Down Deep in the Mud and Grime

by harry lime

Copyright┬ę 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: She liked to get right down into the filthiest hole imaginable. She loved to get her fingers in the mud and the dirt. Now she wants to feel the grime from naked bodies rubbing on her soft skin.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   Workplace   .


Chapter 1

Angela was one of those perfectly behaved little girls who often grow up to be surprisingly polite and extremely submissive to the demands of any male in a position of authority.

It could have been attributable to her relationship with the ultra-dignified close companion to her mother, who supervised her every movement ever since her sainted mother's passing shortly after her 18th birthday.

Hugh Hennessy was the product of a long line of Hennessy males who had been in the banking business for several generations. His affinity to money was easily seen in his frugal lifestyle and constant admonition of "A penny earned is a penny saved". He was still only in his early 50s when his long-suffering mistress and close companion Ethel went to her reward.

After the funeral, Angela moped around the house. It was a very large house indeed with 13 rooms of furnishings from a bygone era. She annoyed the cook with her constant refusals to eat saying,

"I'm full!"

When the normally detached Hugh became fully cognizant of his house guest's disconsolate attitude, he put down his accounts with a sigh and instructed her to follow him to the upstairs bedroom he had shared with his recently departed mistress. He studied the blank look on his tearless young house guest's face and decided remedial action was necessary.

"Get undressed, my dear, and lie face down on the bed!"

The girl looked at her generally detached and dismissive mentor and quizzically inquired why she must strip in front of him since he was, after all, a male, even if he was her caregiver.

In answer, the normally calm and collected banker shouted in a commanding voice,

"Everything off now and face down and not another word, missy!"

Angela trembled more in confusion than any sense of fear because she trusted her mother's companion implicitly.

Hugh looked at the swells of Angela's comely ass and felt his male equipment rise in anticipation of some satisfying sport. His arousal was preordained despite the fact he was entirely opposed to any hanky panky between persons of such disparate generations.

The girl looked over her shoulder at her aroused mentor and master, giggling nervously because she had never really seen an erect penis before except in the art drawings at school.

Hugh withdrew an unusually long thick ruler from the nightstand.

It was the one he enjoyed using on his frigid mistress to warm her spindly body up for a bout of love-making before retiring for the evening. He never really enjoyed stroking into a rounded bottom unless it was highlighted with a red glow of recent corrective activities. He felt the heat from the skin aided him to shoot his seeds with a higher level of effectiveness when the magic moment of emission took place.

"Angela, I am going to touch you up with Mr. Ruler all over your sweet little bum. It is going to hurt and I want you to feel free to cry and sob to your heart's desire. It is time for you to shed your tears and remove the poison of your distress from your pretty little body."

Angela knew she had not been able to cry since her mother had left so unexpectedly, but she was not certain if this was a good plan to help her get over the hurdle of her grief. The very first blow of the ruler made her ever more certain she would rather try another method.

However, after a lot of wiggling and a lot squirming, her pussy slit wept with its own liquid drops of aroused female juices and the salty tears that ran down her cheeks were licked by her greedy tongue flicking wildly with each and every stroke of the ruler on her defenseless and willing bottom.

After a furious flurry of blows, she leaked profusely at both ends and ceased to dwell on her mother's demise.

Hugh contemplated the quivering form of his beautiful charge on the bed and leaned forward to hear her "into the pillow" sobs a little clearer. His rampant cock brushed lightly across her reddened ass cheeks and he saw the first drops of his long dormant pre-cum drip onto her reddened skin like drops of wax from an erotic candle.

It was really far too much for the weak-willed Hugh to endure.

He straddled the still sobbing girl and pushed his stiff rod between her fuzz covered vaginal lips in a lusty quest for the comfort of her soothing velvet tunnel of passionate desire. Her reddened ass cheeks rolled delightfully under the spare tire of his well-fed belly and he reveled in the sound of their flesh smacking together like a lurid sex film intended for adults only.

He had learned years prior that Angela was the love child of his cheating mistress and her Italian lover on an ill-advised summer trip to Venice almost 20 years ago. The thought of his beautiful mistress copulating with some randy workman who couldn't even speak decent English made him stick it to Angela fast and hard taxing her inexperienced body to the limit. He felt somewhat "guiltless" because it was not even a hint of incest but just payback to a disloyal female partner.

Poor Angela was totally unaware of any such nuances of ethical connections and lay face down in the puddle of her mentor's cum thinking about how sinful and naughty she was. She felt so guilty that she almost beseeched her master to lay his ruler on her behind some more to make her pay for her disgusting needs of the flesh.

After her experience with her familiar mentor, she "comforted" a whole line of older males needing youthful flesh bouncing under their worn-out but experienced bodies.

At 20 years of age, the sensuous Angela knew how to take care of middle-aged and elderly males using all of her feminine orifices with expert precision. She often dreamed of a handsome young man with a rod of steel that would be both gentle and harsh in meeting her every secret desire. But her sheltering father insured she was fairly well insulated from acquaintance with brash young men fearing his access to her feminine charms would be curtailed.

It was this dearth of eligible young males that led her to answer an ad in the morning paper asking for students with knowledge of archeology to assist at an important "dig" in the vicinity of the Stonehenge mystery.

The interviewer was a very nice woman with a severe hair style and an annoying mannerism of chewing her fingernails that made Angela want to shout out,

"Please stop doing that!"

She was accepted for the work and was told she would be expected at daybreak on Monday next to train in the procedures of discovering new secrets under the topsoil.

The small group of a dozen young people huddled under the scant cover of the tarpaulin warding off the customary morning drizzly moisture that stealthily snuck under their layered clothing and chilled the bone. Angela was next to a ginger haired lad of about 20 who ceaselessly banged his wool-gloved hands together to insure they didn't stiffen up in the damp. She found herself thinking if he would be amorous enough to remove his gloves if she gave him access to her womanly "goodies".

None of the other worker trainees appeared interested in things of a fleshly nature and they all seemed highly discomforted by the chilly conditions. She noticed there were an equal number of males and females and wondered it that was according to some quota or entirely random in nature.

She was given her personal excavation tools and was told to keep them sharp and secure because it they went missing, she would have to reimburse the historical society for their replacement. Two of the girls who were noticeably chatty were separated to allow focus on the task at hand.

Angela was teamed up with the ginger haired boy and a dark skinned male student who looked decidedly foreign. She wondered if he might be Italian because she always harbored a deep-seated love of listening to the "language of love" when spoken by a handsome young man.

She learned that the fair haired boy was called Monty. The name caused her to giggle and she was afraid for a moment that she had offended the young lad with her amusement. His smile relieved her of that worry.

The other young man was called Federico but he insisted they call him Ricky like all his friends at home.

Angela was tempted to ask Ricky to talk some Italian to her but was afraid she would be thought a bit potty if she made such a ridiculous request.

Monty was the first to jump into the muddy pit to scrape the carefully graphed out sections. Apparently, it was the depth level that determined their interest in what lay under the surface.

The training specialist told them,

"We are interested in the pre-discovery period only. A lot of this stuff was reburied about 80 years ago so be careful you don't mix them up."

Angela found that with Monty, Ricky and herself in the hole, they were continually banging into each other and soon she was comfortable with their hands and legs rubbing on her backside on all over her unfettered boobs. She was put out by the fact that both men seemed totally unaffected by the generous offering of her female parts to their touch whilst she was driven into a whirlpool of uncontrollable desire.

She was certain that the scent of her seeping female juices were likely to be revealed in the confines of the small rectangular hole.

When she had to hold a crumbling slice of damp earth from falling into the mud, Monty slid between her legs to deposit it in the sift box for later perusal. The feel of his ginger haired head between her legs made her pucker hole do a lively jig as an unwanted orgasm shook her quaking legs.

Even when a small afternoon shower enveloped them in a mist of fog and clinging mud, they worked side by side to preserve the dig treasures in the proper sequence. The three of them emerged from the mud-hole at the end of the eight hour shift covered in mud from head to toe with only their eyes and lips unscathed. She told Ricky and Monty to follow her to her Range Rover because she had some extra towels to help remove the mud before they headed back to the University.

Angela was so used to undressing for her senior male friends in brazen exhibitionism that she never hesitated to strip off all her clothing except for her tiny string thong and woolen socks. She saw both boys were staring at her boobs so she made out that she was modestly hiding them with her hands but all she succeeded in doing was to draw their attention to her extended nipples sticking out in the still chilled air.

The two boys got down to their jockey shorts and Angela could see they were both decently endowed with generous helpings of male equipment. She found herself wondering what it would be like to be impaled in different openings by both boys at the same time. She kind of hoped that they might have the same thought in their head as well.

"You certainly are quite fit, Angela!" said Monty.

She laughed and slid her halter top on to cover her generously proportioned boobs.

When Ricky bent over to retrieve his spare trousers, she saw his thing hanging down in limp splendor waiting for a signal to unfurl its power. She gathered all the muddy clothes into a heap and promised to get them back the next morning in pristine condition.

They all sat together in the front bench seat of the car and she shifted the gears between Ricky's legs more often than necessary because his lovely cock was getting longer with each movement of her bare arm.

Monty, who was watching Angela's heated arousal, had to cover his stiff erection with his folded raincoat not wanting to be thought of as a silly pervert.

By the time she dropped them off at the University gate, she had treated herself to a splendid orgasm and both of the boys had managed to shoot off inside their pants just watching her tiny thong twisting with each and every turn of the road.

On the way back home, she vowed that she would have both boys' cocks in her mouth, pussy, and brown eye before the project was completed.

Chapter 2

Angela was on her way up the spiral staircase when her elderly mentor and close companion to her deceased mother came out of the study and told her,

"Dear, I need you to do something for me in the study after you get cleaned up. Do wear your school skirt. You know how much I like that!"

She sighed in resignation and hitched the bag of dirty clothes up higher on her shoulder. The wash would have to wait until after her assignment with her mentor and erstwhile landlord. She knew the mention of the school skirt meant the old man wanted her to bend over the desk for him yet again. Lately, he seemed preoccupied with stretching her anal muscles for better "rear door" copulation on short notice. Actually, the prospect was not entirely unwelcome. She had become addicted to her mentor's penchant for making her to bend over the desk sex wearing only her school uniform skirt and no knickers. Angela knew most would think it a bit perverted especially for older, well-established respectable gentleman, but she really didn't see any harm in it and she loved her mentor quite deeply.

This time he wanted something a little different.

He told her that he would bend over the desk and she was to push his aluminum cigar case up his bum whilst flogging his hardened cock with her other hand. She stroked his rock-hard cock with a well-practiced hand and twisted the metal shaft in different directions causing her frenzied caregiver to shout out in delighted glee.

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