of her mouth, made it doubly so.

The cleaning couple was about to make a tactful retreat when the pastor noticed them, freezing them in place. As they stared into his eyes, they noticed that he placed his hand on the back of his wife's head and forced a little more of his cock into her throat.

"Oh yeah, suck it like the cocksucker you are," he moaned, never taking his eyes off the couple.

John was standing slightly behind his wife when he heard the pastor's dirty words and he felt something happen to him. A sudden rush of arousal filled his loins and he pressed his body against his wife's back. He was still watching the pastor's wife's head bob up and down as his hands went around Maggie's waist, then moved up to her breasts. He leaned forward and whispered into her ear. "Look at her. Isn't she sexy?"

Maggie could feel her husband's cock pressing against her ass. Voyeurism had never been her thing, but watching this erotic scene had her pussy juices flowing. She felt her John's fingers playing with her nipples and inhaled slowly and deeply, knowing the pastor was watching.

"Elly," Pastor James said, taking his wife's head from his crotch, "look."

Elly turned her head towards the door and froze in shock. Shocked because they had been caught, she was even more so when she saw John unbuttoning Maggie's shirt. Her hand pumped her husband's cock as John pulled the shirt apart and out of his wife's pants. She ran her tongue up the underside of her husband's hard shaft as she saw the shirt come off Maggie's shoulder and fall to the floor. Her mouth went back over the hard cock head as she watched John open his wife's bra and drop it to the floor as well.

Elly slid her lips down her husband's cock and cupped his balls, then looked up to his face. She saw a slight nod of his head and moaned. She slowly pulled her lips away from the long, hard cock, and looked back at the semi-naked woman. A sly grin came to her face as she pointed her husband's cock toward Maggie in invitation.

Maggie let out a ragged sigh, feeling John's hands slide down her sides and come to rest on her hips. She hesitated when she saw Elly's invitation, but took a tentative step forward when John gave her a gentle push. Two steps were all it took before she was standing next to the chair. She saw Elly move to the side and slowly dropped to her knees. Then with a great amount of fear, she reached her hand out and wrapped her fingers around the hard pole.

Elly looked at the woman and saw how fearful she was. She and James often had sex in his office, but this was the first time that they had ever considered letting someone else join them. Her hand slowly went to the back of Maggie's head and she gently guided it to the offered cock.

"That's right," Elly cooed, "Take it in your mouth, show my husband what a cocksucker you are."

Maggie spread her lips and let the man's cock enter her mouth. She loved having John's cock between her lips and found that James' was just as exciting. Hearing Elly's dirty mouth only made it hotter for the woman.

"He was close," Elly whispered into her ear, "Are you going to finish him off?"

Maggie lowered her mouth and cupped his balls. She pulled back and flicked her tongue around the edge of his purple helmet before taking the shaft back into her oral cavity.

"Is she doing it right?" Maggie heard Elly ask her husband.

"Ohhhhhhh yeah," she heard him moan.

"Is this exciting you, Cocksucker?" Elly asked, running her fingers through Maggie's hair.

"Yesssssssssss," she hissed, taking her mouth off of James' cock for a quick breath. "I'm such a slut."

"Hmmmmmmmm, did you hear that, Pastor," Elly asked her husband. "She admits that she's a slut. What are you going to do about it?"

"Well, Slut," the pastor said, pushing the woman's head from his lap. "What are you going to do about it?"

Maggie turned her head and looked at her husband. He had his pants down and was slowly stroking his hard cock. She looked over to Elly and saw her grinning at her. She then looked up into the pastor's face and knew what she had to do.

She rose to her feet, undid the top button of her blue jeans, and unzipped them before pushing them and her panties down her legs and stepping out of them. Maggie straddled the pastor's legs when he slid forward on his chair, grasped his cock, and guided into her wet and wanting pussy.

"Are you going to fuck her?" Elly asked, getting to her feet.

James looked at her face as if she had just stepped into the room. He was so focused on Maggie that he temporarily forgot about his wife. "If that's okay," he said, sounding, like a teenager asking his mother for permission even to himself.

John had stepped behind the pastor's chair by this time, and looked at his wife's aroused body. He saw her face awash in lust; he let his eyes move downward and saw how hard her nipples were. He stroked his cock with his hand as he saw her fingers wrapped around their pastor's long, hard, and thick cock. He gave his cock another stroke as he watched her rub it through her cunt's wet lips. He raised his eyes when he sensed movement, and saw Elly pulling her dress over her head. His hand was now moving slowly, but purposely, along his shaft as he watched her hands go behind her back to unhook her bra. He couldn't help moaning when he saw her bra come off her tits, nor could he when he watched her slide her panties down her legs.

Elly stepped behind Maggie, placed her hands on top of her shoulders and gently, but firmly pushed downward. "Fuck her."

"Ohhhhhhh Gooddddd," both Maggie and James groaned.

Elly pushed her tits against Maggie's back and slid her arm around her sides to cup her heavy breasts. When her fingers found her hard nipples, Elly pinched and pulled them lightly, bringing a louder moan of pleasure from her husband's new lover. "I think you like this," she whispered into her ear. "Do you? Do you like your pastor's wife playing with your tits and talking filthy to you?"

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