Doreen Does It Down and Dirty

by harry lime

Copyright© 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: She has an angelic face and is the picture of innocence. Then, she meets a bad girl and everything changes. Soon, Doreen realized how far she has fallen and that there is no limit to her depraved need for kinky acts.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   FemaleDom   Spanking   Humiliation   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

When Doreen Bushman was growing up, everyone thought her angelic face and her dainty manners meant she was destined for the finer things in life. She learned how to serve tea properly and even how to use her hankie to eliminate little mishaps without detection. It was not until she met Veronica the Tart that she began to slide down into the pit of depraved kinky pleasures that her new best friend "Ronnie" introduced her to.

Her mum and her dad had not the slightest inkling that their darling daughter had fallen so low so quickly. It seemed like just yesterday that she was reciting the words from the "Good Book" with a delightful soft-pitched voice.

The 18 year old Doreen was ripe with nubile sensuality and she had reached a point in her fleshly needs where the desires of her juicy slit far outweighed her well-intentioned behavior. When the needs of her pussy grew too strong to resist, she had been falling back on the scented warm water of the tub and the smooth-edged cylinder of soap to cleanse her female folds and relieve her clutching vagina of the need for something of substance in the inside recesses.

Now, she was bored with the solitary exercises and yearned for contact with fresh young flesh to give her solace. Although she was much devoted to harboring decidedly naughty thoughts on the size and shape of male equipment on all of the members of the opposite sex with whom she came into contact on a daily basis, her friendship with the effusive Ronnie came to a swift nexus the moment the totally corrupted young girl opened Doreen's knees and slid her knowing tongue inside her vaginal cavity.

Poor Doreen did not have the perverted vocabulary to describe her excitement and subsequent orgasm under Ronnie's expert tutoring. After that initial shock, Doreen allowed Ronnie to school her on various kinky techniques that pushed her further into the welcoming arms of depraved pleasures.

In recent days, Ronnie had taken Doreen on a trip into the many nuances of spanking activities. She became familiar with taking it standing, bending over, across the knee, on the arm of a sofa, over a chair, and even suspended from the ceiling. Her tender ass was treated to a variety of devices from the bare palm of a frenzied Ronnie all the way to a split leather strap of nasty design. Actually, the inspired Doreen enjoyed them all with the exception of the thin cane which made her sob with despair.

It was when Ronnie graduated to spanking her closely shaved pussy and even her tender nipples that Doreen decided she really wanted to be the spanker and not the spanked. At first, the reticent Ronnie objected but then she decided to switch to a more submissive attitude and allowed the novice Doreen to give it to her good and hard right on her pussy mound with a belt that she had liberated from her father's bedroom. The sounds of Ronnie taking it nastily right on her squirming flesh made Doreen squirt her pussy juices right on top of Ronnie's pretty face and then she lowered her slit for the street-wise girl to lick into a convulsing orgasm that never seemed to want to end.

Doreen liked to wear white and she was attracted to the color even more now that she had descended in erotic depravity. She put on her white on white thong with the flower rosettes and pulled up her white panty-hose before she pulled down the swirling pleated white short skirt that showed off her thong when she leaned over even slightly. Her white bra under the silk French cut blouse had two buttons left open intentionally so that it could be seen delicately holding her virginal nipples erect for licking.

For a final touch, she added the large black-stone necklace and the black earrings that hung down and swung with a sensual rhythm with each step she took in her six inch heels. Doreen could feel the hint of moisture gathering on her pussy lips from the friction of the deeply buried thong in her ass crack.

Before she got dressed and ready for the evening's outing, she had given her new best friend Ronnie a hard spanking that excited her so much that she had three fantastic orgasms before the shaking girl had pleaded for her to stop. Ronnie had left her house with new respect in her eyes after that session and Doreen felt like she was like a tiger on the prowl for fresh meat.

The tickets for the ballet were in her purse.

They were a gift from the ladies spa for a full year's subscription for the basic routines. Doreen had never seen "Swan Lake" before and was looking forward to it with much anticipation. She had looked at the pamphlet advertising the performance and was fixated on the bulging cocks of the male dancers. It seemed like they all had over-sized equipment between their legs and she was eagerly waiting to see them in full motion jumping across the stage. She was particularly intrigued by the male "Black Swan" who was easily the tallest member of the cast and possessed of the largest bulge of all.

The second ticket was for Ray her colleague from the bank. She was surprised he had expressed an interest in joining her for the event because he was a very shy and reticent young man with never a comment about anything except the weather or the brewing of the tea they had every day. None of the others at their table in the cafeteria had the slightest interest in seeing a dreaded "Ballet" and Ray was the lucky recipient of her spare ticket.

Ray was, at least, dressed appropriately for the ballet and looked acceptable to Doreen as a stand-in ballet watching companion. A lot of the people seemed to be geriatric types who had probably seen this particular ballet several times before.

Doreen wanted to appear nonchalant and perhaps even a bit bored, but the honest truth was she was quivering inside and the music was already making her pussy seep with tears of passion.

When the performance started, she was unsure how she would react but soon Doreen was lost in the world of the swans convinced they were all actually the graceful birds and not flesh and blood humans just like her.

The appearance of the black swan was a revelation to Doreen. She tried to hide the fact that she was masturbating her pussy hard by covering her busy fingers with her white purse. Out of the corner of her eye she saw that Ray was aware of her frenzied fingers digging into her hidden thong. She tried to conceal the little whimpers of pleasure that slipped from her lips from time to time as the ballet progressed to its inevitable conclusion.

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