Deeanne's Story

by Ronski46

Copyright© 2013 by Ronski46

Erotica Sex Story: Deanne contacted me and asked me to put into words one of her dark fantasies. This story is the result. M+F/Non-Consent/Bondage

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   BDSM   Rough   .

This story comes to you courtesy of Deeanne who contacted me and asked me to write it for her based around one of her explicit dark fantasy's

I hope to write for her again based on more of her dark thoughts


Deeanne is a divorced mother of four grown up daughter's, she lives alone and has a nice home and a job she enjoys.

She works Monday to Friday and is considered a genuine MILF by the guys she works with. She has in the past been out on a date with a couple of them and has screwed with one of them when they had a one night stand.

Deanne is 44yrs old with long dark hair and stands 5'6'' tall, she has the curvy lush body of a woman in her sexual prime, her 44dd tits are her pride and joy.

She likes to tease her workmates and guys on the subway by wearing low cut tops and above the knee dresses, often crossing her legs to show a bit of thigh.

Chapter One

Deanne arrived home from work on a Friday night, she changes into jeans and a white button front blouse, then cooks dinner and sits at the dining table to eat and watch TV.

She had just sat down when the doorbell rings, so she goes to answer it thinking it is either a neighbor wanting to chat or someone trying to sell her something.

Deanne opened the door to see who it was when the door burst open in her face and a large hand pushed her back against the wall, she heard the door slam shut and the deadlock engage. The same hand went over her mouth holding her head hard against the wall and a voice told her to be very quite or she would be hurt.

Deanne's mind went into overdrive, she realised she was probably about to be robbed in her own home, under threat she kept very still, not wanting to provoke this man in any way. She noticed he had a bandanna around his mouth and nose, she could only see his eyes beneath the baseball cap pulled low over his forehead.

He brought a very large kitchen knife up and waved it in front of her eyes before placing it at her throat. Deanne went very still as he told her to stay exactly where she was, Deanne was petrified and stood very still.

He then used his foot to nudge a holdall he had dropped in the hallway closer until it was by his left hand, telling Deeanne to stay where she was he brought the tip of the knife down to between her large tit's at the open neck of her blouse, before bending down and undoing the clasp on the holdall, still looking at her to make sure she did not move.

He then produced from the holdall a pair of chrome handcuffs with a short chain between them, bringing them up he told Deeanne to place her wrist into one of the cuffs and click it closed, she did this and he then pulled her other arm towards him and clicked the other cuff into place on the other wrist. Deanne let this happen as she did not want to be hurt and realised she was about to be robbed in her own home and possessions could be replaced.

Bringing her cuffed hands down and picking up the holdall he took her back into the kitchen and sat her down in the wooden kitchen chair, he then felt around inside the holdall and took out a leather collar adorned with a pair of clips.

By now Deeanne was beginning to panic, her breathing got hard and he told her to calm down, he just needed to make sure she would not be able to run or fight him, Deanne sat very still watching as he placed the collar around her neck, he did it up and checked it was not too tight and then moving round behind her he suddenly pulled her arms up over and behind her head, she started to get up but he shouted at her to sit still unless she wanted to die, Deeanne was petrified, she stopped struggling and allowed him to clip the cuffs into place behind her head.

He now came around in front of her and sat on the table in front of her, he asked her what her name was, she replied, "Deeanne'', he then told her he had been watching her for some time and he knew she was on her own here and he was not there to rob her, she asked him, "What do you want?" and he just replied, "Why, you of course, I have been watching you for weeks now, walking down the road swinging your hips with your big tits thrusting out, sitting on the subway flashing your legs and thighs", so I decided to come here and fuck you.

Deeanne was horrified, what she thought was going to be a robbery was now she realised going to be a rape, her heart beat faster and she tried to sit forward more so that her 44dd breasts were not pushed out, but that didn't work, with her hands cuffed behind her head she was almost presenting her breast's to him.

Telling her to stand up he moved forward with the knife in his hand waving it in front of her face, Deanne tried to stand but her legs were like jelly. He grabbed her by the hair and lifted her from the seat, once she was standing he looked her up and down, his eyes lingering on her breasts thrust out against her blouse straining the buttons. "I do like big tits," he said, "and yours are big, what size are they"? Deeanne replied,"44dd" in a shaky voice as he reached forward to cup one from underneath.

Deeanne tried to move away but came up against the chair behind her, he pulled her forward and swung her around so that she was backed against the table before again bringing his hand up to cup her breast again, sending a shiver through her body.

He then brought both hands up to the buttons on the front of her blouse and slowly popped the first one open, Deeannes breath became a small gasp, he then undid the next button so that the tops of her breasts came into view, cupped in her white lacy bra, the creamy flesh spilling slightly over the top of the cups, the third and forth buttons were undone, more of her lacy bra and large tits coming into view. By now Deeanne's breaths were coming in small gasps, her breasts heaving inside of the lacy embrace of her bra as he popped open the fifth and last button, her breasts and bra now fully exposed as her blouse fell open down both sides, her breasts thrust forward by her hands pinned behind her head.

The man drew in a breath as he stared at the creamy expanse of her big tits enclosed in her bra, he pushed her blouse back and reaching forward with the knife he placed the blade beneath the material holding her bra in place, turning it sideways the razor sharp blade sliced through the flimsy material and fell away from her body, her 44dd breast's with their large dark nipples came into view.

Deeanne felt her nipples pucker and harden at the sudden exposure, he lifted her chin forcing her breasts further toward him, she felt like she was offering them to him for his approval. As he bent his head and sucked one into his hot mouth it hardened even more in fright as she felt his teeth scrape across her sensitive bud, his hands coming up to cup them both in his large hands, his fingers rubbing and rolling her nipples making her gasp and squirm, his mouth moving from one nipple to the other in turn as he sucked and nibbled on them, pulling and twisting them cruelly with his fingers before sinking his teeth hard into them both one at a time, Deanne screamed and he clamped a hand over her mouth pushing her down across the table as he did so.

He then stood back up leaving her laying bent over backwards across the table, small sobs escaping from her throat at the abuse to her nipples and tits. Reaching down he undid the top button on her jeans before pulling her to her feet, making her stand before him as he undid the zipper and tugged at then until they moved over her hips, the smooth flesh of her belly coming into view. He continued to tug her jeans down slowly exposing her matching lacy white knickers, her jeans now around her thighs.

He placed a hand on her left breast and trailed it down across her nipple, under her breast and on down her tummy, letting his fingers move slowly downwards towards her panties he allowed them to drift down across the lacy material until they rested just on her fully shaved pubic mound, pressing in slightly to feel the soft flesh between her legs as one finger crept slowly over her lacy panties.

He then knelt down and pulled her jeans down to her ankles before lifting each leg in turn to remove them off of her feet, Deanne now stood before him dressed in just her white lace panties, her blouse hanging open, her bra cut in half her tits exposed, the big dark nipples still hard and puckered.

Chapter Two

He then bent down and pulled Deanne over his shoulder and walked through her apartment to her bedroom and throwing her down on the bed. He told her to stay there, if she tried to move he would hurt her, Deanne laid still, her body exposed, just her white lacy panties hiding her shaved pussy from his eyes. He then left the room leaving her shaking with fright, her mind full of thoughts of what he would do to her, should she fight him?, should she give in and stay alive?, what would happen to her?

He returned to the bedroom carrying the holdall and checked she had not moved, bending down he took an extendable spreader bar out and threaded it between her cuffed arms, running it behind her head as he extended it so that now her arms were pulled back with her elbows pinned behind her head, he then used rope to bind it in place to her elbows,

Deanne was now laid on the bed her breasts pushed out and up by the position of her arms.

Taking out another bandanna he placed it across her eyes and tied it around her head to blindfold her, she could now only react to his touch, she would have no idea what he was doing until she felt his hands touch her vulnerable body. She felt him take one ankle in his hand and another cuff placed around it, he then took the other ankle and a cuff was placed around that ankle also, pulling her legs apart he attached another spreader bar between them, once in place he then started to open her legs by expanding the bar, slowly her legs were pulled further and further apart, spread to the extent she thought her hip would pop out of joint, further than her legs had ever been spread before.

Deanne knew he could see the outline of her shaven pussy through the thin lace of her panties now that her legs were wide apart, her tummy was moving up and down with her rapid breaths as she waited in trepidation for what he would do to her next. She did not have long to wait as she felt his fingers trail first up one leg and then the other, getting as far as the top of her inner thigh before retreating again to begin the journey all over again.

She then felt the cold steel of the knife run from her knee up her thigh, across he pussy mound where he moved it to run the back of the blade between her legs, pushing it into her pussy lips, her only protection being her thin lacy panties. As she felt the hard steel rub along her pussy Deanne could not prevent a sharp intake of breath and her hips tried to jerk away, he laughed and then proceeded to place the knife at the side of her panties, slipping it under the side he cut through the thin material, she felt her panties spring away exposing half of her pussy mound to his hot gaze. He then did the same with the other side and all Deeanne could feel were her panties hanging between her legs, just hiding her pussy.

Very slowly he started to pull them from underneath her, slowly oh so slowly exposing her fully shaven pussy to him, leaving her totally exposed, her big tits heaving up and down, her nipples puckered and hard with fright, her tummy moving as she took sharp short breaths, she knew her pussy was contracting and releasing as she anticipated her violation, she was scared and nervous waiting for his next move.

Deeane laid on her bed, helpless with her arms bound and her legs spread, blindfolded she was waiting for his next touch, not knowing where or when that would be. She felt him place a ball gag in her mouth and the strap tighten around her head, she was now unable to scream as well and feared he was going to really hurt her as his fingers now trailed down towards her tits. Little gasps escaped from around the ball gag as he started to maul and squeeze her big 44dd tits, he now straddled her hips and using both hands he began to pinch and roll her big dark nipples between his fingers, pulling them out from her tits elongating her big globes of tender flesh, Deeanne tried to scream around the gag as they were used to pull her tits upwards, the pain shooting through her body as she tried to lift off the bed to lessen the abuse, he just laughed as she wriggled desperately to try and escape his torment to her tits and nipples. He released his grip and started to slap her tits from side to side, keeping her still with one hand on the bar behind her head as he continued to slap her vulnerable breasts with the other hand. With her hands and arms tied as they were she felt she was offering up her breasts to him, asking for the pain coursing through her tits as he then started to abuse her nipples, bending down to take each one in turn into his mouth, sucking on them as he bit them and ran his teeth harshly across the large puckered buds.

Unable to scream Deanne tried desperately to beg him to stop but all that came out were gurgled cries of pain, she realised he had now removed his baseball cap and the bandanna from around his face now she was blindfolded and could no longer see him.

He now wriggled down her body, she felt his mouth move down along her tummy slowly approaching her exposed shaved pussy mound, his tongue arrived at her navel and he pushed the wet end into her belly button, circling it around and around before pushing the tip back into her navel again, Deanne gasped and she felt her pussy contract at the erotic touch.

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