Demoralized and Degraded in the Darien Gap

by neff trebor

Copyright© 2013 by neff trebor

Fiction Sex Story: Kelly travels to the San Blas islands to help her retired husband ferry tourists around the dangerous Darien Gap. They end up with some bad customers. All of them run into the FARC who specialize in kidnappings for ransom. Kelly is pawned off by different groups for their advantage.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Coercion   Heterosexual   Wimp Husband   Wife Watching   MaleDom   Humiliation   Black Male   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Size   .

Kelly Marie Munson cursed silently to herself as she stuck her finger in her mouth. She had ruined another nail. She was now pretty much past trying to protect them on this trip. Once it stopped hurting, she turned to continue unloading supplies from the jeep.

She had dressed more for convenience than looks. She had used her long, high, logging boots rather than deck shoes because it was more practical when she drove the jeep. She was less likely to hurt herself if she dropped a box on her foot.

She wore a Lycra, form-fitting, one-piece Speedo that was cut high on her thighs. The fabric of the competition suit was strong but ultra thin. It was practical in that she could be pretty much anywhere and change clothes. She had blue, denim Levis that had been cut and hemmed just below her crotch. The pockets had been shortened so they didn't stick below the edge. Her blue oxford men's dress shirt was sleeveless and the sides were unbuttoned, but tied across her abdomen.

The shirt had been cut short to bare her midriff and the front had been cut so that she had extra fabric to tie at the bottom. Her long reddish brown hair hung down her back past her waist. She had taken several smaller tufts of hair at her temples and braided them so they could be clipped at the back of her head to hold the rest of her hair out of her face.

Her faded blue denim baseball cap was on straight and pulled down to shield her eyes, which were also covered by her Dolce & Gabanna sun glasses.

Dan watched with mixed feelings as his wife unloaded the boat and most of the sailors on adjoining boats seemed to stop their work to enjoy the view. Jenny's long, tanned and toned legs seemed to always draw a crowd. If they were patient, if they used their imagination, they could see her long pink nipples; straining against the one-piece as she levered the boxes down the gangplank. He had a certain amount of pride of having such a beautiful wife; but also annoyed at the attention their docking always seemed to attract. On the other hand, it didn't hurt business when she was along either. His rides always seemed to fill up first.

Her husband, Dan, had taken early retirement from his teaching position at the State College and cashed in a good part of his retirement fund to pursue his next career. He had bought a 43 foot double hulled catamaran and was ferrying travelers from Panama to Columbia. It had been a lifelong dream to get a large boat and sail the world. Now he was living it.

They had taken summer vacations all over the world and went on short fishing and sailing trips. He had fallen in love with the San Blas Islands; the native Indians; the weather and way of life.

Most people have a perception that north and South America are one continuous land mass. Few people realize that about fifty miles of land between Columbia and Panama are almost uninhabitable and almost impassable. The land is infested with marshes, swamps and impassable geography.

Neither government wants to build modern bridges and roadways through it, for fear it would just streamline the drug traffic from South American clear into the U.S

Although there are always some brave souls who attempt to hike through the area many of the FARC rebels (those who haven't been killed by the government forces) are believed to have retreated back to the jungles of Darien, making the trip even more dangerous.

The trip from Panama, around Darien to Columbia takes several days, but with stops in the San Blas Islands, it is a very scenic and romantic trip. Kelly had made the trip with her husband a few times, and now that school was out, she had left their daughter, Dakota, with her sister for the summer to help her husband with the trips.

She was less than excited about his retirement plans, but was determined to make the best of it.

Kelly had been a late bloomer. In high school, she had been a knock-kneed, pigeon toed, tall, awkward, girl with thick glasses and crooked teeth. She had been extremely shy and insecure growing up. It was because of these insecurities that she had embedded herself in studies and athletics. She ended up being second in her class, academically and had a choice of an athletic or academic scholarship to just about anywhere she wanted to go.

Because she was so insecure, she had decided to live at home and go to the local university. It was there that she met her Journalism teacher, Dan Munson. He was quite a bit older than her, (20 years) but was not nearly as aggressive as the other men who were always trying to ask her out.

Once she got to college, her daily runs of ten miles of distance running in the morning and ten miles of running intervals in the evening, pretty much eliminated any knock-kneed, skinny-girl posture she had grown up with.

Her walnut-sized breasts firmed up to a respectable melon size with incredibly long nipples that turned heads in a track uniform. Her short, form-fitting track shorts were cut high on her thighs and the form fitting jersey top did little to hide her long pink nipples. Kelly had gone so long without needing a bra, that she seemed oblivious to the stares when she started to college.

Her coke-bottle glasses disappeared as cheaper contact lenses became available. After she married, her husband paid for braces. By the time she had used up her track eligibility, she was a different woman.

Although the college officials would never admit it, Kelly was probably the reason attendance doubled at track meets during her four years there. She was to the 1600 meters as Anna Kournikova was to tennis, what Danica Patrick was to racing, and what Blanka Vlasic was to women's high jumping.

She was as good a writer as she was a runner, holding positions on many talk shows that covered sports. She was hesitant to give all this up, at the age of forty, to help her retired husband navigate a sailboat between Panama and Columbia. On the other hand, it gave her quite time away from everything to focus on writing stories and adding pictures to them of all the places they had been.

Kelly had been going into town to get last minute supplies for their next trip from Panama back through the San Blas islands to Columbia. Normally, the catamaran had room for ten people. If it got crowded, she and Dan would sleep on lounge chairs on deck to let the ten others have a bed. At $450.00 each, they felt willing to give up their room for an extra $900.00 each way.

Kelly had finished using the hand dolly to load the last batch of boxes into the catamaran and was putting it back into the jeep, which she was going to park in the garage of their storage building, when she heard three 350cc motorcycles roll up to the edge of their dock and shut off their engines.

Most of their travelers weren't due at the dock for a couple of more hours, so she didn't pay much attention to them; fishermen on a different trip, she told herself. Suddenly, she felt a hot, blue, steel barrel against her neck.

"Shut your fucking mouth, and get in the fucking boat." She heard one of them say as he wrapped one arm clear around her neck and held the pistol against her. Kelly hadn't been given time to get scared or understand the situation.

Her husband had been moving the boxes Kelly had loaded onto the deck into the storage space inside the boat when he looked up to see three huge black men coming down the gang plank. The one in front had one arm wrapped around his wife's neck. The other hand had a gun.

"What the fuck's going on he wondered," unable to dissect the information in front of him. "Get in the fucking boat the biggest one, who had his arm around Kelly said. He motioned with his gun to the door and stairs down into the boat.

The men each had a long plastic tube on a strap strung over his shoulder. They also had at least one more on each of the motorcycles. The men jabbered back and forth in Spanish, before two of them went back up to the dock.

The two on the dock started their bikes, put them in gear and drove them over the edge, into the water. They did the same again with the last bike. The two men brought the back packs, saddle bags and plastic tubes onto the boat.

"Let's get the fuck out of here." The big one said; glaring at Dan. Dan seemed to be the first of the captured couple to recover. He went to the side of the boat and untied it from the dock. The big guy let Kelly go, and the couple raised the sails and tacked back and forth out of the harbor.

About that time, Kelly figured out who they were. The Panamanian Government has a cell phone emergency service just like in the United States. If there is an emergency like a tornado, hurricane, fire or earthquake, the government has an application that notifies everybody in that region, regardless of zip code or cell service of the disaster.

They had also gone so far as to notify people in the area of the presence of dangerous criminals. A week or so before, Kelly had seen a text message and pictures, alerting everybody that the Garcia brothers had escaped from the U.S. and believed heading south (through Central America) towards South America.

Felix, Raul, and Ramon Garcia had shot their way out of some drug deal in Florida. They had escaped across the border near El Paso and were believed heading south. Kelly had seen the warning test message and photos at least a week or more before. It just didn't register in her mind that anything could happen to her and her husband.

"The ten others scheduled to board their boat and sail for San Blas will alert the authorities that something has happened." She reasoned. Somebody will alert authorities and the boat will be stopped.

Kelly and her husband had not really learned Spanish that well, so it was hard to figure out what the men were saying.

Felix, the tallest one, tried to be nonchalant as he eyed the middle aged beauty. They were not out to sea very far, and he didn't want to concern them any more than necessary. Never-the-less, he couldn't help but notice the agile, tanned and toned woman was much more beautiful than most women her age. She seemed so out of place with the older, pale, and un-athletic prick that must be her husband. He would let them get further out to see before he considered anything else.

Right now, they had to get away from several groups that were chasing them. First of all, they had taken thousands of dollars in a drug hijacking scam. Then the U.S. Government was after them for killing the bastards. It seemed like everybody on every side of the law had a bitch with them.

Kelly tried to remain calm, but was eyeing the three men uneasily. Felix, the tallest one, must have been about 6'-6" tall and looked as athletic as anybody she had ever seen. His sleeveless, unbuttoned shirt fluttered in the sea breeze, and his abdominal muscles rippled with the reflection of the sweat on him.

She did not want to project any fear about them that might set her husband's already high anxiety off so that he might do something that would get both of them killed.

Raul and Ramon were closer to the same size and weight. They were both about six feet tall and weighed about 200 pounds each. Like their taller brother, they had no fat and could crush either her or her husband without any effort.

Kelly tried to stay as far away from the men as she could. It wasn't far enough. She was not ready for her cell phone to go off. She could not shut it off. The ring tone carried from one end of the boat to the other. Before she could shut it off, Felix was right beside her and grabbed it out of her hands. There it was:

"Danger. Be on lookout for Garcia brothers; Felix, Ramon and Raul. Have hijacked boat and believed to be heading through San Blas Islands to Columbia. Armed and dangerous."

The text message had a series of photos of each of the men. Felix saw it and started speaking in Spanish to the others.

"Change of plans." He said. "We are going to land at Darien.

Dan and Kelly were quiet, but hesitant to show any reaction. "Are they going to kill us so we can't give away their position, or are they just going to let us go with the boat. Nobody will find them in there." Kelly thought.

As the sun started down, Dan sailed along the coast, looking for a place to land. Finally, he found a cove. The cove went in and met with a river. "They would be able to sail upriver for a ways and conceal the boat," Felix thought.

"Turn here," Kelly heard the biggest man say. Kelly turned the sail and pointed the catamaran up the river. They would be camouflaged by the mangroves that lined the banks. The river made several turns. That made it better.

"We'd better stop here for the night. I don't want to sail into anything that might be dangerous. We've never been here before." Dan said. The three men looked at each other and nodded without saying anything.

There was a small island in the middle of the river. They pulled the catamaran up and tied it to some mangrove roots. They would not be seen from the ocean and were covered by trees if helicopters came by.

By now, their three captors had found the aluminum lawn chairs and had them circled on the shore. They had unpacked their long plastic tubes. Inside the longer tubes were the modified bolt action 223 Remington Mags. They had been disassembled for easier transportability. The barrels had been customized to be much longer than the commercial or military versions. Dan recognized them they were sniper equipment. He could see that the tubes also had laser telescopes, and silencers. These guns would not be effective in the kind of firefights that occurred in Vietnam, or Iraq, but certainly in the mountains of Afghanistan. They were cleaning and oiling their weapons. They also had a few AK-47's and several smaller hand guns.

"Who the fuck is doing the cooking around here?" Kelly heard Felix thunder. "I ... I ... I ... can cook." Kelly stammered.

"Get the fuck over here, cunt."

Kelly looked over at her husband. Their eyes met. This was the beginning of what they were afraid of. Kelly walked slowly over to stand near Felix.

"Tell your fucking prick husband to get his ass over here."

Kelly looked at Felix and then over at her husband.

Dan walked over without anybody saying anything else.

Ramon and Raul took a length of cord and tied him to some mangrove roots.

"What the fuck is your name, cunt? Or, should I just call you "Cunt?" Felix asked.

"My name is Kelly; Kelly Marie Munson. My husband is Dan." She said, almost in a whisper.

"Well, Miss Kelly; I am fucking hungry. Why don't you build a fucking fire and cook something. I saw you unloading several boxes of steaks from the Jeep."

Kelly turned to go back to the boat. She had some charcoal briquettes and some steaks she could get.

"Wait a fucking minute, cunt; I mean Miss Kelly. Get over here."

Kelly stopped. She stood with her back to him for a few seconds. She looked over at her husband as she turned. "I can't put him through any more anxiety than he's already in." she said to herself as she moved slowly towards Felix.

"We've been on the run for several weeks now. We haven't had the time to see any women for a long time. You have your shirt tied up real nice, like those girls at Hooters. I want you to be like them. In fact I think you can do better. Take off that shirt."

Kelly went numb. The command about the shirt was nothing; but where was this going to end? "Please don't do this to us. I'm going to fix you a meal." She replied, knowing that her answer wasn't probably going to get the job done.

She heard a loud "Krack!" and turned to see a mangrove tree limb about 1 —" in diameter explode just above her husband's head.

"Okay; okay. I'll do it." She said.

Kelly reached for the knot in the middle of her chest. She fumbled with it for a while, trying to untie it with fingers she could not seem to control. There were no buttons. She arched her shoulders and slid the garment off of her and handed it to Felix's outstretched arm.

Kelly crossed her arms in front of her out of reflex. Although she had a swimsuit on, she knew it didn't hide very much. Her perspiration had soaked the garment. Her long stem pink nipples might as well have been covered with a thin wrap of cellophane for all the cover it gave her when wet.


Kelly knew what he wanted. She struggled with the belt and buckle at the top of her shorts. When she pulled on the tab of her zipper, the jungle seemed to stop. She could not hide the "ripping" sound of the zipper opening.

The humiliated woman bowed her head and stooped over as she put her thumbs around the top of her shorts and pushed them down. Once they cleared her thighs, the fell until they caught on the top of her lumberjack boots. She crossed her arms in front of her as she raised first one foot and then the other to scrape the garment past her boots.

Kelly stuck her middle finger under her swimsuit hem and pulled out to stretch the fabric away from her body. The front had stretched up and against her, giving her a camel toe that was as bad as being naked.

"Oh, fuck, Mister Dan, you have one fucking beautiful wife here. What did you ever do to deserve her?"

Dan was fuming, but not in a position to do anything about it.

"You can start the fucking fire as soon as you get rid of that fucking swimming suit, young lady." Felix said with a wicked smile.

Kelly looked over at her husband. She tried to force a smile she didn't have. "I love you. We'll get through this." She mouthed to him. She steadied herself and took several breaths before she arched her back to reach the straps. She had to untie the straps behind her. She was determined to maintain whatever dignity she could muster as she brought the top down to her waist.

Her lips quivered as she thought defiantly; "Let them have their look." She paused for a few moments, struggling with the next sequence of events. Without being told, she pushed the garment down past her crotch. She wanted it over and done with, but the clingy fabric would not go easily. She had to struggle; pushing it down over her thighs and struggling to get it past her boots.

As Kelly bent over to get the garment clear of her boots, her cheeks burned, knowing that the cool sea breeze was wafting between her legs and chilling the moist pink tissue between her folds.

"Sweet fucking Jesus." Felix whispered to himself. He reached out and pulled her onto his lap at the three black savages stared transfixed at the sight in front of them.

Some women have to shave to look like this, but Kelly had a "manicured" look that was mostly natural. The soft reddish brown tufts above her cleft were thicker in the center, but thinned out in texture, color and numbers as it faded to the edges. Below the top of her slit, she was shaved. She was shaved bare to make the high cut waist of her speedo look so spectacular. No woman who looked this good should ever be allowed to wear clothes.

Felix wraped his right arm around her to steady her on his lap. The other two men scooted their chairs closer as the forefinger of Felix's left hand snaked up and played with the soft tufts of curly hair at the opening.

He pulled soflly and caressed the thin wafts of downy material. The little curls looked and smelled like the fuzz on a Hawaiian fern. Felix stuck his finger tip in her and pulled it back. He put it to his nose and inhaled like a man with a box of Cuban cigars or a child with her first baby rose.

Felix put the fingers of his left hand under her chin. He tipped her head up and tilted her head. "Kiss me; and make it good."

To Kelly this was just as humiliating as getting raped. It was as bad as having your clothes ripped off and pinned to the top of a picnic bench while men took turns raping her. This was worse. She struggled with appearing to participate willingly.

Kelly struggled with the image she knew she was projecting to her husband as she moved both hands up to cradle Felix's face as she returned the kiss. Dan could see her cheeks and throat move as she swirled her tongue softly around his.

"I've got to do this. "She told herself. "I've got to go along or they will kill my husband." She told herself. Kelly turned her face to meet his. Her hands tenderly resting on each side of his cheeks implied a tender and affectionate kiss that was not really how Kelly felt about all of it. She wet her lips and relaxed them as she kissed him softly on the lips several times.

Down inside, she fought the impulse to wretch as she felt his tongue flicker between her lips against her teeth. She struggled not to pull away. Her head wagged slowly back and forth as the couple embraced. Despite sitting on his lap, she had to tip her head up to meet his, which had to turn down to meet her.

Kelly struggled not to gag as she felt the massive thumb waggle between her legs; searching for the inner passage. She felt his had turn; forcing more space between her legs.

Her bound husband watched in anguish as his beautiful wife turned her head up to meet his; placed her hands on the side of his face; and relaxed her legs to allow his fingers to enter her. She was unwilling but had no recourse but to part her legs to also help support herself on his lap.

Even the birds in the trees seemed to quiet; sensing something unusual was going on.

Kelly broke the kiss and lay her head, pointed upward against his neck. "Please; I beg you. Please don't force me in front of my husband. Please give me the dignity of doing this without him watching." Kelly stuttered as she kept her hands wrapped around his neck.

Since Kelly had broken out of her little-girl image with the coke-bottle glasses, she had gradually become a girl aware that she could get her way in most situations if she just hinted or asked. It was still not her manner to ask men for anything, but she was desperate to save her husband from this indignity.

"You can do this with me, or you can do this with all of us. It doesn't matter to me. I like to watch too. I'm sure my brothers would like to participate too." He whispered in her ear.

Kelly fought the urge to gag at the thought of being gang raped by all three at once in front of her husband. "Which would be worse?" she wondered. "Should she make things easier on herself by fucking just one of them in front of her husband; or getting laid out by all three of them, also in front of him?"

Kelly tried to put her right hand over Felix's in a futile effort to conceal the fact that he now had three fingers wiggling in and out of her. Her cheeks were red and her heart was beating like a Yamaha Floor Tom at the indignity of this invasion. Even with her attempt to shield her husband from this humiliation, she could not hide the sucking sound they made as the trapped air slurped in and out of her. It seemed to echo off of the trees and water because of the stillness in the air.

Her panic went from extreme to exponential when she felt another hand on her shoulder. Either Ramon or Raul had moved up close and placed his hand on her. She could feel the calloused, scarred rough hands creeping down her front. His thumb and forefinger found her right nipple and began rolling it.

Kelly broke her kiss with Felix, trying to adjust to the new indignity. Dan watched in horror as his wife's head went back. "Was she willingly throwing her head back and arching her shoulders to make room for Raul to join the fun?" Her indignant husband's mind screamed. To him it looked like two savages locked in a passionate coupling with his accommodating wife. "Had she no dignity?" he wondered.

Kelly felt a new horror growing; slowly at first, but something she could not seem to control. She could feel a tingling starting in her neck that slowly crept down to her toes. It was an unavoidable signal that something was happening to her. It was something she would gladly die rather than let take her over. She bit her lip in an effort to change her emotions.

She tried to focus on the humiliation she had, growing up; about all the unpleasant things she could think of. She was determined to fight off the sensations that were tingling out of control within her. They were not hers. Her body was betraying her somehow. She was powerless to stop the groan that escaped her mouth as her head went back and wagged slowly from side to side. She could not conceal the spasms that her husband could see vibrating through her legs.

She might fool others but not her husband. He knew what was happening to her. Dan struggled with his despair and anguish as he watched the fleeting shudders and shudders that perhaps the three savages might have missed. He recognized the groan; the moan; the wag of her head. He knew.

Felix sensed it too, when her body went from tense to limp. Her head sagged and she shuddered with sobs. She turned her head against his chest to hide her eyes as she moved her right hand up to cover them further.

"I guess it's time for supper." He said as he scooted her off of his lap. Humiliated, Kelly brushed his hand away from her opening. With one last "slurp," his fingers left the warm, sweet sanctuary. Kelly was only too willing to get off of his lap and start the evening meal. Once she was away from him, the humiliation and embarrassment of her nakedness took over.

She struggled with the awkwardness of walking naked to get the charcoal briquettes and load them in the grille. Her face reddened again as she had to bend over to light the fire. The cool air that hit her between her legs and her breasts swinging free from her reminded her what the men could see. She tried to present a defiance she did not have as she brought the plastic plates with the grilled steaks to the three men.

It was even more humiliating as she stood naked in front of her husband and tried to feed him. "I love you hon. Somehow we are going to get through this. Please don't worry." She could not hide the tears in her eyes as she tipped a bottle of water to his lips.

Their contact was interrupted with a roar from Felix. "Get your ass over here and feed me. A good waitress would be over her doing her job." Unable to totally hide her nudity, Kelly crossed her arms over her breasts as she padded like a zombie over to him.

He spread his legs and handed her his plate. He reached out and wrapped his right arm around her waist to pull her down onto his right thigh. "I feel much more attracted to you if you would feed me." He whispered.

Jenny struggled with the order, knowing how this looked to her husband, who could not hear his words. Kelly held the plate in her left hand and brought the already cut pieces to his mouth. Her long stem pink nipples shuddered like a manometer to reflect the shuddering in her stomach.

When supper was over, Raul and Ramon moved Dan to the boat. They duct taped him with his legs together and hands in front of him on one of the beds in the catamaran. Felix put an arm around Kelly and followed Ramon and Raul as they led her husband down into the cabin of one of the catamarans.

"When we get down there, my brothers are going to put your husband on one bed. You and I are going to use the other bed. You can start off by undressing me. I do not intend to tell you what to do once we are down there." Felix whispered into her ear. Kelly was devastated. Not only was she naked, but she was forced to show the initiative by undressing Felix in front of her husband. He would not be aware of the orders presented to her ahead of time.

When they got inside, the two brothers made sure Dan was still tied securely. They wrapped an additional length of rope around his feet and tied that to one of the hasps near the foot of the bed. He could not get out of the bed, but could move around if he wanted to. Once on his stomach, he turned his head to see what was going on in the rest of the room.

Once Raul and Ramon left, Felix followed Kelly into the room. Felix was close behind, holding her hand. Kelly struggled with her emotions as she turned to face her abductor. Felix could hardly stand in the 7'-0" ceiling. In the dim light, he looked even bigger. Kelly's hands shook as she reached up to remove his sleeveless, unbuttoned shirt. In the dim light, his muscles looked like he was carved out of black onyx.

Luckily for her, neither of the men could see her blush as she was forced to kneel to remove Felix's boots. His logging boots came to just below his knees; exactly like Kelly's. The dark, oiled leather of the boots and laces looked like they had been well cared for. Once the boots were off, she removed his wool socks and laid them on the floor to air out.

She glanced self-consciously over at her husband as she reached for his belt. She had not done this for another man, and was very self-conscious to be seen doing it by her husband. Her fingers trembled as she snapped the brass button open and reached for the tab on his fly. She was hoping her actions would go un-noticed, but the sound of the zipper gave her away. Felix put his hands on the bed and raised his body enough for Kelly to slide his levis and shorts past his thighs.

Kelly gasped as the black anaconda sprang free when she slid the garments down his thighs. It seemed to have a life all its own. Her cheeks burned as she tried to pull the trousers off of his feet. Kelly stood as soon as she could, trying desperately to distance herself from the vile creature so close to her face.

She stood facing him, waiting for the next humiliating order. She tried to ignore the presence of her husband. " She was alone with a stranger who didn't matter, " she tried to tell herself.

Felix was silent but she could make out the smile as he tried to lay back and pull her over on him. "He's going to fuck me." Her mind screamed. Kelly took a chance. She pulled back away from him. In the only procrastination she could think of, she went to the sink and filled a small Tupperware bowl with warm water. She picked up a wash rag and towel.

Her husband watched the erotic scene unfolding in front of him. He watched as his beautiful, naked wife set the water on the night stand next to Felix. Slowly, she soaked the rag; wrung it out, and sponged him off. Working first around his neck and shoulders, she gently wiped the sweat from his muscled body. When she was down to his waist, he stood. He turned themselves so Kelly was down on her knees in front of him. She had to reach up to bathe the dark onyx phallus that was wagging slowly back and forth in front of her.

Her bound husband watched in indignation as his wife of twenty years kneeled in front of this savage and held this immense appendage with one hand and ran the washcloth tenderly along the sides of him. He could see her hands were nervous and shaking. It was the only thing that revealed her true nervousness.

Once she was done washing and toweling him off, she turned with the bowl to return to the sink. Before she could get away, he reached out and stopped her. He stood her between the two beds and took the washcloth from the bowl. Dan watched helplessly as the black savage caressed her body with the moist towel.

When he was done, she turned and took the bowl back to the sink. When she came back to the bed, Felix scooted back against the wall, and pulled her over onto the bed against him. They were both facing her husband.

Felix wrapped both of his hands around her; his left hand under her and up against her right breast; his right hand over her waist and heading for the soft sweet spot between her legs. Soon, Dan could hear the soft "slurping sound" that needed no explanation. Kelly struggled to find a position that would accommodate the humiliating finger rape and perhaps minimize the tell-tale noise.

Kelly struggled with her thoughts as she could not seem to avoid her husband's penetrating gaze. Finally, she pulled Felix's fingers out of her, bent her knees up towards her abdomen and placed his hand behind her against her opening. That way, she reasoned, he would have more room and her husband could not see directly what was happening.

Kelly was forced to endure her husband's stare as Felix repositioned himself. Soon the "slurping' sound started again. Kelly put her hands over her face, rather than have to face her husband's stare.

All Kelly thought about was trying to suppress the tingling that was starting again. "Think of something." Her mind screamed. Just when she thought things couldn't get any worse, he stopped. His hand moved away. Next his right hand grabbed her. He guided it around behind her; against him; against his shaft.

"Put it in, baby."

Kelly knew what he wanted, but couldn't make herself move wither husband watching. "If only the moon would hide behind a cloud. If only the night light would burn out." She thought. She had no choice. Reluctantly, she allowed her hand to be guided back behind herself. He forced her to open her fingers and wrap it around his shaft.

"It's not completely hard, but more than I can ever fit into me." Her mind screamed. She reached for the tip and wrapped her fingers around it. She pulled her legs up towards her a little more. She had to raise her top leg a little. She put her fingers between her opening and at the edge of his shaft. Once she had everything lined up, Felix started to push; slowly; almost imperceptibly. Kelly struggled to hide the movements from her husband.

Dan was laying on his side. He didn't see much movement, but could tell from the look in his wife's eyes what was clearly going on. He could see the flinch in her eyes as Felix made contact. When her eyes blinked and she flinched again, he could tell the bastard was in.

The couple moved slowly trying to adjust their positions. Felix wanted in; completely in. Kelly struggled to find a comfortable position. She had never had to accommodate such a mastadonic phallus in her wildest dreams. She could not conceal the groan as Felix managed to nestle in all the way.

She had no alternative but to turn onto her back and bring her knees up against her chest. Her head wagged slowly from side to side as she bit her lip to keep from screaming. She couldn't bear to reveal her agony and humiliation to her husband.

"We can sleep like this, or you can use your mouth. Whatever you do, you have to keep me hard all night." He whispered into her ear. "If you can't keep it up, you can go stay with Ramon or Raul. I am sure they will keep you occupied all night." Kelly couldn't move. She couldn't talk. She wrapped her arms around Felix's right hand, which was draped across her. It wasn't out of passion. It was out of desperation to control her anguish and despair.

Kelly tried to sleep. It wasn't a deep sleep. On the one side, her husband refused to doze off. His cold stare was on her most of the night. Felix dozed off. When she felt his erection start to subside, she would reposition herself. She could turn on her side to face her husband; she could pull her knees up. It didn't take much movement to get him up.

"Whatever indignity she had to endure, it was better to keep Felix satisfied than to try to accommodate the other two." She told herself as she turned over to face her husband again. She closed her eyes, put her hands over them and turned her head down to avoid his stare.

In the morning, Kelly was again forced to fix breakfast like she was. They finally untied her husband so he could eat, relieve himself and manage the boat. They continued up the river. Kelly was forced to do whatever chores she had without her clothes.

Finally, the men spotted a settlement of some kind. Felix let her dress. When they got closer, the settlement was closer to a fortress than a trading post. The main structure was built of limestone and about forty feet high. It was a triangular building with no windows until the last few feet. The triangular shape must have been because it was easier to defend with fewer people. Whatever people wanted was lowered by rope in a bucket after the money was passed up.

Felix wasn't sure where he wanted to go, but needed horses. He was willing to trade the boat for fifteen horses and as many supplies as they could carry. They could ride five, pack supplies on five and keep five horses in reserve in case the ones they were riding got tired or something happened. The trade was more than fair enough, but they would not be able to manage any more supplies or horses than they had. They just gave the catamaran away.

Felix let the way. Kelly was second, Raul was third; Dan was fourth and Ramon was last. Each had a pack horse to deal with. Felix wanted Dan between Ramon and Raul. Nobody was tied because the horses were an unknown commodity at this point.

About a day's further ride, they finally arrived at some mountains. They weren't huge mountains, but they were large hills. They followed the river, not sure where it would take them. Finally felix spotted something that looked like a huge rock. When they got closer, it looked like the Cliff Dwellings in Mesa Verde National Park that had been inhabited by the Anastazi Indians hundreds of years ago.

They would have to leave their horses at the bottom, but for the time being, they could fortify themselves safely in rocks high above the valley and have some protection from whoever might be out there.

The three brothers scouted the stone cave and the surrounding area. Raul and Ramon built a series of tree stands about halfway up the hill. They were on an axis parallel to the cliff dwelling. They were in a strategic position where one could see the entire cliff dwelling and the lowland below without being seen. From the cliff dwellings, they would not be able to see anybody approaching until they were on them. Raul could see anybody sneaking up and alert the others with a text message from his cell phone. Having two tree stands on opposite ends of the axis gave them better triangulation information that could be used in their GPS and laser aided telescopic gun sights. With silencers and flash suppressors on their sniper rifles, nobody they were shooting at would have any idea where the shots were coming from

The horses were tethered on ropes in a decent pasture away from Rau's tree standsl. He could pick off anybody trying to steal the horses. They would take turns manning the tree stands.

The Garcia brothers decided to stay at least one more day to decide what to do.

During the night, Dan was tied up. Now that they were not in a double hulled boat, they all slept around a campfire. Kelly was ordered to disrobe again and assumed the sleeping arrangements would be the same. She would never get accustomed to it. She would never accept it, but at least she knew what was expected.

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