Salina's Wedding Night

by The Purvv

Copyright© 2013 by The Purvv

Erotica Sex Story: On her wedding night, a young bride catches her hubby making out with her Maid of Honor. Oh well, he never was her first choice to give her virginity to, was he?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Father   Daughter   First   .

Special thanks to Jex57 for all of her excellent work in editing...

Part 1

It was on Salina's wedding night that she realized the truth. It was something that for years she had secretly suspected, and indeed had hoped for, but had been too afraid to try to pursue. Now it was too late.

She had kept herself a virgin all of these nineteen years, ostensibly saving herself for marriage. Yet, if the truth be told, she would have given up her virginity eagerly at anytime during the past nine years because, since she was about ten years old, she had a love for one man.

It was a love she felt at all times growing up, whether she was around him or not. Out in the park, just walking around, on trips where he'd take her places, swimming with him in the summer or skating with him in the winter, outdoors, indoors, at the mall, times he drove her to school or elsewhere. Every time she sat on his lap, anytime that he hugged her, she had felt that love. She truly loved her father. And it was not like her friends' love for their parents or her love for her mother. This was completely different.

Salina knew from an early age that she had a problem. Even before she ever started masturbating she would feel heat in her loins whenever her father would do something special, such as give her one of his special hugs, or a kiss on her sensitive neck, or simply his big hands rubbing her arms, sides or back. When she got a little older, often in her room at night, she worked herself into a sexual frenzy while fantasizing about her dad.

Now, while dancing with her father on her wedding night, she found out the ironical truth.

Not normally a drinking man, he already had one or two too many. This was their second dance of the night together; Tony held his daughter gently to him as they danced. Although their bodies were touching it wasn't so close that people would take notice.

But Salina did. She could feel her father pressing into her and she knew that he was hard. She was nervous that someone might notice, while at the same time she was happy that he was in that condition.

By the end of the dance she was beside herself, feeling a secret excitement. Somewhat shakily, she walked away from her father and joined her husband at the main table. She thought back to the dance. It was there that her father finally confessed what she had only suspected. During those three minutes of dancing, Tony managed to tell his daughter of the secret lust that he had for her and had held inside all of these years.

If only she had been able to get him to this point at any time in the past ten years things might have been so different, she now thought. She and her father probably would have had at least one incestuous encounter and, who knows, maybe even years of a sexual relationship because Salina had always wanted that fantasy fulfilled.

On this night Tony opened up. Because she was now married and he was intoxicated, he quietly admitted to his daughter of the many times that he had looked at her and of all those times that he had fantasized about her. He didn't come right out and say it but Salina was now sure that her father had often masturbated while thinking of her, just as she had masturbated while thinking of him. What a shame they hadn't talked before this, she thought.

She too was feeling the buzz from the alcohol and her father's admission with the heat and excitement of the night seemed to have an arousing reaction on her mind and body. As she sat at the head table, her mind was more on her father's words than her new husband.

About fifteen minutes later they were dancing again and this time Salina confessed to her father her own secret. As she talked to him about it she felt him harden and push against her. Her pussy was feeling a strange excitement at the thought of having her father's cock against it.

Tony was fighting to stay calm as he felt Salina's chest pushing into his. The idea that she too had harbored incestuous thoughts all of these years flabbergasted him.

As they danced the slow dance, father and daughter were pushing their groins and swaying against each other, as close as could be allowed and still not be noticed by others at the wedding reception. The drinks and circumstances had Tony confessing things to his daughter that he never would have suspected that he would have ever admitted to her, and she too was being brutally honest with regards to her feelings.

Her swaying body pressing into him, coupled with the alcohol, had loosened him up. Somehow, the fact that she was now married seemed to make him feel that he could talk to her as a grown up. "Many was the night I'd get so horny after looking at you and thinking about you that I'd jerk off," he softly confessed, while his daughter's mind jumped. "Sometimes, while mom and I were, you know, I'd imagine that I was in you instead of her. And some nights I was able to get a pair of your panties that you had been wearing and ... I'd smell you in them ... and wish it was really you."

Salina tensed while dancing, somewhat shocked, yet strangely excited. Her heart was pounding from his admission and this vivid revelation. Then, as she realized how much she had turned him on, she relaxed and moved harder against him, feeling his arousal. She was into this in earnest by then.

"Did ... did you like that ... did it excite you?" she asked referring to his comment.

"Yeah baby, you'll never know how much..."

"God, dad, I can't believe, I sometimes thought ... but then I told myself it was my imagination. I wish I had known."

"Me too baby ... me too," he replied, thinking of his daughter's admission.

The dance ended and her father escorted her back to her seat and walked away.

She sat down alongside Billy, who was getting a little drunk himself. It was pretty obvious to her that her husband was having a good time, even without her. Salina was becoming somewhat jealous of her Maid-of-Honor and best friend Christie, to whom Billy seemed to be paying a little bit too much attention; putting his hands around her, a little too familiarly.

A short while later, while her husband seemed especially involved in conversation with Christie and the others, Salina innocently whispered to him, "I have to go up to the room for a few minutes. You stay here. I'll get my dad to take me, okay?"

Billy only paid half attention. The Maid-of-Honor, Christine, had gotten his full attention. "Yeah, er, yeah, sure ... Er, are you er, sure you don't want me to go with you?" he asked.

"No, that's all right, you're having too good a time," she said and Billy failed to pick up on the anger in her tone.

A little earlier, she had hinted to her father that she may later want him to accompany her to her room. Now she turned and looked out at the guests at their table and caught his attention. He looked questioningly and she nodded. Sensing that she wanted his attention, Tony arose and came over to her.

"What's up, little one?"

"Dad, could you do me a favor and keep me company? I have to do something upstairs," she said to him.

"Sure, babe," he said, innocently.

She stepped around the table and put her hand through his arm and they left the ballroom. As they walked Salina made sure that she was out of earshot to those around them when she said to her father, under her breath, "You can't believe how I ... Dad, you've got me so worked up, you wouldn't believe."

Tony half-smiled. He and Salina had talked so openly on the dance floor, and although he would never forget those conversations, already they were dead issues as far as them leading to anything further. It still hadn't registered to him that he was alone with his daughter, and they were heading up to a hotel room. To him she was a newly married bride who simply asked him to keep her company.

As they hurried along, she muttered, "Did you really do what you said with my panties?"

Suddenly, Tony became alert. The first hint of suspicion dawned on him as to what was happening. He tried to shake this thought, but the heat that invaded his body wouldn't let him concentrate on anything but Salina. He turned his face to hers as they walked and he sensed a strange excitement.

He drew a breath and said, "Yeah babe, I did."

Salina knew that the alcohol was affecting her, but she also knew that she had drunk a lot more in the past and she handled it okay. This was more than alcohol. There was something forbidden going on and this added tremendously to her excitement.

"You smelled me?" she asked, and he nervously nodded. She added, "And liked it?"

Tony's cock was as hard as a rock again from talking to his daughter like this. "What do you think?"

They reached the elevator bank. Tony looked at his daughter in her wedding gown. She was breathtaking. Salina looked around, making sure that no one was in hearing distance and she softly asked, "Would you like to get one more whiff?"

His erection twitched wildly in his pants as the elevator door opened. They were the only two that got on and she pushed the button for the fifth floor. The doors closed and their eyes locked on each other. Both were frightened, yet excited about what was happening.

She continued to look at her father and there seemed to be a pleading in her eyes.

"Are you sure, babe?" he whispered.

Salina nodded, somewhat nervously. "But I gotta be back in a few minutes."

Was it what she said or the fact that he came to his senses that made him suddenly hesitate?

Tony shook his head. "It's no good, Lena. I won't ... you couldn't enjoy in a few minutes. It wouldn't be fair, sweetheart."

The elevator doors opened and they got off and walked slowly toward the room. As they walked, he sensed the disappointment in her. He also realized just how much his words might have sounded like rejection to her.

"Look, babe, I ... I thank you, hon ... but well, I'd hate myself and you'd probably hate me if I ... we ... I couldn't do you in a few minutes, hon, it just wouldn't be fair to you. It would almost seem dirty, you know? A quickie with my own daughter? That doesn't seem right, you know?"

She opened the door to the room and he followed her inside. She nodded. She realized what her father said was true, but nevertheless she was very disappointed. It was something that she had thought of so often in her young life and she doubted if she'd ever get him as vulnerable as he was at that moment.

"Maybe some other time, hah dad?" she said, as she went to her suitcase.

"It's up to you babe," he answered. "But hon, if ... when we do something -- it can't be for a few minutes ... not after all this time of wanting you ... you understand?"

He watched her extract what looked like a pair of panties from the suitcase and she went into the bathroom. When she emerged about a minute later she had a different colored pair in her hand. She walked over to where Tony was still standing by the door. She reached out and gave him the panties that she was holding.

"This is my wedding present to you for tonight, daddy. The dampness ... you have no one to blame but yourself for that," she smiled, wickedly.

Tony took the silken garment in his hand. His eyes were on Salina as she stared directly at him. His cock was twitching wildly in his pants as he did indeed feel the moistness in the crotch of her panties.

Slowly, as father and daughter stared at each other, he determinedly brought his hand up to his face. Salina watched in wonder and excitement as she saw her father push the crotch to his nose; she heard him sniff inward and softly groan. From the bottom of her eyes she could sense his pants jumping.

"OHHH ... OH baby, you're delicious. Mmmmmm, oh god, you smell so great!"

Salina's own sex heated up her insides at his lurid actions ... his hot words! God, she wanted her father. And now that she was married, and moving away, she may never get a chance to be alone with him again. She was tempted to throw caution to the wind, but common sense prevailed.

"Let's get back, dad, before we can't stop ourselves." Tony nodded. He placed the panties in his inside jacket pocket and they left the room together. As they walked through the hall to the elevators she quietly repeated her earlier statement, "Maybe someday, dad, hah?"

"Yeah, babe ... maybe. Too bad we just found out. I wish I'd known your feelings before this. You can't imagine what I would have done to you."

She smiled wide. "Hold that thought. Maybe soon you can come and visit us and ... who knows?"

"Incest and infidelity in one shot!" he commented.

She smiled again as they got on the elevator. There were people already inside, so their banter had to cease.

As they returned to the ballroom, Salina and her father separated. He headed to his own chair and she approached her husband from the opposite end of the table. Everyone from the head table was out on the dance floor except Billy and Christine, who were sitting alongside each other.

As Salina approached, her husband's back was to her; he and Christine were facing forward. As Salina came closer, she suddenly stopped. From about six feet away she had a wonderful view of her husband's movements. To her complete shock, she saw that Billy's hand was all the way up between the Maid-of-Honor's thighs. By the movements of them both, it was obvious that her husband had his fingers inside of Christine's panties and was working on heating up her pussy. Christine's hips were working about on his wrist.

Looking quickly toward her best friend's face, Salina could see that the Maid-of-Honor's eyes were glassy from lust; half closed as she faced forward.

As realization set in her brain as to what was actually happening, the young bride quickly gathered her thoughts. Just before the dance ended and when the other girl seemed to be at the point of climax, Salina began to move again, very slowly. She came up close to the couple and said to her husband, "Thanks for the night, Bill."

Christine jumped and let out a small cry and Billy jerked his hand away. Total panic reigned on both of their faces.

In those few seconds of deliberation Salina had obviously thought out everything that she wanted to do. "I'll be getting an annulment. Don't even try to change my mind," she declared.

"Ahh, er, hold, wait Salina ... honey, I..."

Suddenly she saw the microphone. She stormed away from the shocked couple and walked over and took the mike.

"HEY EVERYONE! LISTEN UP!!!" she called. The unconventional action caused almost immediate silence and the room hushed quite quickly. With tears rolling slowly down her cheeks she made her speech.

"I just wanted to thank you all for coming and to tell you goodnight. There is no need for any of you to give me a wedding gift because ... Well, because there was no wedding!" her voice was trembling but she was determined. By now the tears were flowing rapidly from her eyes. Everyone was frozen to whatever spot they were when she started. She then continued, "You see ... I just found that Billy must prefer Christine's pussy to mine. I say that because not two minutes ago he had his fingers in her cunt and he never ever got to touch mine. Tomorrow, I'll be seeing a lawyer to have this thing annulled. I'm sorry for any inconvenience that was caused ... goodnight..."

With those parting words she suddenly started crying violently, her shoulders heaving up and down. The room was as quiet as if it were empty. The only sounds were her crying and a chair being pushed back as her father rose in a hurry. In a moment he was by her side and leading the hysterical girl away.

She looked up when she felt his arm around her shoulder and, seeing that it was him, she managed to sob, "Would you take me home, dad?"

He led the crying girl away. The room remained totally silent until the door closed behind them. Then it sounded as if a huge buzz saw had been turned on as the murmurs built to a crescendo.

Part 2

They were silent for most of the one-hour drive home. Salina stopped sobbing about a half-hour into the trip. Tony didn't say a word. He left his daughter to her own thoughts.

About fifteen minutes from the house, she finally spoke, "You know, I don't know what this all meant, but I don't think that I wouldn't have walked out on Billy if you and I hadn't talked tonight."

Her father looked incredulous. "You mean he didn't touch that girl?"

She managed a giggle at his confusion.

"Not that. He touched Christie all right. Made her cum right there on his hand." Tony raised his eyebrows. Until this night he had never heard his daughter talk in such a way. "No, that wasn't what I meant. What I meant was that I don't know if you and I hadn't ... talked and everything ... I might not have walked out, I don't know. I just might have acted like I didn't see anything. I don't know. Maybe it was just a good excuse."

Tony felt a rise in his pants. The events of the last hour had overshadowed his earlier feelings that he had experienced. Now, as he heard Salina's words, he suddenly began to return to his earlier thoughts. He realized that what his daughter had gone through at the reception was probably the most traumatic thing that she had ever experienced, with the exception of her mother's death.

Tony sensed how vulnerable that she was at the moment. God help him, but he suddenly realized that if he was able, that he would take advantage of her susceptibility. The thought that he might actually fuck his daughter had his nerves twitching.

Salina too was remembering back to the reception, and what had transpired during the night between her and her dad. Her mind should have been overwhelmed with thoughts of Billy and Christine, but somehow she was managing to push that whole episode to the furthest reaches of her brain; burying the memory.

They fell silent for another ten minutes and then, "Do you still have my panties in your jacket pocket?" she smiled.

Tony's cock pressed tighter into his pants as she whispered those words. He was slightly trembling, simply from the forbidden feelings going through his mind and body.

"Yeah, babe, I sure do."

After a moment she said softly, "Maybe tonight you won't need them. You can have the real thing."

He felt his heart stop only momentarily before it resumed, beating harder and faster than ever. "I think you had enough excitement for one night, Lena. I think you better gather your thoughts and not do anything rash," he advised.

Her eyes filled with tears again. Her father was always so concerned for her.

"Yeah, sure," she replied. "I have given it some thought. I've thought about it for a full hour ... all the way home..." She hesitated and then added, "Oh and I've thought about it a little longer. Like for the past ten years!" She smiled.

"Momma wouldn't have disapproved, you know?" he said.

She nodded, but what he said had no bearing on what she was about to do.

"Did you really want me when I was 10?" she wondered.

As he drove, he glanced over at her; looking sheepish as he nodded. "Yeah, I ... I never -- When you were 10 I wanted you to grow into womanhood retaining your virginity; yet I really had a ... a strange ... I really wanted you. Then, I guess it was because of this conflict of wanting you to stay a virgin with my strange secret thoughts of you, I actually started to fantasize doing ... fucking your ass. That perverted thought increased my excitement so much that my fantasies for you never stopped. But let me tell you, the thought of fucking your 10-year-old little ass was wild!"

Both of them were amazed at their open conversation, but in a relieved sort of way.

She grinned.

They reached the house. As soon as they were inside, the door closed behind them. He started to walk into the living room but Salina grabbed his hand and held him. He stopped and turned back to face her. He looked at his daughter adoringly. She was breathtaking in her wedding gown.

"You never really kissed the bride, dad," she whispered.

Tony looked at her. She looked perfectly radiant. A picture of his wife on their wedding night flashed through his brain. Salina's lips were quivering. Her face almost looked as if she was pleading.

As he moved his body into hers, her hands moved around her father's waist and her eyes searched his. She saw the lust that he had confessed to, and her body began to feel a total heat. His hands went around her back, drawing her body tighter into his, and he lowered his mouth hesitatingly. Salina reached up with her hands eagerly and then their lips touched.

Father and daughter began moaning into each other's mouth as their lips and tongues worked in incestuous desperation.



He pushed his crotch into hers and she pushed back at him to feel his throbbing manhood. Her mouth sucked on his lips while her tongue swiftly shot into his mouth, darting around his tongue, the roof of his mouth, and all about his teeth.

Tony gasped at how expert his daughter was at kissing. As her mouth taught him the art of delicious slop kissing, he moved his hands from her back and slid them around to her chest. Slowly but firmly, he closed his hands on the wonderful taut breasts he had wanted to touch for so long.

"Mmmmmmm," Salina groaned into her father's impassioned mouth. Their crotches not only swayed together, as they did earlier, now they were also eagerly moving into each other and from side to side, with a building urgency. Her hands moved down from the small of his back and grasped his buttocks, pulling him harder into her hungry body.

As his hands squeezed and massaged her breasts, his own tongue went on the attack, forcing itself into her wet mouth and dueling fiercely with her challenging tongue. He began pushing into her crotch with his enclosed cock desperately pushing in and pulling back. Tony could feel the wetness in his pants from the pre-cum.

Salina tore her mouth away and began muttering at his lips, "Oh dad, dad ... I love you so much..."

"Mmm, I love you too, sweetheart," he moaned.

Suddenly, her mouth switched course and she was immediately sucking and licking on his neck; then moving and sucking and licking on his ear.

Father and daughter were pushing, fondling, and grinding; their passions inflamed; their years of suppressed fantasies now quickly becoming a reality. He was gently fondling her breasts. Her nipples felt as tight as they had ever been, just as his throbbing cock was hurting from its tightness.

"I love you daddy," her wet working mouth whispered hotly in his ear. He groaned.

Gathering all of his willpower he moved his hands from her breasts and onto her shoulders where he gently, yet purposely, pushed, forcing her to stop. The incestuous couple looked passionately at each other's face and both were shocked to see the look of utter lust upon the other. Both father and daughter were breathing heavily and hotly.

Tony finally managed to look from his daughter's lust-filled face and once more looked at how angelic she seemed in her wedding gown. His eyes paused at the full swell of her naked flesh at the top of her bodice, and then moved down, pausing again at the tiny waist that flared out at the hips. Salina was absolutely stunning.

His mouth was dry as he struggled to speak what was on his mind. Swallowing a few times, he looked back up into his daughter's eyes and then managed to whisper, "B-bride ... Daddy's bride, sweetheart?"

Staring at her father, Salina saw the total love in his eyes. She knew that it wasn't a father-daughter love, but a real love; the same that she had been feeling for him for so long.

Tears were falling down her cheeks and this time they were tears of joy. She lowered her eyes to the floor momentarily, almost as if in embarrassment. With head bowed, she nodded her agreement. Then she looked back up to his face; seeing a look of, relief, happiness and lust, all in one.

"Why doesn't the new bride go upstairs and get ready for bed? And I'll be up in a few minutes, okay?"

Salina hesitated. She realized that what he was proposing was a life of an incestuous father-daughter affair; something that she wouldn't have imagined could have ever been, but something that she wanted as badly as he did.

"C-can..." she began. "Would it ... Dad, I don't want to ... you know -- mom? I, er, want us to be ... I, er ... ourselves ... you know?"

Tony understood totally what she was feeling, yet didn't quite understand what she was asking.

She continued, "Can my old room -- be our new room?"

He smiled and nodded. "Go ahead sweetheart. I'll be up there in two minutes."

She smiled that wonderful smile that had him wrapped around her little finger all these years. She then turned and started to trot away, but paused at the bottom of the stairs.

"Hey, the lights will be out ... But by the morning I expect that my new hubby will have taken my virginity ... and not tried to revert to his past fantasies -- I don't expect to be 'analized', you know?" she giggled and hurried up the stairs.

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