All Expenses Included

by harry lime

Copyright© 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: This a guided tour travel spoof that looks at an all male tour with a young female tour guide for the express purpose of getting laid.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Group Sex   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   Workplace   Prostitution   .


~~Sightseeing with a Kinky Twist~~

I read the brochure a second time just to make certain I understood the fine print. The proposed tour was of several popular cities on the Continent. They were all popular locations that were particularly appealing to me for various reasons.

The very first thing that caught my eye was the bottom line that stated unequivocally that the advertised fee of a flat two thousand Euro dollars included all expenses. I checked the ingredients of the expense matrix and saw that it was double occupancy which seemed reasonable to me. Obviously they would be putting single males or females with bunk-mates of their own gender. The fact that it was for a duration of 14 days and 13 nights seemed more than adequate for sightseeing purposes. The mode of transportation was a private coach which also seemed convenient. Side trips were extra but seemed quite redundant to me with the sites selected in the main tour.

Even the feeding proposal was very generous with a continental breakfast every morning, a packaged lunch including fruit and drinks each mid-day and a full dinner each night at the luxury hotels or a restaurant of your choice with varied menus. Tips were also included.

I spotted the section that called for miscellaneous expense coverage for Entertainment in Amsterdam in the famous "Red Light" district and even a free coupon for personal companion services overnight in Paris. The overnight in Rome called for a complimentary "full service" massage in an establishment called "La Dolce Vita". The implications were quite intriguing.

All in all, the offer was almost too good to be true.

I only waited 5 minutes before ringing up to reserve a space for me on the tour leaving the first week of the new month. I was on pins and needles waiting for the magic day to arrive.

My first inkling that I might have made a mistake in booking the tour was when we all queued up for the departure of the tour bus. The bus was fairly new and seemed quite clean. The driver was elderly but seemed very courteous. The tour guide was late but that would be easily remedied. It was the composition of the tour group that surprised me. There was not a single female in the group. It was as if we were a tour of prospective grooms heading to Russia for a peep at the current crop of unattached lovelies in search of a compatible soul mate. I figured right away it was the miscellaneous expenses paid in Amsterdam, Paris, and Rome. I wondered if it was all some sort of scam just to get a good turnout for the tour. I was thinking of begging off with an excuse of a sudden emergency at my office when the tour guide showed up.

Patricia was definitely a class act. She was posh personified with dignified femininity exuding from every pore of her being. I could tell most of the horny male passengers were already under the spell of her powerful charms. I might claim that none this foolishness made the slightest impression on me but I would be lying.

I immediately began to compose poems in my head attesting to her beauty and personality. My eyes rested briefly on her curvaceous posterior and I was irretrievably lost. My cock was dancing a jig inside my trousers and I had not even spoken to her as yet.

Somehow, we managed to get on the road and I was lucky enough to be assigned a seat up front right across the aisle from the driver and her. I kept a magazine perched protectively in my lap to preclude her noticing my continued arousal and perceive me to be some sort of pervert.

I could hear some sniggers and laughter from the rear of the bus and I was mortified to think that the other rude male passengers were commenting on her female assets. Whenever she turned or leaned over slightly, her oversized breasts swung provocatively like a pair of artillery shells ready to be chambered and fired.

What really made my day was that whenever she had a question or a complicated thought, she opened her mouth and let her tongue rest on her upper lip like tempting slice of cherry tart waiting to be devoured. I noted a slight accent in her perfect English grammar and wondered if she spoke some exotic foreign language that would drive one up the wall when copulating behind closed doors.

When we all stopped for a quick break before boarding the ferry, she told us all to be sure to "wiggle our worms" because the restrooms were at a premium on board. Admittedly, it was the way she said it with a knowing and totally enchanting smile that brought me close to premature ejaculation right there on the bus seat.

Patricia told us that she had been at school in Switzerland until recently and this was her "first job" after graduation. Somebody in the back asked an unintelligible question and she replied,

"No, this is really the first time for me."

A number of the chaps could not restrain their explosion of laughter and poor Patricia looked askance for the source of the amusement. My cock was starting to jerk about again and I hoped she would sit down soon so her delicious bum was not waving right under my nose in the front of the bus.

Our first night was to be in Amsterdam and the visit to the famous "Red Light" district where the girls sat in various forms of undress in windows to entice clients into their web of depraved activities.

It was obvious that Patricia knew exactly what was going on and why all the men were hot to get started on the tour. However, she was far too discreet to even make a pun on the activities and merely stated that the vouchers of the evening's entertainment were available as we were leaving the bus and she would pass them out as we signed the receipt on the way off the bus. A lot of the fellows were smiling broadly as they received their chits. Actually, they were more like leering rather than smiling. Poor Patricia was shaking just a little bit from the ordeal of giving each man a pass for an evening of debauchery and kinky business.

When she came to me, I just waved it off and said,

"I have other plans for this evening. I heard there was a great canal cruise around the city and wanted to check it out."

The hostess and guide beamed at my ability to restrain my erotic desires and replied,

"Yes, I have been on it and want to go again so badly. Would you mind if I accompany you, Mr. Brown?"

I could not contain my pleasure at such good fortune.

We had a marvelous time on the boat ride and when we arrived back at the hotel, none of the other passengers had returned as yet. Since I was paired off with another traveler in a double occupancy room, I went with Patricia to her single room to have a nightcap from her hidden bottle of brandy. The brandy went down quickly and we were starting on the second glass, when she asked me if I would like to allow her to "make up" for my missing my free "Red Light" girl for the evening. I stammered a positive answer and before I could say another word, my beautiful Patricia was on her knees in front of me and pulling my rock-hard cock up to her wet and willing mouth.

She told me my cock tasted like brandy and she would use my cum as a chaser.

When this beautiful and high-class female talked dirty to me like that, I had no alternative but to let my load shoot down her deep and mysterious mouth filled with saliva, brandy, pre-cum and my full and creamy load.

I relaxed on the bed and watched my perfect woman carefully re-do her lipstick and purse her succulent lips in front of the mirror slightly bent forward in her short flared skirt of gossamer pink. The outline of her heart-shaped buttocks caused my well-sucked cock to arise once again valiant for more action.

Patricia laughed when she saw my "big boy" out in front of me and shook her head in mock horror.

"Put it away, Mr. Brown, the others will be back any minute."

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