Venus in Furs

by alan14

Copyright© 2013 by alan14

BDSM Story: Dayna and Jo press ahead with Dayna's plans for the basement, it's fitted out as a torture chamber, they have a willing sub, so it's all systems go. The sub isn't totally happy though, this isn't going to end well...

Caution: This BDSM Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   DomSub   Torture   Caution   Violent   .

In this story we follow Dayna and Jo as they set up an S&M club in the shop basement in an attempt to make some films for Chas, who we met in New York during the last story Pleasures and Wayward Distractions.

"Ok Dayna, please tell me what you have in mind." Said Jo.

"I want to start a club in the basement, a club for submissive men, and maybe we could invite other dominant women. These men pay to be treated badly. We could secretly film the sessions to make films for Chas, he's willing to pay $10,000 per DVD as long has he gets US duplication and distribution rights."

"We will need to be very, very careful here, as I would be sacked instantly if the Police found out I was doing something like this."

"Well you can wear a mask, no one in the room or watching the film would see your face, I promise you this. Let's go downstairs and start planning this out."

"OK, this is your area, so I'll let you take the lead, but I warn you, if this gets too messy I'm going to have to back out, my career means too much to me."

Jo followed Dayna down to the basement, Dayna took the key out of her pocket and unlocked the door and turned on the light.

"I think we need a little more light, maybe a couple of spots on the back wall, and the camera lights will do the rest. Do you know anywhere we could get a couple of HD cameras?"

"I'll check the seized property at the station, there may be something we can buy, but who's going to pay?"

"The money will come from the refurbishment budget, Kelly has given me a free hand for the refurbishment and expansion of the business, and the money Chas has promised will more than cover the costs."

"OK, so what are we going to do with the room?"

"We don't really need to do much, there's plenty of props, and shackles on the walls, I think we're ready to roll as soon as we've got the cameras. I'll ask around and find a suitable submissive."

"As long as you realise I'm going to back out of this if I feel uncomfortable about anything."

"I wouldn't want you to feel uncomfortable about anything honey, so yes, leave any time you like."

Dayna took a few contact magazines from the shop and went upstairs to start phoning around for a guinea pig, whilst Jo went to work and checked out the seized property log, where she found a couple of HD camcorders, a JVC & a Panasonic, she had a powerful PC and bought a copy of Adobe Premiere, which Dayna paid for from the refurbishment funds. They would need to sort some video lights, but they wouldn't be massively expensive for the size of the space that needed lighting.

It didn't take Dayna long to find a submissive, she led him the back way into the shop and down the stairs to the basement. She would try the room out herself first before bringing in Jo and the cameras.

Her submissive was called George, and she first bound his hands behind his back, then she hooked a rope under his armpits, pulled the end of the rope through one of the ceiling loops and tied it tight to a loop in the floor. He was now on his tip toes and not very comfortable.

With George firmly restrained Dayna removed his trousers and underpants, she could hardly see his cock amongst his bushy pubes because it was so small. Dayna picked up a leather strap from the floor, she played it across George's arse cheeks, noticing how his tiny cock twitched with each stroke. She started to whip him harder, and his cock grew harder, it was around 4 inches long by the time she finished with the strap, his arse cheeks had 5 of 6 bright red strips and a little blood ran down his legs.

Dayna rummaged in a bag on the floor and pulled out the smallest cock and ball restraint which she fastened round the base of George's penis and the top of his ball sack, the inside of the leather straps was studded with dozens of tiny spikes, if his cock grew much fatter it would be impaled within the tiny spiked collar.

After the cock restraint was in place Dayna removed George's shirt, she had to cut it off his arms, but what the fuck, this guy was scum. She unfastened the rope and lowered him down, whilst he got feeling back in his arms she pulled a saw horse across to the centre of the room, Dayna pushed George over the horse and tied his arms to a ring on the floor, and his ankles to another ring.

Dayna picked up a leather cat o' nine tails off the floor, she played it across his back and buttocks and saw him wince, his cock must have jerked and felt the spikes. She whipped him harder, across his back mostly, but also across his buttocks and the back of his legs, Dayna looked down and saw a few trickles of blood running down his cock, she loosened the strap a little as she didn't want to hurt him too much, then she started on his back again.

Her arm got tired so she stopped, his back, buttocks and legs were covered in red welts, blood was welling in some of the marks. She untied his arms and let him stand, she undid his ankles as well and led him backwards to the wall where she tied his arms and ankles to an X-shaped frame, she left him there whist she went upstairs to get a drink, on the way back to the basement with a glass of water for George she caught sight of an electric shock wand that had just come into stock, that will come in handy she thought as she picked it up.

She gave George a drink, making sure around half the glass was spilt down his chest and groin.

Delving into her bag of tricks she pulled out a massager, which she played across his cock and balls, getting him nice and hard again, his tiny cock straining against the spiked leather collar, fresh trickles of blood ran onto the floor, Dayna stopped the massager and let George calm down.

Once his cock had relaxed a little she picked up the electric shock wand and touched it to George's right nipple, his body went rigid and he screamed, wow this was a pretty powerful toy, she touched his left nipple with the same result. Dayna looked down and his cock was rock hard, straining against the collar, with blood running off the end and pooling on the floor.

She couldn't resist, she just had to see what would happen, so she pressed the shock wand against the base of George's cock, he let out an almighty scream and ejaculated, 3 powerful jets shot a couple of feet from his blooded engorged cock, which immediately deflated.

Dayna was stunned, this man was obviously damaged in some profound way to get his jollies from such violent treatment. She let him hang there whilst she got the hose pipe to wash him down, giving him a good spray to clear the blood from his groin and back.

Dayna unlocked George and gave him a towel, he thanked her and collected his clothes from the corner. His shirt had shredded sleeves but he still put it back on. Dayna led him outside, as he left through the back door he thanked her and gave her some money, he didn't look back as he walked away.

The next day Dayna called Jo to tell her what happened.

"Yes, he gave me £200 as he left the shop, I didn't ask for money, it had never been mentioned when I contacted him."

"So he just opened his wallet and gave you the money, you're not the first Dom he's visited then. How did he react during the treatment?"

"Mostly he was silent, just the odd moan or gasp when I really hurt him, but when I gave him a shock to the nipples he let out a massive scream, I think it must have really hurt, but it was a huge turn on, his cock grew bigger than ever, then as soon as I shocked his cock he came, it was totally weird."

"So you want to proceed with a movie?"

"Of course, I'll give George a few days to recover then call him back."

Dayna left it a week, during that time Jo tested out the cameras, lights and software, using a love doll as a model, to test the angles. She was pretty sure that they could get a professional looking video out of this set up.

Once they were sure they had a working video set-up Dayna gave George a call, inviting him round for some more mistreatment, he jumped at the chance, especially when Dayna mentioned there would be two women working on him this time.

When George arrived both Dayna and Jo were attired in very tight leather outfits, Dayna was hourglass shaped and delectable, whereas Jo was more slender but still obviously a woman, he had to base his judgement from Jo's shape as she was also wearing a mask to disguise her identity. Dayna pointed out the cameras and asked George if it would be OK if they filmed this session, he was a little reluctant at first, but then agreed as long as his face was obscured so Jo popped upstairs and found a leather hood that included a ball gag.

George asked to be stripped naked this time, to save his clothes from further damage, the damaged shirt had been a problem last time, his mother wasn't happy. That explained a lot thought Dayna wryly.

Once George was stripped Dayna stood him in the centre of the room, Jo then proceeded to wrap him up in a smooth red cord, a little thicker than s shoe lace, but finer than climbing rope. She ran it round his body as if it were a bandage, diagonally from left shoulder to right hip, around his body to his right hip then up to his left shoulder, then she moved down a little and started afresh, this bound his arms to his side. Once she was down to his waist she ran the rope behind, then round his ball sack a couple of times, stretching it away from his cock a little, then she ran it down his legs in the same manner as she'd done his torso, ending back at his waist, where it was knotted off. The whole body wrap was done with a single, very long, length of the cord; she'd practiced half a dozen times on a male love doll. The cord was very expensive, Dayna had bought it with most of the £200 George had paid her previously.

Whilst Jo was wrapping George up Dayna put the leather hood on his head, fastening the ball gag in place, then she fastened the spiked cuff round his tiny cock, which was already growing in anticipation of the pain to come. Finally Dayna fastened a leather collar round his neck, this had a chain fastened to a loop at the front.

Jo yanked the chain and George wobbled forwards, his legs could barely move, so he walked forwards like a penguin. She led him slowly to the saw horse and pulled him forwards so he was bent over it, she fastened the neck chain to a ring on the floor and Dayna tied his legs to another ring.

Jo picked up a leather strap and played it gently across his buttocks, he tensed and his cock grew a little more, drawing blood. She hit him harder, 2, 3, 4 times, Dayna whispered in her ear "you hate him, he's a symbol of the father who raped you", this spurred Jo on and she started to lash George with greater ferocity, soon is buttocks were red raw and blood was running down his legs, looking down Dayna saw that blood was pouring out of his cock as well, which was engorged from the punishment.

Dayna grabbed Jo's arm to stop her, "I think that's enough for now, let him cool down and we'll move to the next step."

Jo moved away and Dayna grabbed the hose to cool George's red raw behind. Jo came back with a huge strap-on, it was a true porn sized beast. She'd smothered it with lubricant and had a tube of the stuff to apply to George's soon to be ruined arsehole.

Jo parted George's red cheeks and poured some lube down his crack, she popped two fingers in his hole to ensure the lube was well worked in, then she pushed the strap-on against George's hole and with and almighty thrust she was straight in, burying a good 4 inches of the silicone monster in George's rectum. George for his part screamed through the ball gag, I don't think he'd expected this, but when Dayna looked down his penis wasn't complaining (well, it was bleeding profusely, but it was still fat and erect).

Jo pulled back, then gripping George's sides she thrust back in, getting 6 inches in before she could go no further. Pulling back out she started up a steady rhythm, fucking his arse whilst blood mixed with lubricant poured down his legs, quite a pool of blood was gathered around his legs, he hadn't stopped screaming, although it was muffled by the gag, and he was totally immobilised by the ropes. Jo ravaged George's ass for a good 5 minutes until she was tired from the effort, she pulled out and Dayna hosed him down again to get rid of the blood, Jo took the hose and washed the blood off the strap-on and her legs.

Whilst Jo was removing the strap-on Dayna fastened a harness around George's waist and legs, she tied a rope to the harness and passed it through a loop on the ceiling. Jo & Dayna then unfastened the ties from the floor and hoisted George in the air, Dayna then tied the roped to another floor ring, he was nicely suspended.

Dayna picked up the electric shock wand and touched it to one of George's red striped buttocks, they were still wet and the shock arc across to his other buttock with a lovely spark, he screamed through the ball gag and his penis grew back to full size again. Dayna started to play the wand around his body, the screams were constant, but muffled by the gag. His body was convulsing, which made him spin around.

Dayna decided he'd probably had enough, so she lowered him down and removed the harness, Jo led him back to the wall, were Dayna fasten his neck harness to a loop to keep him upright.

Jo then produced the massager and played it against his cock bringing it back to full size again, blood started to pour out from under the spiked leather collar, Jo stepped back and Dayna pressed the wand against George's blooded cock, the result was as immediate as last time, it was more spectacular though, with 5 spurts jetting 6 feet from his cock, splashing against Jo's legs.

George sagged and started to choke against the neck restraint, so Jo quickly cut the rope holding him up and he fainted onto the floor. Dayna unfastened his hood whilst Jo stopped the cameras, when Jo nodded Dayna removed the hood, George's face was purple, Jo splashed some water on his face and he came round, gasping.

Jo cut off the ropes and Dayna hosed him down, he sat up and rubbed his wrists and ankles, he looked to be still in a daze. Jo passed him a towel and he dried himself off, he dressed and they walked him out. As he walked through the door he gave Dayna a bundle of notes and walked away without looking back. Dayna counted £400, which she split and gave Jo £200.

They stripped down and left the leather gear in the basement, cleaned up the mess then went upstairs to Dayna's flat.

"I'm really not sure about keeping this money," said Jo.

"Keep it, you earned it that was hard work downstairs, did you see the ball gag, he almost bit clean through it."

"I don't know, I'm really conflicted. I think I did him some real damaged and he did nothing to justify my behaviour towards him, you said all men are scum, so by that token he deserved it because of his gender, but look at Dave, he's as far from being scum as it's possible to be. I need to take some time to think this over, I'm on early shift tomorrow, so I'll go home and reflect on this. I'll collect the laptop tomorrow to edit the footage together, we'll talk tomorrow. Bye honey, I'll see myself out."

Jo collected the laptops the next day, but Dayna wasn't about so she just took them home and spent a couple of nights editing the two cameras together to make a 90 minute film, it was pretty good when looked at from a detached perspective.

She went back to the shop, but Dayna was away again, so she posted the DVD through the letter box and walked back home. As she walked past the cemetery she heard some footsteps behind her, they sped up and then she was pushed hard sideways through the cemetery gates. She felt something push into her neck then an incredible pain that surged through her whole body, then she passed out.

She woke up when she felt a hard kick to her stomach, she couldn't move her arms, they were handcuffed behind her back, the left side of her face hurt like hell, she could feel gravel and assumed she'd been dragged off the path. There was a bag over her head so she couldn't see anything, she felt hands at her waist, fumbling with her belt, her trousers and knickers were pulled down together. She struggled to get up but her struggles were stopped when her attacker kicked her in the head.

When she came round again she could feel her attacker on top of her, they were trying to rape her but something just wasn't working for them, they climbed off and roughly turned her over. She could feel hand on her bottom cheeks and someone forcing themselves against her, again trying to rape her, she could feel something warm between her cheeks but it didn't reach her anus.

Her head was clearing and she now guessed who was attacking her, she turned her head to the side and shout "GEORGE, stop it now."

He pulled back, "how do you know my name."

"Lucky guess fuckwit, the tiny cock was a clue."

"I'm just treating you the way you treated me."

"There's a difference, you wanted it, I don't"

"I didn't want you to attack my special place, that's only for my mother. I pay scum like you to do the things she won't, she loves me so won't hurt me, but I want her to. My dad hurt her, so I want her to hurt me as compensation, I'm the spawn of my father, I should be punished, but you shouldn't have raped me in the special place, that wasn't right."

"I'm so so sorry George, my dad raped me when I was 6, that's why I was punishing you, because you are a man, but I went too far, I'm really sorry."

George stood up and kicked Jo again and again, to the stomach, to the groin, to the head, then he stopped, "where's the other bitch? Where is she?"

Jo mumbled through broken teeth and jaw, "she lives above the shop, but I've not seen her since that night."

George walked off, heading back towards the shop, leaving Jo there, not caring if she lived or died, she just knew his name, but didn't know his address or phone number. Not even the other bitch knew that, just his mobile number, and that phone had been smashed into pieces and flushed down the toilet.

He saw a light on above the shop, so he knocked hard on the door, after a while he heard footsteps.

"Who's there?" the door opened a crack, "oh it's you George, you OK?" Dayna opened the door fully and he stepped in.

"I'd like another session."

"Oh, I'm on my own, Jo's out."

"That's OK, you did just fine on your own the first time."

As they went downstairs to the basement Dayna heard sirens in the distance, George had a very disconcerting smile on his face.

Dayna unlocked the door to the basement and stepped inside, she felt hands on her back and she fell forward, she was a martial arts master though, and she rolled as she fell and was soon back on her feet, the lights were still off in the room, George was silhouetted against the light from the stairs, she could see he had a knife in his hand.

"I've killed the other bitch, now it's your turn, you went too far, you can't touch my special place, that's my mother's, you can do what you like to the rest of me, but my bottom belongs to my mother."

"Fucking hell", thought Dayna, he's more screwed up than I ever realised.

George came charging for her, knife arm outstretched, "amateur" thought Dayna, she dodged left and grabbed his arm as he ran past, unable to stop in time, she twisted his arm behind his back he dropped the knife.

He reached into his jacket with his left hand, pulled out another knife and thrust it behind his back, stabbing Dayna in her left side, she let go of his arm and staggered back. She collapsed against the wall, holding her left side, the wound felt deep, she was overwhelmed with a burning pain, but she had to do something or he'd kill her as well as Jo, oh Jo, what had we gotten into, my beautiful friend is dead, and it's my fault.

She got a burst of energy, a reason to work through the pain, she had to avenge Jo, the only person she had truly loved since her innocence was taken by her uncle years before.

Dayna lunged forward and dived around George, she grabbed the knife off the floor and drove it up into his groin. He let out an animal howl of agony and fell forward onto his knees, she stepped up to him and grabbed his head, with all her strength she twisted until she heard a snap, he went limp, and so did she.

Dayna fell to her knees, she looked at the lifeless body and vomited on the floor, when she was done she wiped her mouth and staggered out of the door, on the way through she saw a towel on the floor, she picked it up and held it to her side to staunch the flow of blood. She made it up the stairs and again fell to her knees, she crawled into the office and grabbed the phone of the desk, she managed to call Dave and cry "Help me" before passing out.

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