Pleasures and Wayward Distractions

by alan14

Copyright© 2013 by alan14

Sex Story: We pick-up where we left off in part 5 We Come 1, Dayna presses ahead with her plans for the shops, Kelly sits her GCSE exams and Dave is summoned to a meeting in New York, which gives them chance for a few days of shopping, culture and naughtiness

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Public Sex   .

We pick up where we left off in part 5 We Come 1, Dayna presses ahead with her plans for the shops, Kelly sits her GCSE exams and Dave is summoned to a meeting in New York.

The first cheque from the building insurance for the destroyed shop cleared, the business had close to £350,000 sloshing around in the account, so Kelly authorised the immediate install of CCTV in all the shops, along with general refit and improvements. Due to the covert nature of some of the CCTV cameras the installs were all carried out whilst each shop was closed for their refit.

Some shops needed more work than others, the Doncaster shop only really needed the front repainting and some tidying up inside, but the shop in Wakefield needed an almost complete internal rebuild that saw it being shut for a fortnight. Whilst the Doncaster shop was closed Dayna found that one of the shelf units in the back room was actually a hidden door, she opened it and found a set of stairs going down, it was pitch back down there so she went back to the office and found a torch. Playing the torch around she found a light switch, a couple of dim bulbs lit the way down the stairs. She headed down, keeping the torch just in case.

At the bottom of the stairs was another door, she tried the handle and it opened, the smell that hit her was very fusty, like a locker room that had been closed for a long while. Dayna played the torch round the doorway and found a light switch, turning it on she found 4 matt black walls with wooden slats fastened to the walls at intervals, she stepped fully into the room to get a closer look, the light wasn't that bright so she had to keep the torch lit. The slats had metal rings attached, against the back wall was an assortment of wooden furniture, a bench, some stools, and a gym horse. She played the torch across the ceiling, there were hooks and rings hanging down.

There was only one conclusion, she'd found an S&M dungeon.

As she looked closer she found a couple of studio lights and a tripod.

Not only was this a dungeon, it was a studio, which brought Dayna back to a thought she had earlier, something she'd been secretly fantasising about for years, back to a very dark time in her childhood, but first she had to talk to Jo.

Meanwhile, Kelly was busy studying for her GCSEs, she's a naturally bright girl with a huge amount of common sense, but that doesn't always translate to book smarts, and so she was in a massive panic over her History, Science and French exams, Art, Maths and English not so much. The rest, IT, Catering and Travel & Tourism were heavily related to her home background, so she was happy about coasting these. Science, History and French she was dreading.

The Friday before her first exam Dave came home in a fluster, "I've got to give a presentation to our owners, the Joint Chief of Staff will be there, I'm shitting it."

"You won't be in the room with them, so you should be OK," Lorraine said.

"Nope, we don't have a secure comms room, so I have to go to Washington, to the Pentagon."

"When are you going? Kelly's got her exams next week and you were going to help her with her Maths revision"

"That's OK, I've got a fortnight to prepare, I'm going the first week of July, so that should be after Kelly's exams are over. Actually that's the other thing, I'll be there for 5 days, and James has loads of airmiles that he never uses because he always flies private, I bet I could blag some off him and we could all go, I'll be in Washington for two days, and I have a meeting in New York first, so you could spend the whole time in New York."

"Wow that's fantastic, Kelly where are you!"

"Don't shout mum, I'm only in the next room, what's up?"

"How's the studying going?"

"It's OK, I've got a few Maths topics I'm struggling with, but Additional Science is looking OK."

"Well you've now got something to look forward to, we're off to New York after the exams are over..."

"Seriously, wow that's amazing, can we go to a show, and Bloomingdales, and Central Park Zoo. Oh wow..."

"Calm down honey, get back to your revision and Dave will come through and help you in a bit."

Kelly left the room and went back to the study with her books.

"Whoops, maybe I shouldn't have told her yet, she'll never concentrate now."

"Don't worry, let's get some food together for dinner and I'll make sure she goes through her maths later."

After dinner I went with Kelly to the study, she had her maths books all laid out, with a note pad, "I'm impressed, you're very organised. So where do you want to begin?"

For a few hours we worked through the various topics she had trouble with, some were new concepts to me, but with a little help from Google we covered almost everything. Over the weekend we'd get the rest done, and touch on Science as well, French would be Lorraine's job.

"Thanks for helping me Dave, I think I need to repay you now."

She stood up and walked round the table, unbuttoning her blouse as she moved, she shook her shoulders and it fell to the floor, revealing one of the sexy bras she bought on holiday, it was a push-up bra and her cleavage was simply stunning. As she stood before me I buried my face between her breasts and filled my lungs with her scent, it was hypnotic. I reached round her back and undid the clasp, her breasts fell a little and spread out, her nipples were showing signs of excitement and I kissed and nibbled each in turn to help them along, Kelly gasped, she started to unfasten my pants, I stood up and let them fall to the floor, my cock had started to swell already.

Kelly stepped back a little and knelt in front of my chair, she spat on her palms and took hold of my cock, slowly running both hands up it in turn, it got harder and harder until it was at full stretch, she leant forward and ran her tongue around the head, flicking the sensitive area under the glans a few times, my pre-cum started to well on the tip and she took this as a sign to take the head in her mouth, she took about four inches and started to wank me with her mouth, this is new I thought, she played her tongue round the head all the while. I was ready to blow in a few minutes, I warned Kelly, she mumbled something like "I know" and then the pressure in my balls reached its peak and I shot my load straight down her throat, two, three, four, five spurts, she took them all, my girl was learning from Lorraine alright.

She cleaned my cock then stood up and kissed me, I could taste my salty sperm on her lips. Kelly then took her pants off and turned around, she knelt down and rested her head on the floor with her butt pointing right at me, I parted her cheeks and leaning over I kissed her bum-hole, playing my tongue around it, then pushing my tongue in the hole like a little penis. Kelly gasped and begged me to make love to her properly so I stood up and straddled her legs, I pressed my cock so it pointed straight down and pushed it against her arse-hole, the head popped through, Kelly groaned in pleasure.

I held still whilst Kelly got used to the intrusion in her back passage, then I squatted down, thrusting deep inside, I slowly came back up, then squatted again, I carried on like this, speeding up gradually, until my thighs were burning. As this wasn't a Jane Fonda work out I had to quit, I pulled out and apologised for being a wuss.

"It's ok, my neck is killing me now anyway, help me up"

I pulled her up and sat back down, Kelly reached for my cock and took it in her mouth to finish me off just as Lorraine came through the door to see how Kelly's studies were getting on, "oh I see your French Oral skills are improving."

Kelly let go of me and replied, "Well you're the best teacher a girl can have..."

"Well don't wear him out, I've got an itch only one man can scratch."

Lorraine took my hand and led me out of the room and upstairs, Kelly followed behind. Lorraine climbed on the bed and patted the bed beside her, indicating where I should lie, Kelly climbed on next to me.

Lorraine pushed me back and climbed on top, she pulled her panties to one side and fed my cock straight into her sopping pussy, "I watched you from the doorway, I'm so horny now", she rode me hard and fast and came quickly, but she didn't stop. Kelly got off the bed and moved round to the foot and started to lap up our combined juices, she then started to probe her mum's rectum with one hand and massaging my balls with the other. My sack tightened up and my cock stretched further, it started to pulse and I came, Lorraine leant forward and kissed me hard, she grabbed my head and pulled me into her as she came again, and again.

Kelly tended to any spilled juices then came round and hugged us both, she kissed each of us in turn, sharing our juices around, then Lorraine climbed off me and lay down, we spooned and fell into a contented sleep.

On Sunday Dayna phoned Jo and asked her to come round to her flat above the shop. She had a bottle of gin open, Jo looked at it suspiciously, "it's to steady my nerves, I'm going to tell you something I've never told anyone before"

"OK, I'm a good listener, and I also keep secrets as part of my job, so this will go no further."

"This is difficult, but you need to know this, because I love you, and I want you to know everything, I look like a strong person, but I'm not, oh what the hell, here goes. I was raped by my uncle almost every week from the age of 12 until he was killed when I was 15. Not just my uncle, but some of his friends, and anyone who'd pay him some money. They would use me any way they wanted, I can never have babies because one bastard punched me in the stomach so hard my womb ruptured and had to be removed."

"Holy shit, that's not what I expected to hear"

"Sorry, but I needed to tell you, this is why I hate men, and would never let another one touch me in an intimate way again. One of my mum's friends found out what was happening and arranged for my uncle to meet with an accident. After he was buried I danced on his grave, and for a few weeks I collected all my piss and then poured it all over the grave, that made me feel better, but I didn't physically recover from the abuse for years, and I've got scars that will never heal."

"Well I can tell a similar, although no-where as severe, I was raped a few times by my dad and brother. My mum found out and we moved up here where they couldn't find us."

"How old where you when it happened?"

"I was 6. My brother was 12, my dad showed him what to do, then after he'd raped me, my dad raped my brother."

"Six years old? Why did she only move, she should have killed the bastard."

"My mum was very religious, just the thought that anyone knew what they'd done would have made her die from shame, so she just moved."

"So we both share a secret, I wonder if that's why we bond so well?"

"It's possible. You are a very beautiful woman Dayna, I don't hate men, but I feel uncomfortable with them in intimate situations. I've had a few boyfriends, but none have been able to satisfy me, usually because I've not been able to fully let myself go. I've had a few girlfriends too, and always enjoyed myself, but you touched me deeper. I think my previous girlfriends were probably just playing at being lesbians, but you are serious about it, you want to give your partner pleasure."

"Come with me, I have to show you something."

Dayna led Jo downstairs into the shop, then she grabbed the torch from the office and opened the secret door.

"Where are we going?" asked Jo

"You'll see in a minute," Dayna switched on the feeble light and took Jo down to the basement, she unlocked the door with the key she'd found in the back of the door on her last visit. After turning the light on she stepped back and let Jo look around.

"It's an S&M dungeon," Jo said after a good look around, she pointed at the hooks in the ceiling, "a pretty serious one as well".

"More than that, look here," she pointed the torch against the back wall so Jo could see the lights and tripods.

"Wow, it's a studio. Do you have the cameras?"

"No, I reckon the manager Dave sacked from here has them."

"Why did you sack him?"

"Dave & Jo found some very nasty stuff in the safe, so he got rid, Dave won't say what they found, just that they burnt it all."

"So what do you want to do with this studio?"

"I was thinking we could start an S&M club, get our own back on some men."

"Oh I don't know about that, it's a big step, and if I got found out I could lose my job."

"We'll wear masks. I always feel empowered dominating people, but I've always just played as a dom for other girls before, but there's the full kit here, and I'm sure I can get word round and line up some submissive men, we'll not film anything for now, but later who knows?"

"Let me think about this, it's not something I've ever done before."

"OK, just let me know one way or the other and I'll get the ball rolling."

Kelly's exams went without too much drama, she had some trouble with History, but only on some of the minor questions, so we're hoping the essay questions pull her through.

Anyway, as promised we're all off to New York for a week, we had to fly from Heathrow, so drove down late Friday night to catch the early morning American Airlines flight to JFK, I'd have a couple of days with the girls then I'm off to Washington on Tuesday. I was booked Business class, and Lorraine had managed to sweet talk an upgrade from their Airmiles funded Economy tickets to Business Class.

There's nothing quite like flying Business Class (except for first class, but those tickets are scarily expensive), separate check-in and lounge, a nice wide seat that goes right back without crippling the passenger behind, lots of drink, food with real crockery and cutlery and your luggage is at the head of the queue on the carousel. You get to your destination relaxed, rather than on the edge of a breakdown, whilst the funds permit I'm never flying economy again.

Dayna had used her connections to get us a suite at the Hotel Giraffe on Park Avenue in Manhattan at 50% discount, it has a king-size bed, sofa bed and 40" plasma TV in both the lounge and bedroom, a home from home in the city that never sleeps.

Kelly was instantly in love with the room, bouncing on the bed and trying all the channels on the TV. We had our own Nespresso machine in the room, which is a few steps up from sachets of Maxwell House and little pots of emulsion.

It was late afternoon according to our body clock, but noon by the New York clock, so we decided to have a bit of a nap so we could make best use of the night life later. Being the oldest I fell asleep first, Kelly and Lorraine snuggled up either side of me.

I was woken up by lips on my cock, I looked down and Kelly was working her wonders on my manhood, bringing it to life in my favourite manner. Lorraine woke from her slumbers and leant over to kiss me, she then straddled my chest and leant forward to give me access to her luscious boobs with their ever responsive nipples, I kissed and nibbled them in turn, she ground her pussy against my breast bone, that'll hurt be later, but what the heck, she was almost ready to cum and Kelly could sense it.

"Here, move down mum, Dave's almost ready to blow to..."

Lorraine slide down my body and Kelly fed my cock neatly into her mum's juicy pussy, Lorraine started to pound me, neither of us could last long and within a couple of minutes I blasted my load straight up her canal, so much cum that it started to pour out, but Kelly was there to clean us up. She shared it with us both afterwards.

The suite had a massive corner bath that held all three of us, so I went to run the bath whilst Kelly and Lorraine cuddled some more. We shared a bath before we dressed for a night on the town.

We'd need to be careful, bars in New York are very strict and will ask for ID for anyone who looks younger than 21, so I'd have to buy all the drinks.

Our hotel is on Park Avenue South, we decided to walk up to Grand Central, which is about a mile, then decide where to go from there. Kelly grabbed her camera and we set off north, Kelly snapping pictures as we walked. From Grand Central it's less than a mile further to Times Square, so being tourists that's precisely where we headed. It was still very light, so we decided to hang around here until it was full dark so Kelly could photograph the lights.

It seemed ages since we'd eaten, and we had a whole world of cuisines to choose from, I saw a sign for Havana Central, a Cuban restaurant, and remembering my girls' predilection for Mojitos I led them in that direction. This turned out to be a fantastic choice, the Mojitos were absolutely fantastic, the best in New York apparently, the food was excellent as well, my shredded skirt steak with peppers and onions was amazing, Lorraine had a paella and Kelly had pineapple chicken. We all had another Mojito each and then headed out into the night.

It was almost full dark now, so we spent a good hour just wandering round and Kelly shot dozens of photographs of the lights and people. She would spend a little while looking at something then take a few photos from different angles, she was really getting into photography and had a natural flair, very few of her photos turned out duff.

"Didn't this area used to be full of sex shops?" asked Lorraine,

"Last time I was in New York, in my late teens it was, Times Square was full of sex shops, adult cinemas and strip bars, but since then they've forced the seedier establishments to move or close so that more family friendly companies could move in."

"Awwww, I feel like watching a sex show, that Mojito really hit the spot"

"Well I'm sure we can find somewhere. I think a lot moved over to Hell's Kitchen, or Clinton as they now call it. We need to head for 8th Avenue to the west."

"Kelly, come here honey we're going to Hell"

"What are you on about mum?"

"Dave is going to find us a sex show in Hell's Kitchen or something"

"Oh wow, that'll be fun."

"Put the camera in your bag and keep your watch covered, this isn't the nicest part of Manhattan."

We walked west, we didn't have to move far away from the main intersection of Times Square before the lights dimmed and the streets got a bit dirtier. We past a few adult DVD shops, but we wanted to find a proper sex club, and we found one just off 8th Avenue, a proper old school sex shop with a "live girls" sign outside.

"Live girls are so much sexier than dead ones," said Kelly as she crossed the street so she could take some photos of the whole establishment.

We entered the shop and had a look around, the fat greasy guy round the corner looked at us suspiciously, so Lorraine moved towards him and, smiling sweetly, commented to Kelly that her shops were much nicer. The guy gave her a funny look and so she said to him, "oh yes, my girl here owns a chain of sex shops in England, don't you honey"

"Mmm yes, but we concentrate on toys and fetishwear, we don't do quite so many books and DVDs anymore, we have the Internet in England and that's were most switch on people get their sex films now." Well it was a little white lie, but it was a funny line.

The guy came round the counter and started to chat about business, and differences between our shops and US style stores that still majored on DVDs and magazines, amazingly they still do a big trade in VHS tapes as well.

He introduced himself as Chas and he started to ask about Kelly's range of fetishwear and the BDSM furniture that Dayna is bringing in, Kelly found the website of the guy who builds the furniture, and the girl who makes the rubber and leather gear. He was very interested in this and promised to mention us when he contacted them.

The shop had a few features we don't have, he had no customers at the moment so locked the door whilst he showed us round, it got very seedy back there I can tell you.

The first thing we saw as we moved into the back area was a row of what looked like clothes shop changing rooms, but when Kelly pushed open the first door we saw the little room had a bench seat and a TV behind glass, closer inspection revealed a coin-slot next to the TV and a kitchen roll dispenser on the wall, "ewwww there's spunk on the floor"

"Sorry," said Chas, "I hose these rooms down a few times a day, that's why the TV is behind glass. These rooms make us a lot of money, the TV costs a dollar for 5 minutes and they get a choice of 5 genres of film, the titles are random within each genre."

Next we moved down to another row of doors, "this section opens from midnight until 6am, so it's empty for another couple of hours". Lorraine opened the first door, this room was empty except for a bin and another kitchen roll dispenser. Chas turned on a light switch and we saw another coin slot and a glass panel on the wall, but there was a sheet of metal behind this glass.

"Pop a dollar in the coin slot and the panel opens for 2 minutes," he reached across and popped a dollar in the slot then turned off the light, the metal panel moved up revealing a room behind it was empty apart from a chair and a pole.

"Girls dance in the room in two hour shifts, some guys will pump twenty or thirty dollars in the slot. That glass is bullet proof, and it needs to be, one guy tried to shoot his girlfriend who was dancing, but he was so close to the glass the bullets bounced straight back, he ended up gut-shooting himself and he died in hospital. We have to hose these rooms down as well."

The last attraction was upstairs, where they have a members club. Its $100 to join and $20 entrance, but as we're in the trade he gave us free membership and admission and sent us on our way so he could reopen the shop. Kelly and Lorraine kissed him on the cheek and he turned bright red.

As we headed up the stairs towards who knows what Lorraine whispered, "I bet that's the first time a girl has kissed Chas without being paid."

"He seemed a nice enough guy, but those booths are very sad. The thought of lonely men paying loads of money to watch a film and wank into a tissue, it's just sad."

We reached a black door at the top of the stairs, there was a bell push, I pushed it and after a minute a panel slid aside and a face appeared, "yeah", we showed our cards, the door opened.

"The girl is too young,"

Lorraine responded, "she just looks young, look she's got a membership card, her id was checked yesterday but it's back at the hotel now."

"Ok, $20 each."

"We've already paid, check with Chas."

"Ok, in you come, two drinks each minimum"

We passed through the portal into the world beyond. The decorator liked black & red, a lot, the walls were black, the ceiling was black, the floor was red, the bar was red, the seats were red, the beds were red. Yes beds, quite a few beds, and many were occupied.

"Wow, now that's something you don't see every day. Have you seen the size of those tits, jesus I bet she's got a bad back ... oh my god that'll never fit ... oh it does..." wittered Kelly.

"Ok, can I set some ground rules?" Lorraine broke in, "we're looking, but not joining in with anyone else here, no matter what the temptation is. I don't want to return from holiday with any diseases."

"Sounds sensible," we both responded

I went to the bar to buy our two overpriced, watered-down, drinks, then we found a booth to watch the show. Lorraine was getting very hot, she had a hand on her lap moving rhythmically, Kelly was doing the same, and my pants were tenting.

Kelly couldn't stand it any longer, she climbed on my lap and started to grind, my cock was getting painfully hard and actually stuck up beyond the top of my pants. Lorraine reached between us and undid my buttons, relieving some pressure. Kelly lifted up and Lorraine again helped, pulling Kelly's knickers aside and feeding my cock into her hungry pussy. She rode me hard and fast, and I didn't last long, pumping streams of spunk into her pussy.

Kelly wasn't done though, she undid her blouse and bra, I buried my face between her breasts, one of my favourite places, then I proceeded to work on her nipples, Kelly was getting hotter, and she started to ride my cock again, bringing it back to life with her experienced pussy muscles, I was soon rock hard again, pushing myself off the seat to pound Kelly deeper and deeper, all the while working on her breasts with my mouth.

Lorraine had removed her knickers and was working hard, she had contorted herself and had her whole hand up her pussy.

I looked around, all kinds of sex acts were happening in the room, the bed nearest our booth had two beautiful lesbians grinding their pussies together, next down was a man being penetrated by a lady-boy with huge fake boobs and the biggest cock I've ever seen, it had to be 10" at least, and as big round as a beer can. Other beds had couples, threesomes and more.

Kelly slapped me lightly, "concentrate on the matter in hand..."

"Sorry, couldn't help myself – have you seen the lady-boy rogering the bloke two beds down?"

"Oh, Jesus fucking Christ, how's he taking that?"

"Practice I think," Lorraine panted in reply

"She's got bigger tits than me and a bigger cock than you, amazing"

"I think at least one of those isn't totally as nature intended" I replied

Kelly sped up, she was ready to come, and so was I, she started to grind as well as pump, and with a scream she came hard, her pussy pulsing rapidly, this brought me to the edge and I came again. Lorraine grabbed my head and pulled my face round to hers, she slammed her lips on mine and kissed me hard, she growled between her teeth, "I'm so fucking hot, I need to come now, do you think you can manage a third time in a row"

"I'll give it a go..."

I lifted Kelly off, and moved round to Lorraine, she lifted her knees to her shoulders, I stood before the bench and lubed my overworked cock with her pussy juice, then fed it into her waiting butt. Lorraine was so horny her butt was self lubing, and I slipped in nice and easy. I wasn't yet fully hard, so I had to take it easy, but after a few strokes my cock was filling up nicely and I was soon as rock hard as I was an hour ago when I was pounding Kelly's glorious pussy.

Lorraine was gasping with ecstasy, Kelly moved closer and unfastened Lorraine's blouse, she was bra-less so Kelly had instant access to her mum's super sensitive nipples, she started to work on them, nibbling them in turn, giving them quick butterfly kisses occasionally. It didn't take Lorraine long to cum noisily, her butt muscles pulsing on my cock, making it harder than ever.

I glanced to the side and noticed we had a growing audience, this spurred me on to pound her arse harder and harder, Lorraine urging me on. I lasted another 5 minutes or so before I was ready to cum, and then I had an idea, I pulled out and gave the crowd a money shot, shooting my third orgasm of the night over Kelly and Lorraine. The crowd cheered and gave us a round of applause before drifting back to their beds and coupling (or tripling) again.

Kelly cleaned up Lorraine's face and chest, then Lorraine returned the favour before unfolding herself and leaning forward to clean my cock. She then took hold of my head and pulled me forward, kissing me long and hard, "I love you Mr Foster, my fucking stud."

My pants had fallen round my ankles, I pulled them up and noticed the huge stain from my and Kelly's two orgasms each. I fastened my shirt and it covered most of the mess.

I took Kelly and Lorraine by the hand and we left the club. On the way out through the shop Chas asked, "what was that noise?"

"Oh they were clapping one of the performances," answered Lorraine.

"It must have been spectacular, they're a pretty jaded lot upstairs..."

"It was, the best I've ever seen" said Kelly.

"Good night Chas" Lorraine said as we left the shop.

"What now?" I asked

"Back to the hotel, I can barely walk," said Lorraine, "can we get a cab?"

So we hailed a cab and in a couple of minutes we were back in the hotel. I ran a bath and turned on the bubbles, we chilled in the tub for about half an hour before climbing into bed were we slept until the cleaner knocked on the door at 10am.

Sunday was our day for culture, our plan was to visit both the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Central Park, then the Guggenheim a little further up 5th Avenue, Kelly also wanted to photograph the Dakota Building where John Lennon lived, and where he was shot, which is across the park on Central Park West.

Our first stop though was a diner, for a breakfast of sausage and pancakes with plenty of coffee, probably one of the best things about many American diners is the free coffee refills.

After breakfast we headed north again to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is about half way along the eastern edge of Central Park, it took us about 20 minutes to walk there. If you're visiting the gallery there's two things you need to know, firstly it's absolutely huge, one of the biggest in the world by size of both the building and collections, and second, you can't just attack the museum without planning your visit. We'd had a look through the museum's website before we left the UK and decided that we'd concentrate on three areas today, the Egyptian collection, the Modern & Contemporary Art collection and European Art. If they wanted the girls could come back while I'm in Washington.

The museum has a pay what you want entrance policy, with a suggested price of $12 for students and $25 for adults, which seems steep until you've taken a look around, then you think it may be on the cheap side. There's so much to see that you have to be disciplined, otherwise you'll get side tracked and never see what you planned, so we took a map from the pile at the entrance and headed for the Egyptian galleries.

Even with prior planning we realised that — a day wasn't enough, so the Guggenheim had to wait for another day, because we spent 3 hours in the Egyptian galleries before hitting the European collection.

We left the Museum just before they kicked out at 5:30, luckily they have a very good selection of cafés, we had lunch in The Petrie Court Café, which is in the European Sculpture Collection and overlooks Central Park.

After we left the museum we took a walk through Central Park, heading towards The Dakota. The Dakota is inextricably linked to Central Park, as the walls and floors of the Dakota are insulated with some of the thousands of tons of earth extracted during the later stages of the construction of Central Park.

We spent a couple of hours wandering around the park, then arrived at the Dakota around 8pm, Kelly took a series of photos of the building from near and far, then we took a cab to Chelsea where we had a fantastic meal in a Chinese / Asian restaurant called Buddakan, which I'd picked as it's a similar name to a Bob Dylan live album, then caught a late night showing of Lone Ranger, which is OK.

It was 2am when we got back to the hotel, and we were all beat, so we piled into bed and slept like babies.

I had a 9am meeting so I'd set the alarm for 7am, in retrospect the late night film had been a bad idea, but you only live once. The girls stayed in bed snuggled up as I dressed and packed my briefcase for the meeting with the Raytheon executives on Wall Street. As I left the room the girls were more than cuddling.

The meeting went well, the execs were happy with the progress we were making with the software controls, along with the additional security controls I'd suggested to prevent enemy tracking. The meetings lasted all day, and I was due to meet Lorraine and Kelly at an Indian restaurant off Wall St at 6pm.

I was a bit late, and when I sat at the table they'd already ordered for me, so my starter arrived before I'd even taken my jacket off, Lorraine explained that we only had the table for 90 minutes, so service would be swift. I really don't like city restaurants where you only get the table for a time slot, you feel pressured to eat up, pay and fuck off, kind of like a prostitute. Looking at the menu a prostitute would be cheaper.

The food was way better than adequate, but I really don't like paying $10 a bottle for Cobra beer.

Kelly & Lorraine had been shopping today, Bloomingdales, Barney's and Sax Fifth Avenue had all been on the agenda, so we went back to the hotel to review the purchases.

Lorraine had bought me some new Ralph Lauren work shirts, she said my current ones were tatty, but they weren't, anyway it looks like one of the charity shops will be getting a few good shirts when we get back. Lorraine had also bought a couple of stunning dresses, they both had slashes down the side so they showed bare flesh under the arms, no way you could wear a bra with these, but Lorraine was luck that she didn't have to.

Kelly had bought a load of blouses and skirts for college, some Ralph Lauren and some Donna Karan, she'd bought me some jeans and a few Polo shirts as well. Then she made me shut my eyes, I was a bit nervous, but did it anyway, I had to hold my hands out, she put something heavy in them, it felt like wood. I opened my eyes and got a shock, it was a Rolex box. I opened it and gasped, it was a vintage Rolex Daytona in steel and yellow gold, a stunning watch it looked brand new even though I knew it to be about 20 years old. The box was also a watch winder to keep the watch wound when not being worn.

"Oh my god Kelly, this must have cost you about $20,000, I'm stunned."

"You got me a watch for my birthday, and I didn't get you a wedding present, so this is a late present. Mum's got one as well, but it's not a Rolex, she preferred an Omega like Maria Sharapova wears," I looked at Lorraine's wrist and she'd just put on a fantastic looking steel and gold Omega, "We can all tell the time now."

When I turned back to Kelly she'd unfastened and dropped her blouse, revealing a half cup black bra that barely covered her nipples, "this is your other present, do you like it?"

"Oh yes I do," I moved forward and embraced Kelly, pulling her tight to me, feeling her breasts pushing against my chest, I kissed her passionately, she returned my kiss with equal passion. I picked Kelly up and sat her on the dressing table, lifting up her skirt I saw she had no knickers on, ready and waiting for me, I dived in and licked her slit from bottom to top, she was already moist, I gave her clit some flicks with my tongue and it stood to attention. Kelly was starting to moan and wriggle.

I felt hands on my belt, Lorraine unbuckled it and opened my pants, they dropped to the floor. Lorraine takes me in her mouth, acting as fluffer for the action that is soon to follow. My cock is soon ramrod straight and hard, but Lorraine continues to service me, taking my cock deep into her throat. Before long though my cock starts to strain even her talented mouth, so she pulls away, I stand up straight and Lorraine feeds me into Kelly's waiting pussy, she gasps as I stretch her muscles, but I slid in easily and bottomed out at her cervix. I paused to let Kelly settle down, then I pulled back until I was almost out, then drove in again hard. I pulled out completely and Kelly sighed. I took hold of my cock and pressed it on her clit, moving it around, teasing her, she started to writhe, she'd soon be reaching her climax, so I entered her again and started to pump.

Lorraine was still on the floor, she started to play her tongue on the base of my cock, licking up our juices, she would occasionally flick her tongue against Kelly's slit and anus, then she inserted two fingers into Kelly's bottom, which elicited a small cry, Lorraine pumped her fingers in time with my thrusts, Kelly was almost there, I moved faster, Lorraine moved faster. Kelly cried out and with a full body shudder she came hard.

I was close to coming myself, I pulled out and Lorraine took me in her mouth again, she started to fuck me with her mouth and in seconds I was pumping my load down her throat, I came so much even she couldn't swallow it all and her mouth overflowed, she stood up and moved over to Kelly, to share the excess. Kelly licked her mum's mouth, chin and neck clean, then she jumped down to clean my cock.

We took a shower together then we got into bed, I had to be up early again tomorrow for a 9am flight to Washington from LaGuardia. I was flying from the private terminal, so I'd need to be there for 8:30.

I awoke at 7:00 in an empty bed, I could hear voices from the sitting room so I wandered in to see Lorraine and Kelly working with a pair of laptops, seemingly another purchase yesterday.

"Morning honey, we wanted to get these set up before you leave for Washington," said Lorraine.

"What for?"

"Well we've not spent any time apart since before the holiday, so I thought it would be weird not seeing each other. Kelly had the idea to Skype each other, we can then have a video chat. We've spent the last hour configuring these two laptops, we've set up two Skype accounts, so all we need to do is set a time and we can chat away, as long as you've got an internet connection where you're staying."

"What a brilliant idea, I'm staying at the Willard, which is pretty close to The Pentagon, it looks pretty impressive so it should have WiFi."

Lorraine went to the window and opened it to look down Park Avenue, her ass was on display below her t-shirt and I simply couldn't resist. I stepped behind her and slipped my cock between the cheeks of her ass, she parted her legs to give me better access to her pussy, which was getting nicely moist.

I fed my hardening cock into her glorious pussy and started to pump away whilst she rested her arms on the edge of the balcony. We were protected from view either side by walls, but anyone in the hotel opposite would get a good view if they were up and about.

The naughtiness of what we were doing got to me and I didn't last long, as I gave my last couple of strokes Lorraine pulled me out and my spunk shot straight through the balcony railings and down to the street 9 stories below.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist it," giggled Lorraine, "I hope nobody was looking up at the time."

"Well that was fun, I enjoyed watching that, but such a shame to waste all that spunk," Kelly said before cleaning us both up.

I checked my new watch, "Damn I need to get sorted, my cab will be outside in 15 minutes."

Kelly shut down one of the laptops and packed it in a slip case, I had a suit-carrier already packed with a suit and three shirts and ties, Lorraine packed an overnight bag with some t-shirts, jeans and trainers, in minutes I was sorted. Lorraine and Kelly both kissed me tenderly and wished me well, I left them and headed for the lift.

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