This Night Has Opened My Eyes

by alan14

Copyright© 2013 by alan14

Sex Story: Amy is a seriously cute girl from the finance office, I'm the spotty geek from the data office, she needed a spreadsheet fixing quickly, I was in the right place at the right time and fixed it with ease. Later she decided to repay me, and took me out on my first proper date.

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Summer time, the office is dead, half the staff are on holiday and there's nothing for the rest of us to do all day.

Show up, make coffee, turn on PC, read news on the BBC, check a few other sites we're allowed to access, then hope something happens, for the last two weeks precisely nothing has. I'd read two books in the fortnight since the school broke up for the summer holidays, luckily I had the key for the 6th form library, so I popped down to swap my just finished book for a new one.

The library door was already open and I could hear somebody talking.

"Shit, shit, shit, where are they all."

"Hello!" I called out.

"Ohh, who's that, I didn't think anyone else would be using the library."

"It's me, Gary. I've just come to swap a book, I've been reading loads this last couple of weeks. What are you looking for Amy?"

"I need a book on Excel, I've a spreadsheet that's stopped working, someone has broken a load of formulas so I need to fix it, but I haven't got a clue."

"Let me look at it, I've nothing to do until the time tables are finished."

"That would be great, come round to the fees office when you've chosen your book."

I sorted my book, then locked up the library and walked across the campus to the fees office.

"Oh wow, thanks for offering to help with this Gary, I need it fixed by tomorrow so we can upload the boarding fee bills."

I sat down at her computer and set to work, it was quite a simple sheet really, just a few lookups from one sheet to another, with some basic calculations taken from a currency rate table. The problem seem to be that at some point since last term somebody had saved the spreadsheet as a csv file, so all the calculations had been removed. It took me about an hour to replace the lookups and calculations, then check it all worked. Amy watched me the whole time, perched on the desk opposite.

I must have been engrossed with the work, because normally the presence of the extremely pretty Amy in the room would be very distracting. As I turned in my chair after I'd finished I could see that Amy was sat cross legged on the desk, and I could see right up her skirt, my eyes widened a little and Amy jumped down off the desk.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't see anything" I stammered.

"It's OK, I was just doing a bit of yoga to relax. I need to get these bills out tomorrow."

"No need to worry, it's all fixed."

"Seriously, you've sorted it so quick?"

"Yes, all done and tested. I assume I'm supposed to forget all these numbers."

"What, oh yes, don't tell anyone the numbers, but I can't believe you fixed it so quickly."

"It's really simple, just a few formulas repeated down the sheet, I checked the exchange rates on the second sheet and brought them up to date."

"Oh my god, you really are a hero Gary. I can get this lot uploaded tonight. Thanks ever so much."

She kissed me quickly on the cheek and a headed back to my empty office across the other side of the campus.

For the rest of the afternoon I daydreamed about Amy, her lovely apple sized boobs, her pert little bum, her fantastic deep red hair, even the Chinese symbol tattooed on her ankle.

My daydream was rudely interrupted by my telephone.

"Hello, data office."

"Hi, is that you Gary."

"Yes, it's me"

"It's Amy, where's your office?"

"Oh hi Amy, sorry I didn't recognise your voice. I'm in room 57, second floor in the technology building, the opposite end of the corridor from the Comms room"

"Thanks, don't go anywhere I'll be 5 minutes."

I put the phone down, pondering what I could have done wrong on the sheet that she'd need to come round to see me.

Five minutes later there was a knock at my door, followed by Amy's head popping round the door. "You on your own?"

"Yes, everyone else just works term time only."

"Good, then we won't be disturbed." She walked all the way in the room and locked the door behind her, "Ewww your office is a bit grotty, they don't even give you windows."

"Yeah, there used to be windows apparently, then they built the new gym, so the windows were bricked up and plastered over. Pity about that really, as I reckon the girls showers are just about there."

"Naughty boy, you shouldn't talk about school girls like that."

As she carried on her tour of my office she tripped over my bag, picking it up she spotted this week's Nuts magazine, "what have we got here, Gary's a naughty boy looking at dirty mags in school, at least they're adults though. You know, you don't look like a typical Nuts reader. I always see lads' mag readers as being lager louts or squaddies. I suppose you read it for the jokes & car news." She put it back in my bag and sat on my desk.

"How can I help you Amy?" I asked

"Oh, you've done enough for today, I came round to repay you, but your magazine choice has put me off a little, I'm not sure I'm slutty enough for your tastes."

"What do you mean?" I stammered, I always get nervous when I'm alone with girls.

"Well, I was going to take you for a drink and maybe a little meal, but I'm nowhere near as trashy as the ladies you seem to prefer, so I'll be on my way."

"No, please don't go." I almost begged, I'd never been asked out by a girl before, and the only dates I'd been on recently ended in failure.

"How old are you Gary?"

"Err, 21."

"You sure, I'm not a barmaid checking your ID"

"Yes, I'm 21"

"You act a lot younger, are you nervous of me?"

"Yes, I'm always nervous round pretty girls."

"Oh, I'm pretty am I, as pretty as," she reach for my magazine and flipped it open, "this girl."

"Much prettier."

"And I'm in 3D, and I've not been photoshopped, and I can assure you my boobs are real. Now what are we going to do with you, you're a wreck. Turn off your PC, you've done enough for today, let's go to the pub I owe you a drink at least. Leave that magazine behind, preferably in the bin."

I shut everything down and locked the door behind us, and we headed down the lane to the Coach & Horses. Amy pointed me towards a booth whilst she ordered our drinks, she'd not asked what I wanted, so it was a surprise when she came back with a pint of Pedigree, I'd assumed she'd get me lager or cider.

"You don't look like a lager man, so I got you bitter, is that OK?"

"It's perfect, this is one of my favourites in fact."

We chatted for a while about work, she was only 18, and had started working at the school in September, right after she'd finished her A-Levels there, which I thought was weird, she agreed, saying that she still felt uncomfortable calling teachers by their first names after 7 years of calling them Mr or Miss. Amy really was a lovely girl, I was feeling more and more comfortable in her presence, as she laughed and joked about the staff and kids.

All at once she turned serious, "Gary, are you a virgin?"

"Wha ... Wh ... why do you ask?"

"Just wondering, you seem like a really nice guy, but you were really nervous at first. I just wondered how you would ever ask a girl out, at least the sort of girl who'd put out for a guy they're not married to."

"We ... we ... well I've been on a few dates, but nothing has ever come of them"

"I think we need to build your confidence, because you're far too nice a guy to be left on the shelf. How would you like to go on a date with me?"

"A ... a ... a date, a proper date, like as your boyfriend?"

"Not my boyfriend yet, you'd need to last a few dates before I called you my boyfriend."

"OK, so when do you want to go out?"

"Tonight, where do you live?"

"About a mile down the road, in Beetham."

"OK, go home, get yourself showered and changed, then meet me back here at seven. Walk here, I'll drive."

"Sounds like a plan, I'll be back here at seven sharp, how should I dress?"

"In clothes would be good. Anything smart, I don't want you dress like you are now, but nothing flashy. Tell your mum you might not be coming home, just in case I like you. Now shoo, I need to go and change as well." She gave me a genuinely sweet smile and sent me off with a wave of her hand.

I walked home in a daze, had that actually happened, and if it had, would she really be there at seven when I got back?

When I got home the house was empty, but it was still early, not even five o'clock yet. I went up to my room and had a rummage about. I had a Ben Sherman shirt that was clean but could do with an iron, and a decent pair of black chinos. I went downstairs and ironed them whilst I waited for the bath to fill.

I found a bottle of Polo aftershave some random aunty had bought me at Christmas in the vain hope that I'd ever get to use it, and now I am.

The bath was full and I had a good soak and scrub, I washed my hair, and rinsed & repeated just like it says on the bottle in an effort to make you use twice as much.

I dried myself off in front of the full length mirror on the bathroom door, I wasn't too shabby I thought, maybe I was a little bit scrawny, perhaps I'll start using the school gym when it reopens in the new term. I looked between my legs. Having never examined any other males since we used to run around naked in nursery I couldn't know how I compared, but maybe I'd soon find out.

I dressed carefully, clean socks, newly pressed trousers, newly ironed shirt. I carried my Dr Marten shoes downstairs and gave them a proper spit polish with parade gloss, they came up like glass, as shoes should.

At 6:30 my mum & dad hadn't arrived home, so I composed a note and left it one the kitchen table before setting off for my first proper date in ages, still not 100% sure it would even happen.

I needn't have worried, when I worked through the pub doors at 6:55 she was sat at the same table. She stood up as I approached and kissed me on the lips.

"You look really nice Gary, very different to earlier, and you smell nice, Polo?" I nodded, "and look at your shoes, a big improvement on your tatty Converse."

It was my turn to compliment Amy, she looked stunning, she had a big print floral dress on, with a plunging neckline, under her dress she'd put on a wonderbra that did amazing things to her breasts, I had to tear my eyes away, and when I did she had a sly smile on her face as if to say 'you like?', I smiled back saying 'oh yes indeed!', round her neck was a daisy pendant that just stopped short of her cleavage.

"Where are we going?" I asked

"I thought Kendal, there's a few good bars there, or Lancaster, you choose."

"I've never been out in Kendal, let's go there."

"OK, my car is round the corner."

We got into her elderly Renault Clio and set off for Kendal, I'm still amazed that this is actually happening. Amy squeezed my leg, "You OK? You look a bit dazed."

"Oh I'm fine, in all honesty I didn't believe you'd actually go through with this." I answered.

"Really, why would I not turn up? I'm not a tease you know. What you don't seem to realise Gary is that you are a really good looking bloke, I don't ask any old Tom, Dick or Harry out, I like you and I hope you like me."

"I do like you, I've thought you were the prettiest person in school since the day I started, but I always considered you as well out of my league."

"Don't be silly, the only people who are out of your league are not worth wasting time and effort on, because their ego is out of control and they only really love themselves. Believe me I've been there & done that when I went out with the captain of the 6th form football team, he was only looking for a WAG to show around town as some kind of accessory. As soon as I realised I'd never be a match for his narcissistic love of himself I tipped my dinner all over him in a restaurant and shouted 'and your tiny cock is never going to satisfy a real woman' as I walked out."

"Wow, that's so amazing, I'm liking you more and more."

We parked up just off the main street and I popped across the road to get some cash from the HSBC. Amy thought maybe she'd like Italian, so we headed down Finkle Street, where I'd seen an Italian restaurant last time I was in Kendal, I think it was called Infusion of something. I was right, it was called Infusion, and it being midweek they had loads of empty tables waiting.

We ordered garlic bread while we checked the menu, I ordered a bottle of Peroni and Amy ordered coke as she doesn't drink in the week.

The menu ran to two pages of pizza, with similar amounts of pasta and meat dishes, Amy, who's vegetarian, ordered a Quattro Formaggi (the Italian sounds so much better than 4 cheese pizza) and as I'm not vegetarian, and Amy has no objections to other people eating meat, I ordered the Diavolo (spicy sausage) pizza.

We chatted about stuff whilst we waited for the pizza, Amy was a big fan of American crime dramas, like Law & Order and CSI in their many versions, I admit to liking them, but only dipping in when I've got nothing else to watch, I do love NCIS though. She's not a fan of much current music, which is a relief, I was getting ready to walk out if she professed a love for 1 Direction. She loves late 80's indie rock, like The Pixies and Nirvana, we had plenty to talk about as we tucked into the delicious pizza. I have no idea how Amy is so slim, as she put away the whole 12" Quattro Formaggi, and profiteroles for dessert. I insisted on paying the bill but she refused, as she'd asked me out, so I let her pay and left the tip.

We left the restaurant on high spirits and had a walk round to find a quiet bar for more chatting and maybe a bit of a cuddle, we found one fairly close to where we'd parked, I got the drinks this time, a pint of Timothy Taylor's Landlord for me and Amy decided to be naughty, so she asked for a small glass of white wine, one glass mid-week is OK she decided.

We chatted some more about stuff, like films, music, gigs we'd seen, I mentioned cars and she jumped up excited, she drives a Mini at Warton Stock Car club race meetings. I go there quite often and hadn't even noticed her name in the program. She'd never finished in the top 8 yet, so wouldn't have been mentioned. She drives #59 a pink and blue Mini, so I can watch out for her now.

She leaned across me and pulled my head round, planting a kiss on my lips, this surprised me a lot, so it took me a few seconds to respond, but I soon joined in and we kissed for a long time, our hands moving up and down each-other's bodies. A woman in the next booth told us to "get a room", to which Amy responded "OK we will."

"Come on, let's get out of here," Amy said, she stood up and took my hand, leading me out of the door, "There's a Premier Inn down the road, let's get a room as that woman suggested".

"Aren't your parents expecting you home tonight?"

"Oh no, they think I'm staying with Anna. I hope the Premier Inn have a room, otherwise we'll have to use the Travelodge which is way out of town."

Luckily the Premier Inn had a vacancy, and at this time of night Amy managed to get a really deep discount just so they were making some money on the room. The receptionist didn't bat an eyelid at our lack of bags, she just gave us a couple of toothbrushes, toothpaste and a smile. Amy grabbed my hand and ran for the lift, as soon as the lift door closed she started to kiss me again, but it didn't last long as we were only on the third floor.

I opened the room door and she virtually pushed me through the door and onto the bed, she straddled my chest and kissed me all over my face and neck whilst she unbuttoned my shirt, she kissed my bare chest all the way down to my belt buckle, which she unfastened and then she unbuttoned my trousers.

Amy got off the bed and unfastened my shoes and removed them, along with my socks, then she took hold of my trouser cuffs and pulled my pants off, my cock, which was by now almost fully hard, sprung up as soon as it was released, Amy gasped.

"What's up?" I said

"Oh, there's only one thing that's up, and I'm as happy to see it as it is to see me."

Amy grabbed my legs and pulled me down the bed so I was sitting on the edge and knelt before me, she took my cock in both hands and started to massage it, she kissed the head, and licked the shaft, "oh my god it's beautiful, so long and thick, why are you so shy about women when you've got a wonderful babe magnet like this in your pants."

"What do you mean?"

"Your cock, it's amazing."

"I didn't know it was anything special."

"How did you not know, haven't you compared it to other cocks?"

"How would I do that, I'm not in the habit of looking at other men."

"Don't you watch porn?"

"No, I read Nuts as you've seen, but I don't bother with porn, I look at boobs & stuff, but nothing worse."

"You're one strange guy Gary."

She took my cock in her mouth, sucking it and tickling the head with her tongue, she moved her head up and down, like she was wanking me with her lips, it was amazing and very soon I could last no longer. Amy obviously sensed this and she gripped my balls hard, this sent me over the edge and I came hard down Amy's throat, she gulped down most of it, and rest dribbled out the side of her mouth and onto the floor.

"Wow, that was a big load, have you been saving up for a while."

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