Two Broken Thumbs, the Sequel

by bonerdoc

Copyright© 2013 by bonerdoc

Erotica Sex Story: Ray with casted hands finds his sister a willing participant in allowing him to release his pent-up spunk. He reciprocates by eating not only her cunt but her ass as well. As they are going at it, mom catches them. Instead of a scolding, she finally joins them in the taboo act of family incest.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Incest   Mother   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Fisting   Voyeurism   .

[Author's note: This story is for my fan at who encouraged me to write a follow on to the original story and even gave me some plot ideas. So, here it is just for you! In, fact I can feel a third one brewing as they bring dadd into their taboo experiences ... Emjoy!]

I broke both of my thumbs in a car accident and I was plastered up both arms to mid-level with thumbs locked outward. I had the use of my fingers since the casts stopped at knuckle level but I was finding it literally impossible to masturbate with just use of finger tips. With just one week in the casts gone and 5 more to go, I was going insane.

My 14 year-old sister, Lynn, bounced in after dinner and plopped down on the couch next to me. She was a petite 5 foot 2 with her blond hair in a pixie cut and light dusting of freckles on her face. She had pretty awesome tits and a great figure for her age. I bet the Junior High boys were all masturbating like crazy over her image. Anyway, she'd noticed my perpetual erection and kept making jokes about my 'problem' so tonight I got bold and asked her for help. "Please just a quick hand job in the bathroom?" I begged. Our folks were out for the evening so this was the perfect time, I thought.

She got this wicked smile on her lips then nodded her head yes. "OK, Ray, but I don't know where to rub or stroke, how hard to pull or what tempo to use," she said. "I've never jerked a boy off before." In the bathroom I sat on the toilet seat and she curled up at my feet. Once she had my cock covered completely in lubricating lotion, I told her, "Now just stroke it up and down over the part right there where the shaft and head come together." No more than 5 strokes later, I shot several pulsing gushers of cum up onto my neck, chest and all over her hands. "Oooh, thanks sis, that was the best orgasm I've ever had," I sighed. And I meant it. There's just something incredibly hot about another person jerking you off.

Her face lit up with a smile, pleased that she'd done so good for her first time. Then she reached down and pressed gently on her crotch through her short shorts. I couldn't believe my own sister was a horny little cunt, getting excited from jerking me off. I began day-dreaming about her wet pussy and whether she also would be masturbating once she retired to her room tonight. Or whether she'd let me lick her cunt to return the favor she'd just done me. "Oops," I thought, "Here comes another boner and me with no way to satisfy myself."

So I snuck into her room later and, sure enough, she was fingering herself. "Here, let me help," I offered, "But not with my fingers." I spread her pussy lips with my fingertips and began gently licking along the inner folds of her wet cunt. She began to squirm with this treatment so I quickly shoved my tongue as far into her pussy as far as I could go, my nose now pressed into her mound, covered with her soft silky blond hair. I tried to cup her ass cheeks with both hands but my immobile thumbs got in the way. So I managed to support her with one hand on her lower back and I slid the fingers of my free hand in toward her butt hole while still licking and sucking away on her cunt. Gently I used my index finger to circle closer and closer, then I pressed lightly on her tiny rear rosebud.

'Ooooh, yesssss, that feels so good" she panted. She didn't move at all against my finger for a brief moment, then she firmly pushed down. My finger slid in to the second knuckle as she bit her hand to keep from screaming out in pleasure. I could feel her sphincter spasming on my hand. "Oh, my god, I'm cumming! That is so fantastic, Ray!" she moaned. "No one has ever done that to me."

With my finger stuck deep in her ass, I began to lick gradually upwards, first thrusting deep into her channel then out along the lips. Over and over I repeated the pattern, gradually moving upward towards her hooded wonder until she was thrashing back and forth on the bed. Finding her clit with my tongue, I sucked it into my mouth and rapidly flicked it side to side, bringing her to a violent orgasm within moments. Her pussy spasmed and squirted a few drops of gooey delicious juice that I lapped right up.

I lifted her legs higher in the air and folded them back on her chest. Now I was looking directly at her little button. I first lapped at her ass cheeks with my tongue, drawing ever closer to the center. Then I gently flicked the tip of my tongue over her hole. She gasped at the new sensation, so I pushed my tongue hard into her butt and she had another climax right then. "Aaaahh, god what a feeling!" she moaned.

She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face and head even tighter onto her ass as I flicked my tongue in and out of her asshole. She kept shaking and moaning as she hit yet another orgasm. Her pussy now squirted out a huge gusher of delicious nectar that I sucked up and swallowed in delight. "You squirted a lot of cum that time," I said.

"That's never happened to me before but, then, I've never had my ass reamed by a tongue," she laughed. "It is a wonderful feeling. I'm still tingling. My turn, now."

She fell back onto the bed, then turned around and put her head in my lap and licked the tip of my erect cock as she slid her hand up and down the shaft several times. Then she put the whole thing in her mouth and began bobbing up and down. I could see all 8 inches going deeper with each stroke until my cock was all the way down her throat, but she never gagged at all. She pumped me in and out of her mouth until I felt the boiling sensation deep in my balls that comes just before I erupt. "I'm going to shoot," I warned her but she began to suck even harder. And did I ever shoot my load! There was so much cum bubbling out of my nuts that she couldn't swallow all of it even though she tried and some dribbled down her chin. She gulped down as much of the creamy load as she could then licked her lips. Then she rubbed 2 fingers up her chin to capture the last bit, smacking her lips like this was fine dining.

That was the beginning of a wonderful five weeks waiting for my thumbs to heal. I would sneak down to Lynn's room each night. She became more and more assertive about how I was to please her, once waiting on a chair behind her door totally nude and jumping up on my shoulders as I entered the room. Her pussy was thrust right into my face as she wrapped her legs around my neck and pressed her dripping snatch onto my mouth. She loved to be eaten and I had no problem with that since I love to suck pussy. She also began to relish having her asshole tongued over and over until she was completely cummed out for the night. And she loved to let me cum, either by beating my throbbing cock or by sucking me until she could suck all my jizz right down her throat. It was heaven!

By about 3 weeks in, we had done everything possible without actually fucking. She was still a virgin and I didn't want to pop her cherry, although I later found out she'd been using a vibrator for over a year and no longer had an issue with her hymen. So tonight we were in a classic sixty-nine position, Lynn on top with her cunt firmly humping against my mouth and my 8 inch prick deep in her throat. She stiffened as her climax overcame her and she'd learned to squirt her cum long ago so she filled my mouth with delicious nectar.

As she hit her orgasm, she cried out, "Aaaaah!" It was pretty loud for 1:00 in the morning so I stopped licking and grabbed her head. "Shh!" I whispered, afraid that she had awakened out parents. "Hold still a moment!"

We held still in that position for a moment but she laughed and wiggled her pussy in my face then began sucking on my throbbing boner again. I tried to keep listening but soon her actions overcame my concerns about our parents. I had my hands on her head so I began bobbing her head up and down, basically using her mouth to jerk myself off. Soon I was in heaven again as my cock exploded in her mouth.

As I reached the peak and then floated in orgasmic bliss, I didn't hear my mom arrive outside Lynn's door and gently push it open. She'd been awakened by a noise she couldn't identify and looked over at her husband, Paul, who was sleeping soundly. "Nope, wasn't him so what was that?" she wondered. She quietly slipped out of bed and walked into the hall. Ray's door was open which was a bit strange. He'd often stay out late but with two broken thumbs and his vehicle totaled, he was home most of the day and night now. She peeked in but the room was empty. "Strange," she thought. So she continued silently down the hall to check in Lynn's room.

As she peeked in, her jaw dropped to the floor. Here were her two kids having sex. Lynn was writhing on the top lost completely in her orgasm and, as she looked, Ray stiffened and she knew he was shooting his wad of cum right into Lynn's waiting mouth. She watched with growing fascination, this perverse sight was one she never thought she'd see. She stood quietly for a moment as her daughter lifted her mouth off her son's still erect cock with a clear popping sound. She was suddenly feeling a warmth spread through her loins. Without conscious thought, she reached her hands up under her nightgown, brought her fingers onto her muff and began rubbing her cunt lips, tracing them upward until she reached her clit. She realized then that she was incredibly turned on and her cunt was pulsing with anticipation.

"Oh, my god," she thought. "This is incest! Why am I so turned on by this perversity?" But she kept rubbing her thumb on her clit and then inserted three fingers deep into her cunt as she was soon carried away by her first orgasm of the evening. On shaky legs she returned to her bed, not really knowing how to confront her children about what she had seen and still feeling a huge fire burning in her cunt. She was still a gorgeous 38 year- old with C-cup tits that stood proudly out and very little belly fat, even after having two kids. Her hair was light brown and hung half-way down her back if she let it loose. She loved her powerful thighs and legs and kept her treadmill on an incline to keep them just right. This helped keep her butt tight as well.

Her husband continued snoring next to her as she pulled the covers up to her chin. Over the past year, he had gradually been less and less interested in making love to her. She didn't know why for several months but then she caught him sneaking out of bed at two am one morning. She followed quietly and was able to overhear him on the office phone talking to someone quietly on the other end. She listened as he said, "Baby, I am stroking my cock just foryou." He had his computer web cam activated and she could see a gorgeous black woman on the screen, her legs spread on either side of her monitor, pressing a large dildo into her pussy. "Oh baby," he said, "I wish that were me pushing this prick into your pussy. So, so good! Here I cum!" he shouted as he released strong jets of jizz right up onto and over his computer.

He sat back in bliss as Beth overcame her shock at seeing her husband of 20 years engage in phone sex. She didn't announce her presence, but instead watched as he finally came out of his post-cum reverie and grabbed a towel to wipe down the monitor and the table underneath it. She silently climbed the stairs to her bedroom and pretended to sleep as he returned and snuck back into bed.

Soon she could hear deep breathing as he was clearly spent from the stroking he gave his prick. She slipped down her panties and raised her jammie tops up to her shoulders. She then began to rub her hands up her thighs and belly, squeezing her breasts and massaging the nipples in just the way she loved. Soon she was reaching along her slit and rubbing the fingers up toward her clit that was now fully erect, peeking out from under its little hood. She was picturing the pool boy next door, a muscular twenty-some kid who serviced their neighbor's pool weekly. She had fantasized about him for over a month now but this was the first time she'd thought to masturbate to his image.

She began to rub circles around her clit and then thrust her whole entire hand into her wet cunt. "Ooooh," she murmured out loud. She writhed on her hand, flicking her nipples while her thumb pressed her tender clit and her hand was stretching her cunt to its full extent. How she could get her whole hand into her cunt was a mystery to her, but she could care less since it felt so good to be stretched so completely. "Aaaah, I am going to cum," she thought. Soon she spasmed and shook as the climax overcame her. "Oooh my," she thought, "That is the best climax I've had in a while. Paul can jerk off to his black bitch all he wants; I'll have the kid next door to dream about."

And they went on like this over the next six months with her masturbating many nights while he slept next to her. He'd often sneak out of their bedroom for his sex sessions but soon he became a bit bolder and began visiting his on-line sex sites during the afternoons once he returned from work. He never flaunted his actions in front of her or the kids and she didn't see anything wrong with him jacking off and cumming for another woman as long as he kept it on-line. After all, wasn't she doing almost the same thing with her fantasy?

But she was both shocked and excited to have seen the display of sex tonight from her teens. "I guess we're just a horny family," she thought. Paul was snoring softly as she reached under the bed to retrieve a towel and clean the drying juice off her pussy and hands from tonight's little scene in Lynn's bedroom. As she began to rub, it became obvious that her heat had not abated and she again pictured herself standing in the doorway watching as both kids had orgasms. She even had a wicked thought, "What if they knew I was watching?" Her clit was on fire as she stroked it and, with just a little pressure, she came for the second time tonight.

At breakfast the next morning, she still hadn't decided how to approach the taboo subject. After Paul left for work, she asked, "Did you guys sleep well last night?"

"Yes, mom," they both answered.

So she let it go but, assuming they were having sex every night, she began figuring how to catch them tonight. The day passed slowly for Beth since she was extremely turned on, continually reliving the scene last night in her mind. She masturbated during her morning shower, then again twice with her vibrator in the afternoon. As soon as dinner dishes were finished, she grabbed her Kindle and sat down in her recliner as Paul headed into his office and closed the door. She knew what that meant but at least he had the decency to keep it behind closed doors and away from the teens. Not that that mattered any longer, she realized.

Paul came out at 10:00 and headed up for bed. The kids were watching some spy movie on TV so she said goodnight and headed up. She stripped down to the nude and was gently rubbing her swollen sex as the movie ended about 1:00 am and both kids tiptoed down the hall to their rooms. She slid out of bed and watched from her door as Ray walked right past his room and followed Lynn into hers. She slipped her silky robe over her shoulders but left it hanging open, then waited a few minutes before following them. She could hear their whispers as she arrived at the partially opened door and peeked in. Lynn was saying, "God, Ray, are you taking grow pills or something? Your cock is huge tonight. I can't wait to suck it."

Ray responded, "No sis, it's just for you. I get so hard just thinking about you and your gorgeous body. Man, I love to suck your sweet pussy and eat your ass.""

The streetlight outside her bedroom window gave enough back light that Beth could see their outlines perfectly. Lynn dropped to her knees in front of Ray and said, "I see some pre-cum on the tip. I love that stuff almost as much as I love your sperm." She leaned in and licked the head of his erect dick. Then she began sucking him in earnest, bobbing in and out and swallowing a bit more with each bob. Beth could see his cock gradually disappear into her eager mouth until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. She stood transfixed as she realized it must be eight inches long and she knew Lynn was swallowing the massive thing since her mouth wasn't nearly that big.

Ray was panting as he reached down to grasp her head in his hands and pump her mouth over his cock. Soon, he cried out, "Aaaaah ... Lynn, here it comes!" Beth watched as his cock pulsed over and over as his balls jumped up, emptying his seed into her mouth.

She couldn't stand it anymore and was frigging her cunt without mercy as her son finished erupting. She bit her lip to keep from screaming as a huge orgasm ripped through her. The next thing she saw was Lynn rising and Ray squatting down. Lynn then stood over him and pressed her cunt right onto his mouth. "Eat my pussy, brother," she exclaimed! "Lick my clit, finger my slit and please finger my ass. Push your tongue deep into my tunnel."

Lynn put her hands on her hips and began thrusting forward in time with Ray's tongue as it repeatedly penetrated deep into her cunt. "Aaaah ... yesss," she murmured. Within a matter of only a minute, she was spasming with her orgasm. Her legs buckled so that she literally flopped onto his face with his tongue supporting her through her cunt and his finger wedged into her butt. Beth had another shuddering cum watching her daughter being pleasured like this and she fantasized that she was standing in front of her son, pressing her wet snatch onto his tongue instead of watching her daughter be serviced. "Ooh, naughty, naughty," she thought.

After a minute or so, Lynn stood back up, turned around, bent over at the waist and grabbed her ankles. She literally was shoving her ass in his face as she murmured, "Eat my pretty little asshole, Ray." Ray grabbed one ass cheek in each hand and leaned forward to lick between her butt cheeks. Then Beth watched in amazement as he stuck his tongue right into her puckered asshole. She felt another giant cum roar through her pussy as her nipples tingled with pleasure. "God, two climaxes last night, three this afternoon and now three orgasms in a row," she whispered to herself. "What is wrong with me?"

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