Alice's Rehabilitation Program

by harry lime

Copyright© 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: From women's prison to parole and a transition from lesbian to happy bisexual.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Cream Pie   Workplace   .

Alice Summers was ready to be released from her period of incarceration from the Florida Department of Corrections and she was impatiently tapping her toe on the metal bench anchor next to the discharge section exit gate waiting for the nod from the guard. When he gave the signal, Alice and five other parolees headed to the bus stop just outside the gate. It was timed perfectly and the bus was just pulling up as they reached the bus stop sign on the corner.

None of them spoke to each other and the truth was that Alice didn't feel any comradeship with the other females sitting with frozen-in-stone faces on the almost empty bus. During her 270 days behind the stone walls, Alice had accepted her role of submissive playmate to the older more aggressively inclined inmates despite the fact she was quite cock-oriented in her sexual preferences. She had learned all of the tricks necessary to make the other demanding women reach orgasm quickly and pat her on top of her head for excellent work. She had gotten so used to taking care of the women's needs that she had completely ignored her own desires for physical completion.

Alice had watched one of the new jailed inmates attempt to thwart the older inmates designs on her fresh new youthful body and saw that the guards made absolutely no move to stop them from taking what they wanted in a nasty and violent manner. After that, she was totally cooperative and pretended that she really liked her role as a submissive slave to the long-term inmate's depraved demands.

She was bit surprised that a lot of the women preferred to make her take their pretend cocks up her ass instead of into her willing pussy. Alice realized it was probably more of a control thing and the females wanted to insure she knew they were in charge and that she was just a "bitch" to do their bidding. Since there was absolutely no chance to get a shot of cock in the jail, Alice grew to appreciate the lesbian attentions and soon managed to "grin and bear it" whenever her favors were requested. The simple fact was she managed to stay up-beat and pleasant making her popular with even the most vicious of inmates and they bartered amongst themselves for a turn riding her ass.

Her short-lived excursion into the escort business was the reason for her prison vacation. Alice knew she could pick up the telephone book or turn on the computer and find a least a hundred other "Escorts" in the local area but she had managed to piss off some cops with absolutely no sense of humor and the attitude that Escort girls were mere "perks" of working the streets in the middle of the night.

She hoped her friend Gloria had taken good care of her little pussy, Blackie while she was behind bars. Blackie was her best friend and shared her bed whenever she wasn't working.

Alice was sitting at the kitchen table across from her room-mate Gloria and tried not to let her surprise show on her face at how much weight Gloria had gained in only nine months while she was inside the cold grey walls of the female detention center. Poor Gloria was always a little on the plump side but now she was at least two or three sizes larger and her chins were evidence of the extra weight under her loose fitting dress.

"Alice, I think you have lost a lot of weight in that place!"

She smiled and bit her tongue from making a wise crack about the opposite change with Gloria's shape.

"They really made me do a lot of exercise in there, Honey."

Gloria smiled ruefully, "I guess I could use to do some exercise too, baby."

Alice was thinking that even with the added weight, her pretty-faced roomie was a lot better looking than most of her recent friends at the state facility. She and Gloria had fooled around a little in the shower and stuff like that but her lesbian experiences had really started when she began her sentence.

"You know, Gloria, I learned an awful lot of stuff inside that place, Honey and maybe I can show you some of the things I found out when the lights went out at night."

Gloria giggled and ran her fingers through Alice's hair.

"I don't know, Hon, I only did that stuff with girls in High School before I started to get hooked on boy's cocks."

Alice stroked Gloria's arm and looked up at her standing behind her.

"Well, you know how much I like cock too, but that's no reason for us not to have a little fun when we are alone."

Gloria took Alice's hand and led her back to the bathroom.

"I think we need to get you all nice and scrubbed up, young lady!"

Alice was glad that Gloria had assumed the leadership role. She was much more comfortable in her usual submissive role and loved to take orders whenever possible. She stood in the middle of the tiled bathroom floor while Gloria stripped her of all her clothes. The steam from the shower was already fogging up the mirror but she could see her overweight friend remove all of her clothing as well. Even with the added weight, the young girl's breasts and bottom were exciting to look at. She was able to compare her slender pale body with the lush curves of her naked room-mate.

Gloria had her favorite body-wash in her hand and Alice allowed her to start right in on her back. She shuddered at her friend's gentle touch. It was so different than her rough and tumble treatment in the women's detention hall.

"I remember your skin being the softest thing I ever touched."

Gloria kissed the nape of her neck while her hands moved in smooth circular circles starting at her shoulders and descended slowly down her body.

Alice was panting with repressed desire. It was sheer torture to wait so long for those delicious hands to reach the promised land of her triangular shaven slit and her puckered rear door. Bye the time Gloria reached her waist, Alice's pussy was leaking big time and her knees were quaking in a way they never did behind bars with the tough females who used her like slut.

When Gloria's fingers entered inside her vagina, Alice fell forward onto the white tiled shower wall and thrust her rear end back to get more attention from Gloria's talented hands. Soon, she was getting fingers in her vagina and fingers on her clitoris. It was the best of both worlds for her and she started to wail like a silly schoolgirl getting her pussy touched for the very first time.

"Please, Gloria, push your finger in my butt. I like it back there now. Stick the soap in my tight little hole and clean me out real good. I promise to take good care of you next. That's it, baby, right there. Give it to me good."

Alice had her eyes closed. She was almost in a trance taking Gloria's loving hands all over her hot tiny body. Her orgasm slipped up on her unexpectedly. It hit her like a ton of bricks and she felt her knees wobble causing Gloria to put her hands under her arms to keep her from falling to the shower floor.

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