The Tree Nymph

by harry lime

Copyright© 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Eve has been dormant for a very long time. Now she is back in the human world awakened by the noise of encroaching development. Perhaps this is the time for her to enter the human world and see what it has to offer.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Magic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

For a very long time, Eve had been a part of the ancient tree standing in the middle of the low-lying ground below an unnamed hill of no consequence. The hill was not much more than a steep rise with a cliff on the other side. It was too dangerous for picnics and everyone in the region considered it a terrible nuisance to climb. The tree was of a familiar variety seen often in these parts but Eve had absolutely no idea which variety it was called. Her grandsire had told her in pompous tones when she was but a little pup but she really wasn't listening. In all honesty, she had to admit to all those curious enough to delve into her origins that she was never one to listen or heed her elders and probably would never change her ways now or in the future.

Of course, that was all eons ago. Well, at least back further than she was able to remember with clarity. It seemed like the entire area below the hill was shrouded in ever-present mist and Eve had fallen into a sleep that lasted so long that the extensive circumference of the tree now encircled her resting place entirely.

She did remember her forebear had cautioned her about "humans" even though she was admittedly part-human herself. So it seemed fitting that her lengthy slumber was terminated by the sound of shouting humans close at hand.

It was the building of the road that caused all the ruckus in the quiet place. Eve was not certain where it originated or even where it was going but it seemed like a lot of humans and their noisy machines were determined to see it finished before the snow started to fall.

When she finally woke up, Eve only had thoughts of food to fill her empty belly. It was rumbling and growling at her in righteous indignation about her forgetfulness in giving it fuel for such a very long time. There were no mirrors inside the tree, so she was unable to see if she still looked the same or if she had aged like one of those old witches who looked like evil hags. She removed her form from the sheltering shell-like pod and slid out of the opening on the hidden side of the tree.

It was fortunate that she was in the shade and not the direct sunlight even if there were not much sun on the dreary day of misting rain. The foul weather was not slowing down the construction crews hard at work to get the narrow carpet of asphalt set firmly in the hardened bed beneath it. She could see the road builders were highly skilled and looked to be magnificent specimens of male human persons.

She stretched her muscles and was satisfied her hibernation was not disagreeable to her human-looking body. Her knees were a bit stiff from being bent at an odd angle for hundreds of years but other than that and excessively long fingernails and a jungle-like bush in her private area, Eve looked quite normal except, of course, for the fact she was stark naked like a newly-birthed babe.

Eve laughed at the hard-surfaced road thinking it would beastly hard on the poor horse's hoofs that would trod it in daily travel each day. The strange white stripe in the middle was most odd as if it were halved by some God of equal measures. Some of the men standing in the open were bare-chested and she looked with interest at their rippling muscles. Her female parts were tingling with unexpected awakening supplanting her need for nourishment.

Two of the workers sat on a fallen log right in front of her and started to consume a long strip of bread with meats in the middle. The scent of something mysterious made her mouth drool with anticipation of tasting long-denied solid food. She decided to take a chance and beg the men to share their rations with her.

"Pardon, gentle masters, might I implore you for a small portion of your repast?"

Both Harry and Jim were startled to see a naked female of tender years standing in the shadows of the small treed area. They liked to eat their lunch in the shade and talk about the girls at the pub exchanging hints on how to get them out back and spread them open for frenzied poking. It seemed beyond fantasy to see such a delightfully shaped girl approach them totally "au natural".

"We are happy to share with you, young lady, but we be asking you to share some of your goodies with us in return."

Eve comprehended their meaning immediately. She shrugged her shoulders and reached out for the portion of the sandwich that had the most meat on it. She crammed it in her mouth and swallowed quickly to quell her ravenous stomach.

"Which holes do you kind and gentle sirs' desire most?"

Harry made his decision known by fondling the pretty girl's bottom and Jim traced his mustard tasting finger around her pretty red lips leaving her no doubts that he wanted to test the capacity of her mouth.

Despite the fact it had been a very long time since she had offered her sensuous charms to either fairy folk or humans, Eve took up an instinctive position on her knees and elbows and waited for the two men to loose their weapons and deploy them in the appropriate openings.

She took the oral exercise in stride with little difficulty but the male sitting atop her flanks sorely taxed her ability to stretch open to accommodate his huge girth. However, once a substantial beach-head had been established, he pounded her with age-old vitality that brought the rose-bloom back into her pretty cheeks.

The flood of cream deposited into her welcoming mouth was swallowed with little complaint and much appreciation for the soothing liquid.

Both of the laborers were drained of their desire and gave the young girl long sips of their ale to quench her sudden thirst. She had not had any spirits for many a long year and her nature was such to be boisterous after imbibing the wondrous liquid.

Harry and Jim reluctantly returned to their work on the road whispering their discovery to some of the other workers who found it necessary to repair to the woods for "A call of nature". They gladly exchanged their bottles of ale for Eve's long dormant favors. Of course, the men all considered it a grand bargain and in point of fact, Eve was quite of the same mind as well.

It was not until the third or the fourth worker plied her pussy with concerted effort that Eve fell into her orgasmic delight. Being one half wood nymph, she sang her song of joy bringing the creatures of the forest to ring the scene of her delighted submission. They silently watched and pledged fealty to her happiness.

Some of the workers gave Eve clothing to cover her nudity and they took her with them when they returned to the pub for the evening's fun. The regular females were a bit put out by the fact Eve's capacity for ale caused many a trip to the back side of the tavern leaving them feeling unwanted for the first time many a month.

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