Celia's Proposal

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2013 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Celia worked for me. She couldn't do most jobs at all well. It was time for her review. She feared that she would be sacked so she made me an offer that I found very hard to refuse.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Interracial   Size   Public Sex   Workplace   .

I was sitting in my office waiting for my 10:30 AM meeting with Celia Wu. She has been assigned to my office as a graduate for the last 3 months. Her prior placements in the organisation had been failures with her unable to handle the work given to her.

In my area, I had tried her in a number of roles, and had found her performance wanting in most of the roles. She did however excel in organising presentations and looking after my clients. I had decided to offer her that type of role during our review meeting.

Celia (as her name suggests) was from Malaysia. She was 22 years of age and approximately 5ft 5ins tall with a very slender body with a nicely shaped ass and a set of tits that jiggled as she walked. She had long straight black hair which framed her very beautiful flawless face. She had a beautiful smile and an infectious giggle.

Me, I'm Grant, a 55 year old senior director with the organisation with the power to hire and fire people. I own part of the company so I'm quite wealthy as a result. I am divorced and living alone at the moment. I've had a few short-term relationships since my divorce but nothing that lasted very long. I have kept myself fit by going to the gym, and that's where I have picked up most of my women.

I have a substantial sexual appetite, and that coupled with a very long and fat cock has meant that most of my short-term relationships have ended with the woman crying "Enough" and leaving me. I like my sex in the morning and in the evening every day, and during the day on the weekends too.

I heard a knock then my EA poked her head through the door to announce that Celia was here for her review. She showed Celia in and closed the door to return to her desk.

I pushed a hidden button under my desk. It silently locked the door, diverted my phone lines and turned on the video and audio recording of my office. I'd had it installed to protect myself from people who had lied about what had been said in meetings with them.

"Have a seat please Celia" I said indicating to the seat in front of my desk.

Nervously she sat in the seat as she watched me glancing through the notes that had been provided by her supervisors.

Despite being very nervous Celia spoke up first. "Mr Watcher, I know that I haven't been very good at my jobs. I try so hard but it just doesn't work out for me. I really need to keep this job..." she said then paused for a moment before adding in a whisper "I'd do ANYTHING to keep this job".

"Oh my lord..." I muttered under my breath realising just what she had said. "Did she really mean ANYTHING?" was my next thought.

I looked straight at her without taking my eyes off her and without speaking.

She then added in a very hushed tone "I would sleep with you...". Then she bowed her head and looked down at her feet.

I think that she had figured that she was going to be sacked anyway, so she had nothing to lose by offering her body to me as an inducement to keep her job. If her offer was taken the wrong way then she was sacked anyway.

My brain was spinning at a million miles an hour. Before this meeting, I had decided to keep her in the company. Now she was offering herself to me as an inducement to stay. If I was thinking straight with my brain and not my cock (which was very awake at the moment), then I would have sacked her on the spot for her offer.

I decided to ignore my brain and listen to my cock. I had often wondered what it would be like to have sex with a young lady of her ethnicity, especially one as beautiful as Celia.

"Celia ... I want you to stand up and take a couple of steps to the side of the chair and a couple of steps back" I said to her.

She looked up puzzled because I hadn't shouted at her. She hestitated a moment before doing as I asked. From my seating position I could now see her from her head to her toes.

"Is that what you are prepared to do to save your job?" I asked her.

She hesitated a moment before she answered "Yes" in a whisper.

"I want you to follow my instructions immediately and without speaking ... do you understand?" I responded. She nodded.

"Please kick off your shoes". She was wearing closed in high heels. She hesitated just a moment before kicking them off to reveal perfect slender feet.

She was wearing a dress, so my next instruction was "Please remove your dress and drop it on the chair". Her hand went to her side to release the zipper before she slowly pulled it up and over her head. She dropped it on the chair before standing up straight again.

I was pleased that she did not attempt to cover herself with her hands at all. They stayed at her sides as I took in the sight of her standing there in a matching set of lacy black underwear. The bra just covered her nipples with the tops of her tits bulging over the top. The panties were skimpy and very lacy. It looked like she had a very bushy pussy mound.

"Please turn around slowly".

She turned slowly, confirming to me that the panties were a g-string type. She had the most wonderful looking ass cheeks.

"Please remove your bra".

With a very practised move she unhooked the bra, with it falling forward into her hands as she finished removing it. She put it on the chair too.

"Oh my ... you have very beautiful breasts" I commented to her. I think she actually liked receiving that comment because she stood up straighter and poked them out at me.

"Now the panties please".

She pushed them down at each side, sliding them down across her thighs until they fell to her ankles. She then stepped out of them, picking them up and placing them on the chair. She stood up straight looking back to me for guidance.

I looked at her intently, taking in the sights of her delicious body for the next couple of minutes. She had quite a handful of tit, with each topped by a dark hard nipple which was surrounded by a pronounced raised areola. Slipping my eyes lower I noted that she had a belly piercing, and glancing even lower I noted that she had an abundant fleece of black pussy hair.

Our eyes became locked together again for a few moments before I spoke to her.

"You have a sensational body. If you still want to offer yourself to me then I can promise you to be treated with respect ... but you will need to follow my instructions to the letter. Is that acceptable and clear?" I asked her.

She thought for a few moments before she answered "Yes. I understand".

"Good ... I have an engagement tonight that you will accompany me to." She nodded.

"Come around here and write down your address so I can pick you up at 7:00 PM". She walked around to my side of the desk and took the pen and paper that I offered. As she wrote I slid my hand along the outside of her thigh, touching her silky smooth skin. I could feel her tense up as I touched her.

When she finished writing her address she turned to face me. Her tits were level with my face as I sat in my chair. My hands came up to cup her tits, feeling their fleshiness and their weight before drawing her forward until my lips made contact with a nipple. I ran my tongue around and around her nipple before giving it a gentle suck. I repeated the move with the other tit before releasing her.

I picked up a card from my desk and handed it to her.

"I want you to take the rest of the day off. Go to this address and tell them that I sent you. They will prepare you for our date tonight."

"Go now" I added.

She went back around to the other side of the desk and picked up her panties from the chair.

"Ummmm ... hand me your bra and panties ... you won't be needing them anymore today" I added.

With a bit of hesitation and with a concerned look on her face she handed them to me. She then picked up her dress and was about to slip it back on when I added " ... and please ask them to do something with that bush between your legs...".

She dressed and left my office.

I pulled up in my limo at her address at 7 PM with the driver going to her door to usher her down as I waited. Soon she was seated beside me in the back of the limo and we were on our way to the club.

She looked and smelt wonderful. The black dress was quite simple and figure hugging, with her bountiful breasts threatening to spill out over the top. She had lots of thigh on display - it only just sat below her ass cheeks and pussy mound. The strappy high heels showed off her beautifully presented feet with their luscious red toe nails - the same colour as her finger nails.

I put my arm around her and drew her into a kiss that started off with our lips gently lingering on each other, but which soon progressed into a sensuous mashing with a hint of tongue. We didn't have a lot of time to do much more before the limo stopped outside of the club.

Soon we were ushered into the club via its discrete entrance. It was a small club which tonight was buzzing with lots of people sitting around, and enjoying a drink and some good conversation. I took her hand and led her to the back of the room to another doorway that was protected by an electronic lock. I put my thumb onto the fingerprint reader and the door opened for me.

The room was very dark with only the bar being lit. There were 4 other couples standing at the bar enjoying a drink when we arrived. We ordered a drink and joined them in conversation. For a shy 22 year old I was impressed by Celia's ability to join in and make sensible conversation with complete strangers.

I noted that Celia had been attracted to Miranda and was in deep conversation with her whilst I spoke to Pete who was Miranda's date. Miranda was a very pretty mid-twenties young lady with long ash blonde hair to the middle of her back. She was the same height as Celia, similar in build except that Miranda had a very large set of tits that wobbled under her loose fitting dress.

After about 30 minutes our host announced that the show would be starting in about 5 minutes, and that it was time to take our seats. A few more lights came on to help us find our way to the show area which consisted of a very well lit small round stage with four double lounge chairs spaced out around the perimeter of the stage and facing the stage. From our seat to the centre of the stage was no more than about 6 feet.

Miranda and Pete disappeared off into the darkness as Celia and I took our seats. With just a few minutes to go, I extracted a very small pump bottle from my pocket. I took Celia's hand and pumped a small dob of the clear liquid onto her index finger.

"I want you to rub this liquid onto your clit and all around it" I told her. I had hoped that she hadn't added panties to the outfit that she was wearing. She looked at me apprehensively for a moment. I nodded to her, indicating that I wanted her to proceed.

She parted her thighs a little and slipped her hand between her legs, moving her fingers to her pussy and stroking it with an up and down motion.

"Hmmm ... very good Celia ... you will feel a warming sensation very soon ... nothing to be alarmed at all" I added as I slipped my hand to rest between her upper thighs just inches from her pussy.

All the lights were extinguished for a moment before the stage lights came back on revealing a naked couple on the stage - it was Pete and Miranda. Miranda had his very erect cock in hand and was stroking it gently.

"Oh god..." I heard from Celia as she watched the couple on the stage intently as they moved together. Miranda had an amazing body - her tits were huge and wobbled with her movements, and she had a bald pussy with quite pronounced pink pussy lips.

The stage started to rotate slowly as Pete and Miranda moved about on the stage until Celia and I had a very clear view of Pete penetrating her pussy just a few feet in front of us. It was at that time that I slipped my finger up to Celia's pussy to find her very naked and wet pussy lips which I parted with my fingers to play in her wetness.

"Oh ... ohhhh..." Celia moaned as I played as she watched the fucking happening just in front of us. She was very wet, with the slickness making it easy for me to glide my fingers the full length of her pussy slit. My fingers found her clit on a number of occasions - it was erect and felt to be quite sizeable (compared to others that I've played with).

Miranda had changed to the reverse cowgirl position, giving Celia and I a wonderful view of her pussy being penetrated by Pete's quite thick cock. I'd have to estimate his cock size at around 8 inches. She seemed to be loving the sensation of being filled and stretched by his cock. We could see her juices streaming down his cockshaft.

"Oh fuck ... fuck ... fuck..." Celia moaned as I concentrated on her clit for a few moments "Oh goddddd!!!" she groaned as I felt a deluge of her juices on my finger as she came hard and wet. It was at that time that Pete and Miranda had a huge simultaneous and noisy cum. I could see extra juices squishing out between them as Pete pumped his cum deep into Miranda's pussy.

Finally Miranda came to a stop on top of Pete. She was facing us when the stage stopped rotating, and she was getting a clear view of me playing with Celia's pussy. Miranda slowly dismounted from Pete's cock and stood closely in front of us. She looked to me and I nodded.

With my permission she dropped to her knees and brought her face to Celia's pussy. I removed my fingers to free up access to Celia's pussy - an access gratefully accepted by Miranda as she slid her tongue between Celia's parted and very wet pussy lips.

"Oh god ... what??" Celia gasped when she realised that a tongue was now sliding into her pussy. Her eyes popped open widely as she took in the sight of Miranda licking her pussy. She looked at me alarmed - I smiled at her and said "Enjoy yourself babe". She closed her eyes and immersed herself in the sensations that were building within her body.

I unzipped my trousers as I watched and drew my cock free of my trousers. It was standing tall and proud - 10 inches in length and very fat. I redirected one of Celia's hands from Miranda's head onto my cock, encouraging her to hold it within her petite hand.

Her eyes popped open again at the sensation of holding my cock.

"Oh god ... you're huge" was all she could mutter before the talents of Miranda's tongue set off another massive cum from Celia's pussy. I could see her face getting very wet as juices streamed from the exploding pussy. She licked as fast as she could trying to catch and devour as much of the juices before they dropped to the floor. Meanwhile Celia was holding my cock tight and firmly stroking it.

Finally Miranda stopped her licking and glanced in my direction. She smiled as she saw my cock standing there with Celia's hand gently milking me. I smiled and nodded to her, signalling to her that she was welcome to suck my cock.

Miranda took up my invitation without a moment's hesitation. She shuffled a little to get between my legs and bring her mouth to the head of my cock. Her tongue came out to lick the head a little before taking the head between her lips.

"Celia ... watch her ... I want you to see what she does ... you will be sucking my cock later tonight" I told her as Celia's attention shifted to what was happening to me.

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