Fucked Out of Her Mind

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Sex Story: A randy husband takes his wife in the shower and introduces her to the pleasure of uncontrolled sex. She then takes it on to herself to be want he wants - read on

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Double Penetration   .

When she boarded the train, Lois wasn't considering any form of sexual adventure; it was just an occasion to alter the programme that for the last few months she had been following. At first it was sort of 'flick the switch' and watch the puppet perform, but after a number of days the words of her husband finally were cemented and when she eventually repeated with a giggle, what he called her 'bird song', he was satisfied. 'I'm just a fuck I want cock and I'm available to who ever wants me'.

Now sitting in the compartment, her mind was just drifting along, almost like the landscape that waffled past. Suddenly the door opened and two men, as black as night entered. There was no doubt that she was noticed for she no longer wore a bra and with her nipples now constantly erect and tits that were quite large that not only danced with her every move, but also bared a cleavage that made these men dribble with desire. They muttered to themselves and smiling opened the conversation in broken English. Their awkward attempt to engage her made her smile; she knew that if her husband was right that they wanted one thing 'a fuck'. She also knew that it was her duty, so her husband had repeatedly told her, to accommodate that wish. She got up, lifted her dress and displayed the hairiest groin that the men had come across since leaving the Dark Continent; for she wore no panties.

There was no need for a further introduction; the men accepted what was offered. Cocks were bared, hard, erect and very, very black. She smiled as they stripped her. She licked her lips as they massaged her tits and pulled her nipples. She offered slight moans of pleasure as they played and fingered her cunt but when she opened wide her legs and as that great length hovered over the forest of hair around her cunt, she couldn't imagine full penetration for it was fucking enormous. But full penetration was what this nigger wanted and as he rammed it to the utter depths of her crack, she rose with a cry of delight, a cry far more sincere than any that she had echoed since her husband redirected her sex education and introduced her to his friends. However, that cry paled in sufficiencies when those cocks were rammed up her arse. Her whole being erupted, her tits bounced and wobbled, cum and saliva poured from her mouth for as that great cock did wonders to her bum, the sucked cock exploded and as it gushed out she recalled the first time she copped a cock up the arse.

As usual she took her shower before the washing up was done, sometimes her husband would be in the bathroom, on some cosmetic work; this morning he was. She undressed and bent over to salvage her panties, never for a moment suspecting her husband had her bottom geared for his hard-on, for her husband hadn't shown any interest in her for ages, or for that matter has she shown an interest in him. For reasons that only nature could tell this morning he had a massive hard-on, something that hadn't occurred for ages and her nice round bottom was a very attractive target. All that it needed was lubrication, the liquid soap provided that, he levelled his cock with the crack of her bum and shoved.

The first thrust was met with a gasp, a surprised and bewildered expression a sort of 'what was that?' The next was met with a 'Ahhh!' and full recognization of what was happening, now she began to erupt, her tits began to bounce, but it was the next thrust that opened her arse where she really danced, like a pig on a spit or a puppet on a string, but there was no relief, the pleasure radiating up the shaft of her husband's cock meant 'no withdrawal' or not until his balls were released. She was shoved across the bath, her tits roughly grabbed and the final thrust that sent that cock all the way up her arse was rammed home. All struggling and gasps of protest were gone as she was ravished and by the time he gave the shove that sent his cum up she was totally off the planet. He let it soak for seconds. He pulled out and wiped his cum covered cock over her still vibrating backside. "You can now have your shower, your bum is covered in cum, but fucking your bum was fantastic." He left her, half in the bath and half out, not for a moment realising that her entire moral and sexual code has been shattered; she was now open for a redirection. Her shower was automatic, but from then on she wandered; naked except for her gown that flapped open and shut till she eventually returned to the bedroom.

She knew her husband ran a debating class for a mature group of seniors but she didn't know that one woman in the debating class was making herself available to all the men and that she had offered her bum to any man that was interested. She didn't know that it was this woman who had introduced her husband to the pleasures of a woman's backside. In fact she didn't know anything about the sexual activities of her husband. She also didn't know just how randy her husband was and how often this woman from the debating class was being serviced and she didn't know just how inviting her bottom had been that morning. She dropped onto the bed; her mind was a smorgasbord of chaos.

It was hours later when he returned. He didn't know what to expect but did expect some sort of reaction, maybe from her 'religious' people for she belonged to a group he believed was a cult. His wife was stretched out on the bed dressed only in her gown that was open. He was equally surprised to find her nipples hard and erect and as he kissed and pulled them she made no comment and that was the same as he played with the forest at her groin or when he fingered her. Stripping he lay beside her, till he was rock hard then lifting her legs he opened them and for seconds rubbed the head of his cock up and down the hair covered lips of her cunt and then rammed it home. Her only comment was a grunt. For minutes he ravished her till finally he stopped, anchored totally inside her. "You are supposed to be enjoying this you silly cunt, now come on fuck". He rammed his cock again till finally he snapped. "Fuck you stupid cunt – fuck". Finally she began to rise and fall and by the time he emptied his load, his wife was showing a form of enjoyment, she was at least matching his activities. As he pulled out he said. "That was not bad, but boy you can do better. It is getting on, I'll make lunch, don't dress for your education has a lot further to go my dear".

Come afternoon tea time she had sucked his cock although she did at first balk as he pushed it into her mouth, but eventually she got the message and realised that the more she sucked, the thicker and longer his prick became. Finally she took a mouthful of the essence of his balls. He showed her how to play with his balls, by tea time he had taken her in the sunroom, but as she prepared for bed, he bent her over and serviced her bum and boy this time she matched his thrust and grunts so much so that later that night he mounted again that lovely arse and this time as she licked her lips muttered amid the grunts. "I love your cock up my arse". Each morning from then, she would bend over the bath before her shower, offering her arse and groaning with pleasure as it was absolutely serviced

Within a couple of weeks she was now the woman he desired and it was now time to introduce her to his mates, especially Harry and his brother Bill who considered women good for one things only – 'sex'. It was a BBQ that he took her to. Just an event a month ago would have been a 'no', 'no' for his wife, for the conversation of these men was laced with 'fucks' and 'cunts', but his wife was so used to those phrases now and would not hesitate to use them, this BBQ was going to be her first introduction to a three man 'gangbang'. The meal was done and standing behind his wife he began to lift and wobble her tits at the same time undoing the couple of buttons that kept the blouse closed. Then lifting his wife up he said as the two brothers were beginning to become interested in those wobbling tits. 'The only think missing from these do's is a randy woman with a hairy cunt", with that he lifted his wife dress, revealing a hairy forest. "What do you think Harry", he said. "Would your cock be able to satisfy what is on offer", he then undid those buttons, pulled her blouse open and then off, letting those tits flop free and then pulled down the zip of her skirt and let it fall, now she was totally naked and boy did those two brothers accept the invitation, especially after he told her to say or sing her bird song as he pushed her towards his two friends. "I'm just a fuck, I want cock and I'm available to any body that fancies me".

He smiled as the two brothers grabbed her and in those seconds before the first cock began to ravished her, he said "She likes it up the arse as well". Well that did opened up the afternoons entertainment; it

was up the cunt, up the bum, down her throat and she bucked and groaned and gasped but she worked in rhyme with them. For the rest of the afternoon they fucked her. Took a break and then double dipped her and this time while she bucked under the thrusts, her husband grabbed her head and as those two cocks worked like well oiled piston he pushed his cock into her mouth, pulled her nipples and gave the tits a smack than roughly snapped. "Now come on you cunt, suck my fucking cock". It was well after dark when they returned home. Her only comment was "my bum is sore", but it was said not in anger, but more from fatigue, after all she had been fucked almost continuously for five hours. Her experience at the 'do' was going from then on be a regular occurrence, she was to be the entertainment, and boy could she entertain.

Now in this carriage as the niggers serviced her, she knew that her plans if she really had any, were now going to be a 'non event' for she knew that these men would not be satisfied with this one 'bang'. They would want more, and so would she. Once dressed they booked a room and there again and again they took her, she sucked till cocks exploded, she fucked till so much cum had been forced up her that it was dribbling out and her arse, boy her arse was opened so much that you could have shoved a power pole up, but no matter how much they rammed her, she always managed to gasp even if it was a gargle 'more, more cock'.

It was a week later that the phone call came just a little after lunch. Her husband was down in his workroom. He picked up the connection. "Albert Buck", he said. There was a pause and a female voice replied. "It is Val here Albert, Val Greenwave. Would your wife be home?"

"Yes! She is", Albert replied. "Hold on a minute and I will transfer you", with that he pressed the buzzer to notify his wife that she was wanted. He waited until he heard her say. "Lois here". He then hung up. He didn't listen into his wife's conversations but he knew that Val was as randy as his wife; something that had come to pass at one of the BBQ's after his wife had become enlightened to the pleasures of sex. Val was a friend of Harry's and she had joined them and turned that afternoon into a full on orgy.

"Oh! Hello Val", she said as she heard her husband replacing of the receiver. "It is good to hear from you. It must be over a month since we last got together at Harry's place", she concluded. There was a pause before Val replied. "Well that is the reason for my call. You told me about your experience on the train and your African friends, well I have met a bloke as black as night and as I have invited him around for afternoon tea I was wondering if you would like to join us".

"Oh! Oh! I'm not doing anything" Lois replied. "I'm sure Albert wouldn't object even if he knew what you were talking about and I kept that little adventure to myself", she concluded with a giggle.

She arrived at Val's a little after two and was introduced to a black giant whose name was Wally. From that moment, especially after they began to talk, she found him very interesting and as the afternoon slipped away, she found herself warming to him and when he suggested a walk in Val's garden, she willingly accepted. Wally took hold of her and for a second she gave a shudder, but didn't break away and as the minutes ticked away found his grip very pleasant. Val's garden consisted of many plants and shrubs, she also had outside furniture scattered amid the pagodas and trellises and it was onto one of these benches that Wally led her.

For seconds they sat in silence. Wally then took her into his arms. She didn't object. He cupped one of her large tits as his lips found hers. She responded opening her mouth and enjoyed the sensation of his tongue against hers. They kissed for some time, gradually he ran his hand up her leg and automatically she opened them. As his finger found her sex, her whole being gave a shudder, but when his finger began to pump her cunt, her groin worked in rhyme and purrs of contentment came from her throat. It wasn't the most comfortable position, but comfort was not what Lois was interested in at that moment. Wally pushed her back on the bench; pulled her legs apart for he had already found out she wore no panties, as he had also found that she didn't wear a bra. He gave a gasp as that forest of hair appeared, but his gasp was mild to the one she uttered when he dropped his trousers. His cock was enormous. "It's enormous; I ... I can't..."

Her comments were cut short when he began to rub its enormous head up and down her now pulsating crack. Again and again she felt its pleasure. Her groin and bottom rose to embarrass it. She was sweating when she gasped. "Put ... put it in, ram it, bury the lot" and put it in and bury it he did, with a thrust. Lois's bottom literally lifted off the bench and her gasp was a long drawn out 'Ahhhhhhh!' For seconds he pumped, than he paused and undid her blouse and began to suck on her nipples while he fucked her cunt. Oh! Boy did he fuck her cunt. In and Out that great length went, deeper and deeper till Lois was beyond caring whether anybody came or not. Her body responded to every thrust, working in rhyme to the cock so totally consuming her. She didn't care about the time; all she cared about was that beautiful cock so totally fucking her. Her responses had been moans and gasps of sheer enjoyment, but when he shot his load she bucked like a bronco and her cry of pleasure echoed around the garden.

It was well past five when they returned. Val gave them both a smile and commented that she thought they had gone. When Lois said they had been in the garden Val again smiled and whispered to Lois when Wally went to get his coat. 'Admiring the flowers or fucking?' Lois gave one response 'fucking'. They were still giggling when Wally returned. "Well what shall we do now?" he asked.

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