Metroland Revenge

by Midsummerman

Copyright© 2013 by Midsummerman

Sex Story: A travelling salesman displays his own personal wares too, as he seduces lonely women. His wife wishes to dispose of him, and on hearing from one of the other women, enough reason is found. Unknown to the male, his wife is now part of an elitist ring of dominant women; an 'appointment' is arranged with a sexy ex-military woman. It will be the salesman's last seduction, as he learns of his submissive side, but is not given long to enjoy it. The woman he has seduced enjoy his disposal.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Revenge   BDSM   DomSub   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Snuff   Group Sex   White Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   .

The papers were full of the possible threat from Hitler, the promise of global travel by flying-boat, and the upcoming Munich Olympics as Albert Brown returned home to Acacia Avenue and his recently acquired newly built house. The ornate ridge tiles across the roof gave it a strangely Chinese look, and his cock suddenly bulged as he fantasised about an exotic eastern woman waiting for him inside. Albert was a travelling salesman often away from home several days at a time, and was an incurable philanderer, his job aiding his addiction. He had fucked many women, but never one from the Far East, and he would not achieve this on this occasion, knowing only his dour and long suffering wife would be the only woman to greet him. He did not know it yet, but he would never have the occasion to fuck an eastern woman now; Violet, his wife, had long suspected her husband's philandering, and now comfortable in her new house would be happy if he were to disappear. The little housewife had a dark side which Albert had failed to discover, and she had a secret lover whom she had complete control over; Violet had received a letter from a disgruntled woman in Windsor, used and discarded by Albert, she now had the excuse which would justify her actions. Albert would disappear; he would pay with his life. Arrangements had been made with her covert circle of friends, the women who had provided and introduced her lover to her. Albert would receive a request to visit a certain address, to display his electric vacuum cleaner, supposedly a lead from one of his calling cards; the woman would prove to be most accommodating, and would be his nemesis.

Violet smiled softly and gave Albert a peck on the cheek as he entered the front door; she smiled with smug satisfaction as he opened the items of post which had arrived for him, her mature cunt tingled excitedly as she saw him absorbed in a letter, the writing on the envelope immediately recognisable to her.

"Possible good fortune Albert dear?" Albert was more than happy to relate the contents.

"Possibly Violet; I've been asked if I could provide a demonstration for a couple in Hendon tomorrow, between ten and mid-day." Violet smirked knowingly; she knew exactly how the letter had been composed and that there was only the mention of a single woman within it. Her cunt now oozed as she felt the trap closing about him; she would allow him sex tonight, it would be the last time he fucked her. At mid-day tomorrow her lover would arrive by her command; he would be shown his new accommodation before driving her to the address in Hendon, her lover would be shown what happens to males who disrespect the superior sex. There would other guests attending too, some no strangers to the delights of such a punishment, others invited for the first time, eagerly awaiting the spectacle.

Albert smiled as he saw her used underwear on the bed; she was in the bathroom preparing, and this was a sign that she was open to sex tonight. Albert took the soiled knickers and sniffed at the heavenly scent of mature woman's cunt, his cock rising instantly as he thought of his recent conquests and of a fresh opportunity tomorrow. Still, his homely wife's cunt would do for now; he forsake his pyjamas as he climbed into the bed with its Art Deco headboard which accompanied the room's up to date thirties decor. Violet walked meekly into the room in a full length pink dressing gown and shuffled into bed beside him, noting her knickers had been moved, and undoubtedly sniffed; she smiled smugly in the dim light of the tiffany style bedside lamp, this would be the last time he sniffed her knickers, but he would smell her cunt again tomorrow for one final time. The ritual was the same each time; some quick fumbling from Albert which he considered foreplay, followed by Violet's spreading of her legs which signalled to him that his brief fingering of her cunt was sufficient to allow him to climb on top and insert his cock, stiffened initially by the scent of her soiled knickers. Both minds went to separate worlds as Albert's stiff cock slid back and forth in Violet's juiced cunt; Albert thought of the pretty middle-aged woman from Windsor, she had been single and lonely, so easily taken advantage of; his cock went nicely into spasm as he reminisced on how he'd tricked her into letting him fuck her; he might even visit her again and apologise for not turning up again as arranged, he had enjoyed the fuck so much and would thoroughly appreciate a second opportunity. The irony of his thoughts would be brought home to him tomorrow; an apology would be too late now. Violet's thoughts went to her darker side as she did her best to get full enjoyment from Albert's last ever entry into her womanhood; her cunt buzzed with pleasure as she thought how her lover would fuck her in this very bed tomorrow night, on her orders, just as she required to be fucked, and after she had caned him. She almost reached orgasm, but smiled in ironic fashion as Albert grunted his pleasure as he selfishly came with no regard to her satisfaction whatsoever as per usual, and then lay panting on her as her frustration peaked. This would never happen again; any male entering her from now on would not be allowed to come until she had been fully satisfied. As her self-centred husband left the bed to clean up, she worked her unsatisfied and eager cunt to a delicious orgasm as she thought of the subliminally erotic pleasures tomorrow would bring.

Albert drove the small Austin the few short miles to Hendon. His cock rose as he looked at the splendid detached white house with curved, state-of-the-art bay windows, and green tiled roof; architecture often reflected the inhabitant of the building, and he was not to be disappointed on this occasion. He knocked at the door, and a face appeared in one of the three diagonal panes of glass in the door. Albert's cock stiffened as a shapely and attractive woman opened the door, dressed in a tight blouse and skirt; she looked down at him with a certain contempt.

"Mr Brown? You will bring your vacuum in immediately; I wish to see how efficient a performance can be had." Albert puzzled over her accent as he did as he was told, and watched her shapely legs in seamed stockings as she led him through the house. He noticed pictures on the wall in which she was dressed sternly in a uniform which looked distinctly military; she had mentioned in the letter that she was a widow, but had said little else, he just knew that she was a Mrs Atwell. As she showed him the kitchen she spoke again.

"I will have you demonstrate on the tiles first; this is a good test, yes? Then you will perform on my lounge carpet." Albert's cock twitched at her natural authority, and her delightful posture.

"Certainly Mrs Atwell, I'll show you how it copes superbly with any surface or carpet texture ... I couldn't help but notice your accent; you're not English?" She smiled softly, pursing her red lips and emphasising her high cheekbones before responding, her cunt moistening as she began her entrapment; she was thoroughly excited about today's appointment and she wanted him to know as much about her as possible, he would know the superiority of womanhood before he was dealt with permanently. She held the plug for the vacuum obligingly, though in reality this was to show that she would be in control at all times.

"I am from Germany and met my late husband at Munich airport; he was an aircraft navigator and worked from Hendon aerodrome. He has been gone for nearly two years now ... I do miss his attentions and his obedient service." She heaved her breasts as she spoke and casually undid the top button of her blouse. Albert's cock was stiffening by the moment as he listened to her sultry accent, but surely the true meaning of her statement had been lost in translation; 'obedient service'? Her cunt tingled as she saw him ponder her words; she would soon have him where she wanted him, and the others would be treated to a superb show. She waited for his next words before she would allow him a peep at her rear garden, prior to taking him to the main lounge; she needed him to see this, to add to her thrill later. Albert's chauvinistic tendencies would lead him nicely into a situation from which there would be no escape. Despite her strange assertiveness, Albert suddenly felt very bold.

"I can imagine what it is like, having had a man in your life, then going without his attentions; I often meet women in similar circumstances, I feel so sorry for them." Her cunt bulged as she lifted her hands to her hair and released the severe bun she had it in; she knew his cock was bulging too as the lifting of her arms expressed her breasts, giving him a view of her excited nipples, and the release of her flowing locks of blonde hair confirmed that she may be open to sex. She said nothing more, but smiled sexily at him and plugged the vacuum in. Albert swiftly applied the instrument which was supposedly the reason for him being there; as he bent down to clear areas under kitchen units, she strutted over to him, hands on hips, in a strangely provocative way. She ensured he had a good view of her legs and high heeled shoes which arched her feet and stretched her calves divinely. It was a warm day and the extra heat from the vacuum's electric motor gave her the opportunity to swing the back door wide open as Albert finished off. She smiled with satisfaction as she noted his immediate interest in the array of vivid colours of the various roses and other blooms in the enclosed garden; only the crest of the roof of a neighbouring house was visible above the flowering shrubs and hedges.

"That's amazing, such vivid colours; what's your secret?" Mrs Atwell smiled at his choice of words, he would learn the secret all too soon; her cunt tingled with excitement as she thought of the position he would be in later, and she eyed the contours of the earth close to the borders with satisfaction.

"Oh, it's a case of keeping things well-fed; you'll be out there later, when we're done. But now you will demonstrate in the lounge, I'm afraid you will find it very warm in there."

Albert's cock lifted his baggy trousers as he watched the delicious shapely legs and curved buttocks of this formidable woman lead him into her lounge; he could not know this would be the last room he ever saw, though she would keep her promise to him in respect of the garden. Her cunt bulged with excitement as she led him to the room where the spectacle would take place. Albert noticed several hooks and rings mounted in the ceiling beams, but though nothing of it; he was immediately distracted by yet another picture of Mrs Atwell in uniform, standing between two other similarly dressed women, a wooden structure behind them, they each wore stern yet wicked smiles. Something about the picture made his cock stiffen; she looked so commanding and sexy. Her cunt tingled with pleasure as she saw his appreciation of the picture; she would reveal a little more about it when he was secured. She smiled at him and teased a question from him.

"You were in the military? You look very ... smart in the uniform." Her cunt oozed a little as he hesitated with his description of feelings; she knew he was torn between sexy and authoritative; all men were weak and desired a powerful woman.

"I was in a political movement; based in group dealing with political subversives. I had the pleasure of dealing with many of them; all men. It was the uniform and my job that attracted my late husband to me. I warned him of what life would be like, but he insisted on marrying me; now he has gone." Before he had time to think or pose another question she pointed to an area of the floor and almost barked a command.

"You will now demonstrate around this seating area; I will assess how you perform." She knew this would involve his kneeling to access beneath the chairs; he would soon be hers. Albert did not hesitate and did exactly as he was told; he had heard of 'dominant' women before, but had never given them a second thought, believing they were only capable of controlling weak or effeminate men; he was now beginning to wonder as his cock showed its appreciation of this commanding female. He knelt and pressed the hose beneath the legs of one chair, then as he turned he found the other occupied by her long athletic legs; she had removed her skirt. As he looked up the length of her glorious thighs to the stocking tops and ornate suspenders, a foot descended and toed the switch, killing the whine of the vacuum. He looked at her with mouth agape as she looked back down at him with utter contempt.

"It is very hot in here; you will remove your clothes before continuing. You will also remain on your knees while you clean the area around my feet. If I am satisfied with your work, I may allow you to sniff my knickers; I know you would like this." Albert was stunned by her sudden frank suggestion and a little bewildered, but his cock was as much in control of him as she was. How could she know he liked that? She sneered at him as he fumbled to remove his clothes, her cunt oozed as she saw his erect cock for the first time, ensuring Albert would enjoy her exquisite scent; with one eye on the clock, her foot descended once more to allow her naked maid to clean around her feet. Albert broke into a sweat and his cock dribbled pre-cum as he carefully cleaned around the assertive woman's feet; he was now thoroughly enjoying being controlled by a woman. His balls pulsed as smiling, she slowly lifted her feet in unison, put her arm behind her knees and leaned back. Albert would have wanked there and then had she allowed it; he was mesmerised by the delicious round orbs of her arse and the beautiful bulge of her cunt in the fabric of her knickers; a damp patch around the slit into which she slipped a slender finger with her free hand, bringing Albert close to ejaculating involuntarily. He tried to concentrate on maintaining the demonstration with the vacuum, until at last her legs descended, killing the power once more. Despite her obvious excitement she maintained a stern and commanding stance.

"You will now kiss my feet and beg to sniff my panties; I know you want to, many other men have done just so, my husband did so routinely; he learned that I would not tolerate anything but absolute obedience." Albert let out an audible gasp which made her sneer and pleased her no end. Poor Albert was willing to do anything to be allowed to sniff the yellowish patch in those silky-white knickers, and his cock was rigid with excitement at this new game; he would learn before the day was out that this was anything but a game. The stern bitch's cunt bulged and fluttered with erotic satisfaction as she sensed he was about to beg; his fate was sealed, she was in complete control now.

"Please Mrs Atw..." She slapped his face smartly, bringing him to an abrupt halt.

"You will address me as Mistress Helga; I do not wish you to remind me of my late husband, he served his purpose and has been disposed of. Only I shall reminisce on the pleasures I had from him." Albert's cock was close to exploding as he realised the pleasure of being dominated for the first time; had she really 'disposed' of her husband? She spread her legs and smiled to encourage his now assured obedience.

As he opened his mouth he was slapped smartly again; Helga grinned with pleasure.

"You will kiss my feet first! I will have complete obedience!" In his excitement, Albert had forgotten her explicit command and gladly dropped to her feet, kissing her sexy black high heels over and over; she twitched her feet when she was satisfied with sufficient worship. His cock bobbed as he waited for another slap; she just looked at him and lifted her nose contemptuously; she would not waste her words, he required no further prompting.

"Please Mistress Helga; I beg you ... please let me sniff your knickers." Albert was amazed as without further ado, Helga peeled the knickers down her long graceful legs and held the gusset under his nose; she eyed the clock once more as he was transfixed by the heavenly female scent and the sight of the moist and aroused cunt which she displayed with her slightly parted legs. She would shortly be ready to deliver her first wicked surprise on his journey to a cruel realisation.

"I have teased many men this way; all have learned that they must provide absolute satisfaction before relief is allowed. I know you would wish to masturbate while you sniff my knickers, but this will not be allowed. I will have you service me the way the French do; with your tongue, and you will enjoy bondage for the first time also, to ensure masturbation is not performed. You will now hold my knickers in your teeth." She smiled as Albert obediently remained kneeling and gripped the knickers with his teeth; Helga obligingly puffed the gusset up under his nose, a pale brownish streak now under his nostrils announced the spicy tang of the asshole he would also shortly be licking. Albert's balls tingled uncontrollably as he watched the beautiful naked arse and legs strut confidently away to obtain the ropes he would be bound with. He had never licked a woman before, he had sniffed Violet's cunt while she slept on occasion, and then wanked vigorously, but had always settled for just poking her during sex. His cock oozed clear pre-cum as he snorted at the delicious gusset. Helga checked the clock and put the front door on the latch before returning with several lengths of white cord; just the sight of a thicker rope amongst those she retrieved had brought her close to orgasm, such was the promise of the pleasure to come.

She returned and had Albert clasp his hands behind his back; her cunt tingle gloriously and she nearly wet, as first his wrists were tightly bound, a cord was tightened about his middle around his elbows, and another held his knees securely together; he could waddle and be moved at her command but could not run. He was ready to begin to learn his true fate; the first arrivals would be here soon and his punishment and humiliation could begin in earnest. Helga sat back in the chair and lifted her legs across the arms, smiling wickedly as she watched Albert snort hysterically at the gusset as his cock went purple with rigidity on viewing Helga's moist cunt and sweetly puckered anus. As he squirmed in the tight bonds he almost shot his load when Helga produced a short horse whip from nowhere. Albert now mused how he would willingly die for this woman as his stiff cock ached for relief; he would not be disappointed. Helga laughed as she pulled him down by the hair and had him drop the panties before holding his nose just an inch or so from her heavily aroused and deliciously scented cunt.

"My husband so loved servicing me this way, after I'd told him how I had thrashed and disposed of many males in my uniform days. He begged to suffer their fate, after confessing his abuse of other women to me; he was disciplined and punished from the first day of our marriage onwards. I want you to think on that as you lick my cunt and I whip you ... Oh yes, the enjoyment of pain goes hand in hand with the pleasure of bondage, I think you'll need to confess before I allow you into the garden." She laughed wickedly as she pulled his head into her slippery cunt and made Albert buck as she applied the stinging whip. Albert wallowed in a haze of newly found erotic ecstasy as he sampled the luscious juices of the folds of her cunt for the first time, its warmth and delectable scent and taste had him yearning to shoot his mess; oh how he wished he'd serviced other women like this. Helga kicked off her shoes and pointed her toes skyward as the novice cunt licker performed remarkably well; Helga's arsehole pulsed in and out as her cunt enjoyed the total worship provided by his tongue; his amateurish lapping at the fleshy labia and lack of more needy attention of her clitoris, gave her licence to whip him, which compensated for it. Just the same, her eagerness to come, and sample the supremely dominant pleasure of having a bound male lick her arsehole, was all too strong. She whipped him sharply and pulled his head clear.

"You will now service my anus; this will help you know your place and make you realise your natural position with every woman. You will realise that a woman's anus and cunt are so placed to allow the lowly male to savour the rich tastes of his superior's arsehole, whilst sniffing the sweet scent of a cunt he will only be allowed to seed at the express command of his mistress; every woman knows this, it cannot be denied. You will lick my anus clean and then worship my rectum as deeply as you can whilst I pleasure myself; you will witness the scent of a woman in orgasm, but you will enjoy denial." Albert's cock and balls ached for relief as he was first made to sniff his dominant mistress's sticky and richly scented anus, its heady aroma and tangy promise contrasting deliciously with the sweet spices of her gorgeous cunt. Helga sneered with satisfaction; she would have her private pleasure of him before witnessing his shock of deserved torment at the hands of the other women; she would then indulge her exhibitionist side as she and the other women enjoyed the exquisite torment of Albert's last moments.

Albert's sniffed in ecstasy at Helga's delicious brown pucker and was more than willing to beg to be allowed to lick it clean. Helga sighed with pleasure as she allowed him forward and his warm tongue began its submissive worship, as she slipped a slender manicured finger back and forth across the top of her moist slit. Albert's cock dribbled freely as he truly appreciated the undisputed truth of her words, as his tongue sampled the delectable tang of her arsehole, his nose enjoyed the luscious whiff of her cunt as the woman who had taken complete control of him gently nursed her clitoris toward a deeply satisfying orgasm. Albert was mesmerised by the intoxicating tastes and scents as he probed deep into her hot anus, as Helga moaned with pleasure and pointed her toes toward the ceiling; she spied the loop of steel fixed in the beam above his head and erupted into a glorious orgasm, her legs stiff and quivering as Albert worshipped the arsehole of the woman who would shortly hang him.

Violet brought the lover who had been selected to serve her by the other women to his new home, whilst she prepared for the pleasures to be witnessed at Helga's. He was shown the bed that Albert had fucked her in the night before, and made to lay on it whilst she awarded him fifty strokes of the cane. Red eyed and sobbing like a child, he was then made to kneel by the bed he would be permanently dominated in, and handed a pair of soiled knickers to sniff by his smiling mistress, while she dressed and prepared to become a widow. She, like the other women, would dress in black, but there would be nothing sombre about the style of dress; it would all be loose and easily removed. In her excitement she felt the sudden urge to relive her bowels.

"You! Toilet, this instant" The snivelling cur had been well trained by the women, and followed Violet to the toilet without question; eager to please her. Violet smiled with satisfaction as he knelt before the toilet bowl, and was allowed to watch between his mistress's legs, his cock swelling as she smiled down on him and eased a satisfying shit from her bowels. After squeezing all she could free, she pissed too, then shuffled forward slightly and then lifted back on the seat, exposing wet cunt and messy anus.

"Cunt first, then arsehole; you make damn sure I'm clean or your cock will spend the night in its cage. You'll then clean your face and teeth and drive me to Helga's; I'm anxious for you to witness what will inevitably be your fate eventually." The cur's cock stiffened as he first lapped at the salty cunt; hopelessly submissive and broken by women, he too was anxious to witness the ultimate gift to womanhood. Violet warmed with pleasure as she felt his tongue eagerly lick her messy arsehole clean without hesitation. She was in dominant heaven now, and the day would get better.

Albert squirmed, helpless in his bonds as Helga rose from the chair, sneering at her helpless captive, her sense of spite overcoming her temporarily sated sexual needs. She pushed Albert on to his side and whipped him several times for sheer pleasure; his cock pulsed with a strange pleasure of its own as the sting of the whip's blows smarted through his flesh. His ears pricked up as he heard the front door open and close. Helga laughed wickedly.

"Oh you poor fool! Now you will learn why you are really here; you are going to be punished beyond your wildest imagination!" Albert panicked but his cock remained rigid as the door to the lounge moved further open and four women dressed in black strode in with eager smiles on their faces. Two were in charge of frightened looking males, who were leashed like dogs and led in on all fours, dressed in loose white gowns; they did just as they were told. Helga held her arms up.

"Our first guests; they have all come especially to see you ... to punish you." Albert gasped as he instantly recognised two of the women who now sneered down on him as Helga opened the door of a tall cabinet to reveal an array of canes and whips within. One was the woman from Windsor, and another a woman from Epping; both looked so sultry and sexy in black, impeccably made up, they were more like film stars than the meek housewives he had taken advantage of and fucked. The woman from Windsor, who had been such a trusting and meek conquest smiled down on Albert with a lusty look of triumph, before addressing the quaking male she held firmly leashed and obviously in complete control of.

"You see how fortunate you've been in being chosen for me? This less worthy male has been chosen for another way of pleasing women, having shown he is beyond redemption with many females. You will enjoy today thoroughly, and every day from now on, you will dream of having such a day yourself. You will now strip naked and wait in the corner over there until I require your pleasure." Albert looked on in awe at the completely transformed and confident woman as the frightened male duly stripped and knelt obediently in the corner with the other male; both rudely displaying erect cocks as they anticipated being of service to their owners. Windsor then turned her attentions to Albert with a long sneering grin.

"I would like to thank you for being instrumental in opening my mind to the reality of woman's true place above all men. I have to admit, I almost enjoyed letting you fuck me, I was so desperate at the time, but now I know just how pathetic your attempts were. Today you will please me in a way I could only have dreamed of until I met these women, and you will serve to show the male chosen for me, just how worthless males are." He did not recognise the other two, but they were equally severe and sexually exciting somehow. He was scared but his cock did not subside; Helga's taste of dominance had sown a seed he could not stop from developing. The smiling women then carefully chose canes and short whips from the cabinet. Helga laughed as the women stood over him; his lower legs flailed in a panic as the smiling women readied themselves. She sneered down at Albert too.

"It is always considered that a good thrashing is the best way to announce the arrival of the first guests at our functions; this has always been the tradition at such events, and we have many more guests due; they will be so disappointed so you'll have to provide other entertainment for them. You'll kiss the feet of every woman who attends and will show absolute obedience. I will leave you in the company of these ladies while I go and change." Without further ado, Albert was thrashed mercilessly by the four sneering women; the strokes from the two he recognised were particularly venomous, making him writhe with pain. As their skirts and dresses flared with the vigour of their actions, he noticed that they wore no underwear, and the warm room was quickly filled with the delicious scent of their arousal. Albert was soon reduced to tears and as he attempted to assume a foetal position, the two smiling bitches he did not recognise went either end of his body, one to the head, the other to his feet, and held him outstretched and firm while the other two gleefully cut and striped his tortured body. The two women he had abused had been mentored well; they now ensured Albert knew his place was a long way below them. He was shown no mercy until Helga re-appeared; Albert gasped through his tears and pain as the women applauded her return - in the black uniform she wore in the photographs. Albert's cock was close to its first orgasm as he began to imagine how he would be dealt with. As Helga returned, so did another six women, in time to join in with the applause of the ladies who had already arrived, in honour of her uniform; their cunts buzzed in unison at its significance. Albert cowered as he recognised more faces, who returned his fearful glances with utter scorn, the women he'd abused then laughing with contentment as the dominant Helga had him kiss their feet. A woman from Barnet whom he'd taken full advantage of a year or so ago smiled with satisfaction as she made a comment which made his balls tingle in fear and also had him in a quandary.

"Has his widow arrived yet? I am so looking forward to seeing her again; she was so pleased when her lover was delivered to her." Helga strutted in her uniform to a cabinet where she retrieved one of a number of large photo albums each with a man's name on, and each locked with a small key, and casually picked up a small stall which she placed close to the cowering and now fearfull Albert. She grinned at him, her cunt bulging and tingling with excitement.

"His widow will be here very shortly; we'll have him stand on this stool, so all the ladies he has abused can inspect him in full, and he can appreciate taunts from every woman here. He will also enjoy the view of his audience." The woman laughed and took turns in whipping him to encourage him to his feet; a task which was not easy in his tight bonds. They offered no assistance in helping to his feet, but ceased whipping him and eagerly helped him ascend the stool. Once on it, a tight leather strap was applied to his ankles; his bondage was now complete, it made his cock stiffen and he was puzzled as to how he would now get down from the stool. Albert was now in a strange state of fear and excitementdream, this was like some strange dream; though his instincts were to struggle, he was compelled to do as he were told, and the strange erotic pleasure he was feeling sealed his fate. He stood above the women, his cock still rigid and kept so by the attentions of yet more arriving females, who greeted him by teasing the underside of his bell-end with sharply manicured nails. His balls tingled as the mixed perfumes of femininity wafted through the room, and his attention was caught by the women who now crowded round Helga and gave him looks of contempt, as they studied the photo album she had opened. Two of the women whom he did not recognise took pictures of him as he stood naked and bound on the stool; one had a very modern 8mm cine camera which she delighted in using, capturing moments when his distress was at its best, as the women he'd fucked posed and sqeezed his balls or raked his cock with their nails. A freshly perceivable aroma of arousal made Alberts cock rigid as the excited women rubbed themselves unashamedly as they viewed the album which Helga proudly displayed. The leashed males were brought over by their respective owners and made to view the pictures; one of them was allowed to put his head up his mistress's loose dress, obliging her with his tongue, his cock stiffly erect having been exited by what he had seen and now allowed the delicious taste and scent of his owner. Helga beamed with satisfaction.

"As you know, I have many albums, but my husband's remains my favourite; he was so excited at being dominated while I was in full uniform. He would come almost instantaneously when I caned him in military dress, and he begged me to become a widow. I enjoyed taunting and teasing him for a long as possible, but when the time came, his disposal was most invigorating. I am sure Violet will not be disappointed today." Albert's legs teetered a little on the stall as he found balancing in bondage a little difficult as various women paid their respects after becoming fully aroused by Helga's photos, rubbing their hands under his balls and teasing his cock; his bell-end glistening with lubrication. A round of applause went up and the women turned toward the entrance; Albert looked on in shock as Violet appeared dressed in a loose black dress and with a male, leashed and on all fours; obviously dominated and owned by her.

There was no surprise on Violet's face as she sneered with satisfaction on seeing her husband bound and naked, erect and displayed on a stool whilst surrounded by the women he'd foolishly taken advantage of. She had her male strip from his uniform white garments as worn by the other owned males present. She tugged his leash this way and that, liberally thrashing him with great pleasure as she barked commands at him, to ensure he was displayed at all angles for Albert's benefit. Albert could see he was a younger, fitter male than he, and his cock which was now fully erect after tasting the cane and his dominant mistress's commands, was somewhat larger than his. Violet's cunt oozed with supreme pleasure as she relished the torment Albert was experiencing now, and the absolute punishment he would soon be aware of. She had her new male kiss her feet and thank her for the thrashing, and then turned to the bewildered Albert.

"Yes Albert, this obedient and subservient cur is your replacement. As you can see, he is completely under my control and will only please other women if I order him to do so; something which would be impossible to you. I shall have great pleasure in having him fuck me while you watch, but first we have a little preparation for you." She grinned with cruel pleasure as Albert was left spechless and even more bewildered than at any time before. Another huge applause went up from the women as Helga strutted forward, smiling and holding a coiled silky white rope with a delicious noose. Albert went weak at the knees and was thinking of jumping from the stool. Helga laughed and her cunt moistened with pleasure on seeing his fear.

"Hold him firm, while I prepare him for his death." Violet laughed with wicked satisfaction as the women from Windsor, Epping and Barnet stopped him from going anywhere; Albert was close to shooting his load in fear and excitement, as the women he had fucked ensured he received his just deserts; they would now see him fucked completely. A strange sense of relief and pleasure came over Albert as the grinning and dominant Helga slipped the noose over his head with utmost pleasure; her juiced cunt bulged and tingled near to orgasm as she passed the other end of the silky rope through one of the loops in the beam above that Albert had noticed earlier. The rope was tied to a large hook behind some curtains and Helga delighted in pulling it taut.

"Up on your toes now; we shall not have you breaking your neck and spoiling our pleasure within twenty seconds, we want to enjoy your death." Albert was compelled somehow to obey; Helga had such confidence, and Violet and the other women smiled with glee as he needed very little assistance in extending to tip-toe. Helga licked her lips as she ensured the rope was tight. The women with the cameras made sure many pictures were taken; one of the leashed males was allowed to masturbate as his mistress, the woman from Windsor, proudly posed with the noosed victim, thumbing his engorged bell-end and making Albert lubricate all the more. The other women took great delight in teasing the cur with whips as he masturbated to a greatful and generous discharge for his sneering mistress. Helga now brought over the album to Albert, as Violet prepared her cur behind her. Alberts cock bobbed and flexed as the taut rope made him teeter and Helga showed him the pictures; the first was the one on the wall which had excited him so much; two of the women he did not know, stepped forward and stood smiling next to Helga. She smiled and touched the tip of his eager cock with her tongue, then smiled at the other two as she sampled its salty taste.

"Yes, these are the two ladies who assisted me that memorable day." She turned the pages, the next was of her in a wedding dress; the male with her obviously her husband. Two of the pages contained no photographs, but were stained with streaks and spots; the wicked Helga noted his interest in these.

"Oh, the reason for those will become apparent later." Helga smiled wickedly and moved to the next photo; Albert's balls tingled as they do when close to orgasm as she turned to the next. She and the two women, with others, were all posing with broad grins next to the naked, bound and noosed male, who was paying the ultimate price for his total submission to women. His face was contorted with a look of total agony, mixed with sublime ecstasy as his life ebbed away on the rope; his feet dangled, looking for support which was no longer there, while Helga held his erect cock in her black gloved hand. The next picture she showed him was of that hand clenched on his rigid cock; the black leather spattered with creamy semen, which dribbled from his defeated bell-end. Helga smiled as she saw his cock bob with excitement at that picture, and rubbed his balls with the same black leather glove.

"Yes, you will give up your cream for the ladies at least one final time; I guarantee it will be a most heavenly and humiliating orgasm, you will spend as never before as the rope consumes you and you witness the pleasure of the ladies. This was my husband's second orgasm, a parting gift from me which we all thoroughly enjoyed before he passed out; he gave his first without assistance, the divine feel of the rope and the utter humiliation and total submission, being executed naked by superior women, enough to make him acheive orgasm and spend delightfully. I have it all on cine film of course; It is very popular with the women, my husband put on a splendid show and managed to stay concsious for ten minutes; at fifteen he was dead, every woman in the room had enjoyed several orgasms as they witnessed his total humiliation. Many men have admitted total defeat by spending without assistance; we hope you will oblige in the same way, I know you are more than ready to come now." Albert was shown many more photo's; the latter ones showing Helga emasculating her now deceased husband; she smiled with supreme satisfaction as he gasped on seeing these.

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