Rescuing Annie

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2013 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: Annie Long left her boyfriend, after finding him in a tryst with a male friend. On the highway, her luggage unit opened and sprayed her panties all over the windshield of an unsuspecting Graham Southers. They both stopped and Annie had a melt down right there. She even left her new panties behind. When Graham decided to return them, the romance was on.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Oral Sex   .



Two cars are moving along a semi-rural highway, heading from an interstate. They follow one another. The smaller car, a Kia of some sort, is in front. On its roof is a kind of oval shaped roof luggage carrier. It's top is presently rattling in the wind, in a rather precarious fashion. This is Annie Long, who is running away, but I guess more exactly, running back. Her 'away', in this case, is away from Jeffery, from the scene of Jeffery and..."But," she thought, Annie thought, "It doesn't bear dwelling on it!"

Behind Annie, and keeping up with her, though neither one is speeding, is Graham Southers, who is out on a kind of lark. One of the things that Graham now and again liked to do was get out in the country in his Range Rover -- Graham was a secret 'Anglophile' -- all of it pretty much, British murder mysteries, 'Lewis', 'Morse', 'Endeavour' all of them. His Range Rover was his one outward bow to his love of some things British. Graham was indulging that sort of passion today. He was on his way back home now and nearing the city -- a smallish midwestern city where his main manufacturing plant, a division of 'G Works Inc.', was located. Graham was the boss there: owner and CEO, now that both his Dad and his Uncle Andy were gone.

The two of them were moving along the highway, when it happened. Graham had his eye on that rattling luggage carrier on the Kia ahead of him for a few miles. He didn't like the way that it was moving on top of that car.

He decided, finally, to pass the Kia, when the top kind of exploded open and clothing of some sort flutter up into the air. It seems that most of what was in the Kia was in a suitcase or bundle of some sort. It was obvious that a move of some kind was in progress, since the interior of the Kia was packed to the back windows.

The clothing that fluttered up from the interior of the luggage carrier found a place, ultimately, directly on Graham's windshield. He was astonished by the fact that suddenly his windshield was covered by very colorful, very sexy panties. There they were, as Graham pulled over, plastered to the windshield: pink ones, blue ones, a black one, and some stretch lacy creations, it seemed, clinging to his car.

Graham pulled over and stopped, noticing right away that the Kia had pulled over and stopped also. Then came the storm.

She was young, at least younger than Graham; she had ash blond hair, and was petite but, he noticed, in passing, pushing the thought from his mind right away, rather large in the breast.

As soon as she neared him, to his utter astonishment, she began to yell, to shout! He realized quickly that it was not so much at him as simply a young woman who had 'issues' venting them.


She paused seeing the look of both consternation and a bit of wonder on Graham's face.

But then she continued: "First that damn, 'I'll cherish you forever Jeffery! With his slick ways and coolness! Coolness UNTIL I FOUND HIM ON HIS KNEES MAKING LOVE TO -- NO! GIVING A BLOW JOB TO WALT! WALT OF ALL PEOPLE!"

She seemed to calm a bit but was shaking her head back and forth with her rush of thoughts. Then she looked up at Graham, who merely stood there holding this array of pretty underwear in his hands and she went on a little more calmly:

"Do you realize that he said the same damn thing to Walt, the 'Cherish you forever' thing? Do you realize that?"

It was then that Graham ventured a soft and still surprised 'No, I didn't'.

"SHIT!" she exploded again. Then she seemed to focus on what he had in his hands, the undies that had exploded from the lid of the luggage carrier.

"Ha!" she yelled. "What the hell good are they now? Buying pretty things to turn Jeffery on, when all he could think of was Walt's Schlong!"

Graham actually smiled then, thinking that she was now running down but his smile fueled her anger a bit:

"Fuck them! And Fuck him! And Fuck Walt! And Fuck you!" she yelled.

He took a step back, his hands still filled with his burden of underwear. She took one step away from him and slammed the lid of the luggage rack shut. Then she turned to him and said:

"Keep them! Enjoy! They're no damn good to me! Jeffery on his knees with Walt's thing in his mouth, cherishing him forever!"

Then unexpectedly, and, it seemed, finally, she broke into tears and went to mumbling, as she got into her car and drove off, leaving Graham standing there with all of her new undies in his hands. He looked down and surveyed his 'treasures'. There were about six or seven pair of them. They were a bit soiled now from their adventure in the wind and on his windshield.

"My, my!" he said at first, shaking his head in wonder at what just occurred. He looked again at the scraps of fabric in his hands and mumbled a heartfelt: "Pretty though!" he said, meaning, at first, the undies but then realizing that he was actually talking about her. Then he saw a card lying on the ground.

"It must have been with the things in the luggage rack," he said.

He picked it up and saw that it was the card addressed to 'Annie Long'. The address was in town, where he was heading. He suspected that she was journeying back home with all her stuff, after walking in on her boyfriend? Fiancé? Husband? Making love to another man.

A grin crossed Graham's face, when he thought about how gorgeous her rage had made her. He quickly realized how inappropriate that was and wiped the grin away. He looked at the card again and then went back to the Rover, taking his hand full of undies and the card with him.

When he got home, it was the weekend and he didn't have to work, he sat and had a glass of sherry. He talked to Long John Silver, his large and affectionate tabby, LJ for short.

"It was so bizarre, LJ," he said, sipping. "She was like a wild woman! Wouldn't want to cross her up and get that storm aimed at me!" He chuckled then and said: "At least not sure if I would! Maybe! What do you think?"

LJ gave a soft cat sound and Graham said: "I agree."

As he talked, he looked at the card and then glanced over at the pile of lingerie.

"Pretty things!" he said. "Jeffery is either dedicated to this Walt and that life style or just some kind of out and out fool!"

LJ meowed.

"I'm glad you agree!" he said. "But what shall I do?"

LJ meowed again.

"Yes, exactly!" Graham said, "Tomorrow after church; I'll do it."


Graham put his plan into operation the next day. He attended the 8:30 AM mass at All Saints Episcopal, where he loved the liturgy and truly enjoyed the eloquence of Father Boil.

"Hey, Graham," Father Boil said to him, as they chatted at the door of All Saints, following the service. "Plans today? Day off?"

"Yes," Graham said, "A visit to make is all."

"Busy over there at G Works?" Father Boil enquired.

"Terribly these days," Graham said, "Great guns! Lunch soon?"

"Good idea," Father Boil said, "Shall I call?"

"Good!" Graham said, and it was settled.

When Graham got to the Rover and got in, his attention was immediately caught by the package in the seat next to him. He'd laundered the panties and put them in a nice box and wrapped them up. He had the card with her address and was going there to take them back.

He had to admit that he was kind of wary of provoking another storm from this shouting woman but he was determined that returning her lingerie was the right thing to do. He also had some curiosity about her that a part of him wanted to satisfy.

He found her small house with no trouble, and parked the Rover out front. He was still nervous, as he went to the door and rang the bell. He heard a shuffling inside and then the door was open.

She was calm today, he noticed. Annie Long was wearing a pair of white shorts, with a gathered waistband and a white tee shirt, showing a rather lacy bra underneath. She had on a pair of shower slippers.

"Um..." Graham began, "Ms Long..."

"It's you!" she said, wide eyed, "How did you?"

"This card fell out also," he said softly.

Then he handed over to her the package. She eyed him with surprise and stood and opened the package. Her head bobbed up and she was even more wide eyed than before.

"You..." she began.

"Laundered them!" he said, "Sorry to be fooling with your unmentionables!"

Graham Southers had tried to prepare himself for almost any kind of reaction but was not even remotely ready for Annie's reaction then.

She made a kind of throat noise and flung herself at him. It wasn't just a hug. She had him in her arms and was kissing him furiously right away.

They kind of struggled to keep their balance, due to the fury of her launching herself at him. She was making throat noises and never left off, during the kissing.

The kiss broke and she mumbled: "You ... you ... you..."

Then, with Graham even more surprised, she, in a quick movement, pulled him into the house, dragging him almost and started to take her clothes off. She had her tee shirt up and off and the bra following it quickly.

Graham, beyond any control at this point, his surprise having been succeeded by almost instant lust, that he had no chance or desire to hold back or tame, simply gawked, as she now pushed her shorts down and off, reducing her to a pair of tiny, bikini white panties, lacy to match the bra. The panties did nothing to hide the push of her pubic hair, a rich reddish brown; it seemed, against the fabric of the panties.

She pulled him by the hand, almost frantically, until they were in a small but nicely furnished living room. In the middle of the living room she accosted him again. Now she was working at getting his clothes off, until she had him down to a pair of light blue, bvd thigh length shorts. Then she went down and was lying on the carpet and pulling at him to get him down on top of her.

She fairly clawed at his bvds and hauled them down and off, with his help. When his erection sprang up and out, she was exultant:

"Oh look!" she cooed. "Jeffery should see that! No, no! I didn't mean that. Can I have it? May I?" She was, by then, almost reduced to frantic mumbling. She'd reached out and had his erection in her hand.

"Big and soft! Fat around and soft! Hard and soft!" she was crooning, as she played with it a bit.

(The point wasn't lost on Graham that her words were in fact a kind of a running comparison between him and Jeffery's endowments. It pleased a part of him but he pushed that away and paid attention to her.)

She finally spoke again: "You make it better! You make Jeffery and Walt go away! You do that now! Please? Please? Will you?"

He answered this entreaty by leaning down and kissing her again. Then he moved to take her panties off, throwing them off to the side. Then he began to make love to her.

She was open and eager; she was, for all her fury, wet and ready. She received him with sighs and kisses planted on his shoulders, his cheeks, his neck, while she ran her hands and finger nails down his back, in her passion.

She was so ready, by the time he'd entered her and pushed his way into her, that she clung to him, keeping him deep within her, and continued to kiss and him, licking his ears and ramming a tongue into his ear and then his ear lobe.

Graham, kissed her again and continued to make love to her. She reared her head back and let him have her. He reached down and petted a large nipple, deep in color and a contrast to her skin.

"Lovely nipples! Lovely breasts!" he said softly to her.

"Yes, yes!" she whispered, "Love me now! Love Annie now! Loving Annie wonderfully now!"

(Graham Southers hadn't taken much that time for romance, not since he was much younger, at which time he had a number of experiences with much older women. He'd had his share of flings, especially once one woman realized how 'big and robustly' he was endowed, and had shared that information with friends. But he was very careful about those things. At 42 he was in excellent shape and was fairly regular about his workouts. At the moment, his world had turned and he was as deeply enchanted with Annie Long as it was possible

Annie Long was 28 at the time. She'd moved in with her boyfriend, the Jeffery, and had been looking for a job. She was petite with rather large breasts, 36Ds, and a plump and round, almost upside-down heart shaped butt. Annie was simply gorgeous.

And right then she was lost in this stranger! This older man, who was loving her like no one else ever had!)

He reached for a nipple with his lips and she let out a soft squeal, as he took the nipple and began to use his lips and tongue on it.

"The other too!" she rasped, "Please! Please!"

While he was playing with her nipple, he sensed her build up for her crisis. She simply held onto him and then she was wailing with her mouth wide open and against his shoulder, as she came and came. He left himself go at that point and followed her into an orgasm, with her clinging to him.

Graham sensed that another, maybe the last of her storms was approaching, and he simply held onto her.

She began sobbing into his shoulder, and told her full tale of Jeffery and her finding Jeffery giving Walt, a friend, the blow job, and how it had fairly destroyed her.

"You've brought me back," she said, softly through her sobs.

"Graham!" he said.

Then she wailed: "What a slut I am! I didn't even know your name!"

"Not a bit," he said, "You're working through an emotional trauma!"

"You're so nice," she said in a soft, soft voice, and Graham realized that she was fading, falling asleep. He suspected, correctly in this case, that she hadn't indeed had much sleep the night before.

She was softly breathing rather quickly, as he disentangled himself from her. He put the package with the panties on the stand nearby. He looked for a cover and used a afghan that was lying on a chair. Then he sat for a bit and simply looked at her.

"Jeffery," he said, "You must be truly gay! She is gorgeous beyond belief! But let's go, Graham," he went on, "You're task is accomplished here!"

He left her with a kiss on the forehead, and locked the doors on his way out, smiling to himself as he got into the Rover and went home to talk to LJ.


When Annie woke, she was disoriented. She look around, rubbed her eyes, and ran her fingers through her hair. It was then that it hit her: what she'd done; that the man had been here, brought back her panties. She wondered at first if it were a dream but then she saw the package of panties. She reached for them and held them and sobbed for just a bit.

"That was wonderful!" she said softly. "But what do I do now?"

The first thought that she had was to call Aline, her sister.

(For a good while, Annie had lived in the house with her older sister Aline; it was actually Aline's house. Aline had left then to get married and moved into a house with her husband. They were close, the two of them and in constant contact. Aline had warned Annie to be careful of Jeffery. She'd said that she didn't really trust him. Now Annie knew that she needed to call Aline. She was the one person that she could talk to about how she'd just acted, what she'd just did.)

Just before she picked up the phone to make the call, Annie said to herself: "But it was wonderful! And I don't even know who he is! Just Graham! Ohhhhhhhh!" she moaned and made her call.

"Hello," her sister Aline said, picking up the phone.

"Oh, Aline," Annie sighed.

"It's that shit Jeffery!" Aline said right away.

"At least!" Annie said with another great sigh.

"Tell me, honey," Aline replied, "We'll work this out; you'll see. Shall I come over there?"

"Do you have time, sweetie?" Annie asked softly.

"You know that I do!" Aline answered. "I'll be there in a few minutes."

Annie waited and, when Aline arrived, she threw herself into Aline's arms. She began to cry again then.

"It's okay, just okay," Aline cooed; "Whatever it is, we'll take care of this! You'll see."

"Best, just the best sister and pal in the world!" Annie said, still sobbing and wiping the tears from her cheeks and then wiping her runny nose. She giggled then and said: "Some mess I am!"

"I'll kill Jeffery!" Aline swore.

"Oh, honey," Annie answered, "That's only half of it. Wait 'til I tell you."

Annie told the entire tale then, beginning with her discovery of the tryst between Jeffery and Walt and continuing with the encounter on the road with Graham and telling Graham that he could keep the panties. Then she went on and described Graham's afternoon visit.

"I all but assaulted him!" Annie said, and at that point, Aline giggled.

"Stop it!" Annie said, giggling too, "It's not funny!"

"But it is!" Aline said, "Honey, it is! What a way to throw Jeffery into the garbage pail! And you say he was a bit older, and it was big and thick!"

"Wonderful!" Annie said, "Just wonderful!"

"But all that you know is that his name was Graham!" Aline asked.

"Yes," Annie said, "What a terrible oversight. But it was so nice and all. I was snuggled in his arms and hadn't had much or any sleep last night and just drifted off. When I woke he was gone. Graham was gone."

Aline giggled again then.

"What?" Annie asked, eyeing her sister suspiciously.

"Graham is the name of the big boss at work, the owner; maybe it was him!" Aline said, now covering her mouth with her hand and simply laughing outright.

Annie joined her in the laugh: "What a thing that would be!" Annie said, "Would put 'paid' to my chances of getting the job at G Works!"

Aline laughed again, continuing the theme: "I don't know maybe the big boss was really pleased; give you another job!"

They both broke up then and Annie trumpeted: "Annie Long, company slut!"

"It can be the sign on your desk!" Aline said, barely able to talk due to the laughter.

They held each other then, as they continued their merriment about what had happened to Annie.

(It can be said at this point that Aline had worked at G Works for a good while and told Annie that a new position would be available. It was one that Annie really wanted and had applied for, and interviewed for. She now had a second, and final interview set up at G Works the following week.)

When they finally stopped their torrents of laughter, Annie, wiping the tears from her cheeks said: "I don't believe in fate or kismet or any such thing."

"But you have to admit the idea is a wild one!" Aline said.

"If my Graham is the boss at G Works," Annie said, "I'll just about pee myself, and go back to the unemployment bureau!"

They had one final laugh about the possible situation before Aline left to go home.

"Are you okay?" Aline asked.

"Yes, and you're the best!" Annie said. "This whole incident, including my ghostly Graham..."

"Our boss!" Aline trumpeted and they were laughing wildly again.

"Well, it's one for the books!" Annie said.

"It certainly is!" Aline agreed.

Just before she left, Aline asked: "When exactly is the interview?"

"Tomorrow at 9 AM; please keep your fingers crossed for me!" Annie said.

"You're a shoe in for it," Aline said, "After all; you all but raped the big boss today!"

They were clutching each other in their laughter then again. Annie planted a kiss on Aline's cheek, and she left.

Annie took a shower and then settled down with a book. As she read, she saw the box of lingerie still sitting there.

"Yes," she said, "I'll put these beauties away; thank you, Graham, wherever you are!"


Annie was somewhere between nervous and excited about the follow-up interview at G Works. Aline was certainly high on the work atmosphere there; she'd been there for two years now. Annie had just finished her final graduate degree work and was ready for this, she thought.

She dressed carefully, a skirt and blouse combination for the day, the skirt darker and the blouse frilly. Her heels were 'sensible'. She certainly didn't want to project 'sexy' in this interview.

The name of the woman who did the interviewing was Rena. She told Annie that she was the assistant to the CEO and in charge of the management team. It was a position with the management team that Annie was applying for.

"So, you're Aline Summers' sister?" Rena asked pleasantly.

"Yes," Annie said. "Aline speaks very highly of the work atmosphere here."

"That's due, in large part, to our CEO Mr Southers," Rena said. "He makes it his business to be in touch with his people and is constantly concerned about the atmosphere here at G Works is what he wants."

"Must be a super boss," Annie said.

"He is, I assure you; but here's our procedure," Rena went on, "I have a few questions and then I'll take you and introduce you to Mr Southers. He will have the final say here, but I have to tell you that your application looks really good and we were totally pleased by the first interview."

Annie smiled broadly and said: "Thank you, Ms Rena..."

Rena held up a hand then and said: "It's only 'Rena'; normally Mr S is the only one who gets the title here."

"Fine, thank you, Rena," Annie said with another grin.

They had their discussion then, going over the points that Rena wanted to cover, that she and Graham had discussed in advance. The answers that Annie gave and the ensuing discussion about the points convinced Rena that Annie was certainly the right one for the job. She and Graham had decided in advance that Rena would only present Annie to him, if she were sure about her as the choice for them. By the end of their talk, Rena had no doubts at all.

"Well," Rena said, "Why don't we go and enter the lion's den?"

Annie put her hand over her mouth and giggled into her hand.

"He's a lamb," Rena said, "And very caring!"

She led the way as they went and she knocked on Graham's office door.

"Come!" he said in a loud voice and Rena opened the door.

"Mr Southers," Rena said, being formal, "This is Annie Long, about the new position."

During those last few seconds, the crazy notion crowded Annie's mind about the CEO being 'her Graham' again. She barely suppressed her desire to giggle again, thinking back on her session with Aline, when Rena had the door opened and she just gawked for a few seconds.

It was him! It was Graham! The thoughts, those thoughts rolled around inside her head like balls bouncing off of the walls of a gym. She stood and stared for a number of seconds.

It was Graham who saved the day. Annie instantly was expecting to be ordered to leave in no uncertain terms, remembering all the craziness that this man had witnessed her participating in. But Graham, without so much as a word, held out his hand and said: "Ms Long, it's a pleasure to meet you. Rena's recommendation is as good as gold around here. I'm pleased to meet you and welcome you to G Works! I already know of the excellent work that your sister Aline does for us."

Annie was afraid then that she was going to start crying. He was being, once again, so nice to her.

But then Graham turned to Rena and said: "Thanks, Rena, I'll want to talk to Ms Long for a bit. How about if I call you, when we're ready for you to begin to show her around?"

"Excellent, Mr S," Rena said, and nodded. She gave Annie a huge smile as she left.

When Rena had gone, Annie spoke up but softly: "I almost cried, when I saw you!"

"Cried, why?" he said, taking her by the arm and leading her to a chair in a sitting area with comfortable chairs on the side of his office.

"I was so sure that, since you were the arch witness to my recent craziness, I had ruined my chances for a job here, and I want it so badly. But at the same time, it was relief, immense relief for me. I only know you as Graham! I thought that after all that beauty, I'd simply lost you." As Annie said this, she had tears gathering in the corners of her eyes.

He reached for her. She went into his arms and gave in to the sobbing, feeling that the joy was quickly overcoming the fears about not getting the job.

"Sit now and let's get you situated," he said.

She sat and smiled at him. Then she thought and said: "Oh and I never even said 'thank you'! You rescued me from my craziness! You witness my melt down and let me do it, even saying 'Fuck you too!" she said with some wonder. "You were so nice!"

"But the next time we were together, you did just that!" he said, and she giggled, and said: "You terrible man!"

"But hey," he countered. "You just told me that I was nice!"

"Two sides of one coin!" she said. "Oh, am I ruining it now?" she wanted to know.

He laughed: "Ruining it? Not hardly! We had possibly the craziest beginning that two people ever have had! Me standing and gaping at you, my hands full of your lovely undies, while you emulated a theatric mad scene right in front of my eyes. Then with my visit, it was almost like entering the den of the spider lady but oh what a lovely finish to that."

"Wasn't it?" she said. "It was one of those 'if I die right now, I would have been truly, truly loved in my life' moments."

He put his hand over hers and grinned.

"What?" she asked, her voice full of suspicion.

He laughed, "Now you're tempting me to get off on the wrong foot with you!"

"Say it, you bad man!" she said.

"It's just that LJ told me to find out!" he said.

"LJ?" she asked.

"Yes, my tabby cat Long John Silver, LJ!" he said, still grinning.

"Find out what?" she asked.

"If you're wearing any of our panties today?" he said, laughing, while he said it.

"Bad man!" she said.

"You're right!" he said, holding up his hand, "You already have enough to charge me with harassment!"

"After the way I accosted you, when all you did was bring back the undies that I lost?" she said, "I guess not!"

"Okay," he said, "The job?"

"Yes, the job!" she agreed, almost with a sigh of relief.

"But I have to admit that you are more fun that I've had in years!" he said then, and she grinned.

"Will my working here be okay then?" she asked.

"If the way that Aline works, is any indication," he answered, "It'll be both fine and to our benefit at G Works."

He went on then, a little more formal: "Has Rena given you the package that we have in mind?"

He held up his hand and said: "Not that kind of package! I mean our salary and benefits!"

She giggled and said: "I don't know what other package that you're talking about!"

"Good!" he said.

"No, she didn't yet," Annie answered.

He gave her a sheet of paper with their offer on it. It was much more that she had either hoped or imagined. She smiled up at him.

"Do I have to take my clothes off for this?" she said and put her hand over her mouth and giggled immediately.

"I am never ahead of you for very long!" he said.

She smiled at him, gave him a feral grin and said: "Beware! You're in my sights!"

"Oh dear!" he responded.

Then she said: "This is very generous, Mr S."

"It must be Graham," he said, "I've already laundered your undies!"

That sent her into giggles again.

"Okay," he said, "Enough monkey business. I'll call Rena and she can show you around. Can you start tomorrow?"

"Yes, sir, I can!" she said, "And thank you! I mean for everything."

"My pleasure," he said, "And I sincerely mean that about the 'everything'."


Both of them at that precise moment realized that it was fortunate that Rena was waiting or they would have staged, then and there, a repeat performance of their love making at Annie's house.

They simply looked at each other, both of them knowing what was happening with the other about the present moment. He only nodded and she nodded too.

Rena worked to get Annie up to speed. They toured the place and Annie was shown where her office would be. She was given material about their pension plan and benefits and various perks of the job. She was really pleased.

Toward lunch time, Rena indicated that she had some catching up to do and would have to lunch at her desk, a thing she did often. Annie thanked her and said that she thought she'd go to the cafeteria, where it looked as though the food was good and treat herself. She knew that Aline wasn't due in to work until a bit that afternoon. She went to the cafeteria and treated herself to a lovely looking salad. She took her tray and sat at a table. There was a soft hum around and people were smiling at her but as of yet, no one knew her. She was content to just sit and enjoy her lunch.

Then someone came to the table, as she was eating and paying attention to her iPhone.

It was Graham.

"Busy? Expecting someone? Need someone to shout at? Rant at? Rave at? Be crazy with?" he asked with a smile on his face.

"'No' to the first, maybe to the second, possible to the others? Applying for the job?" she said, meeting his grin.

"Yep! In person!" he said. Then in a more serious voice he asked: "Mind? Am I imposing?"

"Not at all, Graham," she said and he sat to eat with her.

Once he was seated she looked at him and said: "Peach."

"What?" he asked, not understanding right away.

"That's not information for you," she said, "It's information for LJ, in answer to his query."

She, of course, giggled as soon as she'd said it. But Graham got a huge grin on his face and said: "So, peach! Now let me see! Those, I think were on the passenger's side of the windshield, just a little bit above the wiper. Isn't that right?"

"You terrible man!" she said.

"Not at all," he protested, "It's just that LJ will want his own information and I have to be sure that I know what I'm talking about."

"Care to stand and show me? So that I'm sure?" he asked, very politely.

"Don't you dare, you bad man!" she said, "I'll report you to the owner!"

"I am the owner!" he said.

"Damn!" she exclaimed, "What am I to do now?"

"Show me," he said laughing but held up his hand right away as though to ward off her next attack. "Okay! Okay! Lunch!"

"Yes," she said, "Lunch" and then she whispered: "You are so nice, Graham!"

"Thought I was terrible?" he whispered back.

"Both!" she said, "It's wonderful!"

"I agree!" he said, "And wait until LJ get's a look at you and your..."

She stuck her hand up in the air then and said: "I wouldn't if I were you!"

He laughed: "Got me!"

She turned serious then and said softly: "Graham, meeting you here, um ... being here and working here are beyond my fondest dreams! I am still totally shaken by what happened at my place, when you were nice enough to return those pretty undies!"

He smiled at her and his eyes seemed to burn a hole in her.

"And if you want," she said, "I'll stand up here the cafeteria and show you my peaches, for information for LJ!"

He gave a smile and said: "Later, some other time and place. And, 'yes', that needs to happen again."

"Come to dinner?" she said.

"Love to! But you must come along and meet LJS soon; he's already mooning over you and my stories of what kind of panties you throw around the highway."

"When I get you," she said pleasantly, "I'm gonna bite you! LJ told me to, if you get out of hand."

"Annie," he said then, "I have to joke with you or I will be reduced to merely sighing, only sighing!"

"What a nice thing to say!" she said. "So, dinner at my place?"

"When?" he asked.

"Tomorrow?" she said.

"Love to! May I bring something?" he asked.

"Just you!"

Their lunch went from there and was totally pleasant.

Graham excused himself and left after a bit. Annie was finished and sipping tea, when Aline approached. Annie stood right away and they embraced.

"Got it!" Annie said triumphantly.

"Was he the Graham?" Aline asked with a giggle.

"Oh, Aline!" Annie said, "He is!"

Aline's face registered her surprise: "You're not serious?"

"I am though," Annie said and giggled.

Aline new her well enough to know that she was indeed serious, and joined her in the giggles.

"What a fabulous outcome! You need to tell me."

They got together for dinner that night and talked the situation over.

"What do I do, honey? I've already shown him that I'm a crazy woman!" Annie wailed.

"You've shown him enough to make him interested! Leave it at that and don't make another real move until you see what his interest is!" Aline said.

"You're wonderful!" Annie said in a burst of exuberance.


Annie started work the next day and quickly realized what Aline had been talking about, when she spoke of the atmosphere at G Works. She felt at home; the people were lovely and she was pleased. She lunched with Aline and they talked about the projected dinner that evening with Graham.

Annie and Graham had set a time for him to come to dinner. He was five minutes early, a habit of his. He parked at the curb and noticed that Annie was on her porch talking ... no, arguing with a guy. They were so intent on their argument that they didn't hear him arrive or come up the walk.

He quickly realized that it was Jeffery, of Walt's blow job fame, that was arguing with Annie on the porch. Also, as soon as he heard them, he realized that the guy, presumably Jeffery, was drunk, and, it seemed getting abusive.

"No!" she said heatedly. "I said 'no'! You're history and I don't care that Walt left you and you're frustrated. Get out! Go away!"

Jeffery kind of growled at that point and said: "We're gonna do it my way, whether you like it or not. The only one that sucks cock as good as Walt, damn him, is you and I want that. It can be right here if you won't invite me in, and I know that you don't have any damn person coming to dinner! So, don't give me that shit!"

She turned around to stomp into the house then but he grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her a bit.

"Are you listening to me, girl?" Jeffery shouted.

It was then that Graham got to the porch, and, reaching out, grabbed Jeffery by the hair. Jeffery was off balance and Graham quickly pulled him, still by the hair, down Annie's porch stairs. Jeffery was squealing with pain by that point.

"I've been invited to dinner and you just assaulted my woman!" Graham growled at Jeffery, and he used his momentum to pull Jeffery, still by the hair, up to a standing position, and then he hit him. Jeffery shrieked and simply crumbled, clutching his face, where Graham had hit him.

"Don't you ever come around here! Don't you ever lay a hand on her! Don't you ever even think of her name in the darkness of your own room again! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?"

Graham paused then for a moment and said finally: "She's my woman! I will not have you stalking her!"

Jeffery had his hands up in the air as though to ward off yet another onslaught from Graham.

"Yes, I understand!" Jeffery said. Then he turned his head and mumbled: "Sorry, Annie! Out of line! Sorry!"

Graham didn't realize that Annie was standing behind them.

Jeffery nodded to Annie and then also to Graham and headed for his car. Graham took a handkerchief out of his pocket and thrust it into Jeffery's hand, since there was some blood trailing out of his nose.

"Thanks!" Jeffery said, and then mumbled a 'sorry' to Graham too and was gone.

Graham turned and she was at him and clinging to him immediately. She was crying, as he held her.

Finally, she spoke: "I heard you! Heard you! You wonderful man!"

She kept crying and now he was walking her up her walk. She turned and held onto him again and began to talk into his shoulder again: "'Assaulted my woman!' Heard that! Loved that! 'My woman!' Heard that! Oh, Graham!"

They stood there and she sobbed into his shoulder, until, finally, he lifted her face with his finger under her chin and kissed her. At that point, there was some applause from neighborhood members who'd witnessed the scene.

The two of them broke off the kiss and Annie was blushing. Graham lifted a hand and waved to the neighbors and they went inside.

"Dinner ruined?" Graham asked.

"Didn't start it yet," Annie said, "Steaks, baked potatoes and salad."

"Get it," he said, "We'll go home to LJ and eat there."

"Oh, good, thank you!" she said.

"Get a bag!" he said. "You'll stay overnight!"

"Yes, I'll stay overnight! But don't want to be late for work!" she said.

"I'll talk to the boss myself!" he said.

She giggled and packed an overnight bag, as he gathered up the elements for the dinner and put them into a sack to take with them.


He drove her to his house, a renovated Victorian in a quiet neighborhood. As they approached the house, she said a soft: "Oh, I like this!"

"LJ's home!" he said pleasantly.

He drove around the back and put the car into the garage, and walked her to the kitchen door, through a covered walkway. As soon as they entered the house, a large tabby wended his way into the kitchen to greet them.

"Long John," Graham said to the tabby, "We've got a guest. This is the lovely Annie Long."

LJ made his noises then, as he rubbed first against Graham's legs and then against Annie's.

"Yes," Graham said, "She's the undies lady! But she's ever so much tamed now! Hasn't been shouting 'Fuck you too' for almost a week or more."

Annie giggled and said: "Don't listen to this bad man, LJ; I know that you're not taken in by his whiles. We'll have to take him in hand and deal with him."

"Exactly what I have in mind!" Graham said pleasantly.

Then Annie turned to him and put her arms around his neck: "Ohhhh, Graham, this is all so lovely: you, the rescue again, you, the house, you, LJ, you and did I say 'you'?"

"No, you omitted that important part!" he said.

She raised her head and brushed his lips with her and said, into his lips: "Gonna bite you later!"

"Oops!" he said, "LJ, help!"

The cat, hearing its name, made its noise and Annie said: "See, he agrees with me!"

Then she spoke; she didn't raise her eyes to his, she just spoke into his jacket: "Mean it? 'Your woman!' Did you mean it, Graham? Am I on the verge of making a fool of myself?"

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