Double Booked

by RejectReality

Copyright© 2013 by RejectReality

Erotica Sex Story: Tonya's first vacation in years gets off to a bad start when the hotel room she'd reserved is double-booked, leaving her without a place to stay. When the only place she can find with a vacancy is a clothing-optional establishment, she's so ready to begin her vacation that she doesn't care. Little does she know that she's going to get double-booked again, and in a much more pleasant way.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Double Penetration   Nudism   .

"Can I help you?" the woman at the front desk of the hotel asked.

"I have a reservation. Tonya Benton."

The woman's smile faded a little as she clicked away on the computer. After a few seconds, she said, "I'm terribly sorry, but we don't have any rooms available."

Tonya gave a shake of her head, tossing her red curls, in disbelief of what she'd just heard. "What? I have a reservation. I made it a month ago."

"I see it in the computer, but I'm afraid we had a software glitch that caused us to double book about twenty rooms. They're all already filled."

Voice steadily rising in irritation, Tonya said, "You have to be kidding. I called three days ago to confirm my reservation. I just drove six hours to get here. I've been planning this since the first of the year. This is the first vacation I've had in ages."

"I'm so sorry. We only discovered what had happened a few hours ago. My manager has authorized me to provide vouchers for a suite upgrade to everyone affected by the double booking."

"What am I supposed to do now?"

"I really am so sorry. I wish there was something I could do."

There was genuine sympathy in the woman's voice, and Tonya pushed her anger aside. After taking a deep breath, she said, "I'm sorry. I know this isn't your fault."

"Let me get you those vouchers and take down your number. Again, I'm so sorry."

"I understand."

A few minutes later, Tonya stepped back out into the summer sun - no longer enjoying it or the tang of the ocean breeze as much as she had on the way in. This was her first vacation in years, finally possible because her son had left for college, and it wasn't off to a good start. Thus began a frustrating search for somewhere to stay, eating up precious vacation time.

She didn't have much hope when she pulled into the parking lot of a smaller hotel quite some distance inland. After stopping at two other places that hadn't indicated they were full - only to find out that they were - she was on the verge of giving up and driving home. A big music festival in the area had drawn unusually large crowds, leaving most of the hotels sporting No Vacancy signs.

She barely gave the man at the counter a chance to greet her before asking, "Do you have any rooms available?"

"Yes, we do. I'm afraid that all of our suites are booked, however."

Nearly stunned by the unexpected revelation, she let out a little laugh and said, "A plain room is just fine. This is the first time I've been able to get away in years, the place I'd reserved double-booked, and I've been driving around for two hours trying to find a place to stay. How much is it?"

The price was reasonable, and she was just about to book the room when he asked, "Did you read the sign before you came in?"

"I ... Well, not really."

He cleared his throat. "So, you didn't see that we're a clothing optional establishment?"

Tonya's mouth dropped open, and she could only stare for a moment. Then she muttered, "Clothing optional?"

"I'm afraid so."

Shaking off the shock, she asked, "Optional means I don't have to take my clothes off, right?"

"That's correct. It does mean that others will be nude beyond the lobby, however."

"You have rooms. I can handle it. I just want to start my vacation."

He smiled and clicked his mouse a couple of times. "We do have one room left with a jacuzzi, if you'd like. I'll give it to you at the regular room rate, since you've had such a terrible start to your vacation."

"I'll take it," she said, welcoming the unexpected perk.

"It's also close to the elevator, which is just outside the lobby," he added.

"I appreciate the thought."

"You're welcome. I've been in your position before, and I'm glad I can help."

A few minutes later, Tonya walked back into the lobby with her luggage and her room key. She hesitated for a moment at the door to the interior of the hotel, took a deep breath, and stepped inside.

The last thing she'd expected to see was a group of three college-age girls - naked as the day they were born - coming down the hall toward her. She'd assumed the patrons would probably be much older and far less attractive people. More to her expectations, she saw a nude middle-aged couple also coming her way from the other end of the hall. The girls turned into a hallway where a sign pointed toward the pool. As Tonya pushed the button on the elevator, the other couple passed by her and entered the same hallway.

Breathing a sigh of relief that the elevator was empty when the doors opened - and offering a silent prayer that it stayed that way - she stepped inside and pressed the close door button. Upon reaching the third floor, she didn't see anyone on the journey to her room, and hastened inside.

How things change over the years, she thought as she closed the door. Back when she was in college, she'd bared her body more than she cared to remember. There was a time when she'd have been walking with those three girls and not had a care in the world.

Now, she was 40. Somehow, she doubted the reaction to seeing her naked would be quite as positive as it had been when she was a nineteen-year-old co-ed.

Doing her best to push everything out of her head, she concentrated on getting ready for the beach. She'd already lost hours, and it would take even longer to reach the shore now that she was farther inland. She was bound and determined to get her vacation back on track.

Not even the elevator ride back up to her room staring at the naked backs of two men in their fifties managed to dampen Tonya's spirits when she returned from the beach that evening. Contrary to her earlier musing, her bikini had drawn no small amount of attention on the beach, and even resulted in men buying her a couple of drinks. The boost in confidence had encouraged her to forego the shorts and top she'd worn over her bikini on the way out.

Once back at her room, she had another laugh at the sign on the back of the door. Along with the standard policies, there was a large section outlining the need to place towels on the seats of exercise equipment, to put on clothes before entering the lobby, and a prohibition against sex in public areas - including masturbation.

As she chuckled and thought about taking a shower to wash away any sand she'd missed, curiosity drew her toward the window. After biting her lip for a moment, she parted the curtains and looked down at the pool. The very first thing she saw was a woman of about 30 in a lounge chair, naked and soaking up the sun. A man of about the same age relaxed next to her, a beer in hand and his cock lying limp between his legs. A few older couples were also in and around the pool - dressed and undressed. Several more unattached men who looked to be in their 40s and 50s - none of whom were especially attractive - rounded out the view.

She had no doubt they were hoping for another look at the co-eds who had been at the pool earlier.

Her eyes came to a sudden halt near the diving board, and promptly widened. Two muscular, handsome men who couldn't be much older than her son were standing there, and they had taken the option to go naked. Even three floors up, she could see that they were well-endowed.

For a few seconds, all she could do was stare in aroused bemusement. As surprising as the girls earlier in the day had been, the studs were even more of a shock - if a pleasant one. Nipples poking at her bikini top and her sex tingling, she drank in the sight for as long as her nerves allowed before closing the curtains.

A shiver shook her, and she immediately thought about the vibrator she'd tossed into her luggage at the last second. After fourteen months without sex - and a stretch almost as long before that - it had become her best friend.

Fighting down her hormones, she jumped in the shower.

Since she hadn't decided on where to have dinner yet, she pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, foregoing a bra. Once she knew where she was going, she'd find something appropriate in her suitcase.

Grabbing the bottle of water she'd bought just before leaving the beach, she discovered that it had warmed during the trip and her shower. Not willing to pay the undoubtedly outrageous price for one from the mini fridge, she gathered up the ice bucket and stepped out into the hall. She wasn't even thinking about the nature of the hotel until she opened the door.

The two studs from the pool gave her a pointed reminder of it as they exited the elevator.

Tonya quickly turned toward where she remembered seeing the ice machine down the hall. Don't turn around. Don't stare. Keeping her eyes fixed on the path ahead, she felt her cheeks warming because she could still see two impressive cocks swinging in her mind's eye, and she could hear the men walking behind her.

Stuck in a tight t-shirt with her nipples stiffening, she prayed that the cause of it would pass by without incident. She stopped at the ice machine and breathed a sigh of relief when the two young men walked by.

She couldn't stop herself. After a few rapid heartbeats, her eyes seemed to gain a mind of their own and darted toward the retreating men. A sharp tingle shot all through her from her sex as she beheld two muscled backs and sets of perfect glutes. Only ice cubes tumbling over her fingers into the catch tray below broke her out of an aroused trance - just in time.

Tonya tore her eyes away just as the men stopped and scanned a keycard to open the door. They were only four doors down from her room. She leveled off her ice bucket and took one last look as the delicious studs vanished from the hall.

Where were you twenty years ago? Hell, ten, she thought and let out a sigh.

Storing away the fantasy fuel, she returned to her room and made a mental note to pick up some more AA batteries for her vibrator.

The rough start to Tonya's vacation was little more than a distant memory when she returned to the hotel at around 1 am. After a dinner of seafood caught that very morning, she'd made her way to a nearby bar. A chance conversation in the bathroom had drawn her into a group of other tourists, making for a grand evening.

Still more than a little tipsy - and glad she'd taken a cab - she returned to her room wearing a smile that just wouldn't go away. For the first time in years - since the divorce, really - she felt social and attractive. Moments after dropping her purse on the night stand, she walked over to the window.

The pool was open 24 hours, but she didn't see anyone. The lapping water shimmered from lights beneath the surface, calling to her, and she was far too wound up to sleep anyway. Decision made, she changed into her bikini and headed for the elevator.

Having felt intimidated by all the younger girls on the beach, she hadn't been comfortable enough to get in the water during her first visit. She had a feeling that would change the next day, but the pool would suffice for the time being. She put down her towel on a deck chair, sat down a pair of expensive wine coolers from the mini fridge near the edge of the water, and dived in.

Despite the late hour, it was still hot and sticky, so the water felt wonderful. She surfaced, flipping her hair to keep it out of her eyes. For some reason, she had an irrational desire to climb up on the diving board and do a cannonball, but laughed it off. The last thing she wanted to do was attract too much attention. Instead, she rolled over onto her back, looking up at the moon, and luxuriated in the cool water.

After a couple of minutes, she returned to her wine coolers and popped one open before it warmed. Already feeling good from her trip to the bar, drinking half the bottle kept her buzz well entrenched. When she kicked off toward the center of the pool once more, something caught her eye.

Up above, Tonya could see the light filtering out from between the curtains of her room. Four windows down, no curtains blocked the dim light shining out - though a pair of silhouettes did. The young men above were making no effort to hide their voyeurism, and the similarity sent her flashing back across the years.

She'd only turned eighteen a month or so before when she'd gone out to the backyard pool for a midnight swim. Then, as now, she'd noticed a light in a window above and recognized the silhouette. She'd lusted after her much older neighbor for a couple of years, and the person sitting in the window could have only been him.

Taking off her top when she knew someone was watching had nearly made her stomach rebel, but she'd gone through with it. Seeing him lean closer to the window for a better look had caused arousal to overwhelm her fear in short order. Her bikini bottom had followed, and she had reveled in the object of her desire so obviously enthralled by her nude body.

His wife returning from work had stolen the moment and sent her scurrying for her bikini, but it had thrown a door wide open. While she hadn't been overly promiscuous in college, she'd most certainly let men see what they were missing - often.

The sense of invincibility she'd felt then had faded over the years, though. The urge to throw caution - along with her bikini - to the wind was still there, but it wasn't enough to overwhelm her inhibitions to that degree. Still, somewhere between her memories and the wine, she found herself floating on her back with her breasts well displayed above the lapping water.

Legs parting and closing, Tonya scissor-kicked toward the opposite edge of the pool and paused. The briefest of glances showed that her audience was still there.

This is crazy, she thought as she climbed out of the pool, but she went through with it anyway. Standing on the edge, she slicked the water out of her hair, knowing how the motion would show off her body. Then, she walked toward the diving board and glanced toward the window. Both young men had moved closer - with one actually sitting in the window sill.

Chills running up and down her spine, Tonya climbed onto the diving board, took a hop that bounced her breasts, and dived in. When she surfaced, she whipped her hair, slinging a rainbow of water that glittered in the moonlight.

The dive had caused her top to slip nearly to her nipples, and she allowed the extra view of her attributes for a couple of moments before making a show of tugging her bikini back into place.

Another peek revealed that the two gorgeous voyeurs were still there, and that the illumination had increased. She guessed that one of them had turned on the overhead light, allowing her to see that both men were nude. They wanted her to know that they were watching.

Tonya floated onto her back, heart beating rapidly as the war within her raged. From what she knew of nudists, it wasn't supposed to be about sex, but that didn't stop her thoughts from turning that way. She'd fantasized about being with two men at once many times, but never with such a clear vision of who. Those erotic daydreams had certainly never included two such young, virile men, either.

Risking her longest, most obvious look yet, she wondered, Should I do it?

It was likely pure coincidence, but seeing the darker-haired man nod just as the thought flitted through her head opened a floodgate. Before her better judgement could sound an alarm, she let her legs sink and untied her bikini top. Her inhibitions evaporated in the space of a heartbeat when the pair leaned closer to the window.

A shiver shook her as Tonya floated closer to the edge of the pool and tossed her top away. Exhilaration such as she hadn't felt in decades made her gasp, and she looked directly into the window above before hopping out of the water. In carefully measured, sensual movements, she slipped her bikini bottom down, revealing her curl-clad sex.

Once again, Tonya slicked the water from her hair and her skin. This time, she looked up into the rectangle of light above the whole time. Despite the distance, she felt the familiar sensation of eye contact, and she was certain that both men had broad smiles on their faces.

The wetness between her legs had very little to do with the pool as she bent over to pick up her first wine cooler to finish it. The show repeated with the second bottle in short order. She licked her lips while looking up, and quickly downed the bottle of liquid courage.

By the time Tonya dropped the second bottle into a trash can, she was in a positive tizzy of arousal. As much as she was enjoying showing off her body for such a receptive audience, making her feel nineteen again, she couldn't bear the need any longer. Aching to be touched, she grabbed her towel to hurriedly blot her body dry, and then gathered up the rest of her things.

The cool air washing over her bared breasts as she entered the hotel made her nipples stiffen even more, but even that couldn't compete with the heat rising inside her. Once within the elevator, she squeezed her breasts and then slid a hand down to her sex. Her needy whimper had barely faded when the doors opened.

The hallway was empty, which was both a relief and a disappointment. Her vibrator was calling to her - loudly - and she fumbled with her bundle to find the room card.

Tonya gasped when the pair stepped into the hall just as her door opened.

"Happy Nude Day," the blond man said.

His dark-haired companion said, "Guess you were waiting for the official start at midnight, huh?"

Heart racing, she latched on to the first coherent thought and asked, "Nude Day?"

"You don't know?" the brown-haired stud said, and then chuckled as both men approached. "It's today, as of midnight. We just assumed..."

The blond chuckled as well, and then added, "Guess that's what we get for assuming, huh? Matt, by the way."

"Vick," the other man supplied.

"Tonya," she automatically responded, doing her best not to allow the intense arousal she felt to show.

"Hope you didn't mind us watching," Vick said as he reached her. "You have a beautiful body."

Matt nodded. "Very beautiful. We thought it would be a good idea to say something, even though it looked like you were okay with us taking in the view."

Tonya chuckled, in disbelief that she was standing naked in a hotel hallway, having a casual - if a little unusual - conversation with two equally naked young men. "No. I don't mind. You're both rather beautiful too."

Those words passing her lips surprised her even more than the situation that had prompted them.

"Thanks," they said near simultaneously.

"Something tells me you don't do this all the time," Matt said, wearing a grin.

Tonya's cheeks warmed. "No. I ended up here because they double-booked the room I'd reserved, and there wasn't anywhere else with a vacancy."

"Enjoying it?" the blond asked, his smile broadening.

She couldn't help smiling as well, even though she knew her cheeks were probably still bright red. "I'm still trying to figure that out."

From somewhere down the hall, there arose the muffled, but unmistakable sound of a woman reaching her peak and crying out in passion. Only a few seconds later, a second woman reached a climax at the opposite end of the hall.

"Sounds like they're not going to be bothered by us talking out here," Matt joked.

"I guess that's sort of inevitable," Tonya said as the sounds died down. A few loud whimpers still filtered out into the hallway, though.

Vick laughed and shrugged. "Nudism isn't about sex, but it does come up - so to speak. A few real purists frown on it, but most of the people in the lifestyle understand that sex is something that comes naturally."

"As long as it isn't too public," Matt agreed.

Tonya opened her mouth to say something, but her mind went blank when she noticed something in her peripheral vision. The impressive cocks she'd daydreamed about since seeing them had always hung flaccid between the men's legs - until now. Neither was truly hard, but both had swelled and straightened.

How long she stared before she tore her gaze away, she had no idea. Her face burned when she saw the knowing smiles on Matt and Vick's faces.

"We don't mind you looking," the blond said.

"Not at all," Vick agreed. "Hope it doesn't bother you that we're getting a little hard."

"A little?" she muttered, unable to keep her gaze from dropping down to the still-swelling organs.

"We'll leave you alone if it makes you uncomfortable," Matt said.

The only discomfort Tonya felt was resisting the temptation to reach out and grab both of the magnificent phalluses, and then using the convenient handles to pull the men into her room. Between the wine and her arousal, she was a heartbeat away from doing exactly that.

Vick twitched his eyebrows upward and his voice had a low, sensual quality that nearly made her swoon when he suggested, "But, if you want some company..."

Tonya backed into the door, bumping it the rest of the way open with her bare bottom as she drank in the sight of two cocks completing their rise to full erection. She knew without a doubt that they were the biggest she'd ever seen in person - and they were hard for her. Past the point of no-return, she said in a breathless voice, "Why don't you come in?"

Tonya backed into the room, unable to take her eyes off the ripped bodies and dancing organs of the pair who followed her. Matt closed the door behind him as soon as he was through it.

The dance was over. Tonya knew that they couldn't miss the desire in her expression and her rapidly rising and falling breasts. Their desire was even more obvious. She dropped her things on a chair and gasped as the two young studs approached.

Matt pulled her into a hungry kiss with one hand caressing her cheek and the other slipping down to fondle her breasts. Vick slipped in behind her, his rock-hard cock pressing against her skin as he kissed the back of her neck.

"Probably figured out that we have a thing for Milfs, huh?" Vick said, his breath hot on her skin.

Matt pulled back from the kiss, and his hand slid down her tummy to her loins. "And hairy pussy."

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