The Refugees and the Rodeo Riders

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A woman billets two men so they could attend a semester. Her husband engages them in conversation and tell them that his wife wants them to fuck her. The men take her on, with others, turning her into a whore and she takes that with her when she joins a friend for a birthday party - read on.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Double Penetration   .

"Well I do think I should", the woman said as she hung up the tea-towel.

"Should do what?" her husband said.

"We were asked if we would billet, if we had room, individuals who are coming to the seminar I will be attending", his wife replied.

"Oh! I forgot about that", her husband replied. "You did mention it. Something to do with refugees isn't it, but putting up individuals can be a bit of a nuisance. How long would the accommodation last?"

"Only a week", she replied. Her husband pondered the statement for some time. He remembered the last time this had occurred. The individual then was a fat, unattractive woman in her late fifties. He smiled. Unbeknown to his wife he had fucked her. She had come out of the shower, the door had been ajar. He had passed and there she was bending over, her large bottom was like a beckon. It was an opportunity to good to miss. He hadn't thought about the reproach he would receive when he jammed his entire prick into her cunt. The woman gave off a growl that would have rivaled any beast, but then swayed and wriggled her bottom, equaling his thrusts and every time he rammed her, her only sounds were "Ohhhh!, Ahhhhh!"

When he finally shot his load she was dripping saliva, but not an inch of cock was outside her. When he finally pulled out he lent across, bouncing her ample tits and whispered. "Next time it will be your bum". All she did was smile. And bum her he did. In fact till she left he fucked her more up the bum than her cunt. She sucked him off one day, while he was on the phone and his wife was hanging out the washing. He filled her mouth, just as his wife came inside. He just managed to zip himself up when she passed with a handful of washing. The guest was still wiping her mouth minutes later, but she was sporting a very encouraging smile.

"Yes her husband finally said. "We do have the room, if you think it is a good idea go for it". She smiled. Over the next week he forgot about it so when he came home one afternoon to hear his wife giggling in the kitchen and two men sitting having coffee, he was caught off balance. "Oh! Warren dear", his wife said. "This is Tom and his colleague Azzi. These are our guests for the seminar". Warren gave them a welcome, but if his wife had been able to read his expression she would have read 'disappointment'. He really did expect a woman, not two totally black men. Over the next couple of days the seminar totally engaged both the guest and his wife. They were getting home quite late and leaving early. He didn't sleep with his wife therefore he was not disturbed, but every now and again heard their laugh and his wife's giggle. One afternoon they all returned early. He was down in his garden shed, when the blacks appeared. They were in a good mood, but Warren was soon to scatter them in bewilderment and confusion. After a couple of minutes of general talk he asked them. "What do you think of my wife; is she looking after you?"

"Yes! Yes!" they both nodded. "Your wife is a very good hostess", the one called Tom replied with a big smile. Warren waited for a second, slowly he asked. "Have you fucked her yet?" Both men gave a gasp, total shock registered on their faces. Warren struck again. "You don't think she just invited you both for the seminar. She wants cock, mate. She loves black cock, especially up her bum. I can't get it up any more; that is why I sleep alone. If she only wanted a guest she would have taken on a woman. No cock she wants and a fuck she is expecting. You wouldn't want to disappoint her now, would you?" The men virtually ran from the yard. Warren just laughed.

But it was a statement that really had been lurking in these men's minds. A desire they didn't think would bear fruit; however, that seed had been given hope. The men had noticed that she enjoyed their company, now they thought they knew why, she wanted a fuck. The opportunity came on the third night. The seminar finished at 10.30. She had parked further down the car park then normal, because of the crowds. As she lent across the car seat to retrieve a cloth to wipe the dew off the windows, Azzi drove his hand up her dress, within seconds his finger had slipped under the elastic of her panties, and into her crack and began to finger her. The suddenness of the move froze her. Her head snapped up and for seconds was stationary, only a sort of gasp came from her mouth. But shortly that gasp became a moan and her tongue began to lick her lips and her head began to bob up and down, but not once did she make any attempt to interfere with the finger that was giving her such acute pleasure.

The speed in which her panties were removed stopped any doubt arising. Now her bottom was totally bare. It shone out in the crisp moonlight. Azzi withdrew his finger. A slight moan came from her, but that moan became a distinct 'Ahhhhh!' as he shoved his very large, very thick and very long cock up to his balls in her now lubricated cunt. It took three shoves till his balls were banging against her bum, but by the time that happened this white woman was panting and bucking like any bitch on heat. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Azzi grunted as he pumped away. In an out that length went, faster and faster did he fuck and that white bum wriggled with every thrust and gasps and moans were coming from the depths of the woman's throat. Tom opened the other door. Her head was bobbing up and down, saliva was dripping from her mouth and each gasp came from a very open mouth. Tom stopped her bobbing head and pulled her head forward while he shoved his cock down her throat. Now he held her as Azzi pumped with every increasing force. Azzi paused for a second, and then he thrust, blowing his balls but pushing her head forward that her nose was buried in Tom cock hair and down her throat was his nine inch prick. "Ah! That was terrific", Azzi said as he pulled out.

"Well I want her bum", Tom said. "You fill her mouth, keep her head occupied". Azzi changed places. Tom hadn't blown but droplets of cum were seeping from her mouth when Azzi pushed his cum covered cock into her mouth. Tom positioned his wet cock and began to push it between her cheeks. Each thrust made her tremble. He gripped her and shoved. This time her whole being erupted. It took the two of them to hold her down. She struggled and bucked, but each struggle only pushed the cock in further till Tom gave that final thrust that literately lifted her off the seat and made Azzi give a moan of absolute pleasure for his balls had refilled and he emptied his load down her throat.

The men didn't think that their actions were attracting attention, till a voice behind Tom asked. "What you doing brother?" Tom was still pumping; his cock was working like a black piston, appearing and disappearing between the cheeks of this white bum. "Fucking, man, just fucking"

"Can I have some?" the voice asked.

"Sure, just wait till I fill her up", Tom groaned as he gave the final thrust that not only emptied his balls but made that white bottom vibrate and buck. He pulled out, but in seconds an equally long prick was ravishing her. Other men gathered. Azzi was replaced by another and soon he was giving off gasps of delight as this woman's mouth performed its magic. "Turn her over", someone said. She was pulled out and swung around. The men were now so eager for her that no one considered any reproach. Her clothes were ripped off her. Now naked she was pulled onto an enormous cock and as her legs opened for support, revealing for the first time the great triangle of dark hair, a throbbing cock was forced into her cunt and for the first time ever, she was in a sandwich. However, as she was fucked, so much force was rammed into her that the cock in her bum passed the other lengths till she was so anchored that she could offer no protest. Only slight gasps and moans came from her, if for a second she wasn't swallowing cock.

She was continually fucked for hours. Fifteen men went through her. Finally all had, had their fill. "I'll drive", Tom said. "You accommodate Mrs. Coal". Azzi pulled her around, snapped her tits and just fucked her all the way. They carried her into the house and just dumped her onto her bed, throwing the remains of her clothes beside her.

Her husband heard them enter. He smiled when he heard. "Well I bet she has never had so much black cock as she got tonight. I bet her bum is going to be sore, but fuck it was nice". He waited till the door to their section of the house closed. He got up and went into his wife's room. She was a mess. The seed of man was everywhere, in her hair, over her tits, over her stomach, totally covering her face and still running down the inside of her thighs. Her bottom was just a sticky mess. "They excelled themselves", he muttered. His wife was so far removed from the planet that she didn't respond; even in the shower she was nothing more than a rag doll. The thought of poking her, even if he could so soon after the nigger's had filled her, was repulsive. 'If only I could', he muttered.

Whether it was the alarm clock, or just an automatic reaction that got her up; like a robot she picked up her gown; it didn't seem to register that she was naked. She put it on, but as she never closed it, so now it just flapped. She went into the kitchen. The men were up. They turned as she entered. Her nudity was arousing. Tom pushed her across the table, dropped his pyjamas trousers and was up to his balls when her husband entered. For a second he hesitated. The husband smiled. "Give her one for me". Tom smiled and began to bang away, finally filling her. He pulled out and Azzi turned her around, removed the gown and bummed her.

The seminar ended, but for his wife her life as a whore had just begun. Her husband encouraged his mates around, naturally for a fee and at a $100 a time she was encouraged to entertain her clients for hours. As they pumped her and as she sucked, her husband commented. "We have blacks to thank for her co-operation. Without them she still wouldn't know what a bum fuck or a suck job was. Would you dear and I wouldn't have got an erection, the first I have had in ages", he muttered as he gave her backside a solid thumping. However, all she could do as a way of a respond was a gargle for a cock exploded in her mouth and only a sea of cum poured out.

Some days later the phone rang just as he finished the washing up. His wife was still in the bathroom, he picked up the phone. "Oh! Warren this is Pam, is May available?" the rather seductive voice asked.

"Yes! Pam she is; hang on a minute", he said. He then opened the bathroom door. His wife was naked; she was bending over; taking the opportunity which was now always his agenda. He dropped his pyjamas, covered his cock in the liquid soap that was resting on the bath, stepped up behind his wife, levelled his cock at those attractive cheeks and as he shoved sending inches up her arse, said with a gasp. "Pam is on the line". She gave a gasp but stayed in the 'doggie' position till he blew his nuts and than as she took the phone, muttered "Bastard, but I do like it up the bum and if you weren't my husband that would have cost you a hundred bucks". She took the phone and went into the spare room, still naked.

A good thirty minutes later she appeared and said. "Pam has invited me up to Brisbane for her sixty third birthday", she said

"Are you going?" he asked

"Yes! Especially as she has offered to pay, I will be staying with her", his wife replied with a big smile of pleasure.

"When will you be going?" he asked.

"The party is Friday week; however, Pam asked if I could come a few days before the event. She said that, that would be our time before the crowds arrived. After all we have been friends since school days", she concluded.

That ended the conversations regarding the visit to Brisbane, the next time it was raised was when he took his wife to the airport. "I don't know how long I will be staying", she said. "However, I will get an open ticket and will give you a ring when I will be flying in", she concluded. In the minutes before she got out of the car, she sucked him off and as she wiped her mouth said. "That will have to do you till I get back". He gave her a wave as he drove off.

The two women embraced at the airport. "I'm so glad you could come", Pam said as she helped May with her bag. "It has been a few years and although we chat on the phone quite regularly, there is nothing like the personal touch", she continued. May was all smiles. Pam had been her closest friend at school and had always taken the lead in their activities, although they were the same age. So when she said that after they went home and had a quick lunch she would take her for a drive as it had been years since she had been in Brisbane, May willing agreed.

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