The Furrier

by neff trebor

Copyright© 2013 by neff trebor

Fiction Sex Story: Kelly is reluctantly drawn into an affair she is too reluctant to share with the rest of the community. Things happen. Things take a turn. Is she willing or was she trapped?

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Size   .

By all aspects to most people Kelly Marie Munson was an enormous success. She had inherited the fur shop from her parents as a young woman. She had sold enormously expensive fur coats to every celebrity anybody had ever heard of. She was one of the town leaders in fundraising for many of the charity events in town and the surrounding areas. She knew so many celebrities that she was constantly including them on the guest lists of high profile events for fund raising.

Kelly had returned home after a successful four years at the state university that was nearby. Her parents were killed in an auto accident on an icy road one winter. She had been helping at the store during the summer months of high school and weekends. During her college years, she also returned to help. The high mountains of Colorado were excellent training grounds for her long distance training.

The only thing that she had not been successful at was love. She had been burnt once in high-school and was fairly reluctant to get involved after that.

Kelly was forty two, now and had pretty much given up hope that she would ever get married or have children. Still, there was a twinge of longing to have the one thing she had never accomplished; having a daughter to leave everything to.

Kelly's routine was pretty mundane. She would get up early enough to eat something, run the hills and back roads from 5:00 until about 7:00 during the summer. In the winter she swam the same amount of time in the community center.

Today was going to be warm by Aspen standards. She had finished her run and had stopped in Godiva's; the local candy manufacturer and coffee shop. She had been reading the local newspaper and was getting ready to go when a customer caught her eye.

She had some sense of who he was, but since she was not a close follower of the Colorado NFL team, she didn't know that much about him.

Joe Don Kelly was near the end of his ride. He had played on many super bowl winning teams and was a hot commodity, but the end was in sight. He could always be counted on for some good games, but his age was against him. He would be forty soon, and that is way past the prime for a tight end.

Kelly Marie looked up from her newspaper to see Joe Don order a cup of coffee. He was hard to miss. His 6'-4" and 240 lb. frame turned heads no matter where he went. His close shaven hair was thin on the sides, but was capped by the kinky, curly wide Mohawk that ran down the center of his head.

He did not seem to have the markings of an athlete or rock star. Most of them were covered from head to foot with tattoos. Kelly Marie couldn't stand that.

She was ready to leave, but decided to do the crossword puzzle out of curiosity over this new customer. It was like driving by a car wreck, or flipping the remote and coming across the UFC channel. It was on the one hand disgusting, but still curiously compelling to at least watch briefly.

He never seemed to even notice her, which was a little discomforting for Kelly Marie. With all her reluctance to date, she was at least hit on almost everywhere she went.

Her long reddish brown hair had been meticulously braided into a French braid that hung almost to her waist. Her black Lycra Speedo running outfit fit like a powder coated, electrostatically applied matt finish. It fit like a glove. She was not trying to appear provocative, but the thin fabric covered, cooled and kept her body temperature at the optimum running temperature. In cool weather it kept her warm. In warm weather it kept her cool.

Kelly watched him as he tried to drink his coffee and read the paper. He was dressed in running shoes, black spandex football pants, and a New England Patriots football jersey with his name across the back.

She watched how many of the younger girls stopped to try to talk to him. She watched how the men asked for autographs "for their children." He was gracious and smiled and chatted briefly with all of them. It was an ironic situation. He didn't like the distraction; but couldn't live without it.

When he left, he passed Kelly. "I'm done with the paper. Would you like to read it?" Kelly tried to shove the rest of the paper she had under the FYI section that had her crossword puzzle.

"Yes thank you." she said in a cool aloof manner. She was pleased to be recognized, but wanted to appear aloof. She didn't want to appear to be an easy pick up. She wasn't about to fawn over this celebrity football player. She didn't really know who he was, but could see easily that he must be somebody to get the attention he was getting.

The ritual continued for a number of days, with her getting his newspaper as he was leaving. Finally, one day he came in a little earlier and was in line in front of her. He smiled and greeted her. "Can I buy you a cup of coffee and share my paper with you he asked."

Kelly panicked. She didn't know what to do. She secretly would have liked to talk to him, but didn't think it was appropriate. She looked around and didn't see anybody she knew. "Sure," she said hesititatingly.

"My name is Joe Don Kelly." He said as he pulled a chair out for her. "My name is Kelly Marie Munson." They both laughed at the similarity in their names.

Kelly said she worked in a clothing store. Joe Don said he works during the winter in Denver and travels a lot. They chatted much longer than Kelly could afford. She had to open the store soon and had to go home to shower and change. She thanked him for the coffee but said she had to go. She offered to pay for his the next day.

"Why don't we just go out for dinner tonight?" he asked.

"I've got other plans." She replied. "Can't we just meet for coffee after I'm done running?"

"I'll take what I can get." He replied with a smile.

Kelly didn't have plans, but she was reluctant to be seen socially with a big black man. She wasn't sure what that would do to her business and her image in town.

During their coffee conversations, Kelly learned that Joe Don had purchased a large acreage in nearby Ruby, Colorado. It had been a ghost town for most of the time she could ever remember. It was a remote location only accessible by four-wheel jeeps over a rough road. Joe Don liked the privacy.

If you come to my house, I'll cook you dinner he said one day. Kelly was a little more open to meeting him in a remote location where her community members might not recognize her. He gave her GPS coordinates and address. "Call me when you get to the gate. It is two more miles to the house. I will meet you there. You cannot get there with your car."

Kelly drove her 4WD Toyota pickup to the point on the map where he instructed her to call. "I'm close," she said. Joe Don was waiting at the gate.

He was driving an old military hummer. It was much smaller than the ones that have been sold in the last few years. It was still painted with camouflage and a star on the hood and sides had been removed; leaving the green there much newer.

Joe Don helped toss her up several feet to the passenger seat. It was awkward because she had a fairly short button-front thin summer dress, high-heeled boots that were zippered to the tops which stopped just below her knees. Her pearl necklace was wrapped twice around her neck and hung almost to her waist. Her long French braid was something for her nervous hands to hang onto for security. She struggled to keep her dress down as they bumped over small boulders and pot holes.

When they got there, Kelly was not ready for what she saw. His house was almost on the side of a cliff. At the base of an almost 150 foot vertical black granite vertical face, an abandoned gold mine entrance was used for his garage The tailings from the cave cascaded several hundred feet into the river below. Joe Don had not figured out how to put a door on his "garage" yet. For the moment, it was a potential danger because nobody knew how far into the mountain it went or whether there were any cave-ins to block it.

There was a hewn stairway going to the top. The treads were about two feet deep. The risers were about 18" high. It was an almost impossible walk for anybody but the fittest. "How am I going to get up there in this?" Kelly half screamed in mock horror.

Joe Don picked up the dainty woman in his arms. Kelly was in a dilemma. She couldn't protest too much. She wasn't outraged. She wasn't too indignant. She didn't kick. About all she could do was put one arm around his neck for additional support and put the other hand to use keeping the already fairly short dress together and down as far as possible.

Joe Don started up the side of the cliff easily, talking to her about his project as he went. The switchbacks seemed endless on the climb up.

About half way up, he paused. He leaned back against the granite wall at one of the landings on a switchback. "I think I may need a little rest." He said. Kelly felt his heart pounding as she laid her head against him. "On the other hand, I could get more energy back sooner if I had a kiss."

Kelly was intrigued with the situation. Hesitant to initiate or openly engage in what she knew was probably inevitable. "What did you think was ultimately going to happen when a popular big black athlete invites you to his house for diner in an isolated, remote place like this?" she asked herself.

Kelly looked him in the eye and turned her head up to meet his. She closed her eyes and turned her face slightly to miss his nose. She was safe as long as she was in his arms. He did not have a free hand to do anything else. He did not insist on inserting his tongue. She had softened her lips to accept him if he did. For the moment it was exciting; the first kiss.

It was more like trying to break into the school house on a Saturday night; exciting to do something you shouldn't be doing. Their heads moved slowly from side to side; brushing the wetness of their lips against each other.

She tapped him firmly on the chest. "Okay, buddy, I think you have your breath back. Let's go!" she said as she leaned her head back against him.

It wasn't a big accomplishment; getting a kiss. It was a huge accomplishment in the sense that it was a sign of things to come. She had not rejected him. The steps were not that big any more as Joe Don made small conversation with her on the way up and pausing at each switchback landing for more "energy."

He told her about the house. He had hired a local contractor to dynamite a lot of the stone at the top of the mountain to use for building stone. When they got close to the top, he let Kelly down to see the house.

Standing at the lowest level, Kelly could see that Joe Don had carved a large "hole" in the side of the cliff. Three sides of the basement were within the cliff. The outside face was a continuous Pilkington Glass window wall the entire side of the completed building. The plan was essentially a "U" shape. It was longer along the cliff than it was deep.

The bottom floor was stepped in an amphitheater style, with several drops from the back at the back of the cliff to the lowest portion that was almost at the edge of the cliff. The lowest part had further been carved to work as a pool or hot-tub. It had a raised lip about 16" above the surrounding floor and was about three feet away from the glass wall so that the occupants could sit in the water and enjoy the view. It also had several planks around the edges that could be rearranged to produce a top so it would also function as a stage to others sitting on the tiered levels.

The center of the house, farthest from the glass wall had a switch-back stair that went all the way to the top. The main level at grade had the stairs at the back, the kitchen in front of that, and the living and dining areas at each end. The three areas had a common opening that went all the way from the basement to the roof, with a big dormer at the eve. From any level, you could see from the top to the bottom.

Each story had at least 12'-0" of head room. The bottom floor was a hewn granite finish. The others were concrete slabs supported by concrete columns and finished with a thin layer of limestone pavers over an electrical warming system.

The top floor was Joe Don's bedroom. It had a massive walk-in fireplace at each end, and a view out to the mountains thru the gable window. He could also see all the way down to the basement pool. The wall separating the bedroom from the clearstory was a short half-wall.

When they got to the top, Joe Don had taken the dynamited pilings and formed a two story house on the top of the basement, with the Pilkinton Glass system continuing to the eve of the roof. The roof was slate with a number of stone chimneys at each end of the 12/12 sloped roof.

The long axis of the house was parallel with the edge of the cliff. The main fireplaces were on the ends. A large glassed dormer was centered on the roof above the stairwell and bedroom.

From the edge of the "cliff," a manicured strip of fragrant Low Grow Sumac, which was about eight feet wide, bordered the grass and steep drop. It was a gentle reminder not to get too close to the edge. The manicured grass went back another few hundred feet to the edge of a national forest filled with aspen. Nobody could build behind him and he was totally isolated from everybody.

Joe Don's kitchen had a "walk-in" fireplace for his stove. The hearth was up about two feet from the limestone surfaced concrete floor. The fireplace was easily six feet high and had a huge swing arm that could swivel in and out of the fireplace and hold a kettle large enough to make chili for about twenty-five people. One side had a grill about sixteen inches above the fireplace base. He could put charcoal or fairly big logs under it to barbecue steaks or chicken wings.

Joe Don filled the time while he prepared some Tri-Tip for barbecuing with conversation complaining about all the roadblocks he had encountered with building the house. This back of the room was the kitchen. The back wall was separated from a granite island by about four feet. Beyond that, there was a large slab of oak that had been hewn out of a four foot wide oak for the dining room table. It would seat about twenty five. Beyond that was the living room that faced the Pilkington Glass window wall and exposed the fascinating snow covered mountains with little black dots littering the ski slopes of aspen many miles away.

Joe Don set the table around on corner of the massive oak slab. Kelly ate while he talked and she marveled at the scenery beyond. Kelly was in the middle of a dilemma now.

She had grown up resisting the advances of most of the men she had been meeting. Some were rich. None of them seemed very athletic. To get rich, they had spent most of their time inside trading stocks. Many of them were probably married. Most of the men she met were buying furs for their wives or girlfriends.

This was an athletic man with an exciting background, but he was black. This was against everything she had grown up understanding. Alone, it was easy to get swept up in the intrigue; the excitement of his physique, his background and the danger, the fear of being around a black man; the white persons symbol of everything evil.

When the supper was over, Kelly offered to help Joe Don with the dishes. "I have a very efficient dishwashing system her that you don't have at home "he said. Joe Don stacked the dishes in Kelly's hands and guided her to a side door. He opened it and followed her out. He set the dishes on the ground; took one plate in his hand and put one in hers. Next he sailed his like a Frisbee out into the setting sun. Kelly leaned back and sailed hers as far as she could. When they were done with the dishes, they both collapsed, laughing and crying into the plush fine leaf fescue. Joe Don had planted a grass that never needed to be mowed. It worked nice under a blanket.

Joe Don stood and held out his hand. He pulled Kelly up and told her it was time to see the rest of the house. They had come in on the lowest level, so she had already seen the Media room, which was the lowest level, the Trophy room, which was the next one up, and the first floor area. The level above the main floor was the guest room. The top floor was Joe's. It had a magnificent view to the basement and to the hundreds of endless snow capped miles of mountains in the distance.

Kelly was a little surprised at the bedroom layout. In the center was a modest seating area; like another living room. On the right was the large chinchilla bedspread over the king sized bed. On the far left, was something she had not been accustomed to seeing. The bathroom had a door into it. Inside the bathroom was a toilet on one wall and a double vanity opposite it. From the door into the bathroom there was a double set of stairs to the level above. On the level above the toilet, was a claw-foot tub. The tub had the controls and water spigot coming out of the center of the wall and into the center of the tub. Above the tub was a drench shower head. Two people could sit in the tub without either having to have their back on the controls.

From the main part of the bedroom, the shower/tub was open to view. Kelly was shocked and intrigued with the concept. She stood at the foot of the stairs to the tub and didn't know whether to be shocked or enchanted with it.

Suddenly she felt Joe Don bring his arms around her. He reached around her, Raised her chin and kissed her. She arched her head up to meet his, shivering in uncertainty. Joe Don moved his arms to encircle her breasts with each hand cupping the opposite breast.

Kelly brought her hands up to cover his; unsure whether to resist or assist. His massive hands covered her melon sized breasts. Slowly Joe Don began to roll his thumb and forefinger, massaging each nipple. Kelly groaned, not revealing whether she was willing or not.

Finding no overt resistance, Joe Don began fumbling with her buttons. "I'll show you how the shower works." He whispered into her ear."

"I bet you will." She laughed, not knowing yet how she wanted to respond.

"The best part of the shower or bath is the view. You are going to have to at least check the scenery from there." He said as he lifted her hem up to his hands and started at the bottom.

Kelly watched their reflection in silent fascination in the Pilkington Glass window wall. She watched this massive black man slowly peel the cover off of this dainty little woman. Finally, Kelly stood there with her dress puddle around her feet and watched as the dark figure in the glass stepped back to find the clasp on her bra. She self consciously cupped her hands over her breasts as the clasp came free.

Joe Don cupped his hands over hers and kneaded her nipples with both of their fingers. Kelly's head went back as he pulled the thin, transparent, stretch nylon garment from her. Standing behind her, she still had some protection in the sense that he was above and behind her and could not see her completely.

Joe Don could see that her modest breasts were about as big as anybody could have and still not sag. For a woman her age, that was a rare sight. Joe Don was intrigued at the length of her long pink nipples as he massaged them.

Kelly was aware now that one of his hands was moving down to her waist. She felt him move so that he now had both hands at her sides; and his fingers between her hips and the thin, transparent fabric of her panties. She put her hands over his, not revealing again whether she was assisting or resisting him as they both moved to slide the thin garment down off her hips.

When she was down to her pearl necklace and high heeled boots, Joe Don picked her up and carried her up the stairs to the claw-foot tub. He set her on the edge with her feet outside of the tub. He bent down to unzip the sides of the boots and tossed them over the side onto the heap of clothing below.

Joe Don let go of her long enough to turn on the water to the drench shower head. Kelly kept her hands crossed in front of her, but was staring straight at Joe Don, trying to read his mind. He set the water to medium warm as it cascaded down over her. He had just enough water on her to get her wet without drenching the floor around them.

Joe Don took a face cloth, wet it and applied soap to it. He began massaging her; not literally to clean her, but to establish foreplay to broadcast his intentions. Reluctantly, Kelly was forced to reach out with her hands for support on his shoulders to keep from falling.

He rinsed the sides of her face; started down her back and then began kissing her. Kelly turned her head up to meet his. She was trembling from uncertainty; not sure if she should be willing or reluctant.

Joe On turned her again, pulling her back against his front and washing her front. He soaped her nipples and then washed them. He was no longer using the face cloth any more. While he had one hand rolling her nipples, she felt the other snaking down past her belly. She felt his hands confidently enter her now; first one finger; then another.

With the foreplay well underway, Joe Don turned off the water, wrapped a towel around her and carried her back down the stairs to the main level of his bedroom. The towel was not for modesty. It was to get a better grip on the magnificent wet creature in his arms.

When they got to the bed, Joe Don sat her upright on the bed. With her looking up at him he started to unbutton his shirt. Kelly watched in curiosity and fascination as he unbuttoned his shirt.

His clothes were completely soaked from his activity with Kelly in the shower. She was intrigued at how muscular he was. His muscled glistened like the granite house around her.

Kelly allowed him to guide her hands to his belt buckle. She knew the drill. She unsnapped the brass clasp behind the belt and pulled the tab of his zipper down, tentatively, not sure what to expect.

He put his hands on her shoulder as she pulled his jeans down past his knees. He turned to sit as she struggled to get the garment over his lizard skinned western boots. They both laughed in nervous relief as she had to pull his boots off first.

Once his boots and Levis were off, Kelly figured she was done. "I've shown my willingness far enough." She told herself. "I'm not touching that thing." She thought to herself.

Joe Don was on his back and guided Kelly's hands to the side of his waist. Again, she allowed him to guide her hands to help remove his briefs. It wasn't that he couldn't do it; he wanted some overt sign from her that she was willing. He wasn't going to have some "limp-rag" virgin who was just going to lay there and cry afterwards.

Joe Don lifted his hips as she slid the garment and slid it off of him. She tried to conceal a gasp as the fabric cleared his massive phallus. It was bigger in girth than her forearm and just about as long. It was not fully erect. "This is going to fucking kill me." Her mind screamed.

Joe Don lay there on his back, with Kelly sitting almost on her knees; left side to left side. He used his right hand to grasp her left. As they talked about the view outside, he guided her hand to encircle the base of him. Kelly tried to listen to the conversation; hoping it might mask what they were actually doing.

Kelly was sitting on her butt with her legs bent up under her to her right. She felt Joe Don reach out with his left hand to pull her right leg up so her ankle was on the bed and her knee up in the air. She tried to pretend she did not notice his left hand as it snaked towards her opening.

She put her right hand over his as she felt the first finger enter. She must have thought that if she couldn't see what he was doing, it wasn't happening. Then she felt the second one enter; then the third.

"How in the fuck can I continue this conversation with all that in me." She gasped to herself. Now she could feel Joe Don's right hand over her left, coaxing her fingers.

Somewhat reluctantly, she ran the back of her fingers up the length of the bottom of his shaft. She shivered as she watched her hands slide nervously up the soft membrane of the underside. She shuddered at how the creature jumped and waved at every contact she made with it.

Kelly seemed lost and unaware of where she was or what she was doing; almost as though she was watching herself in a dream. She took her thumb and rubbed it across the opening at the tip as the rest of her fingers cradled the top of his crown.

Normally, in the few times she had allowed herself to have sex, she was content to lay back with her eyes closed and let him "do his thing." She was not accustomed to being a willing participant. This was a little different. This was going to be a "one night stand;" a "one-time-thing." She told herself.

In the morning she would be gone and never see him again. Nobody would know.

Kelly sat next to him, her right hand covering his left; her left massaging his unbelievable black phallus; and trying to admire the view while making small talk that she could not remember.

When he finally rolled over; putting Kelly on the bottom, she was on familiar ground. She could shut her mind and let him take over. It would be over and she could go home.

Joe Don got on his knees between her legs. She made eye contact with him when he took one of her legs in each hand and stretched them back over her shoulders against her elbows. She knew what was coming; she just had never been handled like that before.

"He's going to fucking split me like cordwood with an ax." She thought as she struggled to control her trembling. Joe Don set the tip at the entrance and rubbed it up; down; and around; moistening the opening and teasing her with it.

Joe Don took her right hand and guided it around the tip. He repositioned his hands to hold her legs up and apart. She didn't need to be told. She was looking at him as she guided it into her; searching his eyes for signs of tenderness or passion. She didn't know how to read him; but didn't know how to read herself as well. She still didn't know why she was doing this; or wouldn't accept why.

When Joe Don started forward, it was slow. Like a 144-car coal train starting to leave, you could hear each coupling knock as the train tensioned itself as the engine started to move.

Kelly felt him enter and the endless procession from crown to mid shaft seemed to take forever before she thought he had hit bottom. Kelly groaned and turned her head to the side as she grabbed his hands for emotional support.

"Oh, fucking God." Her mind screamed when she didn't think she could take any more. Joe Don could feel her shudder as it went in. It was hard to tell whether she was in real physical pain, or the emotional anguish of a child when it sees the doctor with a needle.

Kelly's head turned slowly from side to side as she let a soft mewing escape from her nose. It was a slow, brutal encounter. Kelly had never experienced anything like this before. Pasty white stockbrokers and lawyers were not the same.

Kelly felt a wave of Goosebumps washing up her toes and blasting out her ears as her body shuddered and a strange voice within her erupted. This could not be her who was moaning and groaning could it?

In fact, the moaning and shuddering belonged to both of them as Joe Don dropped to his elbows and spread his knees for more support. She could feel the hot eruption within her like an unattended fire hose that was out of control.

When they were done they snuggled wrapped around each other. Kelly was now willingly snuggling up on the chest of the man below her with her free hand wrapped around the unbelievable monster that had just been in her.

Kelly got up, went up to the claw foot tub, retrieved the washcloth and brought it down. She sat beside him and began to wipe him off. When she was done, they rolled over and traded places. Joe Don sponged her down until she smelled like a bottle of perfume.

From there, she felt him lower his face and nestle it between her legs. She soon felt the darting tip of his tongue exploring her bare cleft. His tongue seemed to have a mind of its own. It squirmed, pushed and prodded as though it didn't know quite where to go; when in fact, it knew exactly what to do.

Finally Kelly was holding her knees up against her chest as this second phallus out of his mouth entered her. "How can this fucking happen twice?" she screamed to herself as she felt the waves washing over her again. She was embarrassed to hear herself acknowledge her climax to the man between her legs. She could not help her mewing and moaning at his soft, wet flickering tongue.

In the morning, she awoke to the smell of fresh bacon eggs and coffee. He brought it in on a try and sat at the side of the bed while she ate. They made small talk as she showered and dressed. Kelly hated to leave, but had to open her store in an hour or so.

"When can I see you again?" he asked as he kissed her when he dropped her off at her car.

"I'll let you know. I'm pretty busy." She said as she returned his kiss.

They continued to meet for coffee in the morning. Kelly was willing to go back to his house, but reluctant to be seeing in public with him in her own community.

"Joe Don, I like you but am not comfortable being seen with you socially. This is a very conservative community and I depend on my business to survive. I'm not sure what they would think of me if we are seen together." She finally told him.

"Okay, so that's how it is." Joe Don said to himself. He was still interested in her, but there were also still plenty of women fawning after him. He would survive.

Finally, several weeks later, Kelly came into the coffee shop and sat down with him.

"Joe Don, I am the head of a fundraising committed for the local hospital. They are trying to raise money for some improvements. They want to have a Celebrity Auction. Would you be willing to go on a date with the highest bidder?" Kelly asked with all the sugar and saccharin she could muster.

Joe was silent for a while. "What is expected of me? Do I just take her to dinner; dancing? Do I fuck her?"

"We are trying to raise all the money we can. You can do whatever she asks if you want. I just don't want to know about it. She may be a very prominent woman in the community. I would ask that you keep things private as well." She said. It was a subject she did not want to discuss.

"How much do you think they will bid?"

"Last year the highest bid was about $1,000.00" Kelly replied, somewhat impressed with the number.

"I'll do it on one condition. That is that you do it as well. If you do, you are going to have to agree to do whatever is asked."

"I'm not going to go do anything anybody wants for $1,000.00" Kelly replied, indignantly.

"I'll make the same deal you will." Joe Don said with a smirk.

"It's different with men. You would fuck anybody for free."

"The deal stands. I will do whatever you agree to do." Joe said.

"The auction is next Friday. Please wear a tuxedo" Kelly said, not sure she had sealed the deal or not.

"I'll wear a tuxedo if you wear what I send you." He answered with a smirk.

The next Friday, Kelly answered her door. It was a delivery driver from "Guinevere's" the more upscale version of "Victoria's Secret" in Aspen. Kelly opened the package. It was a large cloth Suit Dress Coat Garment Storage Bag. Kelly hung the hook of the hanger on the edge of the door and unzipped it. Inside was a beautiful silk, button front dress and a bolero jacket with the finest lace she had ever seen. Taped to the hanger was a note:

"I will bring a number of my teammates to the auction. If you are serious about raising the most money for the hospital, wear this dress. You are to wear nothing else under it. Wear the boots and pearls you wore to my place.

If I don't win, you handle the date any way you want. If I win, you have to do anything and everything I want."

Kelly's hands shook. What the hell did this mean? She was terrified and intrigued at the same time. When it was almost time for the auction, she went nervously to the hanger and looked at it. She was filled with fear and anticipation.

She took off her clothes. She sat down and put on her boots; a strange thing for her. She did not ever sit around the house naked. She went to the mirror; combed out her hair; lay down on the bed and carefully tucked her hair into the long French braid that looked so good on her.

When she took the dress off the hangar, she realized with horror that it did not cover all of her. The button front dress barely came to her thumbs; leaving her bare from mid thigh to the tops of her boots. Most outrageous of all was her top. The arms were sleeveless. The back came close to the top of her neck. The front scooped down to below her nipples. She would be exposed! Kelly looked at herself in the mirror. She was horrified at what she saw. Although she could not deny that she looked beautiful in the dress, it was beyond comprehension that she could dress like that for any man; let alone appear in public.

Kelly went over to the hanger. There was still one garment left. The bolero jacket was a beautiful tribute to the workmanship of the women of Lido di Venezia, in Burano. The only place Kelly had ever seen lace of this quality was made in the pastel adobe houses of Burano. A bolero vest like this must have taken several women months to complete.

The only thing closest to it was a garment of Chantilly Lace that had come out of Vienna after the war. It just wasn't made like that anymore. This bolero may have been made 150 years ago. Kelly was astounded at what this must have cost Joe Don. She had no idea that he knew about such things.

Kelly put it on. It had no buttons, but the fine backing along the neck and lapels kept it from gaping open. Heaven help her if she had to bend over or turn sideways. Kelly picked up her small clutch purse; her wire rimmed glasses and nervously walked out to her car.

The valet got an eyeful when she pulled up to the curb at the entrance to the auction. He was very discrete, but he had seen. There was no dignified way to get out of her 1955 Chevrolet she used for special occasions. She had specifically asked Joe Don not to accompany her or sit with her. She knew she probably hurt his feelings, but she had been in anguish over the matter and didn't know any diplomatic way to resolve it.

When she got in, the rest of the people were seated. "Good evening ladies and gentlemen." The master of ceremonies began.

"Thank you so much all of you for coming. Tonight is a special night. We are trying to get a Neutron Microscope put into the Community Hospital. You have all seen the proposal and what the projected costs will come to. We have already raised about 75% of it, but desperately need whatever help you can give us."

Kelly looked around the room and tried to sit at the back and at the end of a row to be the least conspicuous. She was unable to overlook a group of men near the front of the room. They were all a head and a half taller than the others; all black; all young.

"The auction is tonight. You are bidding on a number of the celebrities here in town. Should you be the successful bidder, you need to get together with whoever you have won your dream date with and agree on some type of activity and where you intend to have it. We think that you should allow a couple of weeks to be able to arrive at a time that is beneficial to each of you.

We already have arranged to have wonderful evenings of dinner, dancing or other activities that are available free to any couple who is a part of this. There are several celebrities who will be in town for some different plays at the dinner theater and improve theatre. If nothing else, you may just want to donate your time to help at the hospital or some other activity in town."

Also, if there happen to be tying bids, the celebrity may go on a date with whoever else wants a separate date at the bid-winning price."

With that, they announced the first celebrity up for auction; the mayor. He was a fiftyish bald, short man with a nice suit. There was a lot of applause at the beginning. A number of the older women gleefully battled each other before the bidding stopped at a couple of hundred dollars.

Next came one of the more popular teachers; followed by the band instructor. All of them brought several hundred dollars each.

Finally the bidding got tense. The announcer announced Joe Don Kelly. "And now all you beautiful young women; here is the chance you've been waiting for. Joe Don Kelly has graciously come in from Denver to help us out." Joe Don stood and raised his arms. Many of the younger women cheered and screamed.

"We'll start the bidding at $100.00" the auctioneer said. He no sooner raised his hand when some woman screamed: "I bid $200.00." The bidding went pretty quick. Janette Matthews, one of the new single doctors at the hospital finally got it to $1,000.00. Before she had a chance to think about what she was doing, Kelly raised her hand and yelled out: "$2,000.00." She brought her hand back to her mouth when she realized what she had done. It pretty much stopped at that. Dr. Matthews glared at Kelly; caught herself and smiled graciously.

Joe Don raised his hands as the crowd cheered. He had surpassed last years' top bid. His teammates laughed giggled, slapped high fives and cheered. Several other locals were auctioned off but nothing eventful came up.

Finally, Joe Don stood part way up; cupped his hands around his mouth and said something unintelligible to the auctioneer that Kelly could not hear.

"I'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but there seems to be a late and unannounced entry to the auction. By popular demand, the name of Kelly Marie Munson, the head of the committee has been submitted. This is a little unusual but we will see what happens.

Miss Munson has been a tireless worker for the building committee and is one of the bigger contributors as well. She has never been a part of this auction, but it seems there seems to be a lot of support for her this time."

What am I bidding, good folks he cried. Who will start the bidding for me as he pointed to the bashful woman in the back of the room?

"Stand up Miss Munson so we can see what we are bidding on." he cried as he pointed to the embarrassed woman in the silk dress.

Kelly stood, embarrassed at being singled out.

"A thousand dollars." She heard from the front of the room.

"A thousand dollars, now; do I hear two?"

"Two thousand dollars, now, can I get three?"

A number of hands went up. Without waiting for the auctioneer, the bid went higher; four thousand, eight thousand; twenty thousand. "Twenty thousand once, do I hear more?" the auctioneer whispered as he pointed to Kelly.

Kelly was stunned. "Get her up here. We want a look at her" she heard somebody say.

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