The Smell of the Cards

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A man introduced to gambling at an early age is so confident in his ability at card playing that he suffers a great loss and is saved by his aunt who uses her body to pay off his debt but then continues to achieve her own secret desires.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Aunt   Nephew   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Double Penetration   .

How Burt got into gambling could be contributed to a number of factors. His father and grandfather were ex-soldiers and had played two up while overseas and on return were frequent race goers and contributors to the bookies takings, sometimes coming home with a sizeable win, but more frequently coming home minus their shirts. Burt got the thrill of the chase as one might say from his male relatives and at school put bets on any items, whether it was what team would win the interschool football or cricket match to who would be the first among the senior boys to fuck the new girl who just joined the senior ranks. Gambling was in his blood so by the time he left school he had reached a point of it being an obsession and barely a spare moment was not taken up with a betting form of some kind in front of him

Cards had only been played as a part-time entertainment but eventually he was introduced to playing for money and not for matchsticks or buttons and the smell of money and what a good hand could produce slowly weaned him off the horses and into the cigarette smoke of the back room card table. Beginners luck some would say as he found that he had the ability to win and many a night was ended with a grin and a comment to his opponents 'better luck next time'. He was not to know that his wins were deliberately arranged so he would gain more confidence and therefore bet higher; he was a new fellow to the dark side of gambling where fair play was not on the agenda. It was seen that he had money and therefore every trick was undertaken to relieve him of it, but so that he would be encouraged to increase his bet, he had to win and win enough to be convinced that he was good at cards and a winner.

Burt was living with his aunt, having left home to commence employment in the big smoke. She had offered him accommodation and although she knew he played cards with what he said 'were a few friends' she had no idea where and who those friends were or did she know that he was betting large amounts. When her sister had told her that Burt was coming to the city and would she consider taking him as a border or if not could she arrange accommodation for him, she didn't hesitate in embracing her nephew. It had been ages since she had last met Burt, then he was the untidy school kid with the cheeky smile, but he was now a rather handsome man and as he embraced her she felt a tingling of desire when he gave her ample tit a decent feel for it had been ages since a man had given her a taste of any intimacy. It wasn't because she was unattractive, in fact she had always managed her appearance, it was lack of opportunity and of course having the time to 'go on the hunt', but now a man was with her and although a nephew it didn't interfere with that tingling that she experienced when they embraced.

She stood six feet in height, had long dark hair that fell onto her shoulders and a body that was in good proportion, her tits although large were not sagging melons and the forest between her legs was thick but a attractive triangle of dark brown hair. Her bottom was unblemished and moulded to perfection, in fact she, standing nude in front of her full length mirror, considered herself rather attractive and smiled to herself as she felt her nipples now hard and erect; something that had happened the moment her nephew had given her a feel up.

In fact she was not the only one whose thoughts matched her own. Bert was no virgin. Out of all the senior girls in his school he had mounted at least a dozen even taking odds on with the other seniors that he would be the first to fuck the new girl. He won, not a great amount but enough to buy all the seniors in his class a full carton of beer while he gave a detail account of how he seduced the new girl and how she reacted when he shoved his cock up her hairy cunt. "She bucked", he said with a can of beer in his hand. "Boy she bucked, but fuck it was nice. I reckon I would have been near the first to fuck her cunt; she was tight but when I emptied my load, her arse lifted off the carpet in the science room, her tits bounced and her cry of release echoed off the walls", he concluded to the cheer of his class mates.

Burt now had an idea of the size of his aunt's tits but what was the rest of her like, it was a question that plagued him and as the days passed he wondered how that question could be answered. Generally he arrived home from work, had a quick meal and then departed to his 'card game', however, this afternoon he arrived home early. There had been a major power failure at his place of work and although the company had a generator, it wasn't powerful enough to take over from the major electric grid and as he worked a machine, he like the other machinists was told to take the afternoon off, without loss of pay. To go to his room he passed the bathroom, the door was ajar and his aunt was humming a tune, that wasn't what stopped him in his tracks it was because she was sitting on the edge of the bath, totally naked. She was bent forward, clipping her nails, her tits fully on display; two gorgeous mounds of flesh with nipples jutting out. The position of her operation gave a full radar screen to that triangle of hair between her legs. Immediately his felt his cock bounce against the restrain of his jocks and trousers. Here was the answer to his question, his aunt was very desirable and he wanted her, fuck he wanted her.

He had no idea how long this apparition would last; he stripped, making no noise, not even when he took his boots off. Now nude with a throbbing hard-on that extended out like a lance, he gave a mutter, pushed open the bathroom door and in seconds was standing before his surprised aunt. His throbbing cock inches from her face. "Suck ... suck it aunty", he stammered as he pushed the head against her lips, gripped her head and as her lips opened pulled her forward and gave off a gasp of delight as his cock slowly disappeared into her now accommodating mouth. He had been sucked before, but not like this. Every muscle of her mouth was working over every vein of his cock. Her tongue was slipping and sliding over the entire shaft; he shuddered with every vibration that radiated up his shaft and to add pleasure, if more pleasure was possible; she took hold of his balls and began to massage them, gently at first but then increasing the pressure till they began to swell but any pain was totally ignored for her mouth made sure of that. He didn't even feel her tits, or play with her nipples; all he did was hold her head, working it back and forth as she gobbled away. Only when he knew his balls were about to explode did he thrust himself forward, pulling her head into his groin till not a fraction of cock was outside her mouth and as his cock gushed cum after cum, flooding her mouth till it seeped from the corners, he gave a cry of absolute pleasure.

He held her till every drop had been drained, only then did he release her. She pulled back, a torrid of saliva and cum poured from her mouth. For seconds she just let it flow out before picking up the washer to wipe her mouth. Burt stood, now fully aware of what his passion and want had achieved. He expected a verbal onslaught and maybe a solid slap across the face with a demand that he pack up and leave and he shuddered to what his mother would be told. However, to his relief and surprise, none of his thoughts eventuated, in fact the opposite. His aunt smiled and said. "You have had your cock sucked, next time I want it to fuck". She stood up and smiled at the item that she had almost devoured now limp and covered in cum and saliva. "Have a shower", she said. "Then you can tell me why you are home so early". Just as she reached the door said. "Don't dress, I won't be. I have another idea how this afternoon can be filled".

How one could describe the utopia that his aunt took him through were just flashing thoughts that managed to surface as his cock thrust and plunged into that well haired cunt or pushed between those lily white cheeks of that perfectly moulded bum. She let him mount her, wrapping her legs hard around him, almost scratching his bum as he pumped sending every inch of his cock to the deepest valleys of her cunt, or she mounted him rocking up and down, almost revealing his hard cock as she rose and then plunging down totally devouring it. She would lean forward, as she rocked allowing her tits to sweep against his face or dangling her nipples over his mouth, demanding that he suck them. A demand that he eagerly accommodated, organism was reached again and again till only pure exhaustion stopped them and they just collapsed, still totally joined.

It was well after seven when Burt, still walking on clover, bid his aunt goodnight as he headed off to his card game. Maybe it was because of the afternoons activities that clouded his judgement or maybe it was this night that the card sharks decided that his 'winning' streak must come to an end. The first couple of hands were his, a take of five hundred dollars. A short break and drink and then a challenge, 'how about we go for a decent hand Burt' and with that a cost that would take all his earnings was put forth. He had been playing with these three men for now over a month and always he had 'won', sometimes a very substantial amount, other times well a 'weeks wages at least'. There was no reason why that should change. He willing agreed and threw in the full amount of his earnings. The cards were shuffled.

His shirt was wet with sweat; time and again he wiped his brow. The game was hard; it required every bit of concentration. The time slipped by and when the final card was thrown he stared in total disbelief he had lost, not only the money he had originally won but all the available cash that he was carrying and on top of that he was now in debt of well over a thousand dollars, money that he didn't have. It was now that he was to learn that a loss to these men was not a case of 'next time you pay it back', no it was 'you are out by a thousand Burt, we want our money. You know the rules, when you have won you were paid. You lost, now we want our money, every cent".

"I don't have it, I lost everything", he stammered. His next utterance was a sort of gargle as he was seized by the throat. "A thousand here tomorrow night or you'll end up down some back alley as a mere meat loaf", with that he was given a stomach hit that had him gasping for breath against the far wall, followed by a fist in the face that made him spit blood.

It was the fall in the hallway that bought his aunt out of her room. For minutes she thought he was drunk but a look at his swollen face told him he had been in a fight and had been hurt. "Burt! Oh! Burt", she gasped. "What happened?" She helped him into the bathroom and bathed his face and even though her dressing gown had opened revealing her nudity, for once in his life his sexual desire was well on the back burner as his pain and the thought of the same thing happening again, maybe even worse, if he couldn't come up with the money owned, occupied his every thought.

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