by Saxon Hart

Copyright© 2013 by Saxon Hart

: Just because he's backed into a corner doesn't mean he's defeated.

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Blackmail   Heterosexual   Humiliation   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Voyeurism   .

This time instead of thanking PapaGus for his editing prowess, I also thank him for the plot for this one. When he was editing "Ginger Snaps" he asked me e-mailed me this idea. I had an outline done and planned a shorter story than what I ultimately produced. During the time I was writing this, I also wrote a story for the Friendly Anonymous Writing Challenge, or FAWC, as it has come to be known, and I had two other pieces to write for another project.

So Gus, here is your idea brought to life. Thank you my friend, Saxon Hart

"Are you getting out of here on time?"

I looked up to see my boss Barry Masters looking into my office. He wore the same cheesy grin he always wore on the nights that he would be coming to my house for dinner. He enjoyed rubbing it in that he was going to fuck my wife.

I guess I should start at the beginning. My name is Bill Jaczwenski, pronounced Jacks-win-ski. Most people know me as Billy Jack, or just Jacko. I am a 35 year old account executive for a small time piss ant advertising agency in Houston Texas.

Now being an account executive in one of the large New York, or Los Angeles agencies would mean a lot of power and responsibility, not to mention money and respect. At BM and Sons it just means that I handle everything while Barry sits on his fat ass and reads those horrid bodice ripper novels. As if it isn't bad enough that he reads these books meant for lonely and bored housewives, he has to masturbate after he reads the love scenes.

So here's this douche bag sticking his head in my office asking if I am getting out of here on time, when he knows damn good and well that I will be. Since he hired Amy, an intern with an awesome set of tits, and an ass to match, leaving the office on time has been no problem at all. But since tonight is "the night" I told him I had a few things to finish up and that I would be out in half an hour.

"Fine. I'll go eat at The Royal Fork, but I expect you and Lynn to be ready when I get there. And Jacko, I do mean "ready."

"Ready" meant Lynne was to be naked and I was to be wearing my chastity device. I know most males wouldn't consider me to be a "real man" but I do what I have to do to survive.

I met my wife Lynne ten years ago at a Christmas party given by a local bank. They were Barry's largest client and their dedication to us is what mainly kept the agency afloat. Since I was the one who mainly handled their account I was invited to the party as well. Lynne was a teller in their drive up only branch.

I spent the evening making small talk with some of the personnel that I knew from my dealings with them. I was talking to the manager of the loan department about a planned golf outing they had planned for shortly after Christmas. It seemed that his usual partner was going through a rough divorce and had in fact been assaulted with his own clubs. Since Barry closed our office from Christmas Eve until New Year's Day, I agreed to play.

As I was talking golf with the group who were attending the golf outing, I began to notice a few women were gravitating towards our little gathering. We were discussing our handicaps when a well-developed blonde spoke up. "Hey Bob. Why haven't any of the tellers been asked to this outing?"

She was wearing the proverbial little black dress. Her bosom was truly testing the limits of its bodice and my eyes were locked on like a hawk on a field mouse. I almost didn't realize she was talking directly to me when she asked, "So what's your handicap?"

Now I am no neurosurgeon. Nor am I any kind of expert on the functions of the human brain. So I cannot explain why the only word to fly out of my mouth in response to her golf question was "Great tits."

Guffaws of laughter came from everywhere. I could feel my face turning red. "That's fuckin funny," said someone. "Damn why can't I come up with original answers like that?" asked someone else. The girl in the black cocktail dress and "fuck me" pumps gave a chuckle and then said, "Well I guess you will be in the traps all day."

Luckily I had the presence of mind to play it off as a joke. "I seriously doubt I'll spend all day in the traps. Not many scratch golfers do."

"Wow! Are you considered a scratch?" asked Bob.

"No, but it sounded good." This brought another round of laughter. I didn't bother telling them that I had been close to going to Q school before I got hired by Barry.

The conversation turned back to golf and I felt relieved that I hadn't made a complete ass out of myself. Barry might not have liked it much if I had. Soon the group went separate directions and I found myself back at the bar.

"Care to buy my tits a drink?"

I turned to find myself looking into the ice blue eyes of the little black dress' owner. "No, but I will buy their owner one as an apology for my Freudian slip."

She laughed and we talked the rest of the night away. When the party was over she kissed me good night and headed for her car. "I'll see you at the golf course sir. Just wait until you see what I wear."

I swallowed hard as I imagined her in some tight shorts, or a miniskirt bending over to pick her ball out of the cup. "If her ass was anything like her tits, the golf outing might be better than a porno." I thought to myself as I waved good bye.

I figured that Barry and his wife Joan were off fucking whom ever. The only reason they ever went to these things was to find new fuck buddies. I wondered if they ever fucked each other, and I had my doubts that Barry was truly the father of all of his sons that no one has ever met.

During the first month that I worked for Barry, Joan propositioned me four different times. In the end my morals and the fear that Barry would fire me won out and I never took Joan up on her offers. Truth be known I was probably also saved from a few social diseases.

Wednesday morning I went to the golf club and found the group from the bank. The day was damp and chilly so I felt sure that everyone would be in long pants rather than shorts. Having been born and raised in Wyoming, I wore shorts 90% of the year. Unless I was at work of course

Half of the people from the party didn't show up. They were trying to figure out how to divide up 13 people when I walked up.

"Billy! Damn glad you came," Bob said as he greeted me. "We thought we would have five or six foursomes, but as you can see, we are well short of that number. Do you mind playing in a twosome?"

I told him that I didn't mind playing in a twosome. I was profoundly disappointed that Lynn wasn't among the attendees. I was told that I would be in a twosome with Jerry Montez, a commercial loan officer, but when a member of the first foursome wasn't there at their scheduled tee time, Bob asked Jerry to go join them.

My new partner still wasn't there as the second group was about to take the tee box. Just as Bob was trying to figure out what to do he exclaimed "Ok, here's your partner Billy. Try to stay out of the traps." As the group began laughing I turned to see my partner approaching.

"Sorry. I got hung up trying to buy tees." I turned and found myself face to face with Lynn. She was wearing a purple fleece pullover and heavy knit yoga pants. While the pull over hid any hint of cleavage, the pants definitely displayed her curves. "Where is everyone?" she asked.

"First group is probably on the green by now," said Bob. "Do you mind playing in a twosome with Billy here?"

She gave me a wink. "Not as long as he brought his money."

"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. We bet on everything. Usually during a foursome we bet drinks, or stunts, or whatever anyone is willing to bet. High stroke counts cost a person drinks at the turn." explained Bob.

"I hope you brought enough money Billy," she said. I didn't say anything.

Bob was laughing as he teed up on the white box. He hit what looked like a respectable drive and then the foursome was on their way down the fairway. Lynn and I made our way onto the tee box.

"Ladies first," I said as she bent over to place her tee. I was admiring the shape of ass as she bent over to make her set up.

"Stop staring at my ass pervert!" Damn! Did she have eyes in the crack of her ass?

"I wasn't even looking your way. I was watching your colleague hacking away in the rough over there." She stood up and looked down the fairway, where a guy was swinging wildly in the long grass about a hundred yards away.

"Oh," she said. 'I didn't mean that you're a perv by the way. I just figured that you were..."

"Yeah you figured I was staring at your delectable ass, I know."

She gasped, "Oh! So you were. I'm going to have to keep an eye on you buster. Just so fair's fair, I get to stare at you while you tee up."

"Ok," I chuckled. "I think you can go ahead and drive now, they are on the green."

She swung and drove the ball about 170 yards and turned to me with a smirk. "Top that Mr. Nice Tits."

I stepped up to the black tee box and set my ball and tee. "And if I top that, what do I get?" I asked.

"If you outdrive me from there, I'll play the back nine in my tight white shorts and tank top," she said wiggling her ass. I felt my cock beginning to rise and had to fight it. I had never driven with a boner so I didn't know how it would affect my swing.

I gulped audibly, and addressed my ball. Then she started cheating. While I was aligning myself she was making comments about my ass. Then she said she'd make me play the back nine in my underwear. Fortunately I was able to tune her out and hit a 280 yard drive that bent around the dog leg and came up 50 yards shy of the green. I turned and said, "I know your ass will look fantastic in them shorts."

All she could say was, "Shit!"

Needless to say I enjoyed watching her play golf in her tight white shorts and tank top. I also ended up not paying for our first three dates. Three months later we were an exclusive couple.

I found out early on that she thought that Barry was a jerk off. We were finishing dinner when she asked if there were any women in my office. Thinking that she was worried that I had a wandering eye I told her that the only woman was Jane, a 65 year old grandmother who basically answered phones and made coffee.

"I bet the creep ogles her chest anyway," Lynne said and chuckled.

I laughed when a mental image of Barry checking out Jane's rack hit my head. I pictured her slapping him with the big ass purse she carried with her everywhere.

I Lynne's parents at Thanksgiving. They flew in from San Diego and spent the week with her. I met them Thanksgiving morning and we all had the dinner that she and her mother had prepared. After dinner I offered to bring her a slice of pie. I instead returned from the kitchen with a ring on a pie plate and I proposed to her.

George Carlin once mused that people don't seem to get laid much at Thanksgiving. He definitely wasn't there that Thanksgiving. Once Lynne's parents had returned to their hotel, she proceeded to fuck my brains out.

We were married on a boat in Galveston that following May. My parents bought me a house in an upscale section of Pasadena as a pre-wedding gift. "That way if you end up in divorce court, you still have a roof, sonny boy," were my dad's words of wisdom as he handed me the keys.

I told them that divorce wasn't in my future but thanked them for the forethought. Lynne and I moved in after our honeymoon and settled into our life. During our first four years of marriage I could never complain about our sex life. Other aspects of our life, however, left a lot to be desired.

When Lynne and I got together, she was barely making ends meet. I assumed that was because she didn't make a lot as a bank teller. As they say, when you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.

I allowed Lynne to handle our finances for the first six months of our marriage. I figured that since she worked in a bank, she'd be good with money. I was wrong! It took me a year and a half to get us back to even afterwards. I was constantly paying the shut off notices rather than the utility bills. We had several long discussions and quite a few arguments. I even spent several nights on the couch.

Eventually our raises and my fiscal head got us a tidy savings built up, but it didn't last. Within two years we were back to struggling. Her paycheck covered most of her credit card bills. My salary went to pay everything else. Barry wasn't paying me near enough so I was getting ready to start spreading my resume around in hopes of a better paycheck, but I knew most reputable agencies won't count small time experience.

The week it all turned to shit started out just like any other week. After paying the bills, I had managed to buy food for the week and fill our gas tanks. I had even managed to tuck away a few bucks in case it was needed.

Work was fairly normal Monday morning until Barry called Walt into his office. I couldn't tell what was being said but I could hear Walt's voice gaining in intensity. In minutes they were screaming at each other. The only thing I definitely heard was Walter telling Barry that Marion and Joan were both worthless whores and that he hoped that Barry's cock would rot off.

I had no clue who Marion was, but Barry seemed to take his wife being called a whore in stride; probably because it was true. As Walt stormed out of Barry's office he made a b-line for my desk. As soon as he started approaching me, Barry was telling Jane to call the police. Walt got to my desk and said, "You better watch your back Jacko!"

I was about to ask Walt what the fuck I had done to him when Barry screamed at him to leave or he would press charges. Walt looked at him and yelled "Fuck you, you dickless son of a bitch," as he headed out the door.

"You better watch your back Jacko!" For the rest of the day Walt's words would play through my mind. So much to the point that I was dwelling on them and almost got killed by a fast moving truck as I got off of the beltway onto the feeder. I am grateful that his brakes worked better than my brain, or I'd have been a statistic.

When I got home the first thing that struck me was that Lynne was already home. Usually she worked until seven. I walked into the house to find her lounging on a new white couch. That couch had not been in my living room that morning when I had left for work; neither had the matching love seat and easy chairs.

"Hey baby," she said. "You like? I called off work today and went shopping at that new furniture store over in the Galleria. I fell in love with this set and bought them on the spot. Are you mad honey?"

"Were they free?"

She scoffed. "As if. I got a good deal though for opening a new account with the store. I got us good payments."

All I could do was smile. I knew that if I opened my mouth a torrent of vulgarity would flow and we'd have a war all night. Instead I smiled and went into the den to figure out just how bad she'd just made things.

After I'd figured it all out I knew there was no way I could take a pay cut to move to a new job. I hated the idea that I was going to have to slave for fucking Barry. The only upside was the fact that after Lynne bought something like this I got some pussy. I might just take her ass for this.

After dinner we were sitting on her expensive purchase watching TV when I started making my moves. I started sucking her earlobes and trying to work a hand under her skirt when she stopped me dead in my tracks.

"Uh uh lover boy. We aren't doing anything on this couch, but if you take me to bed you can take me back there." She must have been a mind reader.

I was pretty much worn out when I made it to work the next morning. My head was still stuck on the sight of my Lynne flat on her stomach with a pillow under her hips, and my cock buried between her delightful ass cheeks.

I had pounded her into a sweaty ball of whimpering jelly before I was done. I was sure that she'd call off of work or call in late. She usually did after an all-night fuck fest like that.

I was tired but a few cups of coffee had me running full steam when Barry got to work that day. He gave me a funny glance as he went to his office. I never paid much attention to Barry so the look didn't mean anything to me.

Ten minutes later a most striking young lady walked into the office. Jane greeted her. "Can I help you ma'am?"

"AH yes. I'm Amy Stewart and I have a nine o'clock with a Mr. Barry Masters."

Jane picked up the phone and spoke. Then she hung up and said, "You may go on in Ms. Stewart," as she pointed to Barry's office.

I called Lynne later on. She was at home as I figured she'd be. "You didn't go to work baby?" I asked her. I was mildly annoyed but also a bit proud.

"I called in and said I'd be late," she replied. "Someone wore me out last night. Is that someone ready to wear me out again tonight?"

"You know he is baby," I said. After a few minutes we hung up. I was setting an ad up when Barry came out with the young lady in tow.

"Amy, this is Jacko, we call him Jacko because his name is too damn hard to pronounce. Jacko, this is Amy. She's taking Walt's place and will be following you around for the next few days." With that he turned and made his way back into his office.

"Bill Jaczwenski, but please feel free to call me Jacko."

"Amy Stewart," she said as she offered me her hand. I had the insane urge to kiss it like in the movies. "Can I call you Bill?"

I told her she could indeed call me Bill, and we set about the tasks of the day. I showed her the ropes and tried damn hard not to stare at her. Her scent was intoxicating. Of course I wasn't too surprised that Barry had to keep coming out and sticking his nose in.

I had at first worried that Barry might have hired Amy because she was a knock out. She soon proved to quite a smart woman who knew her way around the ad game. I was curious why she'd be in a Podunk shit-hole agency like Barry's when she could have easily been a star on Madison Avenue.

I went home that night and fucked Lynne again. We didn't pull the all-nighter like the previous night but we finished just as sweaty. I was pretty clear headed when I went to work the next morning.

Shortly before noon Barry called me into his office. I could tell he was irate but I hadn't a clue why. "You fucked up Jacko."

"I fucked up? What ... how?"

He pulled an ad for a car lot I had worked on and showed me. They were going to hold a drawing for $500.00. I remembered the ad well. When he showed me the ad it said the drawing was for $5000.00. Alan, who owned the lot was livid and was threatening to pull his account.

"I got him calmed down and we are printing a revised ad as we speak. I ought to fire you on the spot Jacko but I have a better idea. I want to meet you at your house tonight for dinner; I like fish by the way. I want to discuss this with you and Lynn before I decide what to do about you. I'll be there at 6:00."

I had no idea why the asshole wanted to involve my wife but I knew she hated him and would most likely do whatever she could to spite him. I didn't give it much more thought as the day went by.

"What does that asshole want me to do?" asked Lynne when I told her all about my foul up and Barry's idea.

"Dirty old prick probably just wants to stare at your tits for a while tonight, or wants us to join them for a swapping party."

"I'll cut your cock off before I ever let you fuck Joan Masters, buddy boy. And I am sure that if I ever saw Barry Masters naked I'd want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon," she said as she shuddered.

I shuddered. "I'd cut my own cock off before I'd fuck her."

Dinner was good. I was a little pissed off that Barry kept eye-balling my wife. I noticed that she kept moving in ways to avoid giving him a decent look at her body. She'd even wore a long sleeved turtle neck sweater despite the late spring heat.

Once dinner was over Barry said "OK, we've had a great dinner," he looked at Lynn. "Very good dinner my dear." She blushed slightly and thanked him.

He cracked his knuckles and said "I don't know if you know this or not Lynne, but your husband nearly cost me a huge account today." I had to stifle a laugh. Lynne and I often talked about how Barry believed himself to be the "King of Madison Avenue," when he ran such a penny ante little agency.

"I see no reason to punish him if it was saved."

"Because my dear, he needs to learn not to be distracted by the new young lady in the office and concentrate on his job."

Lynne threw me a look as I scowled at Barry's words. He knew I had never been anything less than professional. I had told Lynne all about Amy as well. I might have downplayed her attractiveness, but Lynne knew I wasn't interested.

"What do you propose we do to teach him Barry?"

"I propose we fuck right in front of him."

I was stunned. My mind was screaming that I should get up and beat the living dogshit out of Barry whether I needed a job or not. Lynne looked as if He had just asked her to eat a bucket of pig shit. I almost laughed at her look of revulsion. Barry however seemed to not notice.

"That's a lovely offer Barry," she said in a placating voice. I was instantly reminded how silly the thought of her ever giving in to him was. I knew she'd shoot him down in flames.

"There are two problems with your offer though," she continued. "First, I am sure my husband would divorce me in a heartbeat for even considering it. Second I only have eyes for him. I say we forgive and forget and move along with our lives."

"He wouldn't divorce you Lynne. Most men fantasize about seeing their wife fuck another man."

"I don't," I chimed in but Barry carried on with aplomb as if I hadn't even been in the room.

"If he divorces you my dear he ends up paying for you to live in this house until you decide to marry someone else, and then you get half of its value from him. If he divorces you I'll fire him and then he'll be hard pressed to meet the large alimony payments you would be due to receive. You have him over a barrel my lady."

"Look Barry," she said. "I love him and I know he loves me. Why would I want to hurt him?"

"You wouldn't hurt him. You'd only be taking control." She looked unsure so he continued. "Do you mean to tell me Lynne that you like having to have his approval to go out with your friends? You have to justify buying something pretty for yourself? Do you mean to tell me that you aren't even the slightest bit ready to make him crawl for you?

"Lynne what I am proposing will give you absolute control over him. All you have to do is tell me that he isn't toeing the line, and I'll ruin him. I can make sure he never works in advertising again and he'll have to work several jobs to stay out of prison.

"Not to mention the fact that it will improve your sex life by leaps and bounds. Think Lynne; not only could you have sex any time you want, but you could have sex with any guy you want. Jacko there will eventually realize his love for you goes deeper than mere sex. He'll be happy to see you fulfill all of your fantasies. And, when you do allow him the enjoyment of your body, he'll appreciate it so much that he'll bend over backwards to please you. You can't lose Lynne."

"He's fucking nuts!" I thought, "Or stupid." I was wondering what exact words my wife would use to shoot him down. I was sure he'd fire me after she lit into him, but it would be worth it. I would also track him down some night, ring his doorbell, and kick the shit out of him.

Needless to say I got the shock of my life when she asked, "What are we waiting for?"

I just sat there in shock. I kept expecting her to start laughing and tell him he had been sucked in. Usually when she did that to me she'd go for an old term and say "Psyche!"

Even as they were stripping each other I expected her to call the joke off. Finally I got pissed and grabbed Barry by the scruff of the neck and began frog marching him out of my house. He was chattering on about firing me and suing me for assault when Lynne hollered from behind "Damn it Bill you stop right there!"

"What? You can't be fucking serious Lynne. I know you can't stand this bastard."

"I am serious Bill. You almost fucked his business up and he isn't going to fire you, so this is the least I can do."

"You best stop this foolish bullshit right now or I will..."

"You'll what? Divorce me? Fine we'll get a divorce and then you can work your ass off in menial jobs trying to keep my standard of living high enough to keep me from having you thrown in jail."

"And I'll have you locked up for laying your hands on me," chimed inn Barry. "I was going to make this easy for you, but now you have to get in here and watch."

"I'll fucking ki..."

"You'll do nothing. You'll sit back and take it. You have no other choice. Cuckolding or prison? Come on Lynne; let me show you how a real man treats a woman."

I'd like to say that Lynne came to her senses and tossed Barry out on his ass. I'd like to tell you that she laughed when she saw his pathetic cock. I'd really like to not tell you how she actually squirted when she came.

When all was said and done Barry left, admonishing me to be on time for work in the morning. If I hadn't been broke, I would have bought a pistol that night and sent two certain people to meet Jesus.

Lynne came out of the bedroom a little while after Barry left. I was sitting on the new expensive couch. "You can stop sulking Bill. It's over for tonight. Come to bed."

"Fuck you. I'm not sleeping in that bed ever again. I'll sleep on the couch. I'm sure glad Barry doesn't turn you on. If he had you'd have fucked him on the table and then I'd never be able to eat."

"Look. I'm sorry Bill, but I ... I don't know. He was talking about all of the power I'd have and it turned me on immensely. I think he's a disgusting pig, but he had me so hot that I was ready to explode."

"Yeah, the way you were urging him on and telling him how fucking great he was sure made you sound disgusted. And telling him he was better than me? That was so fucking out of line. Unless you have been lying to me about how good I am, and there was no way he's bigger. I've seen bigger cocks on new-borns."

"Come on Bill. He wasn't that small."

"What? He makes me look like a fucking porn star. I had to look twice to see if he HAD a dick. Of course the way you were carrying on, I would have thought you were fuckin' Long Cock Magee."

"Yes I enjoyed it. Having power and humiliating you was a huge turn on for me. Seeing you humble and powerless got me going. Even talking about it makes me horny, come fuck me baby. I need it. I won't tell Barry."

"Get bent whore. I can't even look at you without feeling betrayed, anger and revulsion. No fucking thank you."

"Come on Bill. I am sure Barry won't keep this up for too long."

"Once was too long. I'm here still only because I am between a rock and a hard place. I'm still here because I have no options," I said trying hard to keep from crying in front of her. "You fucking humiliated me. I have to look at that asshole everyday now knowing he thinks he's a better lover than I am. I have to deal with knowing that he took the one thing in this world that I held truly precious."

I lay on the couch and crossed my arm over my eyes. I heard her shuffle off to the bedroom. I couldn't even think straight. I knew there had to be a way out of my predicament, but I couldn't see it.

I went in early to work and tried to get to my tasks. I was doing well until Barry came in and shot me a smirky grin. It took everything I had not to walk over and smash his smug face. I didn't know exactly how I was going to deal with the whole situation, but snippets of a plan were coming to me.

After doing a little research on the internet I knew what steps I had to take first. I needed to leave work early. That would be no problem. I also needed Lynn to be at work. She probably was, because Barry surely didn't wear her out.

I spent most of my morning on the internet locating the things I needed to turn the tables on my wife. I would lose my job but I wouldn't lose my home. I located several places in Houston where I could get what I sought.

Around noon I went to Barry's office and told him I was leaving. "I never said you could leave early," he said.

"Yeah you did. I made this appointment three weeks ago and told you about it then. I cleared this with you long before I made the appointment." I was lying through my teeth but Barry never remembered things. Jane usually conned him out of three weeks' vacation every year.

He stared at the wall stupidly for a minute and then said, "OK. Yeah I remember. GO ahead but you better be at home when I get there this evening."

"What? No one ever said..."

"Jacko, this was set up last night. Maybe if you hadn't been sulking you would have known. I'm also going to have a surprise for you. I know you hate me, but that just makes it sweeter."

"I don't hate you Barry. But I can't say I'd piss on you if you were on fire."

"6:00 Jacko. Don't be late."

"Fuck you," I said under my breath as I closed the office door.

My first stop was an electronics store across town. I bought several mini cameras and microphones. The guy at the store told me how to set it all up. He said they were motion activated and they sent the video to a secure website so that even if someone compromised my computer the videos would be safe.

My next stop was an attorney's office. Paris Hyde was the least likely name I had ever heard for an attorney, but her reputation for helping men with marital problems was legendary.

I told her the complete story and what I was doing to gather evidence. She confirmed that I didn't need to disclose my "espionage" because I was sole owner of my property. She advised me not to drop my bombs until she had everything ready to file. She also said I had to sit through at least one more session to get evidence to support my claims. Under Texas law, I could divorce her for cruelty or adultery, and in some cases both could be listed as cause. She also gave me other avenues to pursue. I couldn't wait to laugh in Barry's face.

I went home and set the cameras up. I put three in the bedroom, and two in the dining room. The other two I put in the living room. By time I was done, I had time to move my clothes into my office.

I also retrieved a pillow and a blanket from the hallway closet. Lynne had bought them only because they were on sale. That closet was full of crap she'd bought on impulse. After I placed them in the office, I went out to a bar.

I got home around 9 to find Lynne was sitting at the table drinking a glass of wine. I didn't say a word to her as I went in to take a shower. For the first time since I had moved out of my parents' house I locked the bathroom door.

I thought I heard the door rattle but I was unsure. I smiled to think that I could indeed keep control of my life, and that soon she'd know how little control she really had. I took my time getting dressed and went straight to my office.

A few minutes later the door opened and Lynne walked in. I mentally added, "Buy a lock set for the office door," to my to-do list. I had just logged onto my computer to see how much evidence my cameras had gotten during my absence. I quickly shrank the window as she sat on the edge of my desk.

My heart ached because she had done that so many times. She'd sat on the corner of my desk many times to let me know she was horny. Horny was the last feeling in my body. All I saw was a traitorous cunt on my desk. She didn't say anything; she just sat there staring at a spot on the wall.

I looked up at her and asked "What?"

"You've never locked me out of your shower before," she said with a sniffle.

"You've never completely disgusted me before. Were you coming in to tell me about the great sex with Barry?"

"It wasn't great," she said. "It was terrible. I realized what a pig he is and realized I was doing you wrong."

"Got 'em!" I thought. I now had proof of adultery for my lawyer to use.

"He was mad that you weren't here," she continued. "I told him that you'd been called away for an emergency. I let him have me thinking it would be as great as last night was, but it was horrid."

"So basically you both got off on humiliating me," I stated flatly. "Without good old Bill to kick around the thrill was gone. Well boo fuckin hoo."

"I thought you loved me," she whined.

"I did until you let Barry Masters between your legs."

"Last night was incredible," she said. "All I want is to experience that again and you are being a selfish brat and want to deny me. You're supposed to love me enough to help me achieve sexual bliss. It doesn't hurt you, well maybe your ego, but it is such a turn on for me."

At that point I realized that she was buying Barry's shit hook, line, and sinker. I told her one last time to get the fuck out of my office and then I left the house. I drove around aimlessly for a while and ended up in Galveston.

Being Friday night I had my pick of any number of bars. I opted for one that I had never been to before. Lynn and I used to go down to Galveston a lot. We'd spend the day on the beach and then close down a bar.

As I was drinking I saw Hank Shaw walk in. Hank was working for Barry when I started. He left to work for a local radio station five years ago. He saw me and came over to where I was sitting.

"Bill. Long time no see."

"Hey Hank. How's the radio life treating you?"

"I can't bitch. Are you still with that fucktard Barry?"

"Unfortunately. Did you hear that Walt left?"

"No. I haven't seen Walt in a couple of years actually. He came to the station and hit me up for a job. Told me Barry was making his life hell and he had to get out of there."

"Yeah I hear that. I know I am tired of his third rate ass."

"You know, just between you and me, I know Barry has run a lot of good people off. Hell, when I worked for him he screwed two different guys' wives. Can you believe that shit? What always got to me was neither one beat his ass for it." At that point his party arrived and he bade me farewell and went to sit with his friends.

"Two guy's wives." I suddenly smelled a rat. I decided I had to talk to Walt. Maybe he hadn't threatened me that day but warned me. Before I left the bar I asked Hank if he knew how to get ahold of Walt. He said he didn't so I left.

I got home and crashed out on the couch. I didn't see or hear Lynn and I was just fine with that. I was dying to talk to Walt, but in a city the size of Houston, you just can't go door to door until the right guy answers. Just as I fell asleep the answer hit me.

Lynne was gone when I got up Saturday morning. I went to Lowes and bought a lockset for my office and installed it. I opened up the cameras on my computer and checked to see what they had recorded.

I saw Lynne and Barry fuck for about five minutes. I heard Barry apologizing over and over for not making her cum. She assured him she was fine and said it would be better when I was back. "Speaking of Jacko," she told him. I wanted to bitch slap her for calling me that. I tolerated it at work because I got paid to be there. I would not tolerate her calling me that.

"Speaking of Jacko, we might want to go easier on him. Let's keep our activities to Tuesdays and Thursdays."

"That's fine," said Barry. "I have things on most nights anyway. I just wanted to make Jacko sweat. We'll make him wear the surprise next time."

"Surprise?" I opened all of the video files and watched Barry enter the house carrying something in a bag. He told her how much he'd like to pound her on the couch and she chastised him and said nobody would ever fuck on her couch.

He told her he'd brought my surprise but since he and Lynne were in such a hurry to fuck, he showed her what was in the bag as they rushed down the hallway. I had no camera in the hall so the surprise would remain just that; a surprise. "Horny fuckers," I said dismayed that I didn't know what the surprise was.

I spent the rest of the weekend avoiding Lynne. If she was home I tried my damnedest to be out and about. I spent Sunday evening in my office. She had tried to tell me that Barry had been by on Saturday evening, but the video revealed the truth. She had sat around drinking wine and fucking herself with a dildo.

Since she didn't have a dildo when all of this shit with Barry started, I assumed she had bought it that day. Going over the video I discovered she had bought the dildo and some lingerie.

The nice thing about Barry is the fact that he's completely predictable. He leaves the office at five o clock every day without fail. He expects the rest of us to stay until five thirty. Jane leaves at ten after and then everyone else drifts out leaving an empty office by five twenty.

On Monday I found myself alone in the office at five thirty. I went into Barry's office and opened his computer. I knew his passwords because the guy actually had Jane write them down in case he forgot them. I opened the top drawer on her desk and was rewarded with not only his passwords, but also sticky notes to write them on.

In short manner I was in Barry's computer and rifling through the personnel records. I got Walt's address and logged out. I also wrote on Barry's calendar an approval for a vacation day for Wednesday. I also noticed that Jane had penned herself in for vacation the following week.

As I was leaving I thought I heard someone in the office, but I didn't see anyone. I took a quick look around and left. I stopped at What A Burger on the way home. Lynne never liked me eating fast food so it would piss her off, and I could eat in my office and not be around her.

Tuesday passed by rather quickly. Barry came over that night and I found out what my surprise was. It was a metal cage designed to cause me pain if my cock got hard. It was also designed to prevent me from fapping. Needless to say if they expected me to be tortured by it they were sorely disappointed. I hadn't sported wood since the whole Barry debacle began.

Barry did mention bringing Amy in for a threesome. "Maybe we can let Jacko lick my cum out of both of you," he quipped. I wondered how he'd get her into this mess.

I did get quite a kick out of hearing Lynne going to town with her vibrator mere minutes after telling Barry what a stud he was, and how he made her cum harder than I ever thought about.

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