Sealing the Deal

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2013 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: I was in town to finalise a deal with a company that I was acquiring. They sent me a proposal to read before the meeting in the morning. It was delivered by a young lady that I knew as Adele (a former sex worker who I had frequented). She was known as Tara to her company. We had much fun catching up on old times.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Size   .

I flew into the capital city late on a Monday afternoon in preparation for an important business investment meeting on Tuesday morning. I was about to sign an agreement with a small company that would add millions of dollars of value to my company. I had played my cards close to my chest, meaning that I still had them guessing whether a deal would be signed at all. I had decided to sign the deal with very favourable terms for both of us.

I had checked into my hotel when I received a call from them indicating that they wanted to send me an information pack for my perusal prior to the meeting on Tuesday morning. I said "Fine" with them arranging one of their senior staff to drop it off about 6 PM.

As arranged I was waiting in the foyer of my hotel. I was planning on having an early dinner before retiring to read their material. I was watching the front door when I saw a familiar face walking in the door and heading for the front desk.

"Hmmmm ... she looks sensational" I mused as I took in the sight of the tall and svelte Adele standing at the desk. She and I had spent quite a bit of time naked on her bed, fucking up a storm. She was a very beautiful and down to earth sex worker who I'd engaged many times back in my home city. My fondest memory of her was my discovery of her "trigger spot" - the spot that when stimulated tipped her over the edge into a beautiful orgasm. She normally didn't cum when with a client - she'd told me that after I'd found her trigger spot.

As I watched I noted that the desk clerk was pointing Adele in my direction.

"Oh god ... she's my contact" I muttered under my breath as she turned and started walking towards me. She had closed the gap by about half before she realised just who she was meeting. Her smile beamed as she walked the last few metres.

"Hello Grant ... fancy meeting you here" she said.

"Hello ... not as surprised as me..." I responded before continuing "I only know you as Adele ... I suppose I shouldn't let that name slip out ... might take some explaining".

She laughed before adding "It's Tara ... and yes, that might be awkward".

I stepped forward so I could hug her. We used to hug whenever I was leaving her place after a session. The memories came flooding back as I felt her tits rubbing against my chest as our hug became really warm and close. I placed a light kiss on her neck just below her earlobe - a special place that I had frequented previously.

After we broke from our hug, we sat on the lounge to have a chat.

"I'm here to drop off an information pack that I have prepared for the meeting tomorrow ... Mr Smithers is so on edge about the meeting." she said before saying "Oops ... too much information I think".

We continued to chat for a few minutes about the meeting and her role in the company. Then I suggested that she join me for dinner so that we could catch up on the missing five years since I'd last seen her. She was initially hesitant but she agreed, and soon we were headed into the hotel's restaurant for a meal.

We chatted for ages over our meal. Being in her company excited me with my memory often wandering back to those times when we'd been intimate. I had a three-quarters hard-on just sitting there talking to her. I noted that a musical trio had setup and was playing some nice dance music.

"Would you care to dance?" I asked her.

"Oh yes ... it's been so long" she responded before we made our way to the dimly lit dance floor. She slid into my arms like a long-lost friend (and lover). Her closeness meant that she could not avoid feeling the hardness of my cock as it poked into her tummy.

"Oh ... that does bring back memories ... good memories" she commented as she pressed further into my cock. I nibbled on her earlobe and kissed her neck in response as we danced slowly and closely through a series of dance numbers.

My hand slipped down to caress and hold her ass before I lightly brushed my lips across hers. I'd not kissed her before. This time she didn't avoid my lips - I suspected that our lips would come to know each other much better very soon.

Finally the music came to an end as the trio stopped to have a break. We stood close for a moment not speaking before Tara spoke "Let's take this somewhere more private ... we have a lot of catching up still to happen". I knew what she meant as she gave my cock a squeeze before we left the dance floor arm in arm.

Ten minutes later we were laying naked on my bed with a trail of clothing laying on the floor between the door and the bed. The bedside lamp was on, casting a subdued light on both of us.

Tara was looking as sensational as ever. Tall and slim with long brunette hair that framed a beautiful face. Her tits were a nice hand (and mouth) full with nice erect nipples. Scanning lower I noted that she had trimmed her pussy bush with her pussy lips only just hidden by her short cropped hairs.

We had been kissing up a storm for the last few minutes as one of my hands stroked her tit and gently tweaked her nipple. I remembered that her nipples were very sensitive so I went easy with my touches.

Finally our lips parted.

"Will you trust me for a few minutes?" I asked her "I will be very gentle with these beauties". I was indicating her tits and nipples.

"I know you are very sensitive ... so I will be careful" I promised.

She looked up at me for a moment before nodding.

I brought my lips down close to her nipple before I laid a tongue trail around the perimeter of her areola. I switched to the other one to repeat the same action. I looked up to see her watching me intently.

I went back to the first tit and repeated it again, this time adding a feather-like lick across the top of her nipple. I looked up again, noting her continued interest before repeating the actions on her other tit and nipple.

I decided to move further south, and planning to return to her tits a little later. First stop was a tongue-poke into her belly-button before laying a trail of kisses towards her closely cropped mound. I rubbed my cheek on her pussy hairs before sliding lower to rub her pussy lips across my cheek, leaving a strip of moisture across my cheek.

Her pussy lips had a sheen to them as I stopped to gaze at them for a few moments before sliding my tongue along their outer edge. I circled her pussy for a few moments before slipping my tongue between them and pushing inwards in search of her inner core entrance.

The heat and smell from her core was amazing. I could feel her inner heat on the tip of my tongue as I probed the entrance to her pussy. My nose was buried between her lips with her earthy sexual smell turning me on immensely. I had planned on playing a teasing patient game with her, but her heat, smell and tanginess threw that plan out of the window.

I speared my tongue between her inner lips and directly into her pussy entrance, pushing the tip as deep as I could reach. She tasted so good ... I wanted to spend ages just licking her pussy ... but I also wanted to fuck her too ... and push her over the edge into a beautiful cum.

So for the next few minutes and to the accompanyment of her sweet moans I licked her pussy and devoured her juices.

I then moved up onto my knees and shuffled forward between her wide-spread thighs. I rested my long fat cock on her pussy mound as I contemplated my next move. I slid it back and forth across her hairs before moving back a little to allow my cockhead to slide across her parted pussy lips and across her clitoral hood.

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